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The episodes "Ki’is Don’t Lie" and "Novel Connection" begin respective plots that conclude on the Simon & Simon episode "Emeralds Are Not a Girl’s Best Friend" and the Murder, She Wrote episode "Magnum on Ice", both of which featured Tom Selleck as Magnum and John Hillerman as Higgins, while Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney guest starred on Magnum, P.I. as the Simon brothers A.J. & Rick and Angela Lansbury guest starred as Jessica Fletcher.
Often as a humorous aside during various episodes of the series, Magnum must bargain with Higgins for use of estate amenities other than the guest house and the Ferrari 308 GTS (e.g., tennis courts, wine cellar, expensive cameras).
The Anderson Estate is located on the east shore of Oahu at 41-505 Kalanianaole Highway (Route 72) near Waimanalo Beach (21°19′30″N 157°40′48″W / 21.32500°N 157.68000°W / 21.32500; -157.68000). It was built in the early 1930s, and comprises a large main house, a boathouse (which in the series appears as the guest house that Magnum occupies), a gatehouse, a private tennis court, a beach front and the tidal pool.
In the series, it is portrayed as owned by a renowned novelist Robin Masters, who is seldom present at the estate and entrusts Jonathan Higgins as the estate’s caretaker and Thomas Magnum as its security expert.
However, after completion of the Pilot, executives on the series felt that audiences would be unable to fully connect with this element, and instead Rick moved to running the plush beachside King Kamehameha Club – which has exclusive membership and Higgins on the board of directors, and yet Magnum often strolls around, using the facilities and running up an ever unpaid tab, further fueling the Magnum / Higgins feud.

Fully restored, the car comes with all the proof of its prior existence, including the original Universal Studios registration, the the original stamped steel "KNIGHT" license plate, the original Universal Studios key ring with "1177 Trans Am" inscription and a photocopy of a production sheet from the Knight Rider episode entitled "Many Happy Returns" , dated 9/3/85 which identifies this car as used during the production.
Arguably the most significant non-racing Ferrari in existence, the Magnum 308 GTS has become an automotive icon to millions of TV viewers, who tuned in every week to live the life of the fun-loving private investigator who "borrowed" this fabulous car from his friend and benefactor, Robin Masters, for various sleuthing exploits around the beautiful Hawaiian isle of Oahu.
The cars went to auction on eBay closing on July 31 and the 308 GTS in particular was very disappointing in that it failed to meet the reserve price – it drove bidding up to US$60,000 but was expected to fetch considerably more such was the influence it had on the public perception of the Ferrari name and the brand.

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In addition to the Ferrari, the show also featured several other cars, including an Audi 5000 (Robin 2), a Mercedes-Benz 380SL (Rick’s car), a GMC Jimmy (Robin 3), a Jeep Cherokee XJ (second Robin 3), and a Volkswagen Vanagon GL (T.C.’s Island Hoppers van).
For the rest of the series it will be ROBIN 1, although the original license number will continue to be seen in every episode (during the opening title sequence) in the classic shot of Magnum smiling at the camera, then flooring the Ferrari with a nifty controlled slide.
Also, a green ’84 308 GTSi QV (also owned by Robin Masters) was featured prominently in the Season Six episode "Summer School" (6.13). All of the models are mid-engined, steel-bodied, with rear wheel drive.
For gamers, the arcade-style racing game Test Drive Unlimited (set in Oahu) features an add-on pack that includes the Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole as one of the cars you can drive! Check out the YouTube clip.

Magnum, P.I. is an American television series starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum, a private investigator living on Oahu, Hawaii.

Message Boards Recent Posts ‘Did You See The Sunrise?’ Jetfire1959 Does anyone know what the blue shirt with ’44’ on it means? Jimmy91 Was Magnum actually Robin Masters? suprgrover1 Carol or Maggie? Chicago_Jake Started watching this on Netflix; confused by Pilot episode.

Sure, vehicular icons like the DeLorean and Pontiac Trans Am (especially in time machine and KITT guise) made us swoon back in the day, but there’s something about the bright red Italian that makes it stand out; perhaps it is the 308’s performance credibility, at least when compared to other memorable cars of its ilk.
Brought to you by theAFICIONAUTO, this video highlights the bond between the men and women who own and such so-called star cars, and it focuses on one particular 1981 Ferrari 308 GTSI.

This past time I hit the Jack Pot!But not in A.C. at Days of Old I sifted through a bunch of Star Wars and G.I.*Joe figures and spotted Thomas Magnum in the pile at that moment I didn't know who he was.
Right out side of it is a Place called Days of Old its a bunch of booths with peoples stuff for sale, its like a garage sale 7 days a week but indoors.

