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It’s probably a good idea to run your piercing idea past your employer or school officials, just to make sure you understand their policies on this issue, but if you really want to go ahead with getting your nose pierced, there are a couple of options you can try to make it less noticeable.
A nose piercing is usually placed in the curve of the nostril; however, it can also be done through the septum; the piece of cartilage that divides the nostrils.
Make sure your piercer follows proper piercing procedures, and that you follow proper aftercare procedure to ensure your new piercing looks great for long after it’s done.
Make sure you learn the facts of proper piercing and aftercare before you pierce to ensure a successful procedure.
Using a surgical needle to create the piercing is least painful technique because it passes so easily through the cartilage.
Nose piercing may seem fairly avant garde, but the practice has been around for at least the last four thousand years.
Problems with a piercing can result from minor irritation due to improper aftercare or inappropriate jewelry.
A piercing gun is not the tool of choice for this particular procedure since it is too cumbersome to get an exact placement for the hole and cannot be properly sterilized.

Ring – a tiny captive or fixed bead ring is very popular for nose piercings, and is the best-recommended for starter jewelry until the initial healing period is over as they make it easy to clean the piercing thoroughly and it allows room for any swelling.
What you will find here is information about the different types of nose piercings that exist, information and advice for before you get pierced, options for nose jewelry, videos of nose piercings being done, some piercing "no-nos" to avoid and much more.
Do not change your nose jewelry too soon! Noses take three months or longer to fully heal and some people find that if they take out the jewelry sooner, the piercing collapses or closes down and they can’t get any jewelry back in, thus losing the piercing entirely.
Do not wear sterling silver or plastic in a new or healing pierced nose! A) Sterling Silver – The tarnishing of this metal worn in a healing piercing can permanently stain the skin, leaving a black mark around the piercing site that will NEVER go away.
Do not get your nose pierced with a piercing gun! These were not invented for noses and the jewelry is very blunt and often way too tight.
Sadly a lot of people refer to any and all types of nose piercing jewelry as nose rings, which is inaccurate.
Nose Piercing Information It is essential to have complete information about nose piercings before deciding to get one.
Places like India, Africa, Middle Eastern and Arab countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Native American, Alaskan tribes, and South Pacific cultures all practice this ritual of piercing the nose.
Apart from ear piercings, nose piercings are the second most popular type of body piercing in the world.
So keep reading the rest of the article and find out crucial nose piercing information.
While you’re at the piercing salon, make sure to inspect the shop to see if the place is hygienic and sterile, and your piercer has some qualifications or certificates to show that he/she is a professional.
Although nose piercing may not seem like a big deal, it is very important that individuals who are keen on getting one, should be completely informed about what they’re getting into.
After the procedure is complete, your piercer will provide you with a list of "dos and don’ts" for the specific piercing you’ve done.
Some of the more general aftercare rules of nose piercings are: The information provided in the article are for informational purposes only.
Take a look at some common jewelry types that can be used for specific nose piercing.
I also have seasonal allergies and blowing my nose and sneezing was relatively the same.I got mine pierced on the right side simply because I'm right-handed and my grandma told me its easier to clean when on the side of your dominant hand.But its not that big of a difference,while cleaning.You should also be pierced with an 18g stud.Rings prolong healing time because of all the movement and a 20g is too small of a size to use.
Infact the back of the piercing helps get the itch now! I chose to go with the same side as my fringe and what other piercings i have just to be even and things, so id take any other piercings you may want on your face? When you get it pierced they use a simple alloy stud (and hoop if you ask) and sometimes you can pay to pick more intricate ones with gems and sparkly bits on them.
Before Getting a Nose Piercing It’s very important when getting any piercing to make sure that you go to a good studio, that they have an experienced piercer, and that they use good quality jewelry.
Prepping for a Nose Piercing We once again have our Q-tip, gauze, and toothpick for a sterile, single-use pen, an 18-gauge needle to go with the 18-gauge jewelry, a little bit of Techni-care surgical scrub.
My client today has picked a 1.5-millimeter pink tourmaline nostril screw, so we’re going to measure her nostril, give her a little bit of extra room for healing – that will go into how I bend the nostril screw for her.
Nose Piercing Healing Time It usually takes about two to three months to heal, depending on the person, depending on their aftercare and everything like that.
When considering a nose piercing the first thing you should do is to consult your doctor, as they will be able to give you some advice on whether getting such a piercing is going to be right for you.
• Nose piercings are a simple piercing to have, and it is does not cause a lot of pain.
Firstly, if it is not cared for properly the piercing can become infected, something that can cause pain, discomfort and tissue damage.
