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That means watching YouTube videos of experts at play, of course, but it also means poring over how-to texts at Minecraft wikis and “walk-through” sites, written by gamers for gamers.
Steinkuehler found that videogame sites devoted to World of Warcraft, for example, are written at nearly 12th-grade level, with a 2 to 6 percent incidence of “academic” jargon.
What about fiction? Oh, have you covered there too: Behold the teeming seas of Minecraft fan stories at sites like FanFiction.net or Wattpad.
When Steinkuehler informally observes kids contributing to game sites and discussions online, she sees serious craft.

FortressCraft was built by ProjectorGames, and has many of the same elements that Minecraft does: you can build anything, harvest resources from a huge, open world, set up a home for yourself, deck it out in items that you’ve created or objects you’ve encountered, and of course, battle enemies bent on taking your resources.
Whether you’ve grown tired of running red stone throughout your house for lighting or you’ve decided you’ll never be as creative as the people who replicated Game of Thrones on their Minecraft server, there are plenty of options available to you if you’re looking for a change of pace.
Synthetic World is an open environment game with build rules that are vaguely similar to Minecraft.

Minecraft Diamond Jackpot Dress Up game is a dress up game.
Minecraft 4 Free Online is based on Minecraft Game.

It's similar in that you start with nothing and basically spend your time punching trees and collecting resources to build tools and (pre-designed) structures, but I prefer it because it doesn't have what I consider a "forced" survival element of being regularly hunted by some kind of constant threat.
There's still wild animals and the danger of starvation, however, but otherwise you're just alone on an island living by your wits, trying not to starve, or die of thirst, or be eaten by a lion, or bleed to death from an earlier encounter; all while trying to gather resources to stay alive.

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Minecraft was the start of a new for the open world game genre for me and I have since spent the past few years looking for games that offer a similar experience.
There is also a game called Castle Miner Z on the indie section of Xbox Live Arcade Games, it’s almost just like Minecraft but you play as your avatar and can make guns, and it’s only a dollar.
I hate how if anything is remotely similar to an original game like Minecraft or Terraria, people immediately start calling it a "clone" of those games.
The main difference between Minecraft and Terraria is that Terraria is focused more on adventure as opposed to the open game world and building focused experience of Minecraft.
Minecraft might eventually get there, or open up modding to a point where the rabbit-hole becomes truly deep, but I think a Minecraft-style game that was created from the starting point of "let’s create a really foreign experience on a truly alien world, and let’s make it as deep and as replayable as possible, and let’s give our players every opportunity to make up their own stories, and endlessly speculate about the game when they’re not playing" would be able to go much farther, much faster.
Total Miner (Total Miner: Forge) is published by Greenstone Games and released in late 2011 for the Xbox Live (indie game section) and is probably one of the best experiences to Minecraft (and the closest) .
Total Miner offers little new content compared to Minecraft but it it a great Minecraft like game for the Xbox that me and some friends have spent many nights exploring.
My group of gamer friends used Manic Differ it as a fun little alternative to building on Minecraft and served its purpose well for a few months so if you have similar requirements you’ll find it a good option as your game like Minecraft.
Terraria is more of an adventure game where you kill bosses and explore dungeons while minecraft focuses on gathering stuff and building.
Manic Digger is a simple free (and open source) building game that is remniscent of Minecraft in design.
Its called Block Heroes and while it shares the building with blocks aspect of Minecraft, its really a game about creating controllable airships (and robots apparently).
Total Miner offers players many different game modes including Creative (unlimited resources and building blocks to be as creative as possible) and Dig Deep mode where players explore the many cave systems killing various monsters and hunting for hidden treasures (great for players that enjoy the adventure side of these open world adventures).
Minecraft has just to much to offer for any game to really compare don’t you think? Every place I go to says Roblox is just as good even the post here Any other game seems to almost be to scetchy and not work very well.
I was originally told about this game by a friend a few years ago and didn’t really make a connect to Minecraft at first but slowly I started to draw similarities and I always felt the game doesn’t get enough notice for what is a very unique experience.
FortressCraft is a game like Minecraft for Xbox users and serves as a good alternative to Total Miner.
Are you a Minecraft addict looking for some paid or free games like Minecraft? There are many great Minecraft clones and alternatives available and the majority of them are free to play.
Just look at the small screenshot thumbnail on the right and its easy to see that the game isn’t a cheap knock off experience with high quality cube graphics that you’ve come to enjoy from Minecraft.
Your Missing a Game! One That’s Better Then Minecraft and Terraria, Maybe Runescape…. Right now, This Game Is Not Currently Out yet But It’s In Development, CubeWorld! RPG And Block Based.
Nice list you’ve made, I’ve actually created a game inspired by Minecraft, which is physics based.
Engine wise and building wise this game is far ahead of minecraft already, barely any surival features yet but it seems this game has alot of potential.
This game like Minecraft also offers a good mixture of game modes to keep things interesting and giving you variety from just deathmatch modes.

