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Like the other deluxe Scaris dolls Skelita comes with a travel case – hers is bright pink with a skull on the front.
If you look at the posted review photos you can see she comes with a clear plastic body overlay under her clothes that helps keep her on her doll stand and gives her more of a figure under her dress.
This Monster High doll is very mature-looking and taller compared to the other dolls.
Here you will find the top 10 monster high dolls and I hope it will help you decide what doll to buy for your daughter.
I’m an "older" collector of the Monster High doll line and I wasn’t planning to invest in Venus after I saw pictures of her a few months ago.
For starters, there is a significant lack of that eye-jarring lime green Mattel been slappin’ on her lately so now instead of looking like a grape she looks like sassy Clawdeen again! Her hair is fabulous as she sports a braid on one side of her head why the rest of her hair falls into long curls.
The name roughly translates to "the beauty has come," which is yet another wonderful detail because this diva doll is indeed beautiful! She takes command of everyone’s attention in the Monster High webisodes, and so does her doll.
And the clothes aren’t tricky to keep looking nice on the doll (We have the Dawn of the Dance Cleo, and the outfit is attrocious, once played with.) This Picture Day outfit is fairly demure for Cleo.
You can’t tell from the picture, but her black and pink hair is styled into two cute little buns on top of her head behind her removable plastic pink bow headband.
This release of Clawdeen is one of my favorite MH dolls and my favorite Scaris doll and here’s why.
Like other Monster High Dolls, she is highly posable, but has delicate joints and hands that are a little fragile for young collectors.
As with most of the other dolls in the line, the shoes are charming, with a "wrought iron"-styled design.
The shoes are adorable, with little teeth at her toes, and laces made of vines! The hairstyle is great, but as half of her head is "shaved", styling can be a bit difficult, with the hair naturally wanting to fall over the "shaved" side.

In a freaky twist of adventure, our favorite Monster High® ghouls get accidentally fused together in ways never seen before! Choose from Lagoonafire™ (a mix of Lagoona Blue® and Jinafire Long®), Dracubecca™ (a fusion of Draculaura® and Robecca Steam®), Cleolie™ (a combination of Cleo de Nile® and Toralei®), Clawvenus™ (a blend of Clawdeen Wolf® and Venus McFlytrap®) and Neighthan Rot™ (a unicorn-zombie boy).
Monsters have feelings too! Customize the expressions of these creepy cool creatures by changing their eyes, facial expressions and their fashions! Sets include one full doll with eye-changing feature, one interchangeable face plate, a peggable/interchangeable skeleton and chest plate, inner piece count, over-the-top fashion, accessories, purse, doll stand, brush and fill-in-the-blank diary.
At the riveting climax of the Monster High® movie, Freaky Fusion, the beast ghoulfriends of Frankie Stein® rally around to give her back her spark with this hair-raising Recharge Chamber! Comes with a one-of-a-kind Frankie Stein® doll wearing a voltageous fashion and shocking shoes.
I myself think that Scaris is the best MH line to date if for no other reason than that I each and every doll in the line unreservedly! I mean aside from minor quibbles this line for me is perfection! That said I kinda 'hate' you right now as not only have I only (finally) just watched the Scaris movie (and quite enjoyed it), but now that we're reminiscing I'm left wanting (so very, very badly) the ghouls I haven't yet been able to purchase.
I was looking forward to this countdown! I was just about to turn off the computer (it's way passed most people's bedtime here XD) but I just couldn't wait until tomorrow 😀 Of course you're number one was no surprise 😉 Some of the other choices are surprising… I'm also kinda surprised Gigi was nowhere on the list, I didn't expect her in the top ten, but figured she'd be somewhere in the 11-20 range? I do agree that 13W Lagoona was a tough competitor in that line for her and Twyla, though.
Yes, I know this time last year I was all but throwing daily celebrations in honor of Rochelle’s Scaris doll, who’s not to be seen anywhere on this list.
Clawdeen Wolf (voiced by Salli Saffioti in the webisodes and in "New Ghoul @ School", "Monster High: Fright On!", "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?", and by Celeste Henderson in "Scaris: City of Frights," "13 Wishes," "Frights, Camera, Action!," and "Freaky Fusion") is the daughter of the Werewolf.