Keeping yourself free of infection also means not touching your nose or the jewelry, otherwise you could cause infection as well as tissue damage.
Nose Screws For Nostril Piercings – This type of nostril piercing jewelry is a short pin with a decorative top attached to one end; the other end is curled into a semi-circle, which is then bent until it's perpendicular to the shaft.
Rhinoceros Piercings (A.K.A. Vertical Nose Tip Piercings) – The "Rhino" is a piercing that places jewelry behind the tip of the nose (called the Tip Defining Point), so that one end of the jewelry perches on the center tip of the nose, and the other end protrudes from the front-underside of the nose.
Advantage: When used in a bridge piercing, the curve of the barbell works with the curve in the bridge of the nose so that the jewelry doesn't put undue pressure on the fistula and increase the likelihood of rejection.
You can save money by sticking with the basic starter jewelry the shop includes in the cost of the piercing. Buying nicer jewelry before your piercing heals is pointless unless it fits you perfectly before and after, which is unlikely with anything but a nose hoop.
Whatever type of nose ring you choose to wear in your nose piercing initially, make sure you ask your piercer what size it is before you leave the shop (i.e. gauge and, where appropriate, length or diameter).
Nostril Piercings – These piercings are done on either the left or right side of the nostril, or both, usually in or around the Supra Alar Crease, which is the indented area where the nostril first starts to flare. The more unusual version of this is the high nostril piercing, which requires placing smaller jewelry (~20g) through the nostril at a higher point, closer to the nasal bridge.
Hoop Nose Rings for Nostril & Septum Piercings – If you prefer the look of a hoop, you have a few options that you can use as a nostril hoop or septum jewelry: seamless rings, segment rings and captive bead rings.
Unfortunately, the bridge of the nose can't accommodate a very deep piercing or a very heavy gauge jewelry, because there's limited tissue between the dermis and the bone below.
Nose piercing prices vary widely based on the complexity of the piercing, what type of jewelry you want, and where you live.
A simple nostril piercing will likely be cheaper than a bridge or septum piercing, which should cost less than a nasallang piercing, since it's the trickiest one for a piercer to get right.
For instance, someone getting a nose piercing in their left nostril is likely to release a flood of tears from their left eye during the piercing.
Each type of nose piercing jewelry is listed below along with the nose piercing(s) in which it can be worn.
Disadvantage: If the bottom ball–which doesn't unscrew–isn't big enough, the nose bone can fall out too easily; if it's too big, it can be uncomfortable to get it in and out of a nostril piercing.
Fortunately, there are custom nose bones available, so you can get the perfect balance of post gauge and bottom ball diameter for your piercing.
Screw-on ball rings are also an option, but they're not as practical or attractive in nostril or septum piercings as the other types of hoop nose rings.
Septum Piercings – These piercings go through the "sweet spot", which is the soft tissue between the Columella (underside of your nose) and the bottom end of the septum, which divides your nose. Septum piercings should not go through the cartilage itself; that mistake can be extremely painful.
You should do sea salt solution (SSS) soaks morning and night, if not 3 times a day, and spritz your nose piercing with a piercing aftercare spray like H2Ocean or Recovery Aftercare in between soaks.
As a piercing gun cannot be sterilized, the nose must be pierced with a hollow needle that is inserted into the nose, followed by the ring or stud.
The practice of piercing the nose has been around for thousands of years, but don’t expect it to be like an ear piercing.
Nose piercing is the piercing of the skin or cartilage which forms any part of the nose, normally for the purpose of wearing jewelry; among the different varieties of nose piercings, the nostril piercing is the most common.
The government has started to become more accepting of the rising trend of tattoos and piercings.[3] On the December 2006 cover of Government Executive magazine the front cover was of a young woman dressed nicely but adorned with a nose piercing and ear piercings.
However, bridge piercings generally have a high rate of rejection and thus are less common than any other nose piercing.
All types of body piercings, including septum piercing, are associated with the risk of contracting certain blood borne diseases, like hepatitis, from the needles and piercing guns used in the procedure.
Septum piercing was a popular trend among South Indian dancers (Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam) and among certain Native American peoples in history; the Shawnee leaders Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa, for example, had such piercings.
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Re: Nose piercing? Pros and Cons.
For those who have nose piercings, can you please help me decide? I’ve been wanting one for a while now but I need to know the pros and cons.
Nose piercing? Pros and Cons.
My bestie got hers done and she hated it afterwards….sad thing once she wanted to have her piercing closed she developed a hard cartilage sort of bump on her nose that has not gone away.
Help me decide!I have a nose piercing and it didn’t really hurt.
