mood ring color chart

Mood Ring Color Meanings The meanings associated with the jewelry simple comes from the different temperatures your body has when you are in different moods.
A few examples include: If you are excited your body temperature may be higher than normal, meaning the ring would heat up and change color.
Mood Ring Color Meaning Chart Can a piece of jewelry, in this case a ring or pendant really tell you what mood you are in? I would think not, but some think it can.

The liquid crystal used in mood jewelry is set at a neutral color for the average skin temperature and then fluctuates with the temperature changes brought on by the emotional state of the user.
Mood jewelry is made from either a clear capsule filled with thermo chromic liquid crystal, or a thin sheet of liquid crystal paint that is sealed underneath a plastic or glass dome.
A correlation between the body temperature and the color of the mood jewelry can be observed but the most noticeable changes in mood jewelry happen with air temperature changes.
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Ok, so, this isn't official, and I'm just remembering this out of my head, so it might not be completely accurate, but most of them are pretty close.
This may not apply to ALL mood rings, though.

White is typically associated with feelings of being frustrated, confused or bored but, in my experience, white is also a color that can indicate very high spiritual energies so if you are not frustrated, confused or bored, don’t let the mood ring tell you that it is a negative expression: it could be crown chakra energies expanding or integrating at a spiritual level.

Here are some of the most common mood ring color chart meanings and the associated emotions.
Generally the mood ring will be a darkish color when cold….. and as the temperature of your skin heats up the ring you will see the mood ring changing color.
Mood Ring Color Chart Meanings are shown on the Mood Ring Color Chart below.
You may notice when wearing a mood ring the most dramatic change in color will be when you first try the ring on.
The color of the mood ring will stabilise with the current temperature of your skin.
If while wearing the ring your ‘mood’ changes so will the color of the mood ring.
Each Mood Ring or Mood Product will come with a Mood Color Chart.
The most common color for a mood ring to turn is between green and blue.
At Best Mood Rings we only sell mood products that change color well and they are tested before shipping.
Thanks, my daughter lost her mood chart for her mood ring so this is really useful.

What do the colors of a mood ring indicate? Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart (scroll down the page for our chart) will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone.
Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone.

For example blue is known to be a cold color and can put you in a depressed or sad mood.On the other end of the scale red is known as a hot fiery color and is said to put humans in a state of rage or anger mood.
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Interior decorators use color mood charts when deciding on the color for a certain room.
The amazing color mood chart.
Set your mood by color with this mood color reference chart.

Mood Ring Color Chart – explore color symbolism related to feelings.
This mood necklace is very inexpensive, and very beautiful, well-crafted – not inexpensive looking, changes to many lovely colors.

Mood rings respond to changes in body temperature, so many people believe that this type of jewelry can offer clues about a person’s state of mind.
This is a calm color and reveals the person isn’t feeling any stress or nervousness.
If a person’s mind is whirling with all kinds of nervous thoughts, a mood ring will turn this hue.
If the stress level heightens, the mood color ring shifts to the color black.
This person is in a good place with her emotions and is feeling happy and social.
Someone who is feeling a rang of emotions will often see her mood change to an amber color.
A mood ring color chart can be helpful in understanding what colors represent which emotions.
When a mood ring turns red, this means the person’s heart rate is elevated.

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Fire Blue (Cobalt Blue/Blue-Amber)- Serious Concentration, Quiet Moments Of Respose And Reflection, Genuine Concerns, Intense Feelings, Radiant, Emotional Happiness, In Love, SuspendeBlack (Onyx)- Serious, Intense, Mysterious, Excited, Energetic, Anxious, Upset, Nervous, Stressed, Tensed, Angry, Also; Mood Ring May Not Be Working When It Displays This Color With No Change.
violet blue – happy, romantic blue – calm, relaxed green – average, not much going on with you yellow/amber – tense, excited brown/gray – nervous, anxious black – cold temperature, tired or damaged ring Theres a different kind of mood ring (they were talking about the mood ring that has the great big ovoule stone) this is the colors for the ringular shaped one.
Black (Onyx)- Serious, Intense, Mysterious, Excited, Energetic, Anxious, Upset, Nervous, Stressed, Tensed, Angry, Also; Mood Ring May Not Be Working When It Displays This Color With No Change.

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The 2 inventors created mood stones by bonding liquid crystals into quartz stones, which in turn were set into a ring.
Mood rings respond to changes in body temperature, so many people believe that this type of jewellery can offer clues about a person’s state of mind.
The stone of the ring would therefore change color, supposedly according to the mood or emotional state of the wearer.
It is recommended that you attempt method 1 above or visit a jeweller to ascertain the actual ring size needed as using the string/paper method is not 100% accurate.
Wavelengths of light is another way of saying color, so when the temperature of the liquid crystals changes, so does their color.
A mood ring color chart can be helpful in understanding what colors represent which emotions.
The thermotropic liquid crystals would respond to changes in temperature, and would consequently change in color accordingly.

Mood Ring Color Chart Moods rings have taken over the fashion scene by storm, since the 1970s’.
Take a look at this mood ring chart to see which color signifies which emotion.
Mood ring color scale can vary according to the type of ring you purchase.
If you find yourself feeling all warm and affectionate, like when you see your puppy running towards you, take a look at your ring, it will be magenta in color.
Yes, the color on that ring on your finger will be dark blue.

Mood jewelry / rings was invented (SEE NOTE BELOW) by Joshua Reynolds , who also is know for his invention the Thighmaster.
The color change in the thermo-sensitive liquid crystal occurs with changes in body temperature which also does change during a persons mood changes or mood swings.
Marvin was in the jewelry business and his Mood Rings took the fashion industry by storm.
Back to the 1960’s and 1970’s we go with Mood Beads …… Design your own original Mood Jewelry with our fantastic line of Mood Beads and set the trend today in your neighborhood.
The temperature of the surrounding air will also have an effect on the mood jewelry so it will make a true body temperature reading unreliable.
This very same reaction is what occurs with Mood Beads, Mood Jewelry, and Mood Rings.
There is a entire chapter on the origin of the Mood Ring along with a short biography on the real creator, Marvin Wernick.
NOTE: Seems to be that maybe Joshua Reynolds was not the inventer of the Mood Ring after all.

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Description=A depiction of a typical chart listing suggested moods for the wearer of a mood ring, depending on the color of the mood ring.

According to the chart, my life was either relaxed or in upheaval – makes sense, it was middle school, a time when we’re all a bit bipolar.

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A green shade signifies "average" on the mood ring color scale, and is calibrated to the surface temperature of a typical person, approximately 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
SUNNY SIDES: When it comes to the yellow/oranges on the ring, dark orange indicates feelings of nervousness, aggressiveness, worry and exasperation, and a yellow-orange shade shows that the person is upset, confused or a bit nervous.
BROWNS: Dark brown is associated with restlessness, tensions and fear, brownish-yellow indicates the person is feeling mixed emotions, and taupe hints at feelings of stress, unpredictability, angst or aggravation.
If the ring goes indigo, look for feelings of satisfaction and tranquillity, and aquamarine blue may indicate an upbeat or flirtatious mood.

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The amount of blood that reaches your skin depends on both the temperature and your mood, so there is some scientific basis for the functioning of a mood ring.
A mood ring contains liquid crystals that change color in response to small changed in temperature.
The cooler temperature of your fingers will register on the mood ring as a gray or amber color.
This chart shows the colors and meaning of the usual 1970s style of mood ring.
This chart shows the colors of the typical 1970s mood ring and the meanings associated with the mood ring colors.
This drives the color of the mood ring toward the blue or violet end of its color range.

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