megara costume

Make sure the dress has three finger wide straps with the same neckline Megara has.
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To start with Megara’s dress, find a light long purple dress.
Using the three yellow fabric roses, sew one on each arm strap and another on the side of the waist.
Taking more dark purple fabric, sew around the waist line leaving a sash dangling.
Megara’s dress was purple.

I found three purple dresses (two long and one short) which I think will work great for Megara costume, well with some minor adjustments that is.
The dress has built in dark purple accents in a satin crepe banding under the bust, hand-made matching piping in crepe satin, built in off the hip sash with two tails hanging down.. The body of the dress has a full circle of two layers draped beautifully for a full and elegant spin and roll edged hems.
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From the character cast in the Hercules movie, the shining gem that stands out has to be Megara, a beautiful Greek goddess of a woman who is definitely one of the most underrated of all Disney “princesses.” You can see the “Meg” costume done justice from this photo.
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This iconic costume includes a polyester tunic, and vinyl body armor with attached cape and leg guards.
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