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Pasco School District # 1 serves over 11,500 school children from the City of Pasco, Washington and unincorporated Franklin County.
For the school district in Florida, see Pasco County Schools.
It operates eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, a four-year high school, and an alternative secondary school.

Pasco County Schools students can now access Insync Education Online for homework help, test prep, and more! Click on the banner below to get started.
Please click on the banner below to report an incident or learn more about what the Pasco County School system is doing to eliminate bullying.
The District School Board of Pasco County is System Accredited by AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Legal Notice: Parents, students, and employees should regularly visit the public registry to review it for individuals who may have prior criminal records and sex offenses.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL APPLICANTS: As of October 1, 2013, all applicants must have a teaching certificate or a statement of eligibility issued by the state of Florida in order to complete the application process and proceed to apply for instructional positions.
If you do not have either of these documents, please visit to apply for educator certification before submitting your application for employment to the Pasco County School District.

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Please note: Information about school programs and services is provided by school administrations, and not all schools have submitted this information to GreatSchools.

Web banners about the call center will remain on the district and school websites through the end of this week, but parents who phone the call center numbers will be forwarded to one of the transportation compounds for assistance.
The first day of school Monday the center’s volunteers fielded about 1,700 calls, but by the end of the week the volume of calls reached such a low level that district officials didn’t feel the center was needed another week.
LAND O’ LAKES — The Pasco County School District has decided to close its transportation call center a week early.
The district released a statement Friday saying the early closure could be attributed to planning, training and other steps the district and schools took to make the transportation system run more smoothly at the start of the school year.

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This second Superintendent began to control almost every aspect of the Pasco School District and within a year nearly spent the school district into a hole too deep to escape from as well as alienating many administrators and teachers with his threatening and controlling manner.  Community members, who knew nothing of the Superintendent and his controlling and destructive nature, threatened and coerced me and two other Board Members to keep us from firing him.  There was actually one board meeting that I had to be taken to in a police car because I had received death threats over the phone.  …A group of Hispanic supporters came to my home to protest and when my neighbor told them that I wasn’t home and that I was at church, they came to my church and protested.  This scared my children immensely and I’m sure it caused them to develop some prejudice for Hispanics in general.  The Letters to the Editor that came out of this church protest were supportive of me and very angry towards the protesters.  Even now I wonder why a group would do such a thing to support such an incompetent Superintendent.  …As I had said, the Superintendent was in control and his followers blindly followed him.
About two months later, Sandoval and Aaron were brought before the same judge and kicked off the school board for a false charge of violating the rules of a quorum.  They refused to leave the school board and fought back, taking their case before the Washington State Supreme Court.  It was unanimous, the State Supreme Court struck down the incompetent judge’s order of removal.  The State Supreme court told the Pasco School District and the judge they had influenced, that they had no right to remove school board members without the consent of the voters who had elected them.  In other words, elected officials must be recalled by the people if they don’t want them to finish their terms of office.  Again, if a judge could remove an elected official from office for any action they deemed unlawful or distasteful (like a "conflict of interest" claim) than, by nature of the imperfections of individuals, 99% of all elected officials could be removed at the whim of any judge.
In the Summer of 1993, (before the next round of School Board elections), the second Superintendent resigned causing a great deal of controversy.  Again, I was not allowed to become involved in the search for a new superintendent.  I was not allowed to question the choices that "The Committee of Good Ol’ Boys" brought before me.  I was again blamed for the departure of the second Superintendent (as if I were the only one who had voted to accept his resignation).  Basically, this committee gave us two applicants to "choose" from – at least publicly.  The one with the Ph.D. and Superintendent experience, seemed the logical choice to me.  But the whole thing was setup from the beginning and the mediocre Superintendent, with only a Master’s Degree, from a nearby town was chosen.  Again, I protested.  I couldn’t understand why the less qualified Superintendent was wanted.  Sure, he seemed like a nice guy, but I felt that being a nice guy shouldn’t be the deciding factor for a job as important as a Superintendent.
Again, I didn’t want to hire him and voiced my concerns in the private board meeting, and again, I was bullied and threatened by certain board members and "good ol’ boy" community members that my support wasn’t optional, that I had caused enough turmoil in the Pasco School District.  So I voted to hire another "second best" Superintendent to appease them.  Another dumb mistake.
GM’s community goons began to "investigate" me.  They were really having a hard time finding anything that I had ever done wrong.  I believe in righteous and charitable living.  It was the charitable part that, in the end, hurt me the most.  I had an opportunity to buy some computers below wholesale and asked the school district if they wanted them.  They said yes, so I sold the computers to them for a very small profit.  Everyone had knowledge of this transaction, nevertheless, two years after the sale, this was called, "A Conflict of Interest".  Never mind that there was another Board Member, during the same time period, that had a bookstore where thousands of dollars in retail business was done every month.  She was okay because the school district like the way she kissed butt with the Superintendent.
With the loss of this first Superintendent, a replacement was found.  I was not allowed to question him, or research his background because I was entirely blamed for the prior Superintendent’s departure.  I didn’t want to hire him and voiced my concerns in a private board meeting.  Basically, I was bullied and threatened by certain board members and "good ol’ boy" community members that my support wasn’t optional.  Because this Superintendent was Hispanic, his followers wanted to brand me as "racist" and "prejudice" if I would not vote to hire him.
I knew what the outcome would be as the judge was another puppet of the Pasco School District.  Having no constitutional authority to do so, this judge removed me from my office as a School Board Member, a job that only the voters had a right to give or take away.  It was only four months until the next election and I had stated that I did not intend to run again.  This theft of my office was hurtful and embarrassing but I was tired of fighting the system and my husband was tired of seeing the pain I was being put through.  I gave up fighting and decided to leave without any further fight.

