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Pick them, carve them, bake them into pies! Pumpkin photos here.
These pumpkins are so big, even a baby can fit inside – and they sure look cute doing it too! Bouncy, blushing babies giggle, sleep, and look adorably confused sitting in these hollowed out Halloween pumpkins.
baby in pumpkin pictures – Google Search We did this with our 4 week old..so cute! Buuuuuut….make sure you have a helper or two, especially for newborns.
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For the last 4 years Paul has also concentrated on taking location pictures & landscape photography making trips to photograph many parts of Europe to photograph places of historical & archaeological importance.
Paul has worked on major food advertising campaigns for the UK and Europe as well as taking food pictures for packaging design & advertising photography projects for nearly every major food brand in the UK.
Our archaeological picture collections include Images of Greek Archeological sites & Pictures of Roman Archeological sites as well as the ancient civilisations of Babylon, Assyria, Egyptians and other ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean such as the Hittites, Minoans & Mycenaeans.
Each year I carve a couple of hundred pumpkins, mostly quick ones at public demonstrations.
Just because a pumpkin carving is quick and easy doesn’t mean that it won’t look cool.
Also, I use this page as a sort of pumpkin carving resume, so that if someone wants to hire me or have me on their TV show, they know that this is what I do best.
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Ray Villafane has been making rounds with his amazing zombie pumpkin sculpture, but there are more artists making mindblowing Jack O’ Lanterns.
Text and photographs describe the activities in a pumpkin patch, as pink-colored seeds become fat pumpkins, ready to be carved into jack-o’-lanterns.
I now use this book every fall with primary (K through 3rd grade) students as we learn about pumpkins in the days before our own Pumpkin Patch field trip.
The Pumpkin Patch is very educational for children (and adults!) old enough to understand the text and how the sequence of photographs relate to each other.
The text is direct, going through the stages of pumpkin growth; from seed to harvest, for sale at the Pumpkin Patch, and carving into a jack o’lantern.
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NASA’s website says “active regions on the sun combined to look something like a jack-o-lantern’s face.
Take a look at what scientists at NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured on Wednesday, October 8th.
(WITI) — As Halloween approaches, it’s clear even space can be a little spooky.
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If you are planning to take a stab at carving a pumpkin this year, take a look at these 15 outrageous carvings to get you motivated.
This year I put my youngest in this adorable fall outfit that my oldest daughter wore in her pumpkin patch pictures when she was a toddler, and made a trip to the mountains to find a pumpkin patch.
Where we live, you can get a good old fashioned farm for a half-day outing, a street corner covered over in hay, or a mound taller than a man at the neighborhood grocery store (this is true, we made a whole guide to East Bay pumpkin patches).
Great suggestion! We went to the pumpkin patch last week and got some of my favorite pictures of the Wee One.
It is so true, I going to the pumpkin patch, I guess it is the hue of orange, it is the best lighting.
on the list! head to the half moon bay pumpkin patch and prop my kids up on stacks of hay or pumpkins bigger than their head.
Last year’s world record holder was Ron Wallace with a 1502 pound pumpkin at the Rhode Island Weighoff on October 7, 2006.
Cristy’s new world record pumpkin, beat the previous record of 1689 pounds in 2007, held by Joe Jutras from North Scituate, Rhode Island.
On October 11, 2013, Tim brought his now world record 2032 pound pumpkin to the Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park Weigh-off at Morgan Hill, Ca.
They brought their record breaking 1,818.5 pound giant pumpkin to the Prince Edward County Pumpkinfest weigh, on October 15, 2011.
Note: This is the first time the world record has come from Canada, since Al Eaton broke the record in 2004 with a 1446 pound pumpkin.
The 2009 world record breaker was Christy Harp with a 1,725 pound pumpkin.
Those who seek mammoth size pumpkins and strive to break the record themselves, use the Atlantic Giant pumpkin  seeds exclusively, in their efforts.
Christy Harp brought a 1,725 pound pumpkin to the Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers  (OVGPG) Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off on Saturday, October 3, 2009.
After a one year respite, the annual event of breaking the world record weight for giant pumpkins was renewed.
Breaking the world record pumpkin weight has become an annual event.
Unforgettable images of Pumpkin Fest plus our original Let it Shine anthem features memorable comments from the original 4,000+ member Facebook page, "Help! Don’t ever cancel the Keene Pumpkinfest." Yes, it was Facebook that started the spark that saved Keene Pumpkin Festival.
Ray Villafane and his team of professional sculptors, from Michigan, meticulously carve pumpkins using spoons and scalpels.
Thanks to Alfie53 for sending us this super pumpkin picture! This pumpkin-costumed Smighty is a great entry for the Design a Spooky Smighty Contest.
The prizes are 12 month’s Membership, a Herotopia bag & having your Smighty added to Herotopia! Good luck.
Just email a picture of a spooky Smighty you designed to community@herotopia.com by October 31st.
Would you have any advice for someone (like me) who only has the use of a cell phone camera and would like to successfully take a similar type photo as these examples? I have an ible idea but thus far I cannot get a useable photo of my light project in the dark.
Why? Because that will leave the F-stop up to the camera, which means that it may choose a large aperture (low F-stop number), which may give you a shallow depth of field, which may leave parts of the subject which you may want to be in focus to become blurry and out of focus.
I actually used the "Tv" setting which allows me to set the exposure time and the camera automatically adjusts the F-stop.
Using a tripod (or some other solid surface) is absolutely critical (in my opinion) for taking good pumpkin pictures.
My camera (a digital SLR, Canon 20D) allows a quite high ISO without getting bothersome noise, so I’m not very worried about adjusting the ISO, but of course, on a compact camera like the A70 and similar, the sensor is a lot smaller, and noise is much more of an issue.
Here are some techniques I use with a mid-range digital camera to get great pictures.
A steady camera, long exposure times, and no flashes are the basic ingredients.
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Granddaughter Luna picking out her pumpkin.  Kathy Colleary.
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The eyeball gourds should have stems that are long and sturdy enough to shove into your pumpkin.