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– Hello!! So in this quiz, you'll answer questions and the result will be you 7 minutes in heaven with your 5SOS boy.

I don't want random people showing up at my house anytime soon." I roll my eyes and place both my hands on his shoulders and shake him, "You need to loosen up.
My last name, Kheng, was a pretty famous name in Japan and if you were a female and this was your last name then you would be destined to be a famous kunoichi known as "The Kheng Warrior".
I'm just happy that I'm away from my "ex" and that hell whole people call school.
"Hey, guys! It's me, Kenzie!" the beautiful girl whispered to the audience that will be watching this after she uploads it.
~*Warning; GxG*~ From moving to school to school, Kassidy Morgan, a 16 year old girl lives with her small family in a big house.
A Kheng warrior is someone who is a very powerful kunoichi who is the leader of a clan known as "The Kheng Clan".
It's a quiz to see who you would be perfect with, but it also includes your power, boyfriend, what they think of you, maybe a nickname and possibly some other stuff.
Lets talk 24/7 and tell each other good morning and goodnight everyday.
You can create nicknames differently depending on such factors, or modify the real name a bit to come up with a cool one.
Since nicknames are to be used just for informal purposes, you can choose any kind of nickname.
A good way to come up with great unique nicknames is to use cool words from languages like Japanese, French, Spanish, etc.
Simply make sure that the friend whom you would be calling to by the nickname does not get hurt emotionally.
Also consider the habits, as good and funny nicknames can be thought of by relating to the habits.
If it is a funny nickname, your friend may get offended by saying it in public.
And when it comes to choosing cool nicknames, you can be as humorous and creative as possible.
You can choose a funny pet name depending on your friend's and personality.
There are several other factors that can be considered in making good nicknames for your buddies.
Should your nickname be cute,girlie, funny, weird or tough guy? Well, with this really fun quiz you can find nicknames that suit you.
Find out what yours is with this simple, fun and rather funny quiz to get five different choices of nicknames.
Here are some cool nicknames that you can use for guys, girls or boyfriends and girlfriends.
my name is URBAN I nid a cool nickname 4 my name.
I made up these nicknames cratoelox, crajexz and croftalxz.
There you have it, our list of cool nicknames.
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cute nicknames, funny nicknames, nicknames for girls, nicknames for boys, pet nicknames, all kinds of nicknames and even a few nickname generators will be provided.
we all like to use nicknames at some point, here you will find the largest list of nicknames.
Funny Nicknames, odd nicknames, weird nicknames… you get the point.
Cool Nicknames for Guys Cool Nicknames for Girls There are several other factors that can be considered in making good nicknames for your buddies.
You can choose a funny pet name depending on your friend’s behavior and personality.
Decide on any kind of nickname, just make sure that it is short and at the same time, cool.
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Don’t you wish you had a cool nickname? Getting a nickname is super easy with the Nickname Generator.
You might think some are sill but hopefully we have given you enough inspiration to get corny and call someone special by a new pet name… or all one hundred.
But the ultra cuteness of these one hundred nick’s have melted our heart here at NSMBL.
Help onze stagiair met afstuderen en doe mee aan zijn onderzoek.
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Have a boring name that doesn’t describe you at all? Have a nickname you hate? Take this quiz and see what I think would be a good nickname for you.
Have a boring name that doesn't describe you at all? Have a nickname you hate? Take this quiz and see what I think would be a good nickname for you.
Always avoid lame generic nicknames such as: cutie, sweetie, darling, beautiful, sexy, sweetheart, girl, or babe.
The bravest thing I’ve ever done is… On my 21st birthday I tried to do the themepark ride at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas.
Then I’d meet my best friends and go to a great party in London, drink champagne and stay in a cool hotel afterwards, where we’d all jump into the swimming pool.
But I save the business seats for long-distance work trips – I’m more likely to go easyJet when I’m travelling with friends and family.
It’s where I go to treat myself – though I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to shop.
I’m more likely to spend my spare time watching movies.
The one thing I’d change about myself is…I’m a terrible timekeeper and I’m constantly losing stuff, especially my phone, so I’d like to be less forgetful and more punctual.
The most expensive thing I’ve ever splashed out on is… holidays.
My perfect evening is… I’d start with a bowlof pasta in an Italian restaurant with all my family.
I’m very good at saying sorry straightaway, so I think I’m in the clear.
