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Red Lips are HOT and it’s oh so simple to get those seductive lips! Learn the tricks of the trade to get THE hottest, head turning, seductive lips.

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Gregory Arlt, director of makeup artistry for MAC Cosmetics, shows you step by step how to recreate Dita Von Teese’s signature makeup.

I my snood; she does wonderful work 😀 Vintage Retro Pinup Hair Snood in Warm Red Crocheted from 1940's Design.


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Rating is available when the video has been rented.
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If you aren’t a huge fan of lipstick and you prefer to just have a gloss or lip-chap on, then you can do that and still have a partial pin-up look but if you want to go all-out pin-up and have everyone know then red lips is the cherry on top! First start by putting on just a small amount of lip-chap to make sure your lips are supple, if you have dry, chapped lips then the lipstick wont look as great.
Apply the liner generously to the lines of your lips, which can be tricky! This step may take some time just like the eyeliner but don’t be afraid to practice because it’s all worth it in the end! After applying the liner to the outsides of your lips, apply it thinly to the entirety of your lips and blend it in, this acts as a sort of stain so if your lipstick fades during the day, there’s still this base red to save your look.
If you desire to add some blush to your look because you think you’re looking just a tad too pale, go right ahead! Just remember that the pin-up look generally consists of pale, fresh looking skin so don’t go too dark with the blush! Use a light rose or peach and apply a thin sheen over the cheek bone and you should be fine.
If you don’t want to get mascara on your false lashes then just apply them after all the other eye make-up has been applied and skip adding mascara afterwards.
There are many different styles and thicknesses of false lashes, careful when choosing the ones you are going to apply, if you have naturally long and thick lashes I would suggest choosing a more thin false lash just to add a little extra, if you have naturally thin and short lashes then go all out and get those extra thick and long lashes.
Apply a thin layer of powder foundation to your face, the trick with the pin-up look is don’t over do it! There is a fine line in the rockabilly style between looking good and looking cheap.
Start by curling your lashes and be careful not to tug on them while curling them, we can’t afford to lose any! After curling your lashes apply a thin coat of mascara to them and allow this coat to sit for a bit.
Don’t wait too long though because if the mascara dries completely then the clumps will be even worse! Apply as many coats as desired until your lashes look exactly like you want them to.

Renata I am the type of person who is always seeking and learning.

I also don’t agree with the comment stating that their waists are “impossibly thin” in the after images.. There are plenty of women who are that thin naturally and are beautiful.
For more check out the book “For the Boys – the racy pin ups of World War 2″ which has original sketches the artists made before the final color versions were authorized, the published version by the artist and the variations produced by various painters adding copies (some more loosly than others) as nose art to their aircraft.
There’s a big difference between that and the present day “duckface” which is meant to be a kiss to the camera but actually looks ridiculous! These girls and their drawings are gorgeous!! Sad that girls today don’t have class and can’t look sweet and innocent while showing a little skin.
They were making an “ooh” face to look like they are A) surprised by being caught in a compromising position what with their underthings (or less) showing or B) just making a demure “ooh” face.

Learning how to transform a photo into a pin-up girl effect is the coolest tutorial I’ve seen in PhotoShop yet.
Nice tutorial but I can only see the beginning of it! After Corey explained how to smooth out the hair with the smudge tool the video changes and instead a comercial fot the magazine “Layers” starts.
After searching far and wide I was able to find a spanish language tutorial using the exact technique and did my best to translate, but its a relief to finally have Corey’s original english version.
When I’m doing “past the selection” (the first time)my background gets black and don’t stay white.
Using Photoshop since version 2, his expertise and creativity have evolved exponentially with every new version, which makes Corey an invaluable addition to the KelbyOne team.
My keyboard is not english, so to press the tilda key, i have to press one other key which ultimately doesn’t work to give that effect that Corey is talking about.
Thank you so much, I have been searching for a tutorial on this effect forever!! You helped me so much thank you for this tutorial.

