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Some dog owners are willing to go through the expense of installing an in-ground swimming pool for their dogs to swim and exercise.
What is your dog’s activity level? Is your dog a breed that loves the water, like a Portuguese Water Dog, or does your dog prefer to lay around and just needs something to cool off? Once you have established your purpose, you can select the pool for your dog’s needs.
You may think that your children and dogs can share the pool and play together, but usually this is not a good idea.
Dog swimming pools may look just like a regular swimming pool, but there are a few features that make them special.
After a day of fun in the pool, rinse your dog with clean water and dry him off well, being careful not to neglect his ears.

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We have more sizes, styles and shapes of above ground pools than anyone in the world! Customer Reviews Our customers share their experiences   Five Things The Old Fashion Steel Above Ground Pool Dealer Doesn't Want You To Know Click Here For More Info     Above Ground Pools   Above Ground Pools With Deck Kits   Portable Pools   Custom Made Pools   Special Use Pools Dog Pools   Exercise Pools   Aqua Therapy Pools   Swim Spas   In-Ground Pool Kits   Pool Equipment and Supply   Pool Information Ask Tuxie Dogs ask Tuxie your questions about Legacy Pools For Dogs.

Update: After a year of use and abuse by two active, water-loving dogs in the Texas heat, the pool is still good as new, and I still it.
My dogs love the pool! It arrived on the day promised, and was packaged in a heavy cardboard box.
It’s also wonderful to have a high-quality drain so I can empty the pool & move it when needed (e.g., hurricane season, winter, new landscaping, etc.). I bought a short (6-ft) hose and keep it connected to the pool all the time for draining.
I bought a little Water Tech BROOM Pool Blaster, Aqua Broom to pick up the dirt and crud periodically, and a small pool skimmer to take the pine needles & leaves out.
My dogs play in the pool by rolling over on their back, pawing the water when I place a toy in the pool or just veg from the heat.
My dachshund obviously needs stairs or a ramp to get in/out of the pool, but it is still great for small dogs, if set-up properly.
We love the pool and would purchase this pool from Amazon or the owner himself.
My dogs love this pool.
My larger (150 pound) and smaller (85 pound) GSDs LOVE this pool – they are in and out of the pool many times every day.
I have 2 large lab mixes who absolutely love this pool.
If you don’t have a swimming pool and your dog likes water, this is a wonderful product to buy.
That cheapo pool is still functional for the older pooch, but I didn’t think it would hold up to her and the active new puppy when they start rassling, or even the new puppy chasing her tail & tumbling against the walls.
They went crazy trying to eat all the ice and the water stayed so cold for hours! And man, this pool is sturdy.
I have two chocolate labs and they LOVE the bone pool.

My cheap solution for holding up sitters and strugglers on the table: pool noodle cut in half and a slip lead attached to a swivel snap hook.
My cheap solution for holding up sitters and strugglers on the table: pool noodle cut in half and a slip lead attached to a swivel snap hook.
With our Dog Pool Float and Lounger, Fido can float in style—or stay cool as he lounges on deck.
With our Dog Pool Float and Lounger, Fido can float in style—or stay cool as he lounges on deck.
b/c we have a deck and hot tub, it's only fair that the dogs have their own deck and pool.

Features: Portable design is easy to move around your yard, Rounded edges are safe, Fill with water & Allow the dog to enter the pool, Ideal for bathing or letting your pet play & Cool down.
A great value My current version of this pool has finally worn out after three years and many incursions by my beautiful, silly Labrador Retriever, who loves to splash around in it.

The Lucky Puppy is a "country" style doggy daycare in Maybee, Michigan, where dogs evidently have a lot of fun in the bone-shaped pool with their friends.

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Guardian Gear pools for dogs come in three sizes and are made of extra strong PVC for durability, so that dogs can jump in and out without fear of damaging them.
I've owned and bred Chocolate Labradors for 25 years and I know that in hot weather there's nothing they like better than to cool off in a dog pool in your garden.
If you haven't a handy lake or river nearby a dog pool like this is the next best thing to keep your dog cool in a heat wave.
4:35 A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing! Please share.

Our heated, indoor pools are open to the public seven days a week! We offer open swim times where other dogs and their owners may be sharing the pool with you, or we offer days and times that you can reserve the pool for your dog’s private use.

Pets who need to be conditioned and maintain their weight in order to compete in their area of competition, find aquatic exercise is a safer and faster way to build their stamina and muscle mass.
Aquatic exercise offers many benefits to our pets, whether they are service pets, sporting pets, competition pets, or good old couch potato pets.

“It’s very incremental, but it’s amazing to see when the dog knows how to get out.” Maldonado adds that, whenever possible, it’s best to avoid helping your dog out at the side of the pool because he’ll likely remember that, and you want it to be clear to the dog that the only way out (especially when you’re not there to help) is at the stairs or bench.
“I think people would be surprised at the number of pets who drown in backyard pools because they fall in and can’t get out,” says Jones, who says obese dogs, geriatric dogs, and small dogs are especially at risk because of the added physical challenges associated with trying to climb out at the edge if not properly trained.
“The water play keeps the body temperature down unless they’re being exerted at the same time,” says Jones, describing the common scene of a dog running along the shoreline to retrieve.
“People who have a backyard pool and a dog really need to teach the dog how to go in and out of the pool using the steps,” says Jones.
“The biggest thing with heat stroke is to be aware that dogs really have no other form of getting rid of heat other than panting,” he says.
Another option I’ve used is to back-chain a safe pool exit by establishing the stairs as the most valuable spot in the pool through a strong reward history, carrying the dog into the water, and having him swim to the steps from different points in the pool.
Throw the ball four or five times and then bring your dog in and let her rest in the shade and have some water.” (Note: Being able to recognize the dark pink nature of your dog’s tongue and gums requires that you are familiar with the “normal” pink color.
They’d go outside at night to use the bathroom, not see the edge of the pool, fall in, and between it being dark and the dog not having good vision, they’d be gone before you know it.”Whenever possible, veterinarians and trainers alike recommend installing a fence around the pool or, at the very least, training the dog to confidently find and use the steps to safely exit.
“Put something where the stairs are, so when the dog falls in and he’s scared and turning around trying to figure out which way is out, he just has to spot that one thing to know where the stairs are and be able to find the area of safety,” Jones says.
“I find out where his weak spots are in the pool and keep working past those,” she says.
“The key is to make the pool positive and get your dog on the steps,” says Maldonado.
Breeds with broad chests and shorter legs (Bulldogs, Corgis, Pugs, etc.) aren’t really designed for effective swimming, and heavily muscled breeds (like many of the so-called “bully” breeds) exert a lot of energy in the water due to their greater body mass.
“It just takes that one time,” goes for accidentally leaving a pool gate open, too.
A common misconception is that all dogs can “dog paddle” and keep themselves afloat in the water.

