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In the US, 79% of all children have siblings when growing up.[4] Similar to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, the holiday is intended to be a celebration of the relationship of brothers and sisters.

This year marks the 14th annual celebration of siblings, and although the holiday is not as widely celebrated as other family values holidays such as Mother’s Day, the event commemorates the bond between brothers and sisters.
"Jessica Simpson has been discreetly told by mom Tina to keep an eye on troubled little sister Ashlee," a source close to the family told Radar Online.

Sponsored by Screening For Mental Health, National Alcohol Screening Day is held each year on the Thursday of the first full week in April offering anonymous and confidential screenings online or in-person at NASD events.
Annually celebrated on April 10th, National Farm Animals Day was created as a day to raise awareness about the plight of slaughter animals and to find home for the abandoned and abused farm animals.
National Farm Animals Day, an “unofficial” national holiday was created in 2005 by Animal Rescuer, Vegetarian and Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige.
A food holiday that is celebrated each year on April 10th is National Cinnamon Crescent Day.
Sponsored by the Siblings Day Foundation, National Siblings Day, also known as “Siblings Day”, is annually celebrated on April 10.
National Siblings Day is sponsored by the Siblings Day Foundation, was originally created by Claudia Evart to honor the memory of her deceased brother and sister.
2014 marks the 15th year that National Siblings Day has been celebrated.
Raising awareness about alcohol misuse and referrals to treatment for individuals with alcohol problems are a big part of the outreach, education and screening program of National Alcohol Screening Day.

Evart, President and Founder of this day, initiated National Sibling Day after the tragic deaths of her brother and sister.
National Sibling Day is similar to Brothers and Sisters Day, which is celebrated on May 2and.
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National Sibling Day is a day to appreciate and cherish your brothers and sisters.
Celebrate National Sibling Day in a variety of ways.

The date of National Siblings Day is very important to its founder Claudia as it marks the birthday of her sister Lisette.
Siblings Day can be celebrated by sending a card, gift, making a dinner invitation or simply going for a walk in the park.
Sisters Day is your chance (if you have a sister, that is) to show your appreciation for that special family relationship.
Siblings Day was created by Claudia Evart, a freelance paralegal from Manhattan, NY.
The siblings bonds are life-long relationships usually lasting from cradle to grave.
The bond between siblings is extra-special, even more so if one of them has a life-long illness or a disability.

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Its Happy National Siblings Day? Big thank you to @Salma_Akther for making my life a pain sometimes, but also putting a smile on my face 😀 tweeted @NileemaAkther.
Bush signed a presidential message recognizing April 10 as National Siblings Day in 2008 and President Bill Clinton did the same in 2000.
Evart has dedicated her life to commemorate National Siblings Day, which needs a presidential proclaim to officially establish National Siblings Day.
National Siblings Day is the brainchild of Claudia Evart, who thought up the day as a way for siblings to honor, recognize and celebrate each other.
Happy National Siblings Day was a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday, with some users offering suggestions on how to mark the occasion.
Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day – a great American tradition and celebration of family-unit values.
Evart, a freelance paralegal from Manhattan, lost her two siblings in separate accidents early in life.

What an awesome day to celebrate! I have 4 siblings, and we have great fun together! Congratulations on being included in teh Best of Squidoo Silly Ccelebrations in April.
Dropping by to sprinkle some Angel Dust on this wonderful article! I the image of the two siblings fighting over the bathroom.

