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Men can have a really cool look too! The most popular Rockabilly hair styles for men are the Pompadour and the Greaser look! Some great examples are Elivs and James Dean! Take a look at some of these great photos.
When you wear these styles everyone will ask you who did your hair and you can proudly say you did it yourself so scroll down to take a look at some of these great "How To Pin Up Hairstyles Up" tutorial videos I have provided.
If you want to stand out from the rest, you can have the Bad Girl look called "Psychobilly Hairstyles" and have jet black hair color with manic panic vampire red.

I my snood; she does wonderful work 😀 Vintage Retro Pinup Hair Snood in Warm Red Crocheted from 1940's Design.

Yon can get front bangs and roll them up, or color some part of your hair neon blue to look bold and beautiful.
What is it about the 1950s that makes it such a cool age for new hairstyles? The rock ‘n’ roll movement certainly played a big part, with many of its stars wearing their hair in fresh fashions.
Bring out your feminine side with lots of waves and loose pinned up front hair.
Neon blue looks cool in a roll with the rest of your hair long, black, and flowing.
Carrot hair swept up from the brow makes a great vintage look with retro glasses.
Rolled up hair in front goes well with a back-roll for a picture-perfect vintage look.
Long or short, medium-length or wavy hair, every kind looks superb with the rolls and pinned up styles.
You can also make rolls on the side of your hair and make front bangs.
Pin some front hair back in a low roll to go with your punk get-up.
Rock this style with high pinned up hair for a tough girl look.
Look super-vintage with rolled-up front bangs and thick long hair.
You can pinup some of the hair into a roll and leave the rest open.
Pinup your hair in front and on the sides to get this super-feminine look.
Show off your attitude with this pinned up style for your blonde hair.

However, the site now has 100 other articles and pictures about rockabilly, from one extreme to the other.  From punk clothing to psychobilly music, to opinion pieces.
At first, Rockabilly Hairstyles was just going to show how to create 1940s styles.  This site still does that.

Want! Bumper bangs! Mentioned can be done without cutting hair.
Love the hair style, with darker hair.
!!!!!!!! When my hair grows out can't wait to do this.

"I kind of knew that girl—she's a total impersonation of various people whom I would find personally excruciating," says Blunt, who is also a 2007 Golden Globe winner for her performance in the BBC drama Gideon's Daughter.
You know her as … the cold-eyed young Brit who stole The Devil Wears Prada, delivering the performance most comically evocative of what editorial assistants are really like at … oh, certain publishing companies we've heard of.

3 Quick and easy rockabilly hairstyles for Betty Bangs.
3 Quick and easy rockabilly hairstyles for Betty Bangs.
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The beehive is definitely not the iconic pin-up hair style (as it developed in the 1960’s not the 1940’s).
Their hair styles are so fun because you can have funky colors, big victory rolls and more and it’s still so feminine.
I will run through them below, but I will warn you that they won’t have as much of an effect as if you do the hair properly, however if you are a real novice, these tips below will really help.
They’re are the basis for a great traditional vintage style and they’re very easy to do once you get the hang of it.

Starting from the middle of your head, comb your hair towards to the front using your fingers.
Work it through the sides and top of your hair, being careful to avoid the front section of your hair.
Apply a small amount of styling putty to your fingertips and rub your hands together for a few seconds.
We’re going back in time for this hairstyle tutorial, specifically the 1950s, with this new take on the retro "rockabilly" hairstyle that rock n’roll legend Elvis was known for.
Put a small amount of styling putty onto your fingertips and rub your hands together for a few seconds.
Starting from your forehead, comb your hair upwards and backwards using your fingers.
Comb the front section of hair up and back, sculpting the hair into position.