Cleo de Nile (voiced by Areli Hernandez in the web-series, and Salli Saffioti in "New Ghoul at School", "Fright On!", "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?" "Escape From Skull Shores", "Friday Night Frights", and "Ghouls Rule", and by Celeste Henderson in "Scaris: City of Frights", "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action!" and "Freaky Fusion") is the daughter of The Mummy named Ramses de Nile and the younger sister of Nefera.
Draculaura (voiced by Debi Derryberry in the webisodes, "Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love", "Escape From Skull Shores" and "Friday Night Frights", Dee Dee Green in "Fright On!", "Ghouls Rule" and "Scaris: City of Frights", Sue Swan in "13 Wishes", "Frights, Camera, Action," and "Freaky Fusion") is a pink-skinned vampire with black and pink hair who is the daughter of Dracula.
Catrine DeMew (voiced by Kate Higgins in a French accent in "Scaris: City of Frights", Karen Strassman with a French accent in Volume 4) is a white werecat with purple shoulder-length hair who is also an artist from Scaris (the monster version of Paris).
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While we continue the wait for the new releases, I thought I’d take you back in time a bit and let you in on my favorite Monster High dolls (in no particular order).
You have included two of the dolls I would LOVE to have but missed the boat for – Scary Tales Clawdeen and 1st wave Ghoulia.
After many, many dry months with no new Monster High dolls in sight, I’m looking forward to the next few months.
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If it is your intention to purchase pieces from the Monster High doll collection for decoration as collectible dolls rather than play, ensure that you handle the boxes with care so that they will remain in pristine condition.
If you really want to get creative, you can switch out legs, arms and even heads! Best of all, the pieces in these Create-A-Monster sets are fully interchangeable with all of the different types of Monster High dolls.
Use this checklist to pick out the dolls, accessories, add-on packs and play sets that will allow you and your children to transition from baby dolls to big kid toys and have a ghoulish good time.
In order to offer you and your children the best Monster High dolls experience, make sure to stock up on plenty of scenes and play sets to go along with the new Monster High dolls.
One of the most unique features of the Monster High doll series is that these dolls have body parts that are removable and easily changed out.
When you shop Monster High dolls, keep in mind that you and your kids will want plenty of accessories to enjoy hours of freaky fun.
The Monster High doll collection is so special because these dolls are unlike any other.
The easiest way to pick out the best Monster High dolls is to create a Monster High doll checklist.
In addition to the six dolls that make up the Ghoulfriends, there are plenty of Monster High doll accessories.
Featuring ghoulish but gorgeous creatures like a vampire and a werewolf, these new Monster High dolls will reinvent the way you look at toys.
Keep reading to learn more about the dolls, including how to pick out the best Monster High dolls for you and your children.
Before you buy Monster High dolls, take some time to learn more about the different characters so that you see which ones might best appeal to you and your little ones.
Now that you know more about the Ghoulfriends, you can start looking for the best Monster High dolls for your kids or for your own collection.
As the years pass, you will find the best Monster High dolls are the ones that look just as good as they did the day you purchased them.
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According to NPR, these so-called "Goth Barbies" are now one of the best-selling dolls in the world, second only to Barbie, which continues to reign supreme despite a recent dip in sales.
While some appear thrilled with the success of the Goth Barbies, others have expressed concern that the dolls aren’t quite as good for kids as they are hyped up to be.
Instead of providing a valuable representation for children of other races and ethnicities, children who fail to conform to our rigid expectations of body-type, LGBT children and so on, Mattell has populated yet another fantasy universe with superficial, mostly white, wealthy (each of the three main characters is obsessed with shopping — and they all have famous dads) and boy-crazed teens.
Touted as more progressive and cutting edge than their "normal" Barbie sisters, Monster High dolls are taking the world by storm.
In an op-ed for Jezebel on Wednesday, Callie Beusman argued that the Monster High dolls aren’t all that different from Barbie.
"[The brand has] a good premise, and certainly one with potential to deliver a subtext about ‘normalizing’ difference and accepting a wider range of identities," Ellie Lipkin wrote of the dolls.
Indeed, as Fox news reported in 2011, the dolls’ revealing outfits, rail-thin bodies and heavy makeup angered some parents who felt that the toys had been overly sexualized.
Manufactured by Barbie-maker Mattel, the Monster High dolls are the super-thin relatives of famous monsters.
Also in 2011, blogger and mom Jeanne Sager lamented the skinniness of the Goth Barbies — specifically mummy girl Cleo De Nile.
Up for auction is the 2013 SDCC Exclusive Monster High Webarella! She is a very sought after doll and very rare! She comes NRFB with her shipper box and her 2 booklets.