In my opinion, the piercing hurt really bad, but only for a couple of minutes, and then it was worth it….itd be a lot less of a hassle if I had a nose ring that stayed put though.
Help me decide!I my nose piercing.
Any nose ring horror stories? ….no. Every once in awhile I get this pimple above my piercing and once it pops it bleeds a lot..but that happens like once or twice a month and its just annoying, not a horror.
i love my nose piercing! once it heals there’s NO problemos! seriously…i kept messing iwth it before it healed and it did act up a bit…but im hard headed.
so i did it and that’s when i developed a bump, or keloid, right next to the piercing which looked blah because it was right on my nose, like a huge white pimple, lol.
This article will share with you various nose piercing aftercare tips including how to properly clean a new piercing and keep your body in optimal health for quick healing of the nose piercing without any complications.
During nose piercing healing, proper care should be taken to avoid irritation and infection; otherwise, the healing process may be delayed.
Follow these nose piercing aftercare measures to ensure quick healing quick healing time.
Nose piercing healing time is relatively longer compared to other body piercings such as navel piercing and ear piercing.
Using a hot compress (cotton wool soaked in how, saline water for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day) after normal cleaning of the nose piercing and taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics can help.
Cleaning the nose piercing is important to minimize the risk of infection and ensure smooth healing.
It is thus vital to take proper aftercare for new nose piercings and nose professional piercers will provide you with vital information on caring for your nose piercing.
But any obvious effects of piercing such as pain, tenderness, and redness will typically clear in 10 to 15 days especially if proper nose piercing care is taken.
Some signs of infection on the nose piercing include swelling and excessive pain and redness, excessive heat and production of yellow or green pus.
Nose piercing healing time is about 2 to 4 months.
Now go out and take good aftercare of that new nose piercing and you will be ready to make a fashion statement and express your personality sooner rather than later.
We’ll also share some tips on handling an infected nose piercing in case it happens.
It is indeed one of the most important nose piercing aftercare measures.
If your nose piercing jewelry falls out and you can’t fit it back in, see the piercer who pierced it as soon as possible.
But although it is very popular and looks really nice, how safe is having a nose ring piercing and what would a person need to do in order to get one? In this article you will discover information about nose rings you may not have known.
If you are planning or have thought about getting a nose ring piercing, take your time and read the rest of this article to discover the truths behind the excitement over nose rings.
These nose piercings became so popular that over time men began to wear them because of their popularity and the different types of jewelry that could be worn.
Tattooing requires a license, but piercing doesn’t, says Tash, which drives many to a doctor’s office, where you’re certain (we hope!) to get a sterile procedure — but perhaps not the most flattering one, she says.
That doesn’t mean a nose piercing will hurt for months on end, says Tash, just that it still requires careful cleaning during that time.
Ointment doesn’t rinse the piercing like a saline wash will, plus, dust or other irritants in the air might actually stick to that goo, finding their way into the piercing later, she says.
Sterile saline wound wash is the best bet, she says, which will irrigate a new piercing without causing reactions in people with sensitive skin, like iodine-based products used in the past sometimes did.
It’s a wound — and a little bit of swelling and redness is all part of the body’s natural healing response and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re infected, says jewelry designer and retailer Maria Tash, whose company Maria Tash Inc.
"There’s an art to piercing, to do it well," says Tash, who recently trained Harrison Ford in preparation for his piercing of Jimmy Fallon’s ear.
You’d put it on a cut, so why not put some antibiotic ointment on your new piercing? Turns out, this thinking is dated, says Tash.
"Nickel is a common allergen," says Derick, and any reaction would usually go away shortly after removing the piercing, she says.
But now I’m on the verge of a panic attack because I don’t think it’s normal…i have tried pushing down on the actual stud with a clean qui tip to see what happens inside and i can see the indent of the piercing inside but it wont break through the skin.I’m not going to be back to the place where I got it done for another week cause I’m out of town and I can’t put to rest the thought that my nose piercing might be stuck in my nose forever or that I will have to cut it out.
Was the person who pierced you a professional piercer? Unless he was out of jewelry that would fit a new nose piercing at the time, there’s no reason why a stud would only go 3/4 of the way into your piercing or that you should have to leave with a ring.
It’s hard to say for certain what the reason behind your recent nose piercing issue is without knowing what type of jewelry you had in it prior to the switch and how you’ve cared for your piercing but it’s possible that your reaction to the new jewelry piece is either due to allergy or your skin tearing when you switched the jewelry and then healing over the new piece.