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and Jeff – lately the guys are calling him "lightswitch" cus he’s "hung like one"…hes the guy that takes the most harassment…I feel bad for our little Jeff…but he takes it well.
I’m gonna search him for some syrups.
I’m gonna tap him like a maple tree.
Was just looking for some suggestions and ideas really on what nicknames other people have for best friends/’crushes’.
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Really just depends on the person at the end of the day, A nickname has to be catchy but also has to fit the person.
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I’m gonna be having sex with him.
You can’t ‘pick’ a nickname.
I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure, that had long appeared dead, divide within me.
Instead of names we call each other "friend" or "thing" (my brother calls me sister and I call him brother) Might as well distill it to fundamentals hey? My boyfriend calls me his wuzzah.
I have 43729832 nicknames, some I don’t mind sharing…. hill, ant hill, billy, princess(My middle name is princess leia)I call my friend george, georgousMy cousin tyler I call goobie.
I have 43729832 nicknames, some I don’t mind sharing…. hill, ant hill, billy, princess(My middle name is princess leia) I call my friend george, georgous My cousin tyler I call goobie.
But what about all those silly nicknames we have for our friends? I really can’t remember the last time my best friend used my "real" name; unless we’re in public, we mostly use any number of goofy little names we’ve assigned each other over the years.
A lot of people from my math class call me Mixedchick or Mountain Booty (long story) I also have Aria (since im just like a character name Aria in a tv show) My LA teacher calls me Bruks, New york, La Bronx, Queens (I bet you can guess my name).
Half my friends still call me Gigi.I call my really good friends Pony – Something to do with wanting a pony friend and having my friends say oh I can be like a pony? Unique I’d say.
I call my really good friends Pony – Something to do with wanting a pony friend and having my friends say oh I can be like a pony? Unique I’d say.
Baby you are literally, figuratively, and all other possible ways messing with my mind.
You’re my Superman, Babe, Baby, Honey, Sweet Heart, Love Muffin, Kid.
Rated R.* Spoken word is simply poetry that has a message and has too much emotion and honesty and experience to be left on paper.
DD – I’m not going to tell you what it stands for, because it’s a dumb combination of baby words, which is fitting because SS came up with it when we were 6.
Someone I recently met addressed me as “D__s” yesterday, and followed it up with – “Isn’t that what you said your friends call you?” You’d think that for someone with a bi-syllable name, there are only so many nicknames I have, but there are a ton.
Kuppy – short for Kuppamma, it’s the alias N came up with when my grandmom insisted we shouldn’t use our real names outside the house.
MOTS – At SP, JT and some others came across this weird Excel sheet that generated nicknames.
D__s – The easy, convenient nickname, used by the SP girls who I’ve gossipped with endlessly.
Di – this one came from N and G, who were very proud of their ‘pun’ning abilities.
Nicknames for best friends are Spongebob, Patrick, Flapjack, Bubby, Tweedy, BamBam, Pebbles, Skittles, Lovie, Bestie, Cheese, Spngey Chicken, Mara-Lara [<–You Get The Point], Um, Sunshine?, Gangsta’, Wangsta’, Snookums, Bubz, Peanut-Butter, Jelly, Gangster McMuffin, Cheerios, Fruit-Loop, Cheeto, Cupcake, Cookie Monster, Jelly Bean, Really.
I call my guy friend ‘sexy’ or hottie because he has this really funny shirt with Homer that says ‘Hottie.’ My friend is really fat, and sometimes we joke around by calling each other tubby.
My best friend and I call each other "Swan" This started, of course, because of Swan Lake, which we both danced in.
Well with my girl friends, I call them things like cupcake, sweetie, princess, muffin, etc.
Of course i call one of my really close guy friends puppy-its an inside joke thing, but too cute.
I generally call my best friend by either his name (with much inflection), or buddy, hon, cupcake, or most affectionately, jackass.
While in Chelan last week I did a mix of the sibling and best friend tag with my good friend Katrina.
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Best friend, thank you for standing by my side when times get hard, thank you for making me laugh when i didn't even want to smile.
Making Secret Nicknames For People You Don't Like, With Your Best Friend.
She's Your Best Friend because she believes in you when you don't believe in yourself.
FOR MY BEST FRIEND; When I Get Married, She'll Be My Maid Of Honor.
