ladybug cupcakes

Form a 1/2-inch ball of red marzipan for each ladybug body, and a 1/4-inch ball of black marzipan for each head.
Cheery marzipan ladybugs nestled in a piped buttercream lawn make adorable cupcakes.
Pinch off black marzipan to make tiny balls for the spots, and press onto the body.
Working on a surface lightly dusted with cornstarch, tint one portion red and the other black with gel-paste food colors.

Place 2 brown M&M’s Minis on either side of the chocolate line; stick 2 chocolate sprinkles upright into the ladybug’s frosting head.
Using a rolling pin or a clean, heavy bottle, roll out the green gumdrops in the granulated white sugar to flatten.
Pipe a line of chocolate frosting down the center of the red cookie; pipe an oval onto the front of the red cookie for the ladybug’s head.
Tint 1 cup of the vanilla frosting green with the green food coloring.
Roll the edge of each cupcake in the green sugar to coat.

After your food coloring is added make two eyes with white frosting in a piping bag.
Make sure it's white because you need to mix red food coloring into it.
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This is just a quick video of me making a lady bug cupcake.
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Thanks for watching, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day and spending it with me.
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Cheery marzipan ladybugs nestled in a piped buttercream lawn make adorable cupcakes — Ladybug Cupcakes Recipe.
Ladybug/ladybird cupcakes … chocolate mud cupcakes iced with red and black fondant in an attempt to look like a ladybird/lady bug.

Glaze cupcakes with warmed canned white frosting then use our flavor paint, a mixture of vanilla extract and food color, to paint cute-as-can-be ladybugs.
For the ladybug body, paint cupcake with red food color mixture using a small clean paint brush.

With yellow flowers and just one tier? It's super cute, but I'd have to modify it my skill level.
With yellow flowers and just one tier? It's super cute, but I'd have to modify it my skill level.
Ladybug Cake ~ inside and out! This is really cool!! If you follow the link or just go to the website noted in the photo, you won't find the recipe… but you'll find info on buying a book.

WHAT YOU NEED for this ladybug cake: 1 baked dome cake (made in a 1 1/2-quart bowl or 6-inch sphere), 1 baked cupcake, 3 cups red frosting, 12 Junior Mints, 2 green gumdrops, and Black shoestring licorice.
I covered it in yellow butter cream and made sure to make extra fondant when making the Ladybug cake to use for the daisy cake.
The measurements for the cake are: head = 4 oz black fondant, spots = 1 oz fondant, red body = 20 oz red fondant, grass that the cake sits on = 12 oz green fondant, and the remaining fondant is tinted yellow for the petals.
The ladybug cake is iced with pink icing and then we used black M&M’s for the embellishments (her birthday is in October–close to Halloween).
For the body of the ladybug cake, I used a large glass mixing bowl and a coffee cup for the head (make sure they are both OVEN SAFE) and made those vanilla.
I used black licorice for the legs and antennae, sat the ladybug cake on a cake plate, and trimmed with red pompom fringe for an extra special touch.
I used rolled fondant for the decoration of the ladybug cake and used gel food color paste to dye the fondant.
I frosted the ladybug birthday cake with red frosting and then covered it with red sprinkles.

I want to kiss myself right now!! I have been trying with error for a very long time now to replicate the professional bakery Yellow Cake Recipe! And tada…HERE IT IS! Now this is not Golden Butter Cake which is more of a pound cake style.
In addition to our quest for the perfect Yellow Cake recipe, it seems we have been on an equal mission for the perfect FUDGE ICING.

Fill a disposable piping bag with the melted candy coating, snip the tip of the bag to create a small opening, and pipe red dots in various sizes onto your waxed paper-lined cookie sheet.

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For the face, take a flat piece of black fondant, cut a straight line with a knife and using the same sized cutter as before, cut a semicircle.
Cut a out disk the size of the cupcake from the red fondant, then stick it onto the buttercream.
For a fondant ladybug, begin by covering a cupcake with buttercream and smooth.
For the eyes, make 2 small balls out of white icing, stick them on with water and stick 2 dots on for pupils.
Cut a strip of black fondant and stick it down the back of the ladybug.
In this video Jo Gathern, professional cupcake decorator from Indulgent Cupcakes, teaches you two ways to make these fun ladybug cupcakes.

