lauren hutton makeup reviews

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The Perfect Match
Each product in the Face Disc Plus is surrounded by a colored ring that matches a color band found on the 7-Pc Brush Set. I made it for people who don’t want to look like they’re wearing makeup, foundation, concealer or blush and who don’t want to waste a lot of time in front of a mirror.

Each product is color coded to identify each product and matches my 7-Piece Brush Set. In my video and brochure I share some of the great makeup tips that I’ve learned throughout the years.

You will receive the following with Lauren Hutton’s Good Stuff Face Disc Plus makeup kit:

Face Disc with magnifying mirror and refill capabilityInstructional VideoFold Out Brochure

The below pictures were taken at Lauren’s office and the women only used Lauren Hutton Good Stuff Makeup.

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Lauren Hutton, one of the first “supermodels,” returned to modeling at age 46. When she was unable to find cosmetics formulated for the needs of women in her age group, she decided to create her own with the help of top makeup professionals. The color-coded brochure will help you learn to accentuate cheekbones, hide a double chin, define eyes and brows and conceal discolorations to create the youthful, makeup-free look that made Lauren Hutton famous. with purchase includes breathable loose powder foundation, lengthening mascara and double duty eye intensifier ($64 value).

The sheer concealer would look ashy around my eyes (though maybe this is because I inherited this from my mom, and it got a bit dried up by the time I was using it). The spot concealers, while they worked very well most of the time, were all lighter than my skin, so if I had a rough patch to cover up, wherever the concealers would bunch up, it would be obvious. The contour powder never looked dirty, and just gave me some slight slimming even though I’m really bad at contouring. The nose powder was great– it made my nose so subtly slimmer, it was kind of spooky. The sheer concealer is probably a much better color for me– it lightens dark areas without going ashy. However, it doesn�t get rid of my undereye shadows completely, so I�m going to try the Yellow sheer concealer to see whether a fresh one would work better. The pooch & nose and contour powders are darker as well, but since these are the sculpting powders, they now require a more steady hand. However, if you have more age concerns, you will probably want to go lighter rather than darker in the disc, as that�s probably going to give you a more youthful look.

Very glad you can get refills for this disc, since that means that you can tailor it to suit yourself exactly!

Another day another beauty secret, right?

It seems like everywhere you look there is a new, hot, age defying beauty secret hitting the market, but how do you tell which ones are worth your hard earned dollars?

We were recently told about this new make up line from Lauren Hutton. Here’s the story:

Before and after using Lauren Hutton's make upWhy Trust Lauren Hutton With Your Face

From the research we have done and the different Lauren Hutton face disc reviews we have read, we found out that when Lauren Hutton returned to modeling at the tender age of 46, yes I said 46, she began trying to mix her own make up to enhance her features, not hide her age.

She wanted to steer clear of shimmer based products and stick to more light-weight natural formulas.

She searched for a product that not only enhanced her features but also didn’t get stuck in any fine lines or wrinkles she may have had around her eyes and mouth area. She simply states that this make up line will help you best enhance your natural beauty.

One thing that we found to be advantageous with this make up line is how easy Lauren makes it for women to pick the correct skin tone and use the right brushes with the right make up.

Her coding system makes applying your make up simple and easy, even for the novice.

Lauren Hutton Face Disc

What You Won’t Find With The Lauren Hutton Face Disc

The one thing our team did discover, by not only reading Lauren Hutton facel disk reviews but through thorough testing, is that Lauren’s make up is not for heavy make up users. The sheer concealer is the first product of its type that I’ve found that works correctly, blends perfectly into one’s skin and needs no reapplying all day.”  –  Tereads,

“A great concept especially for using minimal makeup, but if you don’t have great skin then you may not like it.”  –  Faith Lawless,

Our Verdict

One of the most influencial factors our team discovered when researching Lauren Hutton’s make up line was the price.

Plus, if you are expecting it to conceal you lines and wrinkles, your expectations are too high.