The Sandbox mixes world crafting and god games allowing you to create your own pixel based game world on your or Android device.
The game follows a sandbox style of gameplay and uses blocks in a similar manner to other games in the genre.
Ever thought Minecraft would be cool if you could build your house and then have waves of enemies attempt to breach it? Well now you can live out that dream in Block Fortress the game that combines sandbox, FPS and tower defence gameplay.
The games like Minecraft here will get your creative juices flowing as you create, build and go adventuring through a variety of different game worlds and fight for survival.
Xenominer is a Minecraft inspired space survival and sandbox game that is available for your PC or your Xbox.
The game is a paid to play game but does include a lite version which is available for free but does not allow you to save or load your games.
The game is completely free to play and originally offered an experience similar to Minecraft creative but has since slowly expanded with some survival aspects and various modifications.
Survivalcraft is a highly popular mobile game that offers a similar experience to Minecraft, it is often compared to the pocket edition and offers a cheaper alternative at nearly half the price while also having many features that the Minecraft: Pocket Edition does not have.
Epic Inventor is an indie game published by Pixel Prone Games and offers an interesting combination of genres with obvious inspiration from both Minecraft and Terraria.
Minecraft takes place in a 3D game world with gameplay involving the most simplistic of ideas, the removal and placement of cubes in a randomly generated world.
The game has great appeal for fans of rougelike dungeon and action role playing games with its exploration and loot orientated gameplay.
Haven and Hearth is a free to play survival based MMORPG that will have you fighting to survive in an unforgiving game world with permanent death.
Don’t Starve is a single player survival game that has many unique features and a dark art direction that makes it a stand out open world survival experience.
Block World is a creative game available through the Xbox Marketplace and the Windows Store.
Terasology is a beautiful open source game that combines sandbox style gameplay with other genres.
The Blockheads is a free game for your iOS device that offers a 2D sandbox experience.
Junk Jack offers a randomly generated game world for players to explore while you craft, build and hopefully survive.
3079 is a unique and challenging game that blends a number of genres together to create a sci-fi action role playing meets first person shooter experience.
Utopia Realms is a free sandbox voxel game that lets you explore randomly generated game worlds by yourself or with friends.
Discovery is a block based building game available on Xbox, iOS and Android.
Ensemble Online is a browser based sandbox MMO that lets you lay claim to your own area in the game world as you collect resources and fight.
The game was developed by Transhuman Design and offers a free version along with a premium version that unlocks a number of game extras and most of the core gameplay.
Minetest (previously Minetest C55) is heavily inspired by the popular sandbox building game of Minecraft.
The game is a voxel based RPG with plenty of open world elements that will have you hooked for hours with its in-depth gameplay.
Blockabout combines sandbox, physics and first person shooter elements to create an interesting game that puts you in control.
There is a free version of the game available although it doesn’t include monsters and a few other features.
Adventure With Companions is a simple iOS game inspired by Minecraft that focuses on multiplayer gameplay.
The game is basically one huge construction sandbox that lets you run wild with other players for free.
The game is available for Windows and was developed by Jenito Games.
Eden World Builder offers gameplay that is very similar to other sandbox building games for a cheap price on the iOS platform.
Roblox is a free to play online game with a focus on building and user generated content.

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This game requires UNITY 3D plugin for high quality 3d graphics directly in your browser.
If the game freezes, just click inside it (games can get unresponsive if you click elsewhere on the page).

"People need to understand that Minecraft isn’t a game anymore," claimed Andrew "Redigit" Spinks, creator of indie hit Terraria, "it’s a genre." Of course, he could have merely been defending his own creation against accusations of being a Minecraft clone.
The most obvious difference between these games is the fact that Minecraft takes place in a 3D world, while Terraria’s setting is 2D.
Terraria even goes over the top, allowing players to craft sci-fi weapons like Phaseblades and Space Guns, while Minecraft sticks with the more down-to-earth selection of swords and arrows.
Exploration is also greatly affected by this: in Minecraft, it’s easy to get hopelessly lost; in Terraria, finding your way back home is a matter of remembering if it’s to the left or the right.