Who wouldn’t adore these cute little ladybug cupcakes? Here’s a collection of ladybug cupcake ideas.

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Throwing an outdoor party? Add a Lady Bug Mallow cake to your guest list.
Celebrate warm-weather months by serving this sweet ladybug cake.
Create smiles at a springtime celebration when you serve this little ladybug cake.
Lady Bug cake is just one of the designs you can decorate using the Lady Bug cake pan.

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Your ladybug cupcakes look incredible! I made these a year ago for my daughter's birthday party, but because I got lazy and used (shhh) tinted canned frosting, the grass looked more like worms! I see how well the SMBC works for this.
In Martha’s book, the ladybugs are made from marzipan.  These I made from fondant that I had on hand.  And, I tried the Satin Ice fondant, although making it at home is easy, too.  The Satin Ice brand tastes great and smells like sugar heaven…it’s nice to have on hand for fondant emergencies.
A friend of mine made those for a garden party… them (she used the vanilla cupcakes 😉 ) Really like the effect of dirt.

Who doesn’t love oreos and cupcakes? It is this easy to brighten someones day. I love making these cupcakes.
Even though I really love oreos and cupcakes, my favorite part is the adorable, simple red m&m  ladybug.
Who doesn’t love oreos and cupcakes? It is this easy to brighten someones day.

Make eyes with tiny circles of white fondant and detail with black food pen or brush.
Also stick small circles of black fondant on the wings.
If you are about to host a garden or ladybird theme party then these cute ladybug cupcakes are worth giving a whirl.
Then cover each cooled down cupcake with discs of black fondant.
Put the red fondant wings on the cupcake by sticking them with a bit of water.

(I tried many different candies for the ladybug spots including mini M&Ms, chocolate chips, and jelly beans, but ultimately chose regular black M&Ms for size and color.) Allow the candy to set completely before proceeding.
I found the best method for handling this step was to place the cookie half face down in the red candy melts, then gently remove it using two forks (one to tip it out of the candy, one to hold it) so that as little candy melt gets onto the bottom side of the cookie as possible.
(I could not find regular black licorice so I had to make due by cutting small pieces of black Twizzlers.) Once the head and antennae are assembled, place the head on in front of the wings.
Before placing the head on the cupcake, cut two short pieces of black licorice and stick them in between the cookie pieces of the mini Oreo to look like antennae.

Cut off the tip to allow room for the lady bug face; save remaining wafer piece to prop up wings.
Position decorated wings on cupcakes, if desired, add reserved wafer piece under wing tip to prop up.
Combine the flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt; gradually add to creamed mixture alternately with buttermilk and coffee, beating well after each addition.

These quick and easy Ladybug Cupcakes are the perfect example! You just need some cupcakes and frosting (I prefer homemade ones but you can use store-bought as well), a few chocolate chips for the dots on the wings and eyes and a bit of black fondant or some licorice strings for the antennae.

These made such cute cupcakes for our dinosaur themed birthday party! Quick and easy to assemble.
I used these for my son’s dino themed 1st birthday party and they were a huge hit! I didn’t have any issues with the cups fading colors or running at all.
Wilton’s Ladybug Cupcake Decorating Kits allow you to decorate fun and colorful cupcakes for your special celebration.
If you don’t use a light (perhaps white) cake color, we used carrot cake and banana, the legs on the paper cups disappear.

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Perfect to use as a beautiful table centerpiece, this First Birthday Ladybug Cupcake Stand looks great paired with other First Birthday Ladybug party supplies and matching solid color party decorations.
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Using a tiny amount of black icing, roll out even smaller balls and stick them on the top of the white balls to finish the eyes.

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These ladybug cupcakes are cute as a bug (sorry, couldn’t resist)! This here gardener is loving the springtime trend of using chocolate cupcakes as dirt sprouting sweet things (check out these sweet sprouts cupcake toppers as well).