Pollock Financial Group brought the new "benefit stabilization funding" concept, which is patented by Swiss Re, to the Pasco district to become one of the first nonprofit entities in Florida to participate.
A group of New York investors wants to buy life insurance for all Pasco County school district employees at no cost to the staff.
But the proposal, which would generate tax-free returns for the investors, has district officials wondering if there’s a catch to what they’re calling the "legacy life" plan.
He led the board through the ins and outs of the proposal, telling them a team of lawyers found it "perfectly legal." He added that actuarial tables, which the district did not have, verified the viability of the program.
"Our biggest concern is that we don’t get the school district or employees into a situation where they think they’re getting something that they don’t end up getting," Shibley said.

Pasco School District is a school district in Washington that served 15,990 K-12 students during the 2012-2013 school year.
This report card relies on data from the Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) and High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) to determine if each district meets Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) goals in reading and math.
The Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction published a state report card for 2011-2012 assessing subject proficiency levels and year-to-year progress for each district.
Pasco Board of Directors Member District Assumed Office Term Ends Ruben Peralta 1 2011 2015 Ryan Brault 2 2011 2015 Steven A.
Pasco School District met the state goal of 95% participation across all grade levels.
Pasco School District employed 1,000 K-12 teachers during the 2012-2013 school year.
The goal for each district is to meet proficiency goals at all grade levels and student demographics by the 2013-2014 school year.
The current Superintendent of Pasco School District is Saundra Hill.
Lenk claims that Superintendent Saundra Hill and other officials used district resources to secure public approval for a $46.8 million bond measure in February 2013.
The Pasco Board of Directors is a five-member board with each member elected by district to a four-year term.
The complaint claims coordination between the district and a group called Pasco Citizens for Better Schools, which advocated for approval of the bond.
The district served 15,990 K-12 students during the 2012-2013 school year.
The district did not meet AYP goals for reading at the elementary and middle school levels.

Playing chess gives students the opportunity to strategize, problem solve and learn from past mistakes.
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The Education TestRating is a number ranking (1-10) calculated by that provides an overview of a school’s test performance for a given year, by comparing the school’s state standardized test results to those of other schools in the same state.
The Pasco School District spends $8,430 per pupil in current expenditures.  The district spends 59% on instruction, 36% on support services, and 5% on other elementary and secondary expenditures.

Salaries for public school employees are considered “public record,” in accordance with Washington State’s Public Records act, RCW 42.56. An exception is made in the case of victims of domestic violence.
This data site contains personnel information, including salaries, for public school districts in the State of Washington.
Data was provided to The Spokesman-Review by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction in response to a public records request.

Besides besing a colorful sunset, picture also shows a prominent "sun pillar" above where the sun has just set behind Candy Mountain.
Besides besing a colorful sunset, picture also shows a prominent "sun pillar" above where the sun has just set behind Candy Mountain.
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Sunseton 10-1-14,taken from Aaron Drive in Richland.
Sunseton 10-1-14,taken from Aaron Drive in Richland.

The district official is Saundra Hill and can be contacted at Pasco School District spends $7,676 per year per student.
North Franklin School District is also nearby and has the same rating as Pasco School District.
North Franklin School District’s rating is 3 while Pasco School District’s rating is 3.
On average, teachers in Pasco School District have 11 years of experience.
Check with the applicable school district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries.
Pasco School District is a school district with 15,164 students.

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