scary things to do at night

Remember, the dark seems more intense in the woods where there are no lights or other people.
You know these stories, but have you read them? The old fashioned language gives these novels a Gothic and dark flavor.
Murder in the Dark is the probably the most fun game to play at night.
Dark caverns, bats, eerie sounds, echoes, being below the surface–what could be a spookier place.
We like the spooky feeling of being in the dark or hearing about the supernatural.
Kids to hear ghost stories and get goosebumps and jump at the parts that go "BOO!" Grab some youngster friendly books and read them aloud till you get the shivers.
The classic stories of ghostly pirates, dark rooms, and haunted graveyards.

1. My co-worker’s four year old daughter always thought that the rattling of the water pipes in the kitchen cupboards were ‘white wolves’ and the sound always scared her.
A Reddit user asked people on the social media website to share stories of the creepiest things their kids have ever said.
7. Just a couple of months ago, my two-year-old daughter and I were in her darkened bedroom as she was getting ready to sleep.

I personally do not believe in this theory, but the composer himself, his wife, and hundreds of other people commit suicide right after listening to this song.
It's a theory that if anyone listens to this song, he or she will immediately commit suicide afterwards.

When planning a slumber party, simple activities involving dress up and gossip should only take up a small part of the party’s festivities.
Without any activities designed to scare and thrill your party guests, a slumber party ceases to be a slumber party.
Make your friends scream by playing scary at your slumber party.
Therefore, make sure you have plenty of scary activities to terrify your party guests.

EDIT – I realise maybe this post comes across as a bit aggressive or judgemental, but it just really annoys me when people talk about Ouija Boards with a ‘you-don’t-know-what-you-getting-yourself-into-but-I-do-because-I-am-apparently-more-in-touch-with-ghosts-than-you’ attitude.
EDIT – I realise maybe this post comes across as a bit aggressive or judgemental, but it just really annoys me when people talk about Ouija Boards with a ‘you-don’t-know-what-you-getting-yourself-into-but-I-do-because-I-am-apparently-more-in-touch-with-ghosts-than-you’ attitude.
But don’t go around preaching ‘OMG Don’t use a Ouija Board, its TOTES not safe!’ because most people realise that it is, in fact, completely and utterley safe.
But don’t go around preaching ‘OMG Don’t use a Ouija Board, its TOTES not safe!’ because most people realise that it is, in fact, completely and utterley safe.
Cemetaries are creepy at night! My friends and I went on a ghost hunt once, we didn’t find a ghost but we did see a bunch of bunnies and heard a fox or two.
There was a place near my town called NPDC, North Princeton Detention Center or "Skillmans." It was a village sized insane asylum and it was the horror movie cliched, completely and randomly abandoned.
"Oh btw, there’s always cops here." The one kid Eric, started flipping out that he’s going to jail if they caught him there one more time.
1.) Hide n Seek at night Set up ground rules of how far people are allowed to hide and a time limit.
We found Eric in a bush with a twisted ankle and a gash down his face and two others who "didn’t feel like running," got driven home in cop cars.

ITT creepy ritual/games to do at night like three kings and the midnight game.
>Team B guides by touching (or breathing on) the victim’s ears.
>Team D guides by kicking or otherwise touching the victim’s legs.
ITT creepy ritual/games to do at night like three kings and the midnight game.
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Sorry, I forgot they stopped teaching numbers above fifty-nine, and that cellphones with back-lighting and working clocks are illegal.
> Team A guides the player by brushing their hands.

the reason for the candle is that if it goes out it means the midnight man is nearby, you only have 10 second to relight the candle, if you can't do that, then quickly make a circle around yourself with the salt… but if you can't do that…. they say the midnight man makes you go through this terrible hallucination where you experience all of you worst, deepest fears, some aren't affected in the long run by it, most are somehow mentally scarred, but there's an unlucky few that have died from the midnight man's attacks.
Oh a few other things, if you do have to do the salt circle thing, you cannot leave it for any reason until the end, you just have to sit inside it, also a couple other ways to detect the Midnight Man, is strange whispering, and a pure black outline of a man in the darkness.
1-Find out Victoria's Secret 2-Goto a public place & go around asking people what they would do for a Klondike bar 3-Play doom II on Nightmare 4-Get hit in the crotch by the Hulk 5-Go down town, walk around in a white shirt w/ a target painted on it & scream the "N" word continuasly 6-When you die, you figure out that God WAS real & the there IS a hell.
I forget exactly how you start it, but basically you summon this thing into your house called "The Midnight Man" and you have to walk around the house with no lights on the only things you can have are a lit candle, something to light the candle, and salt.
The object of the game is to make it to 3:33 with a lit candle, the ones in the salt circles are second up, and finally, the midnight man's victims are last.