I think we all know 50cent comment where he thought minecraft was unfinished so I would spare you the lame jokes, but Minecraft guy has a point a particular example is Dragons Dogma the game itself is good but it has some obvious flaws that could have been corrected if a proper testing was made and in the end we have a good product with big flaws.
Notch has always been an outspoken critic of trends he deems destructive in gaming, and Cliffhorse is an oblique dig at indie developers who release games before they’re complete.
For those of you who aren’t gamers, Steam is like the of video games, and its Early Access program allows users to buy games that are still being developed and offer input on them as they are ushered to completion.
Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of the massively successful independent game Minecraft has a long-awaited follow up to his groundbreaking open world game.

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In the first episode of (yet another) brand new web series from Gamer Nation, Liam Richardson looks at Xbox Live Indie Games Minecraft Rip-Offs in preparation for Minecraft being released this Wednesday.

Get Minecraft Game Online, play more the very popular game Minecraft Online on the flash game.
Discovery Mine Blocks, Minecraft Tower Defense, and more Minecraft free.

The entire process from the survival phase to the equivalent of a first-world civilization is rather lengthy, making Minecraft a game with huge replay value.
Minecraft is a creative/adventure sandbox game originally devised by independent Swedish game developer Markus Persson (known to the community as Notch) and continually developed by his company Mojang.
The game relies on the cubic nature of the environment to produce randomly generated worlds rich with breathtaking terrain, trees, oceans, animals, monsters, caves, and now abandoned mine shafts, strongholds, and NPC villages to be discovered.
An open-ended sandbox game that challenges you to be creative and adventure through a rich, randomly generated world.
An open-ended sandbox game that challenges you to be creative and adventure through a rich, randomly generated world.
Minecraft has its inspirations, but as a gamer, I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a game quite like Minecraft gain so much steam and such a huge following.
An offline mode and a downloadable client released in what is colloquially referred to as the “Indev” phase, and updates were released every few days as the developer seemed to tirelessly improve the game.
I’ve done both, and while it is fun joining a massive hosted server and seeing what other players have built (some of that stuff is just insanely impressive), the most fun I’ve had with the game is playing with a small group of close friends.
Being a part of the beta testing has been a roller coaster of updates and game changes that has taken the game in directions that I never could’ve expected when I began playing.
The folks at Mojang continue to work hard developing Minecraft, and as a result we’ve seen dramatic improvements to terrain generation, combat, exploration, and creative potential just in the last few months.
The game has a huge collection of materials from various types of wood, stone, and brick to lava, water, and various precious ores from which you can craft items and build almost limitless structures.
Beginning a new game will spawn your character (a relatively nondescript miner named Steve) in a randomly generated world.
As a gamer that has largely retired from time-sink desktop games (I’m a veteran of WoW, CounterStrike, Age of Empires, you name it), I simply cannot give enough praise to Notch and his crew for developing a game that made me feel like a kid again.

Maybe this is cheating and the official version of Minecraft shouldn’t be on a blog post called “Top 5: Best XBLA Games Similar to Minecraft.” But when a port of a game breaks even a few hours after its release and when that very same port sells 400,000 in the first 24 hours and 3 million copies in a few months, I believe the port has earned the right to be here.
Interestingly enough and for a long period of time, the best-selling games on XBLA were Minecraft clones, but in case you’re looking for games similar to Minecraft on that platform and you don’t know where to start, here’s a short list with some of the most popular ones.
Its price may be a little high and it lacks some of the features that made the PC version such a refreshingly unique game, but if you’re looking to play something like Minecraft on your Xbox 360, I can assure you that it doesn’t get better than this.

