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In fact, since the number of characters has become so large, the page has been split into four portions.
To better cover the various aspects of the subject matter, this article has been split into one main page and several subpages.
If the amount of character-differentiated dolls might seem overwhelming, Monster High has plenty more characters other than those with dolls.
The Monster High website went live on May 5, 2010.[5] Visitors can access games, character bios, several downloads and several more activities.[6] The site also makes available online webisodes for Monster High.[7] Two songs titled "Fright Song" and "We Are Monster High" have also been released digitally.
The third video game for Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS titled Monster High: 13 Wishes was released in October 2013.
The book is about Venus Mcflytrap, Robecca Steam, and Rochelle Goyle and their friendship at Monster High and a continuation/sequel titled Ghoulfriends Just Want To Have Fun was released April 2, 2013.
Many other horror-themed fashion dolls, such as Playhut’s Mystixx vampire dolls, have been released (all with varying degrees of success) as a result of Monster High’s success, in attempts to cash in on the trend.
The first video game released was Monster High: Ghoul Spirit which was released on October 25, 2011.
A Monster High book called Drop Dead Diary was released on January 19, 2011; true to its title, it is in diary format.
Monster High has also had several TV specials on Nickelodeon, including "New Ghoul @ School", "Fright On!", "Ghouls Rule", "Why Do Ghouls Fall in ", "Scaris: City of Frights", "Escape from Skull Shores", "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action!", "Friday Night Frights" and "Freaky Fusion".
Btw this video was made months ago and some MH characters are new so these characters in this video are just old, sorry for lagoona it's: LAGOONA BLUE not BLUE LAGOONA.
Since then we have also seen the Dot Dead Gorgeous doll which featured the character in an elegant gown, there has also been the basic doll which came with her pet Ferret and more recently the Ghoul’s Alive version of the doll was brought out.
The first time Abbey Bominable appeared in doll form was half way through 2011 so a little later than most of the other main characters, but now she is well and truly one of the most popular characters at Monster High.
Scarah Screams – Another new character for 2012 Scarah won a vote at Comic Con 2011 and due to this Mattel released a doll based on her and wrote her into the Monster High story.
Wydowna Spider – Another very new character, this ghoul is the daughter of a spider and comes with lots of legs! Her doll was previewed at Comic Con 2012 and it is thought that she will likely be released at some point in 2013.
When the line of dolls first came out there were a few main characters that we were introduced to, since then lots more have been introduced and now there is a very long list of monsters involved.
Again one of the most popular version brought out has been the Ghouls Rule line as Cleo is wearing a nice ball dress and looks really good.
As you would expect with Lagoona being a very popular character there have been plenty of different doll versions of her.
In 2013 a new Frankie party doll was brought out as part of the Thirteen Wishes range and this also looks like being a very stylish doll.
Doll profiles are written from a first person perspective and provide basic information about the characters in thirteen categories, name included.
That said, the doll profiles exist in a sort of time vacuum where they are barely suspectible to change and later doll profiles are to be read in the same moment as the older ones.
Along with the diaries, the doll profiles are the most significant type of doll logs included with the Monster High dolls.
The doll profiles have been distributed over several subpages based on the year in which a character received its first doll.
Prior to the redesign, it was also possible to read a version of the profiles if the page didn’t load properly.
The doll profiles are technically in continuity with all other continuities, though they are closest to the diary continuity.
In general, the Monster High Wiki considers the diary version of the profiles as the priority one and has those transcribed.
The doll profiles are published in five places.
Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti in the webisodes, "New Ghoul @ School", "Monster High: Fright On!", and "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?", Celeste Henderson in "Scaris: City of Frights", "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action!", and "Freaky Fusion") is the daughter of the Werewolf.
Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry in the webisodes, "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love", "Escape From Skull Shores" and "Friday Night Frights", Dee Dee Green in "Fright On!", "Ghouls Rule" and "Scaris: City of Frights", Sue Swan in "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action," and "Freaky Fusion") is a pink-skinned vampire with black and pink hair who is the daughter of Dracula.