I got my nose ring about about a month ago but I’ve been touching it a lot and I already changed it 3 times, last week I noticed there was a bump inside of my nose covering the nose piercing so I put a hoop so it can go through that bump but its been two weeks now and it hasn’t gone away I don’t know what to put it in so it can heal , please help.
Hi, I pierced m nose 4 days ago using a piercing gun (pistol) and a stud that’s ideally meant for ears! First of all I didnt know it’s not good to use a gun.
Provided there’s no swelling, no discharge, no blood – basically it’s not infected – I can’t see any reason why you should be overly worried about this… So maybe there’s no need to go back to regular cotton ball soaks because it’s been 5 weeks and by all accounts your nose piercing should be quite well healed.
Hi, Erika! It’s not highly recommended to change your jewelry during your piercing’s healing process, especially this soon after getting pierced, but if your piercing site is not giving you issues (not highly swollen, infected, etc.) your piercer should be able to help you switch your jewelry to a piece more suited to your needs/taste.
I’m not certain if I’m understanding correctly but it sounds like you’re saying that the elbow of the l-shaped nose ring is sitting inside the cavity of the piercing hole itself rather than pushed through further to the inside of the nostril where it’d be visible from the inside.
I would really have the jewelry removed by a professional, let the piercing site heal, and start over but if you choose to keep it you’ll at least need to switch the jewelry out to something more suited for the healing process of a new nose piercing.
but now it’s infected again, and it’s not really going away, i’ve been wayyyy more careful now, i wash it once a day with provon soap (the piercing place gave it to me) and i occasionally soak it with a sea salt solution, and i always rinse it very well after i clean it, i never touch it with dirty hands or play with it…..but it’s STILL infected and it’s got a little red bump on the side of it, that seems to come and go…i’m just so sick of this, and i just want it to get better.
Once swelling has decreased, with clean hands, use a clean earring, another piece of body jewelry (same or smaller gauge than your nose screw), or a sterilized needle and carefully try to insert it through the cavity of your piercing to assure the hole is still open.
Wash hands before touching the nose ring, clean it a few times a day with saline solution, and keep the nose ring, stud or barbell in until the piercing is well healed.
Different people heal at different speeds but it’s common for nose piercings to require a few months to heal and the jewelry shouldn’t be switched out before the piercing has fully healed.
I don’t, by any means, recommend attempting to change the jewelry yourself but if you do so anyway please be sure to do so with clean hands and clean, sterile jewelry, only change the jewelry once until it’s fully healed, and be sure that the jewelry you use is both safe for your new piercing (ie: made from stainless steel, the correct gauge, etc.) and that the post of the jewelry is long enough to accommodate for any swelling that may occur during healing.
I got my nose pierced 3 days ago & now I have cold like symptoms:(Runny/stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat) is this caused from the piercing? The piercer told Me my sinuses would drain; could this be what’s happening? & how do I keep it from getting infected from the runny nose? Thanks in advance.
The area around my nose hoop was this red looking color I don’t know if that was the piercing trying to close around it or what but I hit my nose ring while I was sleeping and I was giving me problems so I switched back to my 18 gauge stud thinking maybe it wasn’t done healing.
I got my nose pierced April 24th, it was fine, I was washing twice a day with sea salt soaks then 2 days in I started using antibacterial soap & the piercing started sinking.
I got my nose pierced four days ago, and my piercing seems to be healing over the stud of the piercing.
So basically place your nose in a cup of saline solution and let it stay there so that the crust softens – just don’t use your fingernails! Use cotton swabs to clean it all off, and also you should twist the retainer down and then back up so that it doesn’t get too stuck in the piercing.
I have been told both times not to change the piercing until it is completely healed at 8 weeks, so make sure you like what you have your nose pierced with.
Speaking of the piercing healing time – it may take years for the nose piercing to heal to a stage when it doesn’t close anymore, it’s very individual actually.
Hey, I’ve had my nose pierced for about 3 months and it’s healed really well The only question I have is that, I want to change the stud to a ring, and my sister gave me a ring that she has previously worn.
Your nose piercing should be fine and shouldn’t take noticeably longer to heal as long as you continue to follow proper aftercare procedures and your jewelry does not continue to come out during the healing process.
You definitely don’t want your jewelry sinking into your nose but simply pulling or pushing it out may not be enough and may cause the piercing site unnecessary irritation.
Hello! I got my nose pierced two days ago, and I was told to use Bactine and cotton swabs to clean the piercing.
Hi, I got my nose pierced two weeks ago,when the dr pierced it,she found it to push the thick stem out,as she had threaded it wrng…n wats happning now is I’m not able to either remove it or tight’en it up,it’s stuck half way, the top half of the stem is very thin, n I’m worried if the thick one wnt come up,(as I can’t change my stud, I tried n did hurt)….