Everything (minus foundation), in one compactInstructional DVD includedDisc is refillableGreat for a minimal makeup lookCompany does not do animal testing


Contains some “undesirable” ingredients, such as parabens and propylene glycolThe lip balm is very dry and thickThe different colors and various rings may be confusing to some users


Manufacturer – Lauren Hutton Good Stuff, LLCAvailable in 4 shadesCan be purchased alone or with the matching brushesCan be purchased online or through HSNApproximate Price – $60 for disc or $85 for set

Guide Review – Review of Lauren Hutton Face Disc

Recently I had been looking for makeup lines that could help women that have more mature skin. So I was anxious to get the product and actually test drive it several times to ensure I was following Lauren’s suggested application techniques.

Once I began to apply the makeup, I found that I had to “work” the sheer concealer and the spot concealers in order to get them to look

good. The pooch powder was nice and didn’t make my nose look dirty but instead very naturally shaded, and the general contour powder was very natural and light, allowing for nice blending.

My favorite items in the kit were the eyeliner and eyebrow powders.

Invisible indeed as it creates a clean, natural look that’s quite flattering and makeup-less looking.

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 9

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 8

Although the face disc comes with instructions for concealing the signs of aging you can easily use it on younger skin for concealing spots, under eye circles, contouring your face, highlighting your highbrow, and much, much more. The Muse happens to be one for slapping things together and creating her own application technique so she didn’t really follow along with the chart but it’s ideal for those who aren’t as daring.

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 1

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 3

The disc contains four smaller pots of concealer and one large. I won’t go into great detail about the colors of each item but they are very basic nude shades which look unflattering in the compact but once on give a beautiful finish to face, cheeks, and mouth.

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 5

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 6

In my photo below I used everything in the compact and simply added my own mascara. I was somewhat shocked at the results since the application involved is a very subtle smear of this and that but in the end the finish is beautiful and my skin is left looking healthy, fresh, and natural.

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 125

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 124

Naturals By Lauren Hutton Natural Face Disc 123

If you’re not a big makeup person or you work in an environment where makeup should be kept to a professional minimum this is an ideal compact for creating a softer, no makeup-like look.

lauren-hutton-face-disc-reviewsOkay, I admit it. It is geared towards women age 35+, but the product seemed so simple and easy to use, I wanted to try to see if it would work well on my busy mornings.

What I loved:

I loved that everything you needed for a full face of makeup is all in one placeCould easily fit into my purse if I needed to take it with me.Natural, light makeup. Everything is marked and labeled, so you know what colour is for where.

What I didn’t :

The writing on the compact that identified what circle was for where, was so finely printed, I wasn’t able to see them clearly sometimesThough this is great for daytime, everyday makeup, I don’t think it will cut it for a more glamorous, sultry evening lookNo SPF protection in the ingredients… womp womp

I was able to cut my morning prep time down by quite a bit, and I do love the fresh, natural looking results. I can see how this would be beneficial for more mature women who aren’t exactly makeup saavy, this would make a great gift!


Here’s what other women have had to say about the FaceDisc:

I’ve been using Lauren’s Face Disk makeup for over 5 years and it’s been fantastic as my skin changes. I even get compliments about how great I look (and at my age).



If you’re wanting to try the FaceDisc, check out this trial offer here. This is a good option if you don’t want to pay the full price up front, which gives you some time to get the payment together.

I’m going to give this as a gift to my favourite clients who have crazy busy mornings, balancing family life and their business life.

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BH Cosmetics vs. BH Cosmetics will definitely be hearing great things from me!”

“i love my pallette its great but some colors are not as pigmented as other but i love bh cosmetics it’s amazing onece one sale ends another starts i just ordered the 28 nuetral eyeshadow pallette and the duofiber stippling brush the fluffy blending brush and the flat eyeliner brush!!!!!!!!!! The large sheer concealer is creamy and keeps the skin under my eyes soft (does not dry out my skin), and the smaller spot concealers do a really great job of totally hiding imperfections (they’re water-resistant too, so they don’t slide off skin by mid-day).” guide Faith Lawless gives the Lauren Hutton face disk a 3 out of 5. Plus, if you are expecting it to conceal you lines and wrinkles, your expectations are too high.”