I do enjoy the peace and quiet that we now have around the house and I can’t deny that I enjoy the extra time that I have now that he doesn’t ask me to play Nintendo with him every afternoon 🙂 But, through the good and the bad, my brother and I have had a great relationship and that is something I hope we’ll always share.
My brother Gary is two years younger than I am, so we really grew up together and I have shared more of my life with him than with anyone else.
I was a teen at the time and I thought, if autism is caused by poor parenting, why don’t all the children in the family have autism? My parents had difficulty with Martha’s erratic behaviors and violent tantrums.
My brother works two part-time jobs and is a social butterfly who has activities just about every day, but he still makes time to come visit at least once a week 🙂 There are definitely some things I don’t miss, such as the bickering and his obstinacy.
Anne: Our brother John, two years older than I, was developmentally disabled.
Gary loves Pokemon, the Yankees, has a great sense of humor, and is a wonderful brother to my sister and me.
This picture was taken on the beach in Sanibel, Florida with our brother Tucker and it sums up his personality to a "T.” He is happy and cheerful, and even though he only has a few words, we know he loves us.
My younger brother Fred was put into the Willowbrook State School for the Mentally Retarded on his 4th birthday and stayed until its forced shutdown 16 years later.
To honor the sibling relationship—as well as the many contributions made by typically-developing brothers and sisters—the Sibling Support Project is commemorating National Siblings Day with the following profiles of sibs and their brothers and sisters who have special needs.

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Did you realize that Wednesday, April 10, was "National Siblings Day?" Chances are you haven't heard much about the occasion because it is not widely recognized, although it should be! When it comes to the topic of raising multiple children, the media is quick to focus on the cost of parenting in the modern age and the challenges of sibling rivalry.
Fox News also had some fun with the holiday Wednesday morning, as "Fox & Friends" anchor Gretchen Carlson called her sister for some sisterly bonding and co-host Brian Kilmeade squeezed in a little brotherly love with his brothers, Jim and Steve Kilmeade, who took a seat on the curvy couch to reminisce about growing up together.
Evart, born and raised in New York City, started a non-profit charity called the Siblings Day Foundation to honor the memory of her own late sister and brother who died in separate accidents at an early age.
Many celebrities took to Facebook to acknowledge their brothers and sisters, and "Happy National Siblings Day" is even a trending topic on Twitter.

National Siblings Day: A Tribute to Celebrity Brothers & Sisters! by Free Britney at April 11, 2013 12:21 pm.
Wednesday, April 10 was National Siblings Day, but even though it’s April 11, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give props to the celebrity brothers and sisters out there.

Add the National Sibling Day to our list of gatherings on the calendar that we will joyfully honor as a family this spring! National Sibling Day celebrates the unique bond between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their brothers and sisters.
Our April family gatherings will reflect the joys and sorrows that come with a rich life – missing dad at our traditional Easter brunch, and celebrating National Sibling Day.
As we journey through adulthood, I have become increasingly inspired by Chinmay and realized that I want to dedicate my career to the advocacy of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
The concept of Person-Centered Planning is that by brainstorming with all of these different people, who all play different parts in Caroline’s life, we will together be able to form a more complete picture of who she is, and how to support her.

Kids love to talk about their favorite things, so why not turn it into a fun game that’ll teach them how to share with their siblings? Tell each child to draw pictures of their toys and stuffed animals—without looking at their siblings’ drawings.

April 10 is National Siblings Day! In honor of the holiday, we asked our readers to send us a photo with their brothers and sisters from their wedding day celebrations.

A commemorative day to honor, appreciate and celebrate all brothers and sisters and memorialize those who are no longer with us.
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If you and your sibling live near each other and close to North Hollywood, pick up a NoHo Discount Card ( and enjoy 20% off your delicious meal together at The Federal Bar, 15% off of your entree at Bow & Truss, or a free appetizer at The Eclectic.
For those on a budget and not geographically close to your sibling, send them a poem or a photo of you two playing as children, have a local restaurant deliver them dinner, or a phone call will work, too.
Claudia established a not for profit organization to promote this wonderful day of sibling appreciation – Siblings Day Foundation, .

This goes out to all those only children out there, that made the best out of a pretty lame situation.
All artwork © Gianna Ruggiero.

My sister has been the single most influential individual in my life and I am incredibly grateful for her love and support.  Likewise, my daughters share a closer relationship than I ever could have imagined.  Witnessing the bond between siblings is one of the richest rewards a parent can experience and my heart overflows with joy daily when I watch my girls interact with one another.
Seeing your younger photos I could not believe how much Merryn resembles you! And all this time I thought she looked more like Travis (a much prettier, more feminine Travis, of course).
When I saw your younger photos I could not believe how much Merryn resembles you! And all along I thought she looked like Travis (well,a much cuter and more feminine Travis).

