one source talent scam

If you decide that you’re serious about this industry and you join One Source Talent to gain access to more opportunities, access to some really great people, some proven modeling and acting tools and services to help you succeed but it is up to you to use those people, tools and services to take advantage of those opportunities.
Mary has sent us multiple success stories about participating in theater shows, commercials, photo shoots and films and she’s logged into her account over 1,100 times! She has a true industry career because of One Source Talent, something she never had before us, and is living proof that if you put our tools to use and put forth the time and energy that you can find success in this industry with One Source Talent.
Additionally and as mentioned earlier, we have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of video and written success stories and testimonials from our talent who benefited from what One Source Talent offers and found success breaking into this industry with our help.
It is the resolute drive of One Source Talent to help aspiring talent across the nation find success in this industry.
Another false accusation about One Source Talent being a scam is that we never help our talent find modeling or acting jobs.

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With nearly a dozen offices nationwide, advanced technology and a dedicated staff, One Source Talent is quickly changing how the modeling and acting worlds conduct business.
With nearly 1,500 success stories / testimonials and growing, OST talent have appeared on every major network, been signed to top agencies, landed parts in projects from major motion pictures to national magazine shoots and more.
The goal of One Source Talent is to create cost-effective, working relationships between talent and clients via its interactive network.
Please try to contact One Source Talent Customer Service  directly prior to posting any complaints on this site.
One Source Talent is a service for the modeling and acting communities.
I signed with One Source Talent In September 2014.
One Source Talent – Just signed with them, but I it so far.
If you want access to casting calls, you can register for free for a site like which pretty much every agent will tell you to register with, and it's only $2 to submit to a role or $68 for an annual subscription that allows unlimited submissions.
He continued to rant on about how its not like we have your social number and hunted you down, you must have done it and dont remember…I was very quiet and waited until he was done ranting, my thought was ok when he's done throwing a fit I will ask him if I am now completely out of their system in a polite fashion, which I was polite from the beginning anyway….dont you know he just hung up on me! lmfao, I was like wow was i the straw that broke the camels back? Did this a-hole have tons of cancellations and I was the one that put him over the edge? So I called back and spoke to a girl about what happened, she apologized for him but it does not excuse his behavior.
I then asked him to take me out of their system because I was not interested in receiving any further invitations and calls to go to their office for any future appointments…I also asked him how was it that they got my number because I had not applied to anything in many months and I was very confused by the random phonecall? He told me that there is no way we randomly get peoples information and someone had to have applied at some point (in a very rude tone).
I told her that for $500 I can take my pick of headshot photographers instead of whoever they happen to have (or, as a photographer, I may even make my own shots until I can find a carefully selected pro I'm willing to spend between $250 and $1,000 on), and I can create my own webpage for free or at least less than they're charging.
And then I asked, "Why would I, an actor living in New York City, agree to this? What service are you providing that I can't find virtually anywhere in New York City without being locked into an agreement which solely advantages you?" And I left.
With its unique business structure, advanced technology and a dedicated staff, One Source Talent is quickly changing how the modeling and acting worlds conduct business.
Anthony T started One Source Talent in 2003 to fill a void in the entertainment industry, In the past, to get into the entertainment industry you had to have an agent or visit an agency.
They told me that they had seen my profile on LinkedIn (which does have my phone number so I figured that made some sense) and were interested in me coming in for an interview to become a model.
In the roughly 30 minute lecture, this guy practically convinces you that to make it in the modeling and acting business you must be willing to try ANYTHING, and by anything he means GIVE UP YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!! He will show you pictures of actors who's careers they supposedly helped launch.
4) The place came across as being entirely unprofessional.  No one should have to wait 2 hours for a scheduled appointment.  Even the worst doctor I’ve been to wasn’t that bad.  And there was no one telling the people waiting that things were going to take longer than we’d initially planned.  It’s just odd that on this sheet I got for my second "interview" they were saying how important punctuality is, and how you should arrive at least 15 mins prior to your appointment, when they were making us wait 2 hours to even see someone!  It also didn’t look like there was a single person working there over 30.  There is nothing wrong with workers who are in their 20s, but it’s a little strange when you go into a business and it doesn’t appear that a single person there has been working for more than a couple years.
A couple days later, I did in fact get a voicemail from One Source Talent, saying they wanted to meet me.  I didn’t feel like returning the call, so I figured that was the last I’d ever hear from them.  The next week while I was out, however, my cell rang.  Who was it but One Source Talent? ! ; The person on the phone said again that they wanted to meet with me, so I was just like "sure, why not?" and agreed to go in that Saturday to their office.