No discussion of 1940’s hairstyles would be complete without the victory roll hairstyle.  To create a victory roll, style hair in pin curls and remove pins as instructed above.  Part your hair as you usually do.  Section off hair behind each ear, and let the back hang normally.  On one side, brush the section of hair up high and straight out.  Spray with a little hairspray to keep ends in place.  Using fingers, curl the section upward so that it curls in on itself and the ends are in the innermost part of the roll.  Pin in place on top of the head using hair pins.
Here's how to recreate the top reverse roll.  Set hair in rollers with all rolls going away from the face.  Take rollers out, and make a part on each side of the head from front to back, and a third part across the back.  This will give you a rectangular patch of hair that you can hold straight up off the top of your head.  Brush this section forward and put pins on both sides of the section.  Roll loosely toward the back with the ends remaining inside the roll.  Pin roll in place crosswise with bobby pins.  Depending on your face shape, you may need to make the section of hair in the roll smaller or larger.  This is a style of 1940s hair that really shows off your face.
It would be hard to find more glamorous looks than 1940’s vintage hairstyles.  With pin curls and updos with side rolls, 1940’s vintage hairstyles were meant to be noticed.  Two popular 1940s vintage hairstyles are the pompadour for women, which pairs “big hair” in front with sleek hair in back, and the basic updo.  Both are glamorous styles for when you need to look chic and polished.
Recreating 1940’s retro hairstyles is not as labor intensive today, because we have modern technology such as curling irons and personal hair dryers.  Getting that deep side parted Veronica Lake “peek-a-boo bang” style doesn’t require sleeping in curlers.  Creating 1940’s victory rolls or pompadours takes some practice—however, people will appreciate the effort you put into these retro hairstyles, because they look sexy and up-to-the-minute when paired with modern fashions.
To begin creating a rockabilly hairstyle, section hair, and set in large rollers.  Hot rollers work great, as do regular foam rollers on hair that's slightly damp.  Once your hair is cool (or completely dry) remove the rollers, and back comb the inside of the front curls to create volume.

This works well on straight or wavy hair.  A short layered cut is easily plastered down to the head with wax or pomade with a deep parting and a couple of kiss curls by the ears like Josephine Baker.  For quickness long hair can be worn in a snood at the nape of the neck or can be taken into two high bunches with ribbons, plaited and wrapped across the head.  It’s very important to use accessories like large silk lilies to add glamour, colour, interest and to hide those grips and pins!.  For a land army girl look, tie a triangle scarf up on top of the head leaving out the fringe.
How do I do those rolls waves and curls? A.  Here is a guide to creating those looks…Every professional hairdresser has their own way of doing things – this is what works for me and my clients.  If you have difficulties, get a friend to help your, especially for the back of your hair.  Practice makes perfect so have a few practice runs before an important occasion.  Work on clean hair that has a setting agent added to it.  Hair spray liberally once you have a good effect.
Short layers? A bob? Shoulder length hair? Past the shoulders? Whatever length you have there is likely to be a way of styling it for a good retro effect.  It might not come out completely true to period but remember its an image you are aiming for not an exact historical re-creation.  Also the finished style might not look so good once you’ve slept on it, so involved styles are probably best kept for special evenings rather than everyday wear.
The 40’s typically saw side parted longer hair with height in the front and at the sides with height rolls cascading waves and curls at the back.  Backcombing didn’t come into fashion till much later but you can cheat a bit to add fullness to thin hair as long as you disuise it well!  Another look of this time was to have a chignon at the back and tight curls on top – sides to be sleek.
Spice things up for the evening with a headband and a feather and you have the great silent screen goddess image.  The 30’s had hair quite neat and as flat to the head as possible.  Try pin curls or barrell curls (see below).
In addition to a shampoo and conditioner, you’ll need a firm hold setting agent such as mousse or setting lotion, serum for gloss and to ease frizz, plus a STRONG hair spray.  I tend to prefer the wetter non aerosol sprays because they give me a few seconds to adjust the style before drying rock hard into an all day hold that washes out.

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Evenly distribute a moderate amount of stand tough extreme gel through damp hair from scalp to ends.

If you choose a classic rockabilly hairstyle, you can go two ways–stick strictly to the look or modernize a bit by following the style but making everything looser and using lighter-weight styling products.
You can find handmade and vintage hair accessories online at sites such as Etsy which has shops like Bustling Blossoms that feature flower headbands, clips, and bobby pins as well as hair accessories with other unique items.
Scour thrift and vintage stores for this classic suit; if it’s in good shape, fits well or can be easily altered, snap it up.[1] Western suits are another way to add variety to your wardrobe and can be found easily online and in specialty stores.
For dressier occasions, choose a slim-fit suit to show rockabilly style with class.
The rockabilly look comes with a distinctive makeup style so proper application is key to an authentic appearance.