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Parents can help foster their children’s mutual love and respect by encouraging them to spend National Sibling Day together cooking, creating, reading or playing.
Parent reviews say it’s great for readers and non-readers alike, making it a perfect game for siblings of all ages.
That’s a lot of brothers and sisters! National Sibling Day celebrates the members of our family who somehow manage to be our biggest rivals and loudest cheerleaders, all at the same time.
Players take turns placing tiles into the grid by matching up edges, and earning points according to the pieces on the board that your tile touches.
Siblings share a bond that somehow makes them perfect playmates, sparring partners, companions, nuisances and friends.
Square Up!: Race to slide your squares to match the cube shaker—before your opponent does! The winner slaps down the frame around the solution.

Evart, President and Founder of this day, initiated National Sibling Day after the tragic deaths of her brother and sister.
For the first time since November 1967, American B-52 bombers reportedly begin bombing North Vietnam.
National Sibling Day is a day to appreciate and cherish your brothers and sisters.
National Sibling Day is similar to Brothers and Sisters Day, which is celebrated on May 2nd.
Warner Brothers premieres the first 3-D film from a major American studio, entitled House of Wax.
The Virginia Company of London is established by royal charter by James I of England with the purpose of establishing colonial settlements in North America.
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is founded in New York City by Henry Bergh.
Scott Fitzgerald is first published in New York City, by Charles Scribner’s Sons.
The Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) is created in New York City.
Celebrate National Sibling Day in a variety of ways.

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“@UberFacts: Happy National Sibling Day!” I don't like my brother tho.
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Older sister Maggie lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with her husband Peter Sarsgaard and their two daughters, while kid brother Jake was reportedly house-hunting in SoHo in 2013.
When older sister Jennifer is free of her judging duties on American Idol and in New York, she stays in her Long Island or Hamptons homes.
In honor of the day, which honors brothers and sisters everywhere, we’ve compiled a list of famous New York celebrity siblings you might want to know more about.
Elder sister Beyoncé lives in TriBeCa, while kid sister Solange resides in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

I don’t have siblings (unless you count my dogs who are more spoiled than I am)…………..but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the relationships siblings have.

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According to, Siblings Day is a day where brothers and sisters reflect upon each other; enjoy time together or a phone call; in some cases, a day of truce and more understanding; or for others a day of love and appreciation.
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Siblings Day follows the spirit of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day – a great American tradition and celebration of family-unit values.
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When you’re not sure what to do about your sibling’s or medication changes or mobility challenges … when you wonder how you can serve as a caregiver … when you’re trying to figure out how to love and accept your brothers and sisters as they are … we’re here.
We help prepare siblings to advocate along with their brothers and sisters, and we promote the issues that are most important to their families.
Happy National Siblings Day! What a great day to celebrate the unique sibling bond.
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We exist to help siblings of individuals with disabilities navigate the challenges they face as family members.

Her most recent book, a Kindle Single entitled, I Was a Stranger to Beauty (ThinkPiece Publishing, 2013), debuted at #3 in Special Needs Memoirs on Amazon; it focuses on her journey toward accepting Willie as he is.
Growing up with Willie meant ‘leaving normal.’ It meant knowing that my brother was different from other kids.
In fact, if there’s ever an election wherein we as a human race decide on an official sound for delight, I would vote for this: a baby boy and his toddler sister, laughing together.
I have one sibling, my brother Willie.
Being Willie’s sister has meant laughter and love, yes, but it’s also meant pain and loss.
Caroline McGraw is a would-be childhood paleontologist turned storyteller, digging for treasure in people with autism and intellectual disabilities (and empowering caregivers to do the same).
And it wasn’t just the sweetness of peek-a-boo, or the unexpected surprise of seeing Eliza comfort her brother.

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