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As a toy/treat I also recommend Greenies Dental Treats which come in a toothbrush shaped form that helps clean the teeth of your pit and fight things such as bad breath (not too bad when you get a kiss from your friend) and some other dental problems.

Last day to order to arrive before Christmas is December 11 for K9 Ballistics beds and December 15 for Kuranda beds.
Last day to order to arrive before Christmas is December 11 for K9 Ballistics beds and December 11 for Kuranda beds.
Last day to order to arrive before Christmas is December 18 by 10 AM EST.
Last day to order to arrive before Christmas is December 20 by 10 AM EST.
Last day to order to arrive before Christmas is December 15.

They are strong dogs that require strong toys. Below is a list of several kinds of dog toys and a few edible chews below with my personal experiences with them.
Dogs who are not given their own toys to chew on will usually appropriate something of yours (and it probably will cost more than a whole BUNCH of dog toys), so save yourself a headache, and your $110 Nike sneakers, and get your dog some toys.
Tennis balls, even the large ones made for dogs don’t stand a chance with an adult Pit Bull.
Chewing on toys allows dogs to relieve stress and boredom.
For dogs of all breeds, toys are not "extras", they are essentials.

GoughNuts Black Super Chew Ring – Guaranteed replacement for life the Goughnuts Black Ring dog chew is among the toughest dog chews available on the market today.
When it comes to the American Pit Bull Terrier and toys things can get expensive.
American Pit Bull Terriers aka Pit Bulls are thriving as therapy dogs in the state of Kentucky.
If you’re interested in buying an American Pit Bull Terrier, read this page.
Here’s a list of toys we’ve found to be virtually Pit Bull proof (there’s always exceptions to this though).
Thinking about getting an American Pit Bull Terrier? Read this first.
Before you go out and get two Pit Bull puppies or add another Pit Bull to your life read this article.

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Having toys for you pit bull will help keep him out of trouble; from destroying things that they should not be destroying like sofas, chairs, curtains, doors, walls, ELECTRIC CORDS!, YOUR HOUSE!!, or even their own dog house.
As mentioned earlier, pit bulls need to chew and they are going to chew on something! We don’t want them chewing on as mentioned earlier dangerous things like electrical cords that could not only fry your pit bull, but create an electrical fire in your house.
A pit bull having their own toy will also help stop and reduce the transfer of parasites, viruses, bacteria, and other germs that can cause illnesses that the can be acquired from another animals toys or wood and sticks that have been exposed to wild animals such as; birds, squirrels, opossums, foxes, coyotes, deer, etc.
Pit bulls and pit bull puppies are aggressive chewers and a good quality toy helps them emotionally, gives them well needed exercise, keeps them company and pacified when your not home, it must be safe for their teeth and gums as well as non-toxic.
Besides all the crazy things that can and do happen; having a quality toy for you dog will Reduce risk of damage to teeth, cleans the gums and breath, exercises the jaws and make a happier Pit Bull dog.

This thing is HUGE!!!!, 25 inches long and weighs 3.6 pounds, talk about giving your dog a workout!  Hand-made from the finest quality materials, this XTREME TUG TOY provides hours of fun for your dog and helps maintain good dental hygiene.  Comes in assorted colors.

Pitbulls, Labs, and other powerful breeds are known for being strong chewers, but even tiny dogs can wreck toys in no time if they put their minds to it.
As a bonus, this toy doesn’t have any stuffing to be swallowed or strewn around your house when your dog eventually tears it open (and your dog will eventually tear it open – it’s plush, after all).
The worst thing about it – aside from the possibility of your dog swallowing indigestible pieces – is the money you waste on toys that only keep your dog entertained for a few hours (or even a few minutes).
At least, that’s the case with so-called aggressive chewers, who have a knack for shredding whatever plaything you put in front of them – be it plush, plastic, or rope.
The toy’s manufacturer, Planet Dog, also offers a tough football, soccer ball, and an assortment of really creative toys.
Judging by the customer reviews, it’s won over a lot of people who have tried a lot of other products and never thought they’d be able to find a toy their dog couldn’t annihilate.
That said, really tenacious pups might be able to chew off little pieces of this, so it’s best to check the toy’s condition periodically.

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Helping support Rescue Organizations, Advocacy Groups and Anti-BSL groups throughout the world, know that when you purchase from Pit Bull Gear you are helping us help the breed.
Pit Bull Gear promotes the positive side of the breed by putting owners in the best Pit Bull apparel for Men, Women and Children.
Pit Bull Gear is a leading merchandise company and lifestyle brand for Bully Breeds and their owners.
The company is a family operated business and was started by founders Allen & Connie Hudson almost a decade ago, and has since become a pioneer of the Pit Bull movement.