The dog owner favorite, the General Foam line of quality kiddie pools provide all the features needed for a great dog pool.
The Pup Gear line of dog ramps are built to help dogs in and out of dog pools, lakes, boats and docks with ease.
ABO Gear produces high quality dog gear and portable dog pools including the dirty dog line of portable dog pools.
Dog pools and dog swimming pools for swimming dogs including plastic dog pools, metal dog pools and portable dog pools.
American Farmland makes tough polyethylene stock tanks that make a great dog pool for big dogs that like to play rough in the pool.
The Orvis line of dog pools are built with a place for a cool dip on one side and fresh drinking water on the other.

Every year, Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho, holds a "Pooch Pool Party" day where all dogs are invited to enjoy the public water park before it closes.

Help a canine friend who’d otherwise not be able to receive beneficial water therapy.

These Dogs Paddling At A Doggy Daycare Pool Party Are Ridiculously Cute This is what heaven looks like for people who love dogs.
Lucky Puppy, a doggy daycare center in Maybee, Michigan, shared the video of dogs jumping and running around the pool to cool off from the heat.

Different day-care centers have different levels of care, and this one boasts of a 3 acre supervised playground, 7 acres of nature trails and, of course, one awesome dog-bone pool.
Doggy day-care centers like Lucky Puppy give owners the opportunity to leave their pets with trained professional while they travel, or simply give their dogs a great opportunity to socialize.
Lucky Puppy, a doggy daycare center in Michigan, held an absolutely adorable pool party for its discerning clientele back in June that left us totally jealous.

WASHINGTON, DC – The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will partner with the Department of Health (DOH) to host the 6th Annual DPR Doggie Day Swim on Saturday, September 6, 2014, from 12 pm to 4 pm, at DPR's Upshur Main & Kiddie Pool (4300 Arkansas Avenue, NW); Francis Pool (25th & N Street, NW); and Randall Pool (South Capitol and I Streets, SW).

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A simple backyard swimming pool became the proving ground for an out-and-out dog pool party over the weekend.

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A video uploaded to Facebook — titled "Pool Pawty!" — shows a group of dogs splish-splashing around in a bone-shaped pool at a doggy daycare in Michigan.
Some furry friends happily chew on their pool toys while others swim around without a care in the world, probably playing a canine version of Marco Polo.

Geared towards active dogs that can catch a ball or toy, and have deep or open water swim experience, Fun Swims take place the first and third Sundays of each month from 11:00 to 2:00 and every Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00 in half hour increments.

Is the water clear? Can you see to the bottom of the pool? Does the water look any different from how it looked the day before? Changes, such as cloudiness, mean that you need to test the water and take steps to improve water quality before anyone — human or pet — goes swimming.
Aside from safety relative to swimming and playing in the pool, make sure you check your swimming pool regularly to ensure that the water is healthy.
Most pools have been built with a single pipe running from the main drain up to the bottom of the skimmer and then back to the pool equipment.
In other words, the water in your pool passes through the piping system, through the filtration system, and back into the pool.
Germs from other swimmers and unsafe water supplies can easily contaminate pool water, especially if it isn’t properly disinfected.
This fecal matter will contaminate the pool’s water, potentially aiding in the transmission of Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI’s), such as E.
Besides the effect on the pool’s water chemistry, the fur of a dog will get caught in the pool equipment, resulting in more frequent service and/or replacement of parts.
The addition of A & A Manufacturing’s ECO-skimmer will trap most of the hair, as well as skim the surface of the pool in the most effective way, using very little energy when combined with a modern variable speed pool pump.
While swimming is fun for both humans and animals, you should plan on how to keep your pet, your family, friends, and others who may use your swimming pool, safe.
When you train your pet to ride or sit on a boogie board or floating raft, will they know how to get out of the pool if they fall or jump off? Did you know that they make life vests for pets? Also, in the category of "I shouldn’t have to say this but I will" is the fact that if you have pets you should always supervise them in the pool in case they get into trouble.
If you think that you and your kids never ingest any of that pool water, guess again.
If you have more than one dog in the pool, multiply that number by three and you will soon learn why you are using more sanitizer or chlorine than normal.
Those customers that install those save thousands of dollars in utility bills, chemical bills, and all the while enjoying a polished, clean pool through proper filtration and the laws of dilution.
One more thing — those of us living in the Phoenix area know it is not uncommon to find a dead rodent, snake, or one of a variety of other drowned critters in the pool.
There has yet to be invented a better, time-tested, cost effective, proven way to sanitize swimming pools other than using chlorine, even though it has been decried as detrimental.
When they are in the swimming pool with the kids, their nails can be a hazard to swimmers.