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Well we can never expect gaming laptop at price of 300 dollars, but Lenovo has proved this thinking wrong ! This power notebook from Lenovo comes with AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics Card, so you can enjoy all your favorite high graphics with this laptop.
As my previous article were laptops under $400 and laptops under $1000 which were too much high budgets as compared with needs of some people, that’s why I decided to make a separate laptop buying guide for mid-range laptops.
In this article I have got 5 best laptops for moderate needs (not for gaming) under $300.Previously I posted many laptop buying guides which were very appreciated by people.
We often prefer to high specifications when it comes to buying a new laptop, Well I think people should buy laptops taking their needs in consideration.
Asus is leading computer hardware manufacturing company and similar to all Asus devices this laptop also delivers a great power with its 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron Processor.
I would recommend this laptop to those who loves to play hard with their laptops and I think in mid-range this is the only laptop which has dedicated graphics card.
I would recommend this laptop to business peoples as its looks are really very professional and according to me this is one of the best laptops under 300 dollars.
All laptops listed above are from leading brands in laptop market, so you can trust and buy any from the list given here.
If you are buying laptop for needs like checking emails, making word documents or presentations than definitely you should not buy laptop with high graphics card.
I know it is low compared with other laptops but those who want gaming laptop in budget than this laptop is perfect for them.
Tell me in comments if you have any questions, I hope this laptop buying guide helps you in buying best laptop at price range of $300.
If we talk about hardware specifications of this laptop than it has got 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron Processor with 1 MB Cache memory.
G585 laptop from lenovo runs on AMD 1.3 GHz Dual-Core processor with 4 GB RAM which makes this laptop a high performance laptop in budget of $300.
The ASUS K200MA is 11-inch touch screen laptop that comes with great specifications such as 500 GB storage, 4GB RAM, Intel BayTrail Dual Core processor and Windows 8.1. Well, to be completely honest this is too much in a laptop that costs less than $300.
This 15-inch laptop can be a great option under the category of laptops under $300 and one can easily do their regular tasks on it including light games.
Overall, it’s an amazing laptop with great graphics and quality so if you’re looking for something that’ll be able to play your HD movies or games then I’d highly recommend you none other than this one.
Overall, it’s the best 11-inch laptop under $300 since at this price you simply won’t find any touch screen laptop with these kinds of specs.
The ASUS X551MAV is a 15-inch laptop that comes with an Intel Celeron processor of 2.16 GHz, 64 bit Windows 8.1, 4GB DDR3L RAM and 500 GB storage space.
Lately many people prefer notebooks over chromebooks due to huge price drop in laptop market but still chromebooks are a good option for people looking for mini laptop that can be quite easy to carry around.
This 15-inch laptop is basically an option for people who are looking for a decent laptop with good price and professional look. – A great place to buy computers, computer parts, electronics, software, accessories, and DVDs online.
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Menu Walmart.
If you are a hardcore gamer but can’t afford the gaming laptops which are being offered by big brands then do the research online and find a budget gaming deaal.
Amazon and other online stores have a wide range of gaming laptops just under $300.
The good news is that some sites such as LaptopNinja offer condensed lists of the most popular gaming laptops under 300 dollars.
Many online retailers sell laptops which are fit for your pocket and are perfect for gaming for under just $300 .
Online you can get great quality laptops for gaming.
Ok, I’m looking for a gaming laptop that will play these games: Torchlight 1 & 2, Prototype 1 & 2, Darksiders, The Witcher 2, Star Wars The Old Republic 2 Sith Lords and Diablo 3.
The prices for these gaming laptops that can handle the games I play are just too high.
Most buyers were wary of the performance of its Celeron processor but it’s actually one of the best entry-level processors available and combined with the device’s standard memory it can run basic tasks smoothly on Windows 8.1. For a first time buyer on a tight budget or a student looking for a quality homework/research machine, the X551MAV-EB01-B is definitely worth its weight in gold.
On the other side of the coin, those looking for a gaming laptop under $300 with a dedicated graphics processor may want to view some more budget gaming options in our guides to the best gaming laptops.
Like many top performers in this list, it features a Dual-Core Intel Celeron N2830 2.16GHz processor which can overclock up to 2.41GHz. Although some users may find the design bland, its modern Jet black body may appeal to users who have previously owned an older laptop.
The price of some of the best budget laptops has gone down significantly over the past couple of years and finding a new $300 laptop worth recommending, once an impossible mission, is now only made difficult by the huge amount of options that have entered the market.
All in all, if you don’t require heavy multitasking and browser usage the C300MA-DS0 offers a really good balance of price, portability and online performance and is another great addition in the Chromebook line of low cost, well built laptops.
The Toshiba Satellite C55-A5105 has very good standard specs for its price, featuring a high frequency Dual Core Intel Celeron processor capable of easily handling day-to-day tasks including playing HD videos.
Students and mobile users will benefit from the portability of the netbook variety at bargain prices while more advanced users may also want to check out our guides featuring deals on finding laptops under $400 and laptops under $500, or for those on a shoestring budget our guide to laptops under $200 as part of our weekly updated series of guides on finding the best cheap laptops.
The Stream offers an attractive alternative to users who are interested in the design, portability and battery life of Chromebooks, but would prefer a full Windows 8 experience over the Chrome OS environment which is slightly restrictive for offline use.
Similar to the other Asus laptops reviewed in this guide, the X551MAV-EB01-B provides a good balance of price, performance and design.
If you prefer a better processor, longer battery life and larger storage, the slightly thicker and heavier Acer C720 has the better price to performance ratio.