I have found that footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs last a while and if you do want the stuffed toys (we give her ones on special ocasions) I go to the thrift stores and get the stuffed animals from there.
I have 2 full gotti pits and between the 2 of them they’ll destroy everything!!! They hate the Kong rubber toys but the football and other similar toys.
I’ve bought many toys for my 11 month pit bull puppy, but most of them do not last.
Now she’s not much into ripping apart stuffed toys, but as soon as one does get a hole she has fun ripping the stuffing out! She has a puppy Kong and she never has chewed it up.
Since having made the commitment to live by Cesar’s teachings, I am now able to take toys away without a battle for dominance game of tug-o-war, and my female is able to successfully enjoy playing with her favorite stuffed lamb.
So I have gone through numerous amounts of toys and have even contemplated just giving my pittie, Yoshi, and mastiff/staffie mix boy, Moose, my wallet! lol finally success though, they have yet to destroy this one squeeker toy! I have had only one foster dog able to destroy similarly made toys, but none yet to tear apart the "Ruffkins Squid" squeeker.
any hard rubber chew toys work great! also, she LOVES the everlasting ball.
We have had good luck with braided rope toys they seem to last the longest.
Hi, I agree the toys listed tug rops, nylon bones, and most of the KONG.
I have 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and my female is a professional chewer – the best I’ve seen with the ability to dismember items in record time, however, I am now a student of Dog Psychology via Cesar Millan and having learned the proper way to nurture my dogs and their animal/species/breed needs, I have learned to allow toy time on MY terms and under my supervision so that I can dictate and control the level of play intensity taking place.
What a great question! I hope others will share their favorite pit bull toys here too.

-Also works great as a training tool and provides the mental exercise dogs need at the same time they are getting physical exercise.
-Replacement braided Fleece Tug and bungee cord sections available for purchase.
-"Perfection Loops" tied at the ends of the bungee cord eliminate extra connectors and only become tighter with use.
-Super strong marine grade bungee cord eliminates the need for a metal spring.
-Perfect for people with strong dogs who like to play tug-of-war but don't like having dislocated shoulders.
-Braided Fleece Tug is soft on your dog's mouth and is safer than rope tugs with easily ingested rope strands.

My fiance has a 1 year old pitbull and he destroys EVERYTHING! We are constantly buying him toys, but he destroys them in less than 24 hours.
My fiance has a 1 year old pitbull and he destroys EVERYTHING! We are constantly buying him toys, but he destroys them in less than 24 hours.
My mother in bought him some toys off of a pitbull rescue site that they claimed to be tough, but they didn't last two days.
For soft toys, I buy polar fleece on sale, cut it into strips, braid together and you have great, cheap tugs and chews.
My dogs (Pit, Pit mix) rarely get stuffed toys because they don't last.

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people might think while watching the video that the dog in it is mean and vicious but its the nicest dog i've ever known and most pitbulls can turn out like this if they have a good owner that exercises them and doesn't neglect them.. enjoy the video.

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Introduce the puppy to other dogs and animals when he is between 10 and 16 weeks old.
The first 16 weeks of the puppy’s life are the socialization period that determines much about what they learn about other animals and the outside world.
Encourage friends and family to visit the puppy regularly between 8 and 12 weeks old.
He values how wikiHow showcases people helping each other grow, saying, “Each time diverse perceptions are shared, it is a gift.
Wait 2 weeks to start the majority of puppy socialization.
If you want your dog to socialize with animals as well as people, you should raise the puppy with those animals from the beginning.
You will need to watch the puppy closely during housebreaking, but try to avoid keeping certain areas of the house off limits.
With discipline and care, you can train a pitbull puppy to ensure it is a gentle companion and family pet.

Spring Poles, also sometimes called Flirtpoles, have long been known to be excellent and highly enjoyable toys for Pit Bulls and other dog breeds, particularly terriers.
Don’t let what the mass media and other unsavvy outlets may lead you to believe, there is nothing wrong with letting your Pit Bull play with a Spring Pole.

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Manufactured by West Paw Design and constructed of durable Zogoflex material that is designed to be tough as well as recyclable, the Bümi tug toy is great for of tug-o-war as well as a good ole fashioned chew session.
At Tough Bully Toys, our mission is to find the toughest, more durable toys on the market and to make them available to pit bull owners everywhere.

Replacement Bungee Cord Assembly for our Super Tug pit bull toys.
Our nearly indestructible dog toys can be your solution to dog problems or use our interactive dog toys as an easy way to help your overweight dog.
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Abused Pit Bull Goes CRAZY For Her First Toys Ever! This Is AWESOME! : PetFlow Blog – The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.
In this great video, we get to watch Luna at the amazing shelter that gave Luna her second chance — playing with toys for the first time.

Yeah, ropes definitely only last like seconds in my house! I am so fed up with the strings just being everywhere! I only let them play with a rope outside.
They start to chew off the ends of them in a couple days and the last thing I want is for my dogs to swallow that plastic.
Wubba didn’t last 3hrs of life or 1 hr of play.

Of course, the pet toy makers cover their butts by stating “always supervise play” but we all know that dogs strew their toys all over the house and yard, and sometimes hide them, so we need to buy toys that aren’t going to be a hazard.
They’re a bit expensive, and for some reason my dogs don’t like them as much as West Paw’s toys, but your dog might.
They have powerful jaws, and we, as owners, search pet stores and online sites hoping we can find toys that will divert our friend’s gnawing urges away from our possessions and help them focus on to toys that will keep them engaged, and safe.
Pitbull lovers know that one of the characteristics of the breeds that make up the generic “pitbull” label is their fondness of chewing—hopefully their toys, and not our shoes, couches and the legs of dining room tables.
Alas, it doesn’t last, but for some reason Walter still loves it even after he’s removed the two balls and the squeak, leaving only the canvas covering which he still possessively carries around, shaking and playing with it, and bringing to me wanting to play tug.
Walter likes these toys, but I don’t buy them anymore.
A bit grubby, but West Paw’s toys are dishwasher safe and clean up nicely.
This is one of Walter’s favorites, but isn’t as tough as West Paw’s toys shown above.
So here’s the problem: most pet toy manufacturers label toys suitable for aggressive chewers when in reality, they’re not.

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