This auction is for a BRAND NEW Monster High Die-ner Playset w/Exclusive Operetta Draculaura doll in Mint Condition NRFB.
Brand new monster high save frankie, jackson jekyll from freaky fusions rare boy doll .
Thanks for looking and don’t forget to check out all the other Monster High items available to purchase in our store! Doll is in excellent condition and includes all accessories.
This is a very rare and hard to find Monster High Invisi Billy Scare Mester Doll.
This listing is for the Monster High Exclusive Cleo de Nile I Love Fashion Doll.
Welcome, up for your consideration is this Monster high 1st Wave Ghoulia Yelps Pet – SIR HOOTS ALOT – Rare.
Oh my goodness! Once i saw the doll I knew I HAD to have her! A couple days later I made a trip to Wall mart and there was one doll left, a perfect Draculaura sitting rite on the shelf! My parents call it lucky, i call it fate! I’m a freshman in high school (I am on my dad’s amazon account) and I can’t remember that last time I’ve had this much fun with a doll!!!! Mattel, thank you for an amazing line of dolls and keep rolling out more characters!!! If you as a buyer or a fan DO NOT HESITATE on buying this doll!!! Some people might say that they break easily, but they are actually made to do that.
This elastic, if not assembled properly, becomes pinched in the plastic of the doll and movement of the dolls legs breaks the elastic piece by piece until the dolls legs fall completely off and there is no fix for this! It does not matter how gentle you are with the doll – if the elastic was pinched in the plastic when it was made then the doll WILL break.
(The whole ‘Scarily Ever After’ collection is.) Last year she asked for a specific Monster High doll and thinking “Pfft, they can’t be THAT popular,” I brushed off getting one until it was too late.
She’s asked for Venus McFlytrap for Christmas (daughter of a Venus Fly Trap? I think? I suppose?) and she’s also asked for Clawdeen’s little red riding hood doll, which surprise! Is one of Target’s top toys this year.
(Which is why there have been two Monster High dolls hidden in the basement of Cody’s office since early summer.) They also have a sort of cult following by some adults, becoming a bit of a collector’s item in some circles.
“These dolls are training girls to feel ashamed of their bodies, to focus on being sexually appealing and sexually attractive from a pre-pubescent age," and body image expert Patrick Wanis PhD told FOX411’s Pop Tarts.
“Young girls especially do not need a doll to point out physical flaws or encourage body image preoccupation in teens and young girls.
“Monster High was the number one best selling new fashion doll of 2010 according to NPD and is resonating with teen and tween girls,” a spokesperson from the company told Pop Tarts in an official statement.
If you thought Barbie, with her disproportionately big breasts and tiny waist, sent a bad  message to young girls, wait until you meet of Mattel’s new Monster High doll.
Looking for fun gifts for girls and toys with a scary-cute twist? Meet the guys and dolls of Monster High! Girls shriek with delight at our ultra-popular Monster High dolls and toys, featuring Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Frankie Stein, Cleo de Nile, and the rest of the ghoulish gang.
We have all the creepy-cool characters and Monster High boy dolls, too! Find Monster High Dawn of the Dance dolls, Dead Tired dolls, Lagoona Blue Hydration Station, plus drop-dead gorgeous costumes, tees and frightfully cute pets from Monster High.
Doll profiles are written from a first person perspective and provide basic information about the characters in thirteen categories, name included.
That said, the doll profiles exist in a sort of time vacuum where they are barely suspectible to change and later doll profiles are to be read in the same moment as the older ones.
Along with the diaries, the doll profiles are the most significant type of doll logs included with the Monster High dolls.
The doll profiles have been distributed over several subpages based on the year in which a character received its first doll.
Prior to the redesign, it was also possible to read a version of the profiles if the page didn’t load properly.
The doll profiles are technically in continuity with all other continuities, though they are closest to the diary continuity.
In general, the Monster High Wiki considers the diary version of the profiles as the priority one and has those transcribed.
The doll profiles are published in five places.
Among the biggest companies displaying at Toy Fair 2014 was Mattel, featuring new and upcoming products from franchises including Disney, Monster High, Batman, and Marvel – a new addition to their licensed lineup.
Though Mattel has worked with DC Comics for many years (more on their products below), this year marks the first time Marvel licensed products have made their way to the Mattel brand as well, all beginning with a series of die-cast Hot Wheels vehicles themed to characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, and more.
