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“Black seamen – or "Black Jacks" as African sailors were known – enjoyed a refreshing world of liberty and equality.
“one captain, seizing the line-knife from his broken prow, had dashed at the whale, as an Arkansas duelist at his foe, blindly seeking with a six-inch blade to reach the fathom-deep life of the whale.
“They don’t take the Bible as a general thing, sailors don’t; though I will say that I never saw the man at sea who didn’t give it the credit of being an uncommon good yarn.

My favorite aspect of sailing quotes (or just quotes related to the sea or water in general) are how they can be interpreted in so many ways.
Great lens! Thank you for capturing and sharing these quotes.
These are great quotes from some of the most well known sailors ever.
Just reading these quotes is reminding me to go read Moby Dick, a book I’ve had sitting around my apartment for the past few years since it was given to me.
Here are the top ten sailing quotes of all time.
Great lens, reminds me of when I took sailing lessons years ago, such a great feeling.
These are very interesting quotes, loved all of them; very inspiring for all the sailors.
On the topic of music, it is one thing I have noticed in a lot of music, whether it’s underground or more mainstream: the topic of the sea and especially "sinking ships." It’s almost bizarre how the ocean is one of the few natural features on the Earth that gets so much attention in art and poetry.
These are some of the most famous and re quoted sailors quotes ever.
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"There is nothing like lying flat on your back on the deck, alone except for the helmsman aft at the wheel, silence except for the lapping of the sea against the side of the ship.
Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off–then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.
"I’ll not do it," says I; "besides, you’re not tellin’ me what you’ll be doin’ with them." "But I will tell yeh," says O’Sullivan; "I’m wantin’ to throw ’em over the side." And with that I turns to walk away, but O’Sullivan says, very polite and seducin’-like, still a-stroppin’ the razor, "Mr.
“Says O’Sullivan to me, "Mr.
“A pair of workman’s brogans encased my feet, and for trousers I was furnished with a pair of pale blue, washed-out overalls, one leg of which was fully ten inches shorter than the other.
“The first glance at the pillow showed me a repulsive sentinel perched upon each end of it–cockroaches as large as peach leaves–fellows with long, quivering antennae and fiery, malignant eyes.
I am told the curious fact that in the English army at the present day officers are expected to act very much after the teaching of the old Norse poet; a man is expected to be able on occasion to drink a considerable amount of wine or spirits without showing the effects of it, either in his conduct or in his speech.
My absolute favorite part of Comic-Con is seeing, like, a ‘Mass Effect’ guy hanging out with a ‘Sailor Moon,’ and they’re just having a great time.
No man will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into a jail; for being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned… a man in a jail has more room, better food, and commonly better company.
Although as a sailor I despised politics – for I loved my sailor’s life and still it today – conditions forced me to take up a definite attitude towards political problems.
One of the things that makes our military the best in the world is the certain knowledge of each soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine that they can always count on their comrades should they need help – that they will never be abandoned.
He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.
I have always found it difficult to wait for things – whether it was to see my father or sailor brother, Alan, again after their long sea trips, or the chance of a better job, or even new curtains.
We are imprisoned in the realm of life, like a sailor on his tiny boat, on an infinite ocean.
As I’ve grown – dare I say it – older, I had hopes of indulging my dreams of being a sailor.
He is the best sailor who can steer within fewest points of the wind, and exact a motive power out of the greatest obstacles.
It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean.
I cuss like a sailor; I smoked cigarettes for many years but quit and have never looked back; also, I ride a motorcycle… in Los Angeles… so there ya go.
‘Sailor Moon’ was my favorite cartoon of all time, and I’m still kind of obsessed with it.
I got a part as a chorus girl in a show called Every Sailor and I had fun doing it.
What do you want to be a sailor for? There are greater storms in politics than you will ever find at sea.
Wind to a sailor is what money is to life on shore.
A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
As a kid, I had a sailor shirt and the same old corduroy pants, and that’s what I wanted to wear everyday.
The Ancient Mariner would not have taken so well if it had been called The Old Sailor.
"I am a citizen of the most beautiful nation on earth, a nation whose laws are harsh yet simple, a nation that never cheats, which is immense and without borders, where life is lived in the present.
"The ocean has always been a salve to my soul…the best thing for a cut or abrasion was to go swimming in salt water.
"There is little man has made that approaches anything in nature, but a sailing ship does.