I have a friend named Chanel, but I’ve only ever known her as Shimmy, because some when some mutual friends first met her, they were like “Chanel like Coco Chanel? Coco like shimmy shimmy coco puffs? yeah, we’ll just call you Shimmy.” and that’s all anybody at school knew her as.
Oh man! I’ve always wanted to be called by a nickname, and then I remember this one time in middle school, the class-clown of my class called me ‘Chavi’ and I totally loved it and secretly in my heart wanted it to stick.
It doesn’t register until I see it on others’ faces that it’s actually a strange name for a person and I end up backtracking to note that it’s a nickname, and tell them his real name.
In high school, I had 2 other friends who have the same first name as me so everyone started calling us by our last names as our nicknames.
My husband almost never uses my real name, preferring to call me by my nickname, “Bear”.
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Here is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (or, if he’s your BFF, you may know him as Tommy, Tomato Soup, Shady Brady or Tomahawk) helping a Dick’s Sporting Goods employee impress his girlfriend and her family.
In addition to his many insults, the most famous of Haddock’s expressions relate to any of a number of permutations of two phrases: "Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!" ("Mille millions de mille milliards de mille sabords!") and "Ten thousand thundering typhoons!" ("Tonnerre de Brest!").
Émile Brami, biographer of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, claimed in a 2004 interview with the French book magazine Lire that Hergé took his inspiration from Céline’s antisemitic pamphlet Bagatelles pour un massacre (1937) to create some of Haddock’s expressions, as some of them ("aztec," "coconut," "iconoclast," "platypus") appeared explicitly in Céline’s book.
Here in NYC , 3 favorite insults "jerk, moron and idiot." Calling someone a "tourist" is a major insult especially if they live in NYC.
I also have a friend who uses "homophobe" as a standard, all-purpose derisive insult nickname for pretty much everyone in every situation.
Post Mod Jazz, I’m disappointed by the failure of "arsebadger", "twatbadger" and other compoud uses of the word "badger" to appear so far in this thread.
Haddock uses these two expressions to such an extent that Abdullah actually addresses him as "Blistering Barnacles" ("Mille sabords" in the original version).
Mom used to call other drivers "ratfink" when we were too young to hear what she was really thinking.
"Slackjawed cockthirsty cumdumpster" is my favorite thing to mentally project onto cars that cut me off on my bike ride home from work.
Calling someone a turd is so childish, how can they get mad at you? Also, it brings to mind the excellent Steve Martin short short history of Turdsmania, "Turds".
I call my (female) best friend "bitchcakes" affectionately sometimes.
My dear, gentle mother, who likes to arrange flowers and drink tea, roadragily choked out the word "dildarse!" when she was cut off in traffic the other day.
I call people "son of a motherless goat" all the time.
Whoever could get in ass-pirate first generally "won" though the whole thing usually just degraded to screaming "FAGGGGGG" after about ten seconds.
Started with "Brat," then "Loser," then "Dork," then Turd." I need to switch it up and would like to have a list of totally impressive alternatives to pull out of my back pocket to throw him off guard when he least expects it… I need to get more creative and clever.
My all time favorite is "Scrotum Strokin’ Shaft Shiner" but that is only to be used in extreme circumstances.
There’s nothing more insulting than calling someone "muffin" or "cupcake" in a condescending tone.
The whole "X McX" meme, while incredibly juvenile, does allow for a great deal of variability depending on the situation.
Not sure this was mentioned yet and it isn’t terribly creative, but when I was in NJ elementary school (and before I knew what it meant), everyone was a "jerk off".
"Slob" is also a good one that manages to be polite and nasty at the same time.
Anything vulgar plus "wad" is solid; phlegmwad, taintwad, GlennBeckwad.
I thought this was hilariously inventive, and then he replied by calling me "excretavisage".
Any vulgar plus "face" is solid; fartface, assface, GlennBeckface, etc.
Any vulgar plus "bucket" is solid; jerkbucket, assbucket, GlennBeckbucket, etc.
Anything vulgar plus "-farmer", "-monger", or "-spelunker" is solid.
I think, overall, "turd" is my favorite.
"Fat idiot" is a good one that really only works if they’re not fat at all.
In the spirit of “give ‘em what they want”, I have started a list of pet names to give the thousands of you who visit here every month and have no clue what to call your affectionate other some ideas.
Affectionate names, boyfriend nicknames, girlfriend nicknames, and cute nicknames are all gathered around too – like one, big, happy, family.