I used Benefit Cosmetics Gypsy lip liner as the darker outline color (which for some idiotic reason is discontinued) which is a darker brick red / brown shade, and Elizabeth Arden Red 01 lip pencil as the brighter inner shading color.
Below my brow bone, I used Benefit Cosmetics High Brow highlighter pencil, you can also use any matte white or off-white highlighting shadow which is lighter than the shadow you used on your bottom lid.
If you want to go for that super pale Dita complexion, you might need the lightest foundation in this line, perhaps Porcelain Ivory and adding a white powder or cornstarch powder.
(Click this link to go to the Irene Gari product page, there is also an eyebrow gel available! Reasonable prices!) You may also try Benefit Cosmetics She-Laq if you don’t mind spending $30.
I applied a thick and full coat of mascara, which was the Maybelline Lash Stylist mascara comb(discontinued) mixed with Maybelline XXL Volume and Length mascara, which is a very black mascara, which is what you want.
What I did was the same technique as I normally do on my brows (click here for that tutorial) but I added a little bit of a rounded dip in the front bottom part of my brow and a pointier triangle arch.

There are plenty of fashion "gurus" out there who say the same every season:"It is time to ditch those skinny jeans, baggy pants and hooties ect…" Loving the pinup style does not mean you have to wear your sexy uniform every day! You don’t have to "ditch" anything! I own baggy clothes AND skinny jeans and I love them all! And sometimes I just feel like pulling out all the stops and don those pencil skirts and stockings.
The Hot Looks of Pinup Girl Fashion are Sure to Turn A Few Heads This Summer The Pinup fashion look is now as big as ever! With handsome TV shows like Mad Men and Pan Am this the perfect time to try the pinup style yourself.

I have bought the “premium” package ($25 for a years subscription) which offers some additional tools but the basic package is great and costs NADA and will do the job for your pin up pics.
This is going to be the first “how to” I write so I want it to be good! My sis-in-law was kind enough to “expose” herself (in a rated PG kinda way) to you all in order to let me write this tutorial.
I actually really wanted to get a “Pose Book” to use in such cases but quickly found that professional photography pose books cost more than what I wanted to spend (which was $0) so I scowered the internet for poses and created my own book from the images I found.
Now, go take your pics, upload them to your computer, don’t freak out if they’re not perfect, and log on to this blog again for my next tutorial “How to Edit Your Pin Up Pics For Free Using Picnik”.
I do almost ALL of my photo editing on which I have found to be super easy and fun to use and offers a huge variety of editing tools to get your pics looking AWESOME.
First I want to show off the pics I took to get you all excited to do your own! I shoot with an Olympus DSLR that my hubby got for around $350 since it was a refurbished camera.
And thats it!! Easy breezy and SO MUCH FUN! Your friends and family are going to think you’re a genius and master photographer! But, I do have to say, that in order to REALLY get your photos looking pin up and professional some editing is required.
Next, turn on some fun music and get going! Its hard to get started at first, especially if your model is shy so the best thing to do is find some poses you want to try and have them either printed out to have on hand or up on the computer screen where you can instruct your model or just show her what you want her to do.
Once you got your face on and hair done up its time to start taking pics! I would recommend reading your user manual for your camera so you get familiar with shooting pics indoors.
So FUN!!! If I weren’t fat and pregnant (baby boy #2 is due July 31st), I would’ve had her take some of me! We actually took several more with a bunch of different “costumes” but those are intended for her hubby’s anniversary and WILL NOT be appearing here or anywhere else on the internet.

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Zakaj? Ker ima embalaža izdelka, predvsem izdelka vsakdanje rabe, vpliv na to, kako kupci sprejmejo izdelek blagovne znamke in se na podlagi nje tudi odločijo za nakup.
Zakaj? Ker ima embalaža izdelka, predvsem izdelka vsakdanje rabe, vpliv na to, kako kupci sprejmejo izdelek blagovne znamke in se na podlagi nje tudi odločijo za nakup.
Pri oblikovanju embalaže izdelkov je dobro posvojiti znano mizarsko pravilo: ”Dvakrat meri, enkrat reži”, da se proizvajalec izogne nerodnostim, ki jim boste priča v nadaljevanju.
Pri oblikovanju embalaže izdelkov je dobro posvojiti znano mizarsko pravilo: ”Dvakrat meri, enkrat reži”, da se proizvajalec izogne nerodnostim, ki jim boste priča v nadaljevanju.

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