It cannot be compared with the fastest and sturdiest laptops around but when it comes to handling basic tasks it gives you quick performance for a really low price.
As a basic laptop, the 15-f009wm packs all the essentials, looks decent for its price and also gives users some low-level gaming capability.
You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home and will be free to stick glued to the couch with a bong in your hand or doing whatever entirely unproductive activity you choose to do while the online retailer works hard to make sure your laptop gets through to you safe.
It does mean the effort of actually leaving the house, but this is a small price to pay considering you also get to see the laptop first hand which can prevent any nasty surprises and could actually save you a lot of research time as opposed to the online route.
Different users will have different requirements and there’s n0 use wasting money on features that you don’t need when searching for the right laptop under 400 dollars for you.
Amazon and Walmart are good contenders but there are literally thousands of retailers online that you can use to order the laptop you need.
You don’t want to get sucked into the sales pitch of one of the floor attendants only to realize weeks alter that you were completely screwed and the laptop you bought really isn’t want you need at all.
If you intend to buy this laptop, I HIGHLY recommend getting a $42.66 – Crucial 4GB SO-DIMM DDR3 1600MHz memory stick to put it in the available RAM slot, so that the laptop can run with dual-channel memory, in order to maximize the integrated video card performance.
Please note that it only comes with a single memory stick, which hampers performance quite a bit, as the integrated video card uses the laptop RAM.
When you replace the hard drive that your laptop came with, I recommend putting in this OWC 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 External Hard Drive Enclosure: $19.50 at B&H (International Shipping) and using it for external portable storage, such as backups.
It also has only 2GB of RAM (cannot be upgraded unfortunately), so it’s no powerhouse but if all you want to do with it is browse the Web, listen to some music and use Office applications (Word, Excel, etc.), want a touchscreen and need a decent battery life (4-5 hours), it’s a good choice.
If you don’t have permanent access to the Internet, there are also scaled-down minibooks made by manufacturers such as HP and Acer that give you the ability to run Windows OS and store limited programs on the laptop hard drive.
The tablet runs Windows 8 with its touch screen functionality but also features an optional click-in keyboard to turn the tablet into a laptop.
And with the ability to purchase a tablet complete with a keyboard attachment, you can get a nontraditional laptop, all while giving your child, spouse or family the portable tablet experience.
Instead of the old days of starting up a new computer and spending the next few hours installing programs, netbooks, minibooks and 2-in-1 laptops can be ready to go just after startup.
These machines, of which the Chromebook is a modern, popular option, give you limited hard drive space and perform the majority of their actions in the wireless cloud from saving documents to utilizing Internet-based apps for everything from word processing to photo editing.
Now, you can find a variety of inexpensive options on the market including laptops with the latest operating systems and programs as well as slimmed down machines that give you the basics you want.
Like the HP Split, the Windows tablet primarily runs apps but also has hard drive storage and capability to run programs like Microsoft Office.
While the name doesn’t sound traditional, the Windows tablet has also become a popular laptop.
Chromebooks are among the cheapest laptops on the market, starting at under $200 for a basic model that includes 100 GB of storage on Google’s cloud-based Drive system.
You will not be able to download programs to the laptop but, like a cellphone, there are many apps available to perform functions similar to traditional laptop programs.
The Apple laptop selection includes an always up to date variety of select used Apple laptops under 300 dollars including a great mix of G3 and PowerPC G4 models.
Processor speeds generally range from 800MHz to 900MHz providing the laptop user with a combination of speed, reliability and ultra portability which so many PC laptops attempt to emulate.
The Apple laptops have played a role in the evolution of the concept of ultra portable netbook type computers and they have been forerunners in this area for some time now.
Listings include various used Apple laptop models offering select low prices.
Toshibia Satalite This is a decent laptop if you like toshbia.
The Asus A53U-XE1 packs enough punch to make a solid office PC, student work station or even entry level gaming machine and I would personally recommend this laptop as a win win compared to a lot of other laptops in the same price bracket.
Lenovo offer the best build quality for any laptops in the world and have a large value when compared to other bargain laptops as they a built to last and have a great resell value down the line.
This site is dedicated to making your life easier by doing the research for you to come up with the following list of the best laptops under 400 dollars that provide the best value for money suited for anyone from business users to students , entry level gamers and everyone in-between.
Lenovo are renowned for their build quality and you’re guaranteed quality components throughout for a truly solid look and feel when compared a lot of other budget laptops that lean towards cheaper plastic alternatives such as laptops under 300 $.
The latest offering from Acer brings a long battery life, the Chrome OS and 32GB of local hard drive storage (Google throws in 100GB of free Drive storage too).
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Looking for a laptop on a budget? Can’t quite empty the wallet enough for a sub-£500 laptop? Then here’s our list of laptops, Chromebooks, and hybrids all under £300.
Don’t mistake this for a toy though, with the weight (2.8 pounds) and long battery life of around 7 hours, you can get some serious word computing power out of this, and all for a bargain price of around £200.
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If you compare properly then you can really make a difference to the Speed, Battery Life and Weight of your new laptop, and that means even better value for money! Click to find the best laptops for college under $500 and with screen sizes between 14” and 16”.
Lenovo Thinkpad or Thinkpad Edge or Essential – Lenovo’s Thinkpad series has been produced since IBM introduced it in 1992! There is truly an enormous range of these with hundreds of variations available at any time, ranging from $400 up to close to $2000! The Essentials range is a cheaper range of laptops and these offer some very good value.

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