If this still does not work for you, either consult your piercer or you can opt to use a different type of nose jewelry that is easier to insert until your piercing has fully healed.
Well, there’s a possibility that when the segment part was placed in the piercing, the new skin hadn’t developed fully yet, so by now it’s kind of grown around the edges of the segment thus preventing the entire nose ring from being turned.
Hi, I got my nose pierced a week ago, I’ve been cleaning it twice a day with warm sea salt water, but recently I’ve been getting a lot of white ooze right after I clean my ring.
Hi, I just got my nose pierced about 2 weeks ago, today when i got in the shower to do my normal cleaning that i do everyday, then nose stud fell out, and went down the drain, So there was no way for me to get it back, lucky i had some that i bought from ardene, and i put one of those in, i was wondering does this have a higher chance to get infected, it’s not red or even swelled, and doesn’t hurt at all.
And if you’ve just got a septum piercing, you can’t really get your make-up inside of the nose! But for other types of nose piercing – nostril piercing and bridge piercing – please keep in mind not to apply make-up to the area.
Either way, once the piercing has fully healed and the skin is no longer trying to tighten and form back into place, it will be much easier to maneuver the jewelry into place so that it rests where you want it (outside your nose or even tucked inside when it suits you).
A nose piercing is usually placed in the curve of the nostril; however, it can also be done through the septum, that piece of cartilage that divides the nostrils.
Nose studs are similar to earring studs, using a small clasp on the back to hold the jewelry in place.
Sterling silver, although beautiful, is not a good choice to use in any fresh piercing, because the body fluids quickly cause the metal to oxidize, turning it black.
Clean the piercing at least three times a day by drenching the area with a fresh cotton ball soaked with sterile saline solution.
Since nose piercing is done through cartilage, not flesh, it takes six to twelve weeks to heal.
Using a surgical needle to create the piercing is least painful of all because it passes so easily through the cartilage.
Nose piercing may seem fairly avantgarde, but the practice has been around for at least the last four thousand years.
I believe that it is fair enough to write a short article describing piercing, after we wrote the tattoo article…so, no one shall feel offended :).
For now I choose to write about nose piercing, because I had one myself I know what it means, so I am talking from my own experience.
Surgical steel is the most recommended metal to use in a fresh piercing.
Both women and men that want a unique, yet easy piercing, may want to opt for nose piercings, at least until they are ready for more extreme accessories.
When individuals decide to get nose piercings, they will first have to decide where they want it and what type of nose jewellery they find the most attractive.
When first getting nose piercings, it is important to make sure that the jewellery is not too tight as this will slow the healing process.
Nose Piercing: Jewellery There are very few limits on jewellery, with rings, circular barbells and studs all being worn in the different nose piercings.
While this is not as popular a choice of nose piercing, some more daring body modifiers may be interested in getting creative and breaking free from the norm.
Nose Piercing: Process Usually made from the outside in, the piercing process is likely to make your eyes water but won’t be too painful.
In general, nose piercings are a quick and easy piercing to get.
Due to the versatility that nose piercings offer, many men and women choose to wear a nose ring as a way of expressing their unique style.
The last type of nose piercing is a bit more eclectic than the first two.
Also, if a person decides that they no longer want their nose pierced, it will usually heal in about 3 months time.
Unsurprisingly, nose piercings are one of the most popular types of body modification.
Who is the most famous person who has a nose piercing? Miley Cyrus tops our list.
One famous neo-soul singer has a massive horn that she wears in her nose piercing.
Miley Cyrus revealed her nose piercing back in 2012.
Kelis has her septum pierced, and she has been known to wear elaborate face jewelry that connects her earrings to her nose.
Other famous people with nose rings include Chris Brown, Jordan Sparks, and Kelly Clarkson.
Lenny Kravitz wears a hoop ring in his nose piercing.
The Prodigy musician Keith Flint has several face piercings, including his nose, septum, ears, and tongue.
This list contains information about celebrities with nose piercings, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.
In 2013, Erykah Badu debuted an intense, horn-shaped nose piercing.
However, if one sincerely abides by the nose piercing care instructions that have been given above, it would ensure the fast healing of the pierced area without causing much pain and agony.
Nose piercing pain on the pierced area is also bound to occur but is of a temporary nature and reduces with the healing of the wound.
The time taken for nose piercing healing may extend from 15 days to over a month depending on the care and the aftercare measures that needs to be followed after getting your nose pierced.