A big change for the 1988 MERA was the addition of the replica aluminum rims specially cast by Cromadora of Italy for the MERA conversion, who at one time cast rims for Ferarri.
"The idea of the MERA was born when the Fiero was first introduced with the V-6 engine" says Bob Bracey, owner of Corporate Concepts in Capac, Michigan (USA) and creator of the Mera.
After I bought my MERA, I spent quite a bit of time and effort finding out about the whole MERA concept, production and history.
With the introduction of the 1988 Fiero, the MERA utilized the 1988 Formula because it was a better value.
1988 MERAs sold for (depending on options — MERA and Pontiac) for about $24,000 to $28,000.
1987 Mera with Fiero rims Getrag.
Rodney Dickman , who maintains the MERA Registry, is always looking for information about MERAs.
Bob Bracey — who was responsible for creating the Mera stands next to a 1987 Mera able to attend this event.
After almost 2 years of clay work and design work, the MERA was born in 1987.
In the fall of 95 we had a MERA reunion in Detroit and were fortunate to be able to tour the factory where they were made.

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4.    Miami Vice.  Everyone knows that a good undercover cop needs toys, and that is why Don Johnson’s character on Miami Vice was befitted with exotic cars, clothes and boats by the Miami-Dade Police Department to protect his cover.  In the first two seasons, Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) sports a black Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTS/4.  In reality, it was a Corvette modified with Ferrari-inspired body panels and interior components.  The popular series was gaining Ferrari much attention, so much that they actually donated a more noteworthy white Testarossa to the show to adequately represent their brand.  I imagine it was an exciting day on the set when that took place.
2.    Scent of a Woman.  It is difficult to forget the red Ferrari Mondial featured in the hit movie “Scent of a Woman”, as it is driven down city streets by a blind Al Pacino.  The scene is so startling and amusing that it has become ingrained in the minds of more than just Ferrari fans that have seen it.  The Ferrari Mondail was produced by the company from 1980 through 1993, replacing the angular 208/308 GT4 Ferraris.  The Mondial was produced in relatively high volume for Ferrari, who distributed about 6,800 of them in the 13-year run, making it one of the most affordable and useable Ferrari models in the history of the brand.
8.    Weird Science.  The Ferrari Mondial made another big screen debut in the uber-popular 80s flick “Weird Science”.  The red 1984 Ferrari Mondial featured in the movie was a product of the delicious superpowers of Kelly LeBrock, a sexy Frankenstein of sorts created by two disgruntled and unpopular teens.  With Kelly’s help, the two teens are catapulted into popularity, and are soon throwing the best parties and driving exotic sports cars.
7.    The Rock.  One of the best car chase scenes to hit the big screen occurred in “The Rock”, where Sean Connery in a black Humvee and Nicholas Cage in a yellow 1996 Ferrari F355 Spyder tear up the streets, and eventually the F355 Spyder as well.  The memorable car chase ends when the F355 is demolished in a fiery vehicle sandwich and a punk kid on the street says to Cage, “Dude, they just f***** up your Ferrari”.
5.    National Lampoons Vacation.  Ahh Chevy Chase.  The scene in National Lampoon’s Vacation where model Christie Brinkley drives a red Ferrari 308 GTS is the most memorable because it blended the exotic car brand with one of the most successful supermodels of that time, creating the ultimate in exotic temptation for poor Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase).
6.    Entourage.  More current in the Ferrari fame connection is the series “Entourage”, wherein lead character Vince is playing Enzo Ferrari-very cool.  The recently released Ferrari California graces the small screen in a flashy red, and is one of the first to hit U.S. soil.

Nella storia della fortunata serie televisiva (ospite in una favolosa villa alle Hawaii con accesso alla cantina dei vini, professione “freelance”, un amico con l’elicottero e uno direttore di un esclusivo club dell’isola e, soprattutto, una Ferrari da guidarsi tutti i giorni: quanti non sognerebbero una vita simile?), Thomas Sullivan Magnum guidò almeno tre modelli dei quali si conoscono anche i numeri di telaio: una 308 GTS del 1979 (29109), una 308 GTSi dell’81 (34567) e una 308 GTS Quattrovalvole dell’84 (57685).

As head of the FBI’s New York office, Thomas Sheer helped run some of the most significant investigations of the Mafia, including the "Pizza Connection" drug case, and the case against the Mafia’s ruling commission, both of which ended with major convictions.

Disillusioned, but not particularly haunted, by the war experience, Magnum fell into a dream situation when an author named Robin Masters (never seen on camera but voiced by Orson Welles) hired him to keep an eye on his sprawling estate, Robin’s Nest.
Did you tune in each week to Magnum P.I. for an entree of Tom Selleck and a side order of adventurous fun? We hope you’ll take a moment to share your favorite memories of this beloved show in our comments section below.
Masters was always absent but Magnum still had to share the acres of walled-in tropical paradise with Higgins, the estate’s prim and proper caretaker.
Television audiences latched on to the series like they had never seen a mustachioed man drive a Ferrari before and made Magnum, P.I. one of the highest rated programs ever broadcast.
For inexplicable reasons Magnum kept his job as a private investigator, even though he lived in the lap of luxury with Higgins fanning him and feeding him grapes.
Producers recruited Selleck, a guest actor on The Rockford Files, for the role of Thomas Magnum, brainchild of prolific writer Donald Bellisario.