During October nights, Knott’s Berry Farm turns into Knott’s Scary Farm Haunt, complete with haunted houses, creepy corn mazes and terrifying rides.
This year, on the Saturday before Halloween, take part in the Slumber Fest, which includes a midnight scavenger hunt, trick-or-treating, a costume contest, crazy performances and haunted houses.
Halloween is the one time of year when you can dress up however you want, scare yourself silly (everyone likes being scared once in a while) and just generally experience really creepy things, so we think it’s officially our favorite holiday of the year.

Hold a candlelit dinner party with your friends – you could ask for a small contribution to help raise funds.
Improve your low light photography skills and take snaps of your candlelit evening, wildlife or the stars and share them with us.

You should know that I’ve always had nightmares, terrible, awful, vivid dreams, but the first night in that house, they just got soooo much worse.
A single bloody hand came around the corner of the door, and I screamed and ran out of the room, down the stairs, and down into the basement and jumped into bed with my mother and step father.
My brother Ethan had just been born, my step father had just gotten home from his service in Iraq, and my mother was about to live her dream of owning an old colonial house.
When she was on the phone, I told her in vivid detail what had happened since I first burned the sage in the house.
To see if this was true, I tired cleansing the house, just in case, by burning sage and going from room to room.
Ever since I as little, I could walk into a house and tell you if someone died there or not, and tell you how they died, who they were, when they died, how old they were, what they looked like, if they were good or bad, anything.
Had I known what awaited me in the next house, though, I would have gladly gone back to live with my step grandparents and would have willingly slept IN that closet with the thing in it.
My step father used his cell phone to search for and contact a psychic medium to come and cleanse the house for us, to get rid of the evil.
I could immediately feel peace settle over the house, something I hadn’t felt in weeks since I first awakened the foul thing from Hell.
The things that go bump in the night, the monsters under your bed, the thing in your closet, the creature with the red eyes watching you as you sleep, the things that haunted your childhood, the things that may still haunt you now.
My mother didn’t like the house, neither did I.
It was an old house, and there were two old crawl-spaces for storage in the room.
Remember how I said that all of these creatures feed off of negativity, but one kind is worse than the rest? Well, in this house, there is one of those things.
When the medium arrived at noon two days later, she did a tour of the perimeter of the house, blessing it as she went so nothing evil could escape.
Before she entered the room, she pulled a small leather pouch out of her pocket which she had earlier said contained salt, a small rosary, sage leaves, and tiny pieces of silver.
I explained to her what happened, and she told me not to go into the house.
They couldn’t handle the sad thoughts of two of their four children no longer living with them in this house where they grew up.
She made the whole family wait outside as she entered the house, but of course, I had to come with her.

The first murder saw a robber beating his victim over the head with a tire iron, the second saw a woman decapitate her husband and bury the head and body on separate sides of the road, and the third consisted of poor Bill Cummins being shot and buried in a mud pile.
Legends spawned wildly, and who can blame the legend mongers? Driving through the dark, wooded landscape was enough to give you chills even when it was populated, let alone when you have to drive by boarded up houses standing next to the burnt out hulks of others (the local fire department used some buildings for practice).
It is rumored that the dead of the La Noria cemetery rise at night and walk around the town, and ghostly images frequently show up in photographs in Humberstone.
This New Jersey road winds through 7 miles of countryside, and along that stretch it gives us no definitive clues as to the origin of its eerie name (for those wondering, Shades of Death is not a nickname given by locals, but is in fact the road’s official moniker).
However, after several heavy blows (including the Great Depression), the business declined and then collapsed in 1958, and the town of Humberstone and it’s surrounding towns were abandoned by 1960.
The mines were used to dig out minerals from Paris’ varied sediment (the location where Paris is was submerged for millions of years), and the tunnels are what got left behind.
The validity of this last claim is up for debate, but none can deny that legends or not, Stull Cemetery is a terrifying place to be.