Strong substances such as tea tree oil, alcohol, betadine, hydrogen peroxide and methylated spirits must not be used on the pierced or infected area as it may promote the development of nose piercing scars or lumps.
Not wearing an earring or a stud is considered to be an embarrassment for women in such societies.  After earlobe piercing, piercing of the nose is the most common form of body piercing that has not only been restricted to the Indian, African and South Pacific inhabitants but has also been taken up by the westerners since a few decades and has become more of a style statement for the youngsters of the modern era.
People getting their nose pierced on this part of the nose have to be careful not to get the cartilage pierced but to use the sweet spot, i.e., gap between the cartilage and the bottom of the nose for nose piercing.
However, if the painful and inflammatory condition aggravates accompanied with the discharge of pus from the pierced nose tissue due to a number of factors, it amounts to nose piercing infections.
Nose piercing rings and studs are the two most common types of nose piercings that can be seen being sported by both sexes.
This is because any compromise on the quality of the piercings or jewelry might lead to severe nose piercing infections.
Besides, nose piercing infections may also cause pain and bleeding which may actually be triggered by unclean and unhygienic methods of nose piercing.
The nose piercing healing time is actually extended in case of the occurrence of nose piercing infections or other complications associated with it.
At the same time, instead of using a sterilized needle, if one uses a nose piercing gun it is likely to cause more pain and is usually not used for nose piercing as it may prove harmful for the nose.
The nose piercing procedure on the left hand side is supposed to ease childbirth and relieve pain during menstruation.
It can also be triggered in case of one wearing very tight jewelry or having been undergone nose piercing with the help of a nose piercing gun.
Nose piercing jewellery is actually intended to keep the nose piercing hole intact and there are various types of nose piercings available.
One must also remove any crusty formation on the nose piercing ring with the help of cotton swabs.
Nose piercing jewelry of a poor quality and improper size may also be the reason behind nose piercing pain.
The improper and unhygienic ways of using the nose piercing gun with non-sterilized nose piercing needles may lead to the transmission of even deadly diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.
And nose piercing studs are designed to be held in a particular place by the help of a ring or a screw.
Bridge or Piercing – Piercing nose on its bridges through the thin skin layer at the nose top and between the eyes is a piercing practice less commonly seen.
Besides, unhygienic ways of living may also be the reason behind nose piercing infections.
A U-shaped nose piercing retainer is also available which is used by school and college goers where such ornaments are not permitted to be worn.
It may lead to nose piercing staph infection.
It also includes nose piercing bleeding as an indication for infection of the same.
The redness and swelling of the skin is quite natural to occur in case of nose piercing.
For nose piercing large gauge septums, plugs are usually worn as they are lighter to carry.
Nasal Septum Piercing – The method of piercing of the nose on the cartilaginous divide in between the nostrils is known as septum piercing.
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Now that you know some of the history of nose piercing, let’s go over what you can find on our site:  You will learn about having your nostril, your septum, or the bridge of your nose pierced.  You will discover bridge piercing, nose rings, different types of jewelry, nose piercing prices and nose piercing aftercare tips.
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Captive bead, seamless or curved barbell are only a few of the popular options.New nose stud trends and designs Discover new nose stud designs, 22k gold with unique, Indian designs that are very uncommon in the western market, available hereCommon Nose Piercing Retainer Questions Discover DO’s and DON’ts of a nose piercing retainer.
Are you ready to pierce your nose?   Good, because it’s glam, cool and sexy, and it’s a time-honored traditional way to adorn or accent your facial features.  You can have your nostril or septum pierced, and there are those who go for piercing the bridge! You’re going to find that your piercing gives you a mark of individuality and lets you express yourself.
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A few things to keep in mind.Unique Nose Piercing Jewelry Looking for nose piercing jewelry? Discover unique ways of expressing yourself and go for something awesome and wildLooking for a nose pin to make a statement? Discover nose pins possibilities to decorate your beauty.
The bulk of piercers use needles to perform all nose piercings, rather than piercing machines often used on earlobes.
What should be included: Additional costs: Discounts: Shopping for a nose piercing: Material on this page is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.
A nose piercing is one of the most common types of piercings, after ears and navels.
Another type of rare nose piercing is a surface piercing through the skin at the bridge of the nose.
Items like construction costs, permit fees or debris removal aren’t the only expenses to consider when calculating the total costs of a home remodeling project.
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I need help with my nose piercing..I had it pierced about two years ago, and this whole time, it’s been red.