All of these kids (or at least the ones whose parents I know) have, at various times, skimped on homework, lied about whether or not they had been using the computer, avoided other positive activities or have dropped other interests in order to engage in Minecraft-related activities, become surly when asked to take even short breaks to attend to responsibilities, been ‘caught’ playing in the middle of the night (3 or 4 a.m.), become anxious about ‘having enough free-time’, have become restless or overly frustrated when they had difficulty solving a Minecraft ‘problem’, become indignant when they judge school/family/social activities take ‘too much’ time.
Great Post – I play Minecraft with my 5 year old nearly everyday (I professionally use minecraft and other creative games in education and creative art workshops)… we also go walking and have making time – sometimes we also play other games like Farming Simulator and other ‘creative’ games.
I like the Anon analogy as Minecraft has some great people and projects for kids on the web, and also it has people whom I would not want my kids to go near – not because they are weirdos – but because the time I allow my kids to game – I want to make sure it’s productive and educationally beneficial.
When Minecraft is the house-game for kids – then these media messages will focus parents on getting the house back to reading and watching their messages – to support advertising revenue streams.
Minecraft is perhaps the start of a kids interest in their future job – the fact it looks like cubes ignores the cognitive development that is happening with that technology – which in my experience as a parent of kids of a similar age – does not happen at their school.
If school kids are not learning about games at school – where do all the people who work in this industry learn? Where to parents learn.
Also, there is NO WAY for a parent to PLAY minecraft WITH your child short of purchasing the game twice, creating your own minecraft server, and having two computers to play at the same time.

Klaive0Elite in MinecraftMar 5 2013 at 9:21pm the PC is usually ahead Of the X-box in terms of updates, but here are some of the reasons PC is Superior ( and I have played both Xbox fanboys ) Jungle Bio-domes, with —Ocelots ='s anti-creeper guards for your area ( sit fluffy, Sit) — HUGE giant Jungle trees, Mass Mucho Wood — Cocoa beans = COOKIES ( and brown sheep) Iron Golems – I love these guys ( though You need to make an area they can't get out of to patrol , or they wander off….. MODS Texture packs, Massive servers that You don't have to wait for a Host to log into Xbox…. different ways to alter the game and find new ways to play the game, I've tried and Urban map, Feed the beast, Economy map, Normal Survival maps, looking into trying a Hunger games map.

Minecraft has had more than 100 million downloads on personal computers alone since 2009, making it one of the top PC games of all time, and the most popular online game on Microsoft’s Xbox gaming platform.
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"Minecraft inspires millions to create together, connects people across the globe, and is a community that is among the most active and passionate in the world," said Xbox boss Phil Spencer.
Minecraft found its home on PC but would earn the interest of Microsoft on its way to becoming one of the most popular Xbox 360 games, and one of the most played games on Xbox Live.

There is a lot of other things that are wrong with Minecraft from an environmentalist or animal rights perspective, that are also true of far too many games in the world, for you to be able to justify singling out the production costs of steak to the forefront of unethical game mechanics.
For Minecraft’s stance toward destruction to merit particular criticism, either all the games in which people can be killed are being ignored (which would be intellectually inconsistent), or the killing of simulated people is at best no worse ethically than killing animals (which is such a debatable position that it requires a defense in order to provide adequate support for the overall "Minecraft is unethical for how it treats simulated animals" claim).
"I would also like to have a long discussion with you about how ethical veganism couldn’t be further from rubbish, but as that honestly wasn’t the point of my blog, I don’t want to have it here.[…] My opinion is that the values expressed by Minecraft’s rules, specifically in its food ecology, are not ethically well-considered.
– much less so on your other premise that having a virtual food system that promotes the consumption of virtual animal meat is immoral – many people (myself included) would answer with the tried and true response "it’s just a game".
So based on this, meat in Minecraft is 2-6 times more efficient to produce than (what I believe is) the cheapest vegan food in the game.
Thats exactly the point I’m making, you first would need to convince me that your values are "true" before i can even assess your claim of minecraft being "unrealistic and unethical" in that regard.

That Microsoft should pay such a huge sum for a relatively tiny outfit with just one completed game under its belt is evidence of just how popular Minecraft is, and how valuable it’s believed to be by those signing the cheques.
While it would be little short of a miracle if the game makes the same kind of cultural impact as Minecraft, Microsoft is sure to push the “from the makers of Minecraft” angle in its marketing.
Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, then, that a major company like Microsoft should take a keen interest in acquiring Minecraft and the studio which created it, Mojang.
Sure, the DLC only cost £2.69, but that sum multiplied by potential audience of 12 million or more players (the reported userbase of Minecraft on the 360 alone) and you still have the potential for sizeable profits.
Minecraft may have started as a tiny indie game, but it’s since grown into a phenomenon – a game with the same kind of global recognition as something like FIFA or Call Of Duty.
From a sandbox title created in 2009 by just one person – Sweden’s Markus ‘Notch’ Persson – Minecraft has spawned Lego sets, books, and a bewildering variety of other merchandise.
As Kotaku point out, Microsoft could also make revenue from charging players for running Minecraft on their own servers.
Microsoft has clearly seen the potential in Minecraft and the studio that created it.
First, Microsoft will profit hugely from the Minecraft license and all its related merchandise.
In other words, Microsoft could easily take steps to make the Xbox One, PC or (if and when it happens) Windows Phone versions more attractive to players than, say, the PlayStation version.
As for the game itself, Mojang has said in its statement about the purchase that Minecraft will remain available on all current platforms.
In February this year, it was reported that Warner Bros had been in talks with Mojang to create a movie based on Minecraft.
Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has been quick to state that Minecon – the annual convention celebrating all things Minecraft – will be going ahead as normal next year.

