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The liquid crystal used in mood jewelry is set at a neutral color for the average skin temperature and then fluctuates with the temperature changes brought on by the emotional state of the user.
Mood jewelry is made from either a clear capsule filled with thermo chromic liquid crystal, or a thin sheet of liquid crystal paint that is sealed underneath a plastic or glass dome.
A correlation between the body temperature and the color of the mood jewelry can be observed but the most noticeable changes in mood jewelry happen with air temperature changes.
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Mood Ring Color Meanings The meanings associated with the jewelry simple comes from the different temperatures your body has when you are in different moods.
A few examples include: If you are excited your body temperature may be higher than normal, meaning the ring would heat up and change color.
Mood Ring Color Meaning Chart Can a piece of jewelry, in this case a ring or pendant really tell you what mood you are in? I would think not, but some think it can.
Here are some of the most common mood ring color chart meanings and the associated emotions.
Generally the mood ring will be a darkish color when cold….. and as the temperature of your skin heats up the ring you will see the mood ring changing color.
Mood Ring Color Chart Meanings are shown on the Mood Ring Color Chart below.
You may notice when wearing a mood ring the most dramatic change in color will be when you first try the ring on.
The color of the mood ring will stabilise with the current temperature of your skin.
If while wearing the ring your ‘mood’ changes so will the color of the mood ring.
Each Mood Ring or Mood Product will come with a Mood Color Chart.
The most common color for a mood ring to turn is between green and blue.
At Best Mood Rings we only sell mood products that change color well and they are tested before shipping.
Thanks, my daughter lost her mood chart for her mood ring so this is really useful.
Black (Onyx)- Serious, Intense, Mysterious, Excited, Energetic, Anxious, Upset, Nervous, Stressed, Tensed, Angry, Also; Mood Ring May Not Be Working When It Displays This Color With No Change.
violet blue – happy, romantic blue – calm, relaxed green – average, not much going on with you yellow/amber – tense, excited brown/gray – nervous, anxious black – cold temperature, tired or damaged ring Theres a different kind of mood ring (they were talking about the mood ring that has the great big ovoule stone) this is the colors for the ringular shaped one.
Do Mood Rings Work? Yes, but they go by the heat of ur body What the Mood Ring Colors Mean The top of the list is the warmest temperature, at violet, moving to the coolest temperature, at black.
What do the colors of a mood ring indicate? Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart (scroll down the page for our chart) will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone.
Each of our chemical make-ups are unique to us so it stands to reason that a mood ring color chart will not fit everyone, no more than a particular symbol in a dream will mean the same to everyone.
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White is typically associated with feelings of being frustrated, confused or bored but, in my experience, white is also a color that can indicate very high spiritual energies so if you are not frustrated, confused or bored, don’t let the mood ring tell you that it is a negative expression: it could be crown chakra energies expanding or integrating at a spiritual level.
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Mood rings are novelty rings invented and popularized in the 1970s that supposedly change color according to the wearer's emotions or mood.
While a mood ring can't really indicate your mood, the stones do change color in response to temperature.
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Mood Ring Color Chart – explore color symbolism related to feelings.
This mood necklace is very inexpensive, and very beautiful, well-crafted – not inexpensive looking, changes to many lovely colors.
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The inside of the ring conducts heat from your finger to the liquid crystals in the "stone." The color green, which signifies "average" on the mood ring color scale, is calibrated to the surface temperature of a typical person, approximately 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius).
In the case of these thermometers, the color changes are correlated with the temperature of the liquid crystal to create a useful, inexpensive, and compact thermometer.
The liquid crystals in the thermometer strip change their physical properties with temperature and this results in a change in the colors of light they reflect.
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Mood Ring Color Meanings Most of us are aware of mood rings and know that they change color depending upon the mood of the wearer.
But, I wonder how many of us have the answers to what exactly are mood rings, how do they work, what are the different colors and what is their meaning? Of all these questions, the one most intriguing one would be that of the meanings of the mood ring colors.
Depending on the body heat conducted by mood ring, the liquid crystals twist to reflect a portion of the color spectrum.
Mood Ring colors changes in response to body temperature.
The different colors reflected by the mood rings indicate the mood that the wearer is experiencing, at that particular time, and this is presented in detail in the chart below.
Wear the mood ring and observe how the changes in the color of the mood ring take place, with changes in your emotional state.
Hence, when a particular color appears on the mood ring it can indicate from which chakra a person is functioning.
Mood rings last for couple of years, and so it will be fun to wear then and see the changes in color of the crystal.