The Lauren Hutton No Shine Face Disc Makeup Kit has been reviewed on epinions.mesolosays “This is the most natural make-up I’ve ever used, it goes on light and even by providing coverage where you want it in a flawless way.”

Read more or visit Lauren Hutton’s websiteLauren Hutton Coupon: Current Promotions

Business Credibility & Trustworthiness


5 / 5

Research indicates that Lauren Hutton is a credible company. About 26% of visits to consist of only one pageview.

Read more or visit BH Cosmetics’s websiteBH Cosmetics Coupon: Free Surprise Gift on Orders of $25+View all 14 BH Cosmetics coupons


3 / 5

The Lauren Hutton website appears to be fairly average popularity wise for the cosmetics sector. They stated that “Of the 20 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-07-17, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days.” You can check the current results by clicking here.

Read more or visit Lauren Hutton’s websiteLauren Hutton Coupon: Current Promotions

Pricing & Packages


4 / 5

Lauren Hutton pricing is moderate for skin care and makeup. Let’s take a look at some of Lauren Hutton product prices:

Shower gel $12Body lotion$12Body scrub $14Or 3 pack trio $29 of the above 3 productsComplete makeup palettes with items like concealer, lip liner, lip color and eye shadow for $49Tinted moisturizer $29Foundation $28-$30Concealers $18-$24Read more or visit Lauren Hutton’s websiteLauren Hutton Coupon: Current Promotions

Shipping Rates & Policies


4 / 5

The order will be shipped within 24-48 business hours. Customers will be able to track their package via

International shipping information:-
USPS First Class International [10-23 days] ($12.45)
USPS Priority International [8-13 days] ($24.95)

Shipping to Canada:-
USPS First Class Canada [10-19 days] ($9.05)
USPS Priority Canada [8-13 days] ($16.95)
USPS Canada Standard [5-9 days] ($19.95)

Read more or visit BH Cosmetics’s websiteBH Cosmetics Coupon: Free Surprise Gift on Orders of $25+View all 14 BH Cosmetics coupons


3 / 5

Lauren Hutton only appears to ship to standard US addresses at present. Their credit card payments are secured by thawte technology and as mentioned in the security section, the https: icon is present in the address bar showing that your details are being encrypted.

Read more or visit Lauren Hutton’s websiteLauren Hutton Coupon: Current Promotions

Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy


4 / 5

Lauren Hutton has a 30 day return or exchange program. Compare

BH Cosmetics


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Lauren Hutton


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It isn’t too often that you see a makeup line that focuses on the older age group, but this collection of Lauren Hutton seems to do just that.

The Claim
Lauren Hutton is marketed as the promoter of her makeup line and claims that there are dramatic changes to the skin as one ages. Lauren also points out that it takes the right makeup which she claims is hers, with its light body and proper colors, along with the right techniques to help the look of aging disappear.

The Hype
The marketing for this product has addressed a real issue with women that are entering into their mid life years. It is not just bold headlines touting what this makeup can do, but real testimonies of its dramatic results from Lauren Hutton herself, and other women who were facing the same crisis when it came to camouflaging the skin aging process.

The Cost
The Lauren Hutton Face Disc is being offered as a 30 day trial offer for $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Now that may seem like a pretty hefty price but you will probably find that it is quite reasonable if you compare the cost of each item if you were to buy it separately even if it were another quality brand.

The Commitment
With your purchase of the Lauren Hutton Face Disc you are going to receive the face disc that has 11 pots of makeup. If you have not taken good care of your skin with quality skin care products products and special anti aging treatments like the RedMD as just one example, then you are off to a bad start with your makeup application.

We are going to give the Lauren Hutton Face Disc a thumbs up. The second deciding factor was that Lauren Hutton herself was a model that left retirement and went back into the industry at the age of 46, and you must admit she looks great.

Our Recommendation
We have mentioned how important it is for you to take care of your skin as it ages with the proper skincare products, but you need to go even further than that with some pre-aging skin prevention.

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