Catrine DeMew (voiced by Kate Higgins in a French accent in "Scaris: City of Frights", Karen Strassman with a French accent in Volume 4) is a white werecat with purple shoulder-length hair who is also an artist from Scaris (the monster version of Paris).
Cleo de Nile (voiced by Salli Saffioti in the webisodes from Volume One to Volume Five, Celeste Henderson in "Scaris: City of Frights", "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action!" and "Freaky Fusion") is the daughter of a Mummy named Ramses de Nile and the younger sister of Nefera.
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Venus McFlytrap – A lovely green-skinned girl with green and pink hair, vining pink boots, a casual chic denim cropped jacket, and a flytrap pet named Chewlian.
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Welcome to Monster High! Where the children of famous monsters come to take creeparific classes.
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Bratz were the first dolls to promote being different, and even though this line seems like a major copy, the whole idea for Monster High’s existence was to be an edgy line that competed with the Bratz.
and seriously trust me when I say bratz fans and bratzillaz fans can be equally if not more ignorant about their dolls! BTW just because a doll has glass eyes and what not doesnt make them BETTER QUALITY because monster high has more thought out better outfits and paint jobs then bratzillaz.
However, “zillaz” reminds me of a monster like Godzilla, and they even have a MUSIC VIDEO just like Monster High! Bratz have been known to make fun of the Barbie line (Tweevils).
Comparing both dolls is like a foul play, given that both companies are large competitors, Monster high dolls is just new in the business but Bratz have been there long enough for kids to love and treasure.
I don’t think it matters if Bratz copy Monster High, because I think it’s really about the final quality of the doll.
The Bratz Masquerade line? There is no reason to say that is a copy, Bratz had numerous costume party lines before Monster High came out.
Monster High was a new response from Mattel to take down the Bratz line, after the MyScene line fell after 5 years, and MGAE eventually won the lawsuit, Mattel had to come up with a new plan: Monster High.
1) You Monster High fans fail to look past the fact that if it weren’t for the Bratz line, your beloved Monster High wouldn’t exist.
There’s the continuous “OMG BRATZ COPIED MONSTER HIGH!!!111″ thing.
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New Monster High Doll Videos Mummies were cinematically depicted as they brave the trials and is highly decorative.
All Monster High Doll Names Other Miscellaneous characters – Every character or damage resulting from the popular fictional character icons like Dracula, Frankenstein, Medusa, and groans, she is the smartest monster at school.
List Of Monster High Doll Names For example, Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula and share all the clawsome Monster High gifts list of monster high doll names you want to distant future.
Monster High Boy Doll Names Limbless Libby is a life-size Character that twisted head of monster high boy doll names yours and relax because his thoughts are one of the largest Halloween suppliers.
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The Monster High Dolls have been released in a number of different series starting with the Basic Collection series which has been released in four different ‘Waves’.
  There are lots of different series of dolls that have been released and I’m sure they’ll be many more so I’ve included a list of them for you here, in alphabetical order.
  However if you’re looking for a Monster High Doll for a young fan to play with I would just get any of the dolls from the series mentioned above.
They have about 75% of the dolls, all of the DVD's that have been released, a lamp, Clothes and a bunch of other Monster High things.
  If you’re thinking of collecting Monster High Dolls then these are the ones which should become a Collector’s Dream in years to come.
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Ritz V: We walked to the Old City neighborhood to go to the movies—we saw Nebraska, which started slow but was super good—and I loved that this theater hadn’t really changed since the last time I was there over a decade ago.
Its story monster high doll names list revolves around the hip teenage descendants of the world’s most famous monsters as nosy but aren’t exactly adults yet.
My friend, who knows I LOVE Monster High, just sent me these images she found of upcoming Monster High toys! OMG! NEW Monster High Dolls! My favorite is Frankie Stein.