You’re going to want this hair to dry that gel in there a little bit.
Or does he want it a little bit more natural so the night is going to just sort of break it open a little bit.
So why not let professional stylist April Barton teach you how to look your best, whether it’s finding the best haircut for your face, hiding thinning hair, or knowing the correct way to trim a beard or sideburns.
Learn how to do rockabilly hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.
I’m going to just pivot it through the power dried hair.
I’m going to create a little bit of height.

Some key words to describe rockabilly hair can be: two or more colors, curls, faux bangs, victory rolls, snoods, flowers, long, short… you name it.
If your hair is very long, it can be a bit hard to roll it up to victory rolls or other rockabilly-ish hairstyles, but there’s nothing wrong with long luscious curled hair! This hairstyle is quite easy to do, and it works perfect with a side swept fringe or a Bettie bang.
The faux bangs are great if you really want to try out a rockabilly inspired fringe, but you’re not ready to cut your hair into a actual fringe.
It’s okay to have bright green and black hair, and it’s okay to have a massive heavy fringe with huge bouncy curls down your shoulders.
My problem is my hair! I have very short (pixie cut with long side fringe) dark brunette hair, so I have a problem styling it in a rockabilly way.

Perfectly inline with 2012’s slick and wet hair trends, the Proenza Schouler hairstyle has little in common with the other rockabilly up-dos – instead of replicating and adapting a men’s hairstyle for women, hairstylist Paul Hanlon created a far more realistic interpretation of a woman’s rockabilly hairstyle for Proenza Schouler.
An interpretation of rockabilly hair that’s better suited to the catwalks than the streets, this Jeremy Scott hairstyle depends on ringlets for the side and backcombing to create the ‘bouffant’ effect.
With elements of women’s 1950s fashion present, particularly with an androgynous edge, on the spring 2012 catwalks an interpretation of women’s rockabilly hair was bound to make an appearance.
If style pundits were in any doubt as to the status of the rockabilly hair revival that has been gradually gaining momentum over the last two years, then the display of 1930s through 1950s-inspired retro hair at the menswear fashion shows over the past few years was the final proof they needed.
Proenza Schouler’s spring / summer ’12 collection also took inspiration from the 1950s and Elvis to create a very different interpretation of the rockabilly hairstyle.
Jeremy Scott’s spring 2012 collection took the classic rockabilly hairstyle to exaggerated proportions, accentuating every element including its American origins in a hairstyle that was dubbed Country Barbie.

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This style has tons of volume and height at the front of your hair and recedes into shorter hair at the back and sides of your head.
Rockabilly hair is all about dramatic height, rolls, and pinned bangs.
Ask A Hairstylist – Q&A New hairstyles for waist length hair?Bangs with glasses?Hair extensions damaged my hair.
This look is all about the bangs! To achieve your own Betty Page hair, ask your stylist to cut your bangs into that famous “U” shape.
This style has the hair swept upward from the face and worn high over the forehead.
Blow-dry your hair straight with a round brush to create volume at the front.
The best thing about the quiff, is how flattering it is! It makes you appear taller and your face appear smaller, making this the best rockabilly hairstyle for anyone with a round face shape.
Tease the front sections and the sides of your hair.
Run gel over the sides of your head to keep the rest of your hair slicked down.
With your comb, tease the hair at the front of your head.
If you have medium to long hair, style the rest of your hair into a low ponytail or bun.

I decided to show these styles in particular, because I think it’s important to have fun with your hair, and you really don’t NEED to have Bettie bangs and super long perfectly curled hair or victory rolls to be a rockabilly girl.

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 For this style, I took John’s hair extremely close on the sides and back (buzzed to the skin with a a trimmer blade — the tightest clipper option).
Much of the blending, for this haircut, is accomplished through styling (we blow-dried the hair with a metal vent brush to add height and finished up with American Crew Pomade.
 I like this cut as it combines extreme scalp exposure on the sides and back and exaggerated length on top.
 This is one of my favorite variations of the pompadour haircut, dubbed the Military Rockabilly (a term created by me for this particular client).