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Man this looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did u use for the plate? I may end up making the same custom as I do have a few extra KYOSHO 308's.
Don't suppose you got any plans for a Kyosho 'Miami Vice' Testarossa.  I've been watching the re-runs on TV.
AAAAAAAAAAAH! Magnum PI is my favourite programme ever! Great job Jeff! :yahoo Guess we've got to wait for a 1:18 Audi 5000 before you can have Robin 2 as well.
Great work Jeff!  :happy I have been thinking about changing my red one.

ft and equipped with 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, a boat house, tennis court, and a separate bath house, this property was crafted for the elite.
The multi-million dollar property, which is located on the island of Oahu, sits on three beautiful acre with an oceanfront view.
The Hawaiian estate where Selleck peeled out his red Ferrari and battled with Higgins is now on the market with a humble price tag of just over $15 million (Ferrari not included).

Magnum, P.I. is an American television show that followed the adventures of Thomas Magnum (played by Tom Selleck), a private investigator living in Hawaii.
Magnum, P.I. is an American television show that followed the adventures of Thomas Magnum (played by Tom Selleck), a private investigator living in Hawaii.

Jason invites them all to a party as a thankyou for letting him impose, but Higgins points out that the mysterious Orson Welles Robin Masters is expected that night and Jess thinks its not safe for anyone to leave the house until Magnum solves the case.
Higgins has gone to pick up Pamela Bates, Amy Sayler and Joan Fulton, some guests of the mysterious Orson Welles Robin Masters who are coming to meet him at his house, but it all goes a bit awry when the Beige Truck Of Death tries to run them off the road.
Magnum reappears with the belief that the man following Amy is a hitman out to get Joan (that makes zero sense), and is alarmed with Higgins tells him that Joan and Amy have gone to Jason’s party.
Magnum goes to the police station to see just what’s going on, but Pamela has put the word out that she doesn’t want Magnum’s incompetence anywhere near the case.
Magnum suspects that Joan’s disappearance is more to do with a book promotion than anything else, until Pamela icily points out that Amy is Joan’s secretary because Joan inherited her late husband’s business.
While Amy burns off in the Ferrari, Pamela assures Magnum that she thinks he makes a perfectly adequate security guard but what she needs is professional competent help.
For those playing along at home, Magnum is indeed a private investigator living rent free in a mansion in Hawaii belonging to a reclusive smutty book writer named Robin Masters (apparently voiced by Orson Welles.
Of course, Magnum does no such thing, and despite Our Heroine giving him some tasty clues to follow up (why wasn’t Joan sunburnt if she’d been on the beach all day, why did Amy say her ring was fake when it was real), Magnum pays no attention.
JB decides to take Pamela back to New York to deal with the crooked editor and tells Magnum that she suspects Amy is the target.
He tells Higgins that he reluctantly accepts the case, despite Higgins protesting that the level of tantrum throwing suggests Magnum probably should stay out of it.
Jess demands an explanation from Pamela, who informs her that Magnum is a bum (*ahem*) and that she needs Jess’s help.
Magnum, Higgins, Pamela and JB go to the party.
Magnum goes back to the mansion to see if the mystery man is Pamela’s investigator (you idiot Magnum), and if Amy has returned but he’s wrong on both counts.
Magnum decides to through another tantrum, saying that he’s not even sure that there’s a case, noone tells him anything and he’s the only one being shot at.
Joan informs Magnum that all he has to do is keep her safe until Pamela’s private investigator arrives to take charge.
After a clever diversionary tactic with the wrong hotel room Magnum forces the mysterious stranger following Amy to show himself, however his success is short-lived when the actual guest of the hotel room wanders in and wacks a bag of groceries over Magnum’s head.
JB correctly deducts what Higgins has been doing in the garden, so Magnum goes off to sulk a bit more.

Maybe my love for this private dick is due to the fact that I spent many nights of my formative years curled up on the brown shag carpet of our living-room floor, watching this show with my mother as she said repeatedly squealed, “He’s so sexy!” I think all that doting became deeply engrained in my brain and made me buy this obviously cheesy romance-novel-come-to-life of a character.

“This car harbours many idiosyncrasies,” says Salomon from the passenger seat, “especially the gearbox.” A far cry from the smooth automatic wonders that now adorn every other Chinese shitbox, this vintage five-speed manual has to warm up sufficiently before you can even think about using second gear.
One of the last cars to roll out of the gates of Maranello while Enzo Ferrari still conducted things from the management seat, it debuted in 1977 (two years after its sleek coupé sister, the GTB) to a furore of enthusiasm.

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