The traditional placement for a nostril piercing is at the crease line on the side of the nose.
i have 2 nose pierceings and the only way they are painful if u have a stud put in instead of a hoop the hoops dont hurt as bad and as for that it depends on the persons pain tolerence i got my 2nd one done a year after i turned 35 and well i havent had no problems with them… she is 16 and i have a 15 yr old who wants hers done and i told her no that she can wait till she is 18 and leaves my house i dont have anything against it but as for the job interviews ya it would be a problems cause if u cant get it in by yourself u have to have it dont professionally usually isnt that much to get done either but that is a choice that u and her need to come to terms on good luck i would tell her no not till she is 18 at least .
My daughter got her nose pierced for her 16th birthday.She said it wasn’t painful.I really didn’t want her to do it.She only keep it in for about one month.She got a bump on her nose panicked at took t out.Sometimes we just have to be parents and not feel guilty.I hope this helps.
She seems old enough to me and I do realize it has become very trendy for piercings (I hate them personally but I’m 45 and I grew up in a different era) My older very conservative 18 almost 19 year old daughter just got her earlobes and nose pierced, and it looks fine.
my 15yr old daughter lauren used to go on about getting her nose peirced and her belly button done,it always ended up in an argument until one day we were going to town and she started going on about having her nose done,so i said ok come on then i will take you she said nothing for a few minutes then said no ill go another time and i said no its ok well go now seeing as were near the shop but she mumbled no she would have it done when she was a little older so my bluff worked with her it also helped me as i know lauren doesnt like needles and i was telling her how much it hurt having it done.
My daughter wanted her nose pierced 2 years ago,she was 16.My husband said she could get it done if I got mine done.He didn’t think I’d do it…..but she really wanted one(i wanted mine done when i was younger but couldn’t get it done) so…..I did it!  That was the WORST pain ever!!! NO KIDDING!!!! Worse than childbirth!!! My daughter got hers done,she said it wasn’t that painful for her.
i am 14 and have wanted a nose peircing scince i was 9 all i want is a small dimond stud and my mom thinks scince i have sensitive skin it will get infected or something but i think if i promise i will clean it every morning night evening or any or my freetime it should be fine.i think it is our body and we should be able to do what we want with it and if we have the money saved we should be able to get it i even found a little tiny rinstone and stuck it to my nose with fake flesh(from halloween)on my nose to show her it is barley noticable i think another reason she doesnt like the idea is because i am a tom boy and like to horse around i love to play football and ect.
I have a slightly younger daughter whose been pushing for her belly button to be peirced and we have said the same thing, shes going to kick off big style if we let the eldest keep her nose peircing.
I got my daughter’s nose done about 6 months ago (she’ll be 15 in a week), it obviously hurt A LOT because she passed out, and the guy that pierced it "professional" must have expected it, cause he caught her head from hitting the tray next to the bed.
So in short, is this something you want to fight with your daughter over? If not, have her earn the money for the cost and the jewelry and have her do the research on nose piercings.
If you wanna go for double nose piercings, then a nose ring nose stud combination is a great look to pull off.
Yes, a silver single nose stud would make a lot of boys look cool and friendly.
If you believe in the power of birthstones, then her sapphire nose stud would be perfect jewelry for those born in September.
Here’s a turquoise colored stud with a silver serrated nose screw.
Unlike most jewelry, you don’t need to take off your nose piercing when you take a bath.
A small nose stud paired with a pair of glasses can give a nerdy and edgy look.
Well, no matter how tantalizing your eyes may be, a shiny piece of jewelry on your nostril will still divert attention from your eyes to your nose.
Here’s a cool small silver nose accessory that lets you stand out from all the others.
Here’s the lovely Demi Lovato in a candid photo with her chic nose stud.
Make your smile even more beautiful by adding a small nose stud.
If you are born in the month of July, then this ruby colored nose stud might interest you.
Here’s another hot ginger for you who’s showing off her lovely nose stud.
Carnelian nose jewelry that’s made from sterling silver.
There are a lot of nose rings out there that can bring out the color of your eyes, or any other body part that you want to get noticed.
We “promise” you that going to a piercing shop is the best way to get a nose piercing.
People will still get your down-to-earth style even if you have a shiny piece of jewelry on your nose.
Show your love for music with this Treble clef nose stud.
There aren’t a lot of guys out there that can pull of a cute look with a nose piercing.
Here are some stunning pictures of nose stud models.
Most nose studs come as a silver ball.
Nose studs are a great way to improve your image.
Nose studs have been used in Indian culture for hundreds of years.
Most nose studs are just circular in shape and come in a multitude of colors.
Nowadays, it doesn’t come only in rings, but in nose studs as well.
You might think that the use of nose studs is only a few years old, but that is far from the truth.