Batman is bigger than ever as Mattel, and their adult-oriented sub-brand Matty Collector, produces new action figures ranging from the old “Batman” TV show to Tim Burton’s films to the more recent ones starring Christian Bale.
In the hopping Toy Fair compound run by Mattel, Barbie’s pink displays seemed almost dowdy and passe next to Monster High’s glamorous dolls, which look like the underfed love children of Tim Burton and Lady Gaga.
Mattel had no idea Monster High would — in just three years — become a billion dollar brand, says Kiyomi Haverly, vice president of design at Mattel.
But that 21st century relatability surprised toy analyst Gerrick Johnson, who says he didn’t take Monster High seriously when the dolls debuted in 2010.
Girls want to be like Barbie." Johnson says he figured the "ghoulfriends" of Monster High would be more like Shrek.
Mattel executives say they did not anticipate the runaway success of the goth-influenced Monster High brand when it debuted in 2010.
Mean girl-esque Cleo de Nile and “dorky” Ghoulia (complete with chunky “geek” glasses!) are annoying enough, but the show has episodes where the girls gossip, backstab, and try to change themselves so their (always male) crush will like them more.
There are NO black Monster High dolls whatsoever, and even the few who claim to have “freaky” qualities are made to reign them in.
I know this horse has already been beaten to death and is totally dead, dead dead (just like the dolls!) but I just can’t help but make this point.
Fans of the dolls, like Eve Vawter, cite their celebration of unconventional beauty and the themes of feminism, girl power and sisterhood found in their books and movies.
This is probably something I’m more sensitive to since I have a troubled history with food and weight, but I feel like Monster High dolls are too.
There are few toy products for little girls out right now as controversial as the Monster High doll collection (Bratz Baby Prostitots Babyz being one of them).
Detractors are uncomfortable with the dolls’ ridiculously unnatural physical proportions, overly-sexualized dress and makeup and lack of racial diversity — a rather large lack of diversity that becomes more and more pronounced with every new release.
It’s darker and more direct; where Barbie just hints at being sexy, Monster High comes right out and says it.
At first glance the Monster High Dolls may seem a little creepy and they are certainly unlike the ‘normal’ barbie style dolls but I must admit that if Monster High had been out and about when I was little then I would have actually liked dolls (well the Monster High ones anyway) as they are so different and unique plus they are all beautifully made.
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Looking for dolls, accessories or houses? Head to our Dolls Store for a wide selection of dolls including Disney Frozen, Barbie and Monster High as well as popular figures like Sylvanian Families and My Little Pony.
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I have bought one of my niece’s this 13 Wishes Frankie Stein doll towards her Christmas present and I just know that she will be so happy and excited when she opens the gift wrap.
My two girls love all the monster high dolls and get hours n hours of play with them with their imaginations running riot.
She has black, white and blue hair with silver streaks in, gold bracelets, a gold belt, gold earrings, golden wedge shoes, a gold hairband and even her neck bolt, eye makeup and stitches are gold too.
Frankie wears a gorgeous blue dress with leather and gold lame effect on the top and there are gold speckles and patterns on the skirt of the dress too.
Bought this for my 7 year old daughter, does as the amazon description says.
Just what my daughter wanted for her birthday good price as always from Amazon.
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According to Dr.’s Filipe and Betty Ann Korzenny, authors of ‘Hispanic Marketing: Connecting with the New Latino Consumer,’ websites that supplement traditional advertising communication provide ‘an interactive function which resonates with the social orientation of the Hispanic culture and creates more involvement with the Hispanic consumer over time” (Korzenny & Korzenny, p.342.) The objective of ‘Toy Feliz’ is to build loyalty and educate Latino parents on the Mattel toys their children are asking for, this holiday season.
Cotes study, Knowledge of child development and family interactions among immigrants to America: Perspectives from developmental science states that “immigrant families in the United States do not merely disregard or reject the beliefs and practices of their cultures of origin in favor of those of the majority culture, but selectively adopt some majority group norms” (Morstein and Cotes.) As early as the second generation do Latinos begin to identify as American.
Namely Mattel has single handedly raised American children to demand Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price and now Monster High Dolls.
Muller explains this ambicultural identity phenomenon, “the length of time that members of a coculture have spent in this country [USA] also influences how they identify themselves” (Mueller, p.61.) In severe contrast to first generation Latino identity, third or higher generation Latinos identify themselves primarily as American and then by their families country of origin.

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