"A tradewind starts gently, without gusts — a huge ocean of air that slowly and resolutely begins to move with ever-increasing strength.
"The desire to build a house is the tired wish of a man content thenceforward with a single anchorage.
"Any damn fool can navigate the world sober.
"I can’t wait for the oil wells to run dry, for the last gob of black, sticky muck to come oozing out of some remote well.
“When a man comes to like a sea life, he is not fit to live on land.”- Dr.
“Out of sight of land the sailor feels safe.
“He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea.” – Dr.
GREAT website – am preparing a retirement speech for a 30-year soon to retire Sailor ! Thanks.
“Any damn fool can navigate the world sober.
“It isn’t that life ashore is distasteful to me.
Wall Quote Decal – "A Smooth Sea never made a skilled sailor." – English Proverb.
Wall Quote Decal – "A Smooth Sea never made a skilled sailor." – English Proverb.
Sailor Anchor quote painting on canvas by LovePurpleLiveGold, $15.00. A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.
this is how i felt when my sailor walked away from me to leave for deployment….but you just have to stay strong and wave and smile and turn your head so he doesnt see the tears running down your cheek so he doesnt say hes sorry because you know he cant help it and you may need him but his country needs him more right now.
#Leadership >> I like this one a lot – A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.
Johnson: "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea." Boswell: "Lord Mansfield does not." Johnson: "Sir, if Lord Mansfield were in a company of General Officers and Admirals who have been in service, he would shrink; he’d wish to creep under the table." Boswell: ""No; he’d think he could try them all." Johnson: "Yes, if he could catch them: but they’d try him much sooner.
As to the sailor, when you look down from the quarter deck to the space below, you see the utmost extremity of human misery; such crouding, such filth, such stench!" Boswell: "Yet sailors are happy." Johnson: "They are happy as brutes are happy, with a piece of fresh meat, –with the grossest sensuality.
Sailor: [Sailor talking about Lula’s Cousin Dell] Too bad he couldn’t visit that old Wizard of Oz, and get some good advice.
Bobby Peru: Ya know, I sure do like a girl with nice tits like yours who talks tough and looks like she can fuck like a bunny.
Lula: One of these days the sun’s gonna come up and burn a hole clean through the planet like a giant electrical x-ray.
Sailor: This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief… in personal freedom.
Sailor: [to Lula] The way your head works is God’s own private mystery.
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Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice.
Sailor Moon: I am Sailor Moon! I stand for love.
Sailor Moon: Better enjoy that laugh, Beryl.
Prince Darien: Very impressive, you didn’t land a single punch.
Sailor: [Sailor talking about Lula's Cousin Dell] Too bad he couldn't visit that old Wizard of Oz, and get some good advice.
Sailor: This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it's a symbol of my individuality, and my belief… in personal freedom.
Sailor: [to Lula] The way your head works is God's own private mystery.
Sailor: I'd like to apologize to you gentlemen for referring to you all as homosexuals.
"Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made."   Robert N.
"There are only two colors to paint a boat, black or white, and only a fool would paint a boat black."   Nathanael G.
 “There’s no thrill in easy sailing when the skies are clear and blue, there’s no joy in merely doing things which any one can do.
Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.   Robert N.
 "Cruising has two pleasures.
It is the beach that worries him."   Charles G.
Usagi Tsukino – Eternal Sailor Moon: I’m Usagi Tsukino, 16 years old, in the first year of high school.
Melville essentially argues that Claggart’s hatred of Billy stems from Billy’s very “harmlessness.” In other words, Claggart’s “spontaneous and profound” hatred rises due to Billy’s “mere aspect”—something in Billy’s nature, or his innocent face, but nothing to do with any ill will on Billy’s part.
This passage occurs in Chapter 9, when Billy, baffled about why he seems to be having so many problems on the ship, asks the Dansker for advice, and receives the old sailor’s warning that Claggart (called “Jemmy Legs” by the men) is his enemy.
“And now, Dansker, do tell me what you think of it.”The old man, shoving up the front of his tarpaulin and deliberately rubbing the long slant scar at the point where it entered the thin hair, laconically said, “Baby Budd, Jemmy Legs is down on you.””Jemmy Legs!” ejaculated Billy, his welkin eyes expanding.
Vere equates Billy with an “angel of God,” but at the same time says that even if a real angel of God had committed murder on his ship, the angel would have to hang.