Spare clip in Surgical Steel balls for your ball closure rings.
These gold coloured ball closure rings are perfect for most piercings.
These black coloured ball closure rings are perfect for most piercings.
An essential piece of kit if you have a lot of piercings, or like to wear thick ball closure rings.
Always popular, our titanium Ball Closure Rings (BCRs) are avaliable in various sizes and colours.
These are sparkly, jewelled gold coloured PVD coated surgical steel nose studs.
I know, a lot of people don’t like the look of the ring in their nose and want to start out with a cute, tiny little gem, but nose pins and nostril screws just aren’t conducive to proper healing.
If you insist on a nose pin or nostril screw, you’ll need to be extra careful during the healing time, which takes about 6 months barring any serious setbacks.
The best starter jewelry for the nostril is a 16- or 14- gauge CBR or nose hoop – I do not recommend starting a nose piercing with a nose pin or any similar jewelry.
You may think that the nostril has to be pierced in the little dimple (called the supra-alar crease), but this is actually not the best placement because dirt, oils, and dead skin cells tend to collect there.
Common Sense Aftercare Aftercare is a simple procedure in the care of any body piercing from simple ear piercings to the extreme piercings, but you have to remember some common points with all aftercare instructions.
Once the Soft Soap is in the piercing wait a few moments then rinse the piercing in running water again rotating the ring or shuffle the stud to ensure all the soap is out of the eyebrow and piercing.
Our senior piercer is from the old school of piercing and studied various piercing methods at length as well as many variations offered by other senior piercers in the industry.
We don’t want any other cleaning or grooming products to enter a piercing we are trying to clean.
The Smoking Gun The Smoking Gun Piercing guns have been the rage for many years prior to the advent of the modern body piercing movement, even then they were looked upon with an amount of disgust by the medical profession.
Once lathered, apply this to the Nostril piercing and jewellery, working it around the piercing by rotating the ring or shuffling the stud.
It’s Infected, now what? It’s infected now what? Professional piercers know much more about body piercing than the average person, so this in mind, you have to pick a course of action.
You can do this in the shower or bath but you must always rinse the piercing out using fresh running water.
Do Not use Epsom Salts, Table Salt, Betadine, Tea Tree Oil, Polysporin, Neosporin, Bacitracin, Bactroban, Bactine or any other topical solution or ointment on your piercing whatsoever.
Remember one thing no matter how good your piercing may appear over the next 1 to 2 months (4 to 8 weeks) it’s not healed and care must be exercised in handling it.
Your piercing will not be seasoned (toughened) until you reach 1 year from the date of the piercing , so damage from changing jewellery or wearing inappropriate jewellery in the piercing is still possible within that time period.
Leave cleaning your eyebrow piercing as the last thing you clean before exiting the shower or bath.
If you think you have trouble with your piercing contact your piercer and NEVER remove the jewellery from a suspected infected piercing.
I want to get a Piercing I want to get a Piercing! Shop around, visit the shops you have interest in and talk to the piercers, look at the studios ask some smart questions.
Do your research on the piercing you want then ask the piercer about the piercing and the aftercare for the piercing.
Instrument use, technique, sterilization methods and metals used for the process of piercing were looked at in great detail.
Do Not use Sun Block, Sun Tan Lotion, Baby Oil or any other skin care product on a new or unseasoned piercing.
Following this simple guide should enable you to have a great piercing that when healed will look great now and for years to come.

Nostril screws and fishtails are okay for nasal piercings after they’re already healed, but can cause more problems than they’re worth during the initial healing process.
The piercing can be placed anywhere on the nostril, even in the dimple, but each person’s nasal anatomy will make different locations look better or worse, so it’s important that you’re absolutely sure about the placement before making it official.
Most people who get nostril piercings want to wear a tiny jewel, not a ring, but a CBR is much more conducive to healing.
If you’re going to wear a nostril screw or fishtail once it’s healed, then you’ll only need an 18 gauge piercing.
Definition: Nostril piercings penetrate the soft cartilage that surrounds the outside of the nasal passages (nose).

Remember, you will not be able to take out your nose ring and stay without it several hours as this action may prolong the healing process and even cause the piercing to close up.
What does Christina Aguilera have in common with the Indian goddess Lakshmi? Both beauties are associated with nose piercing.
If you find a little bump or bubble around your nose piercing, you should be careful with it.
Before you start doing anything with your nose piercing site, wash your hands properly.
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Make sure that nose piercing is accepted by the dress code where you work or study.
When you are cleaning the inside of your nose, a good idea is to use your pointer and middle finger to hold your nose back like a pigs snout so that you can see what your doing.

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