Distract yourself not only with happy thoughts, but technology! When you’re watching a movie (obviously not a scary or sad one) you are much more positive.
Once again, happy, calming thoughts are the first defense against the intruding, scary ones, so find a source of these.
You may be accustomed to staring at a certain scary spot in your room, e.g. out of the door and into the dark hallway, to search it for monsters.
If you have scary posters or a lot of dark colors up in your room, it’s time to change things up a bit.
Get in the habit of laughing at these things, and soon enough, you’ll trick your mind into thinking they are funny instead of scary.

Place your hand out infront of you,palms down.Close your eyes and imagine theres some type of weigh on your left or right hand example- imagine theres 3 large rocks placed on your left hand.Now imagine theres something light (like a feather) on your right hand,now open your eyes.If your hands are still level then it means you are good at mind games.If your left hand had dropped slightly and your right hand is raised slightly then it means you have a good imagination.If your right hand has dropped slightly and your left hand is raised then it means you get slightly confused when playing these games.
The story-teller makes these “come hither” gestures above and below the other person’s hands, and usually, what happens is the hands of the person standing against the wall will rise without being touched… I loved that one too, it freaked people out.
Place a candle on the middle of the plate and tell the person you are going to hypnotize to look directly into your eyes and do every thing you do.Tell them to follow your lead and act as though you are rubbing the bottom of the plate in a clock wise motion get them to do the same for real.
Its a game where you ask someone random questions and if you think the person is lying (just by the way they act or if they hesitate to answer) you stick them in a dark closet for 3 minutes and take turns telling scary stories outside.
We used to play a game where someone would lay face down on the carpet, and then another person would stand in front of them while holding their hands so that their upper body was held off the ground about a foot.
Then tell them to dip their finger in the “Water” and make circle around their face and then tell them to dip their finger in the water again and tell them to put a circle on each cheek and then just keep telling them to put the water on their face in odd shapes.
You lay on the ground while the players walk around the dead man and chant “Dead man! Dead man! How were you killed?” and he replies something like “I got killed by a garbage can” and then they say “Dead man! Dead man! When I count to three, wake up… 1..2..3..” and he gets up with his eyes closed and chases the other players.
it worked because they ‘knew’ where both hands were – over their eyes(that’s why one-on-one worked best, so they knew it wasn’t someone else, plus it meant noone else figured it out from watching) to finish, you brought your other hand up and positioned it, then drew your hand away, tucking in the middle finger as fast as possible(so it looks like both hands were involved).

We support the following browsers: Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
We support the following browsers: Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Come Halloween, you’ll see why Knott’s is the best amusement park in California, because it’s when Knott’s Berry Farm turns into Knott’s Scary Farm.
And let’s not forget why Knott’s Berry Farm is California’s best amusement park–Boysenberry Pie and famous chicken dinner.
Looking for California’s best theme and amusement park? Look no further than Knott’s Berry Farm.

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If you’re looking for scary videos, creepy pictures, or haunted stories, visit Ghosts and Ghost Stories because it is one spooky website has everything you need for a long, cold, and dark winter night.
The Ghost Show is another spooky website that provides scary ghost pictures and their stories, information about haunted places, and details about the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) or ghost voices.

But Valentino wasn’t the ring’s only victim: his lover Pola Negri became gravely ill after wearing the ring, so much so that her career had to be put on the back burner for years and it never fully recovered; Russ Colombo, the actor hired to play Valentino in the biopic of his life wore the ring and was killed in a shooting accident some days later; and the gangster Joe Casino bought the ring and refused to wear it until the curse had faded.
The girls called for a séance, where they were acquainted with a spirit girl called Annabelle Higgins—a seven year girl who had been found murdered on the plot of land the apartment the girls lived in was built on.
Several paranormal investigators believe a female ghost haunts the chair and George’s nickname for the spirit found in this particular room would back that claim up: Spectral Amelia.
The mansion’s last inhabitant, George Meade Easby, (a descendant of seven signers of the Declaration of Independence) died in 2005 but before his death he claimed to have seen many ghostly goings on all around the house—most notably the ghost of his brother, Steven who died suddenly as a young child, his mother and none other than the ghost of Thomas Jefferson himself.
Would you pay $65,000 for a metal walking cane? Especially a haunted one? The ‘Ghost Cane’ was put on eBay by Mary Anderson, a woman from Indiana who hoped the sale would ease the fears of her 6-year-old son who had come to believe that his grandfather’s ghost roamed the family home.
However, the painting attracted some media attention in the 1980s when UK tabloid The Sun ran a story saying that a Yorkshire fire-fighter claimed to have been at the scene of several house fires where the painting had been the only household item left unscathed.