A lot of people followed the trend of wearing mood rings and the fashion trend was revived once again, a few years ago, with the mood ring making a comeback into the fashion world.
Since the changes in moods result in a variation in body temperature, it is said that the ring reflects the mood of the wearer.
So, one way of reading the color on the mood ring is to associate with chakras.
Once the mood rings stops working or is not worn for a long time the color of the mood rings turns black.
I bought a mood ring but did’nt know what the colors meant mine goes from green/blue and sometimes all blue.
Hence, the change in color is reflected by the mood rings.
For those looking for purple check other mood rings meaning sites, cause purple from that site means COOL, oh and whomever it is using swears I would prefer if you stop.
As I have shown, body temperature changes due to time of day and (in the case of women) menstrual cycle are the only possible things you might measure – but those are not exactly mood related and the temperature variations are too small for a crude liquid crystal thermometer to measure in the best of circumstances.
How does a mood ring on your computer work? I got a google mood ring and it changes colors and stuff, but I have no clue how it works without contact with skin.
If so, then the ambient room temperature is by far more important than any possible variation in body temperature due to mood changes…which means that (surprise, surprise) these things don’t work.
98.6 Fahrenheit was the conventional commonly-accepted value for human body temperature in English-speaking countries for decades (including when the mood ring first came out).
The best we could allow is a cited reference that such and such a ring vendor or ring inventor has compiled this list of colour to mood lookups, whilst noting that there is no scientific basis whatsoever for the assertion being made.
This is partially because i installed a gadget cool jewels mood ring, linking the color code to the wiki article.
Large changes in air temperature will certainly overwhelm this subtle effect, but it’s not obvious that there couldn’t be a correlation between body temperature changes and mood at any given ambient temperature.
(talk) 20:49, 7 March 2011 (UTC) It’s likely that a ring would have an even larger range because the fraction of it’s surface that’s in contact with the skin is much less than a wristwatch – and fingers tend to be cooler than more chunky bits of the body.
Additionally, since those lists are made up by whoever makes the individual rings with little or no scientific basis, I don’t believe one can really find a verifiable color list to cite as an acceptable source for this article – there’s really nothing factual to verify.
So what is the mood ring supposed to show? We have three simultaneous yet completely different emotions – all being felt at ‘off-scale’ adrenaline levels – and all clearly identified with different colors in the chart.
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the color on my mood ring stays blue, every so often it changes.
A cheap mood ring is very likely made of brass (which includes Gilding-metal, Chinese Silver, etc) – this is typical of cheap imitation gold jewellery.
— febtalk 01:34, 9 February 2007 (UTC) The Google mood ring button’s state is based off of an RSS Feed located at: I’m not really sure what it’s actually based on, or how / why it updates though.
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Skin on fingers can not be much cooler than 36 °C (you’d feel nerves refusing to work under 35), but due to slow heat transport in skin, fast in metal, and quite fast from metal to air (due to quite large contact area) I can believe skin on finger can heat the ring only up to 33 °C.
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Alternatively if you want to know what color you are feeling just rollover to find the emotions you are feelings, and this will notify you of the color that your mood ring should be.
This app makes it easy to find out the meaning of your mood ring, you no longer have to keep that little paper that comes with it, or take a picture of the back of the box.
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The connection between body temperature and mood isn’t particularly strong, however, so the colors of a ring won’t always reflect the wearer’s real mood.
The warmer mood ring colors can indicate a more enthusiastic state of mind.
While mood ring colors can’t predict one’s mood, they can provide a very vague indication of the way a person might be feeling.
The mood ring colors range the entire color spectrum, but a few colors come up more often than others.
i lost my mood ring then found it and i went on different websites for the colors then i found one that actually looked fine.
Additionally, the weather can affect the color displayed on a mood ring irrespective of the wearer’s mood.
I was very emotional and because my friend moved and the other web sites said that my mood ring was showing or passion but it was not.
i have a mood ring and it changes to all the colors every day.
like i got my mood ring yesterday from a friend and it’s on purple all the time during school.

Mood rings can’t tell your emotional state with any degree of accuracy, but the crystals were calibrated with have a pleasing blue or green color at the average person’s normal resting peripheral temperature of 82°F (28°C).

A mood ring contains liquid crystals that change color in response to small changed in temperature.
The amount of blood that reaches your skin depends on both the temperature and your mood, so there is some scientific basis for the functioning of a mood ring.
The cooler temperature of your fingers will register on the mood ring as a gray or amber color.
This chart shows the colors of the typical 1970s mood ring and the meanings associated with the mood ring colors.
This chart shows the colors and meaning of the usual 1970s style of mood ring.
This drives the color of the mood ring toward the blue or violet end of its color range.

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