Melik: From a thousand tiny islands, all of a contour, can you select the exact isle? Where is it – East, West, North, South? As close as you think or as far as you suppose? No, you’ll never find the isle of Dariabar without the benevolence of Prince Ahmed and myself.
Title Card: O Masters, O Noble Persons, O Brothers, know you that in the time of the Caliph Harun-Al-Rashid, there lived on the golden shore of Persia a man of adventure called Sinbad the Sailor.
Since 1933, he has been adapted into several other media, including theatrical animated shorts, animated television series, radio programs, feature films, and more.
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I’m so in love with my sailor, yet we’re always apart, and though the days are hard, he’s always in my heart.
I have the mouth of a sailor, the temper of an Italian housewife, and the tolerance of an Irishman.
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Im a Basset Hound aficionado with a mouth like a Syphilitic sailor.
Unrelenting, often empty, sail on, sail on, sailor.
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General References Appearances Gallery Quotes Credits   ◄ 1001 Arabian Nuts: Apu Baba and the Four Thieves 1001 Arabian Nuts: Sinbart the Sailor Classically Illustrated No.
From a plaque reportedly hung in the CCP of the Soviet Yankee class ballistic missile submarine scuttled by her CO in October 1986 after a devastating missile explosion and fire in order to save his crew from having to re-board the boat without adequate life support equipment (OBA canisters) as they were ordered to do by Moscow.
Leaving Pearl Harbor, summer of 1972, enroute to WestPac, we had a midshipman on board.  While at periscope depth and the mishipman manning the scope, he yelled out "permission to lower the scope", ducked, then the perscope hit a log.
Aluminum is a great hypoallergenic alternative to sterling silver, you get the nice silvery shine without the high price! Though aluminum will never tarnish (unlike most metals) it can still use some lovin.
Aluminum is a very light weight and soft metal, everyday wear may cause small scratches over time, but nothing that is very noticeable.
For years of wearing take aluminum pieces off for hand washing (rings only) and other contact with water.
I do use a process that makes the darkened in areas more permanent, however your piece will last longer if you try to avoid water.
 Leonardo da Vinci quotes (Italian draftsman, Painter, Sculptor, Architect and Engineer whose genius epitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal.
 Honore de Balzac quotes (French Novelist He developed the realistic novel describing French society in Comedie Humaine (1841).
 John Locke quotes (English Philosopher who made great contributions in studies of politics, government and psychology.
 Winston Churchill quotes (British Orator, Author and Prime Minister during World War II.
"In recognising presence awareness, there is no ‘thing’ to see, just natural non-conceptual seeing, actually as it is without subject or object.
Failing to recognise naturalness (the unity of appearance and emptiness, space and its content), delusion happens and there is a grasping of or fixation on appearance – me and the other, a seeming duality.
It can never be filled or emptied of things, for things appearing in emptiness have no independent nature of themselves, and so in reality things are the same emptiness – appearing as other.Every thing perceived is emptiness.
It is a valuable pointer only if in looking or seeing there is a recognising of the actuality of this natural emptiness.
Being empty of a subject or object, it is emptiness seeing (cognising emptiness).
Every thing comes from, appears in, and returns to this natural emptiness.
The coming and going of things is transience, but the cognising emptiness, being empty, does not come and go.
Without that fixation there is freedom as naturalness, delusion dissolves and evenness (non-duality) remains – the natural state, simply this, nothing else.
Realise that the conceptual thinker and conceptual thoughts seemingly obscure the non-conceptual natural state.
" Motivation and inspiration energize people, not by pushing them in the right direction as control mechanisms do but by satisfying basic human needs for achievement, a sense of belonging, recognition, self-esteem, a feeling of control over one’s life, and the ability to live up to one’s ideals.
" To work effectively as an agent of change in a pluralistic society, it is necessary to be able to connect with people different from oneself.
" A leader is best when people barely know he exists, not so good when people obey and acclaim him, worse when they despise him.
" Good leaders make people feel that they’re at the very heart of things, not at the periphery.
" When enthusiasm is inspired by reason; controlled by caution; sound in theory; practical in application; reflects confidence; spreads good cheer; raises morale; inspires associates, arouses loyalty; and laughs at adversity, it is beyond price.
But of a good leader who talks little when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, we did it ourselves.