In hindsight, it looked quite unprofessional for a contract, but the most important thing was that in the second or third bullet point down there was a clause stating that I was to pay $395 for a "digital comp card" along with the $29.95 they requested for monthly fees.  When I said that they had made no reference to a $395 fee at the Saturday interview, she told me they had, almost in a sort of "yes, they did and you are insane" tone of voice.
I went home and looked on the internet to see if I could find out anything about this company.  I found report after report of people spending money for services they didn’t get or employees not getting paid for work they did.  My conclusion: there are better (and more effective) ways to get into modeling or acting than through this agency.  I feel lucky that I didn’t sign anything and give it to them.  I get the idea that many people have, only to find out later that they were ripped off.
She came back 10 or so minutes later and said "We think you’re marketable, and we want to work with you.  We even have a casting for you for an independent film on Wednesday."  (Funny how I might get a casting right away for an independent film since earlier when they were "interviewing" me I had said I thought it would be interesting to work on an independent film.)  Before telling me anything about the supposed casting, other than it was at 4 pm on Wed at their office (also funny), she whips out this sheet of paper that she wants me to sign.
So, I went back on Monday.  My appointment was actually for 3 pm, but they said to get there early.  I did.  Didn’t really matter though, as I waited for TWO HOURS to even see anyone.  This woman asked me into an office, and then asked me a few questions before taking the picture disc I brought and leaving to look at my photos.  I don’t know if they even looked at them, and I don’t know why they couldn’t have looked at them there, since there was a perfectly operational computer sitting on the desk.
ONE SOURCE TALENT, OST, OST they charge $495 and say this includes photos and modeling classes and i have not yet to have any of these things happen.They lied like they had all of these castings and directors they also stated that they wouldn’t asked for any more money.
False Advertising Falls Church, Virginia 22043 Author: Lusby, Maryland Modeling Agencies: One Source Talent & Modeling Co.
TROY, MI, July 18, 2007 – Attention Miss Popular! Attention Miss Demanding! Attention Miss Control Freak! One Source Talent scam is assisting Mystic Art Pictures, an entertainment and casting company, of Los Angeles, California, with the search for girls between the ages of 18 and 21 for a new reality television show from producer Endemol USA called "Queen Bees".
Combining the latest technology with a deep knowledge of the wants and needs of the industry, One Source Talent provides a cutting-edge tools for both the talent side and business side of entertainment.
One Source Talent is a leading talent service that seeks to provide valuable industry tools to aspiring actors and models created by Antony Toma.
I signed with One Source Talent only a few months ago I went to my first casting and I landed a part so quickly, I’m so excited, thank you so much OST for getting me started with my dream.
United States of America (Press Release) August 4, 2008 — One Source Talent ( is helping ABC find some potential models for their new show "The Great American Beauty".
United States of America (Press Release) Fraud June 13, 2008 — One Source Talent proud to announce the opening of a office in Los Angeles, California.
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A phony company you show up to Beverly hills and your immediately stunned by the lavish environment and you go through the doors of the building and notice the very professional presentation you go up the elevator to level 2 walk down the open thier door to their office and there are another 15-30 people there all with big dreams and ambitions and the office lobby just looks cheesy they call everyone 1 by 1 take your measurements and picture then you proceed to another waiting area with a lot of plastic chairs and a bunch of motel art on the walls then you wait for every one to take a seat after about 10 to 15 minutes a presenter will come in and talk about things that are needed to be in the industry and when they are speaking they are filling your minds up with information and you begin to think I can do this then they tell you that every one needs to come have 1 on 1 meeting and be evaluated to see if you can earn a second meeting.
I said yes to meeting with them for possible representation last year, not sure what month, but I quickly looked them up and they were a scam after I asked "What's the NAME of your company?" That's what these scammy bullshit places do, they rush all details of their name, but slowly tell you what time and location.
When they called on the phone I asked if they were a talent agency, they said "no, we're a talent management company." what is that, idk? I asked if I was going to have to pay them any money, they said no.
Then they tell me to come back tomorrow for a 2 nd interview, (like why couldn't they just make up their mind right there instead of wasting another day of my time??) they already had pics of me that I emailed them so why call me in if you're still not sure? The legitimate agencies don't call u in multiple times "while they decide." just overall seemed fishy.