Sure, the twelve biomes in Vanilla Minecraft are great and all, but wouldn’t you like 70 more? Alps, badlands, bamboo forest, dead swamps, dunes, fen, mangrove, mesas, moors, prairie, steppe, volcano, and wasteland are among the inclusions that’ll make your world a far more interesting place to be.
All these mods have been checked to work with with Minecraft 1.5.2, but if you do a lot of swapping mods around then you might find Magic Launcher a useful tool – it makes the whole process much simpler and easier.
On a simpler note, Inventory Tweaks delivers just that – a series of little adjustments to Minecraft’s inventory system that make it much easier to keep track of your stuff – automatically replacing tools as they break, adding shortcuts to move things around and customising how your inventory is sorted.
Minecraft’s small stable of creatures is pretty good, but if you want to populate your world with a bit more ecological diversity then this is the mod for you.
Unlike the in-game maps, Rei’s edition is active from the moment you start the game, doesn’t require a hotbar slot and – even though it’s not wholly within the spirit of Minecraft – will even map caves for you, place waypoints, and let you spot creatures if you like.
It’s an attempt to fill up the "emptiness" of Minecraft worlds with a bit more civilisation – 11th century Norman, Japanese and Mayan villages, populated with men, women and children who’ll trade, build buildings, grow crops, and craft tools and amulets.
Finally, it goes without saying that if you’ve got a Minecraft world that you’re incredibly attached to, then back it up before you fiddle around with mods too much.
We’re still waiting for full internal support for mods within Minecraft, and until that arrives there are a few downloads that will make things much easier for you if you’re not keen on fiddling around in folders.

Other high-scoring apps included Temple Run 2, an infinite running game in which characters guide an Indiana Jones-like character across a never-ending path of traps, pits and obstacles and mobile version of British tea-time quiz show The Chase.
Developer King’s Candy Crush Saga, which has been downloaded more than 500 million times by mobile users, boasts over 400 levels of varying difficulties where players match up three sweets or treats of the same design or colour, with big rewards for combos and high scores.
Other top apps included a mobile port of crime simulator Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, at sixth place on the top paid iPad apps chart, as well as the game tie-in of Pixar’s Wreck It Ralph.
“Most new mobile developers have embraced free-to-play pretty quickly, and for us coming from Facebook to mobile, part of the experience was always free-to-play,” Candy Crush Saga developer Sebastien Knutsson told the Guardian in a recent interview.
Minecraft, the PS3 version of which will be released later this week, was rated the top seller on the UK while Candy Crush Saga, a match-three puzzle game, was the highest grossing app.
Apple has unveiled its list of 2013’s top apps, with free-to-play games Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Candy Crush Saga coming in as clear winners, topping several charts.

Of the 50 camps running in North America, TeacherGaming CEO Kovisto says that close to 10 of them are using KerbalEdu, the educational variant of Kerbal Space Program.
Gifford-Smith says that attendance is being driven mostly by children who are looking for something unusual in a summer camp, and that their parents are supporting their decisions with an unexpected zeal.
Kovisto even thinks that the competitive nature of games can help drive more kids towards math and science, and in turn toward programs like Camp Combe YMCA.
"It’s hard to find an adult that’s really good at MinecraftEdu who is also good at working with kids," he says.
"When we first brought up this idea we thought we were going to have to spend a lot of time educating parents," Gifford-Smith says.
"We have enormously long wait lists," says Camp Combe YMCA’s executive director Thad Gifford-Smith.
This week the kids at Camp Combe YMCA will have the chance to explore the great outdoors in the beautiful wooded hills of upstate New York.
Camp Combe is a facility that serves over 500 kids a day during the summer months with traditional activities such as swimming, archery, high ropes courses and nature walks.

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