I asked him " so today you are only taking $4.95 and 39.99 every month????" He then gave me a look as if I was crazy and said "no its four hundred and ninetyfive dollars not four ninety five, they said it yesterday in the presentation" so I said yeah she said " four ninetyfive not four hundred and ninetyfive, and I assumed it was that little amount because she said it was to get started and become to a memeber and it was for the digital photos that you are going to post on my page and she said clearly they are not headshots." "I didn’t think digital photos cost four hundred and ninetyfive dollars!!!" People pls do not fall for this scam ost is just trying to get people’s money and crush their dreams… Do some research beforr you become a victim of these thieves!!! Thank God I didn’t give them any payment information…he was trying to convince me by saying that if I didn’t pay the same day I would lose my spot and I had to re-apply in a year, I offered to bring the money another day but he wanted me to give him my bank information right there and then.
 6th of Oct, 2010 by   sro86 0 Votes I agree that one source talent is a scam!!! You go to their office in Beverly Hills and because of that alone you kinda think it’s legit then you go in for second interview and they want 5oo dollars so they can set you up and next meeting they want you to do a photo shoot and they want you to pay them so they can pay the photographer that’s your #1 rule you deal with photographer.
 6th of Apr, 2011 by   Vg89 +1 Votes I had an interview with One Source Talent last week in Nyc in 45th st and I have to share my experiece with other people so that they don’t get scammed.
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One Source Talent has launched  a free community social networking website specifically for talented indivudals to communicate amongst each other, find out about upcoming auditions, share tips and advice about how to nail an audition, and to network each industry professionals.
The filmmaker created his own distinctive visual interpretation of the classic story, bringing the period to life in a way that has never been seen before, in a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role.
Realistically, there are a lot of smaller roles and acting opportunities for kids and teens that can eventually lead to something bigger, but even if they don’t they make for a great after school hobby to keep kids out of trouble, they usually pay much more than your child would earn waiting tables, and they are plentiful.
So I just got done talking about how competitive the world of acting is and how school comes first, right? Sure, but what I’m referring to is the glitsy glamorous Hollywood type of acting that most kids and teens think of.
warning: don’t go befriending strangers and getting yourself into dangerous situations, do some research, make sure the photographer is well-known! However, if you effectively network you’ll be able to achieve some great modeling gigs.
Photographers are people too, but they are people with connections in the industry (they well-known photographers), and you can tap into their connections by networking effectively, get to know the photographer, get to know the subjects he or she likes to shoot, and ask them to keep you in mind for their next project.
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Even if you choose not to sign up as a OST member, at least take advantage of their open casting calls – They have connections with casting directors and you can apply to audition for tv shows/movies before they are ever announced anywhere else – and that recommendation is coming from a website who relies on posting auditions, take it for what it’s worth ;).
One question that has popped over the past few months in the comment section is One Source Talent legit? because has recommended them highly to a lot of our readers.
As an actor, in today’s day and age you have got access to the internet, and with access to the internet comes access to all sorts of resources that can help your acting career, like the ability to find auditions.
Is One Source Talent legit, and a great way to get started in the entertainment industry? 100%, absolutely.
I filled out some info on line and got a call back from One source talent.  They charge a fee for a photo shoot and a monthly due to be placed on their website.  They claim to help talent get work and become discovered.
One Source told me though that they didn’t allow their models to shoot at private residences or hotels.  I explained that it wasn’t some shady thing, the hotel had hired me to shoot on the roof and there were going to be 20 people on set.  The images were going to be ads that were published in both local and national magazines.  I encouraged them to contact the hotel and speak to the owner, but they held their ground.  One Source models don’t shoot at private residences or at hotels.
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Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.
Also, One Source Talent has been nominated as a Inc5000 company for the past 6 years, so be sure to check out the One Source Talent Inc500 page for information about the company’s mission, goals, and milestones.
One Source Talent VideosFor actors, models, and clients looking to make connections and expand their potential opportunities, One Source Talent is a cutting-age service that maintains a database, bringing talent and clients together.
For more information about the One Source Talent company be sure to check out their Crunch Base page as well as their company Linked In.
It is difficult for actors and models to keep up with or locate the auditions and casting calls they are best suited for, and these days clients are having a harder time finding unique, qualified talent.
A typical day at work involves repetitive, worthless telephone conversations (if you don't get hung up on) with leads to come into one of the offices – more… for an evaluation for modeling and acting.
Cons: unprofessional management, compliance by intimidation, lack of meaningful work/compensation, lack of hr so you have no one to report grievances to, feeling like your work is worthless at the end of the day, lack of job security as management makes it known that you are replaceable.
I was originally contacted for work as a receptionist but once I came in for the interview they conveniently told me the position had already been filled and that they were still hiring in the call center.
Forget about affordable health insurance, no pay for holidays and you have to use up your own vacation – more… time for those days if you want off! You have to clock in and out at exactly the time you are scheduled otherwise you are pretty much penalized.