The site has one thing to recommend it – it links to some popular “ghost cams” around the world.
So ease yourself and your friends into a spooky evening with this tame horror trailer site.
Still the beating heart – let’s enter eight scary websites to spook yourself and your friends.
The site hasn’t been updated for a while, but it has an interesting paranormal photo gallery and ghost cam links.
This also needs a bit of updating, but you will find a treasure trove of links here which can take you to other sites like 4Chan and Creepypasta Index.
I am kidding here of course, but these cams are quite serious stuff as they watch over places like a Paris catacomb and even Graceland, waiting for Elvis to arise.
Let me also throw in Shock Till You Drop into the mix if you like to read about horror movies and watch out for what’s coming.
Settle down the heebie-jeebies, share these scary websites with your friends, and have fun with the scary stuff.
I’m a big horror movie buff and would any day prefer to watch a gory bloodbath over the latest teeny bopper.
The idea is similar to the many “choose your adventure” video games popular around us except this is a scare show.
Horror Find says it is the first of its kind horror and Halloween search engine.
We featured this online scare show when we saw 3 Free Interactive Movies On The Web Where You Are In Control.
If you have any questions related to what’s mentioned in the article or need help with any computer issue, ask it on MakeUseOf Answers—We and our community will be more than happy to help.
The channel itself is a series of videos (57 of them so far) that chronicles the mystery behind an amateur film called Marble Hornets.
It’s not going to scare you outright, but could be real handy for ideas when Halloween comes around.

Some say that Strigoi always return to the place where they have their best memories -and taking into account his bizarre pleasure from impaling people, they are convinced that Hunyad Castle is now the home of Dracul’s spirit.
Numerous exorcist rituals have taken place here- but the dark powers of the castle are too strong to banish- or even do battle with, according to Gypsy witches who took place in these rituals.
What doesn’t help this place becoming a popular travel destination is the fact that almost every single tree is decorated with deformed and mutilated dolls.
People have become so superstitious with this island that they believe you must bring a to the island for the dolls in order to ease the spirits.
It’s literally surrounded in a thick cloud of mist that swallows the park entirely, making it the ideal location for anyone with a Halloween mask to scare the living crap out of anyone foolish enough to set foot in that place.
Thousands of people were impaled in the castle and after being imprisoned by János Hunyadi, the crazed warlord couldn’t stop his sadistic urge, as he started impaling the rats in his prison cell instead.
Over 13 storeys high, Hunedorea Castle is not just an intimidating construction, it’s also a place were some very disturbing events took place.
Of course the lethal freak accidents are just rumours, but think about what that park must have cost? There has to be a pretty damn good reason to just pack up and leave it totally abandoned like that, right? What’s also very creepy is that there is no official information about the place… at all.
The forest has a historic association with demons in Japanese mythology and is the second most popular place for suicides in the world (right after the Golden Gate Bridge).

But if you want further proof that it’s us humans doing all the soothsaying, just check out this experiment, where magicians Penn & Teller blindfolded some random people, flipped the Ouija board 180 degrees and had them try to contact the spirit of the guy who played Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy.
You get out the Ouija board, and everyone simply places their hands on an indicator, called a planchette, that moves around a board and points to letters in order to spell out words or phrases.
Maybe not enough for it to work if you were using the board alone (though it is for some people — it’s likely how water dowsing works), but when you get a few people together and they’re all subconsciously pulling, it creates the distinct sensation that the planchette is moving on its own accord.
Your hands move the piece across the Ouija board due to involuntary movements in your muscles, which are called the ideomotor effect.
In theory, ghosts should be able to direct their hands no matter the orientation of the board, right? Turns out, without being able to see the board, they just kinda move their hands to where they think the letters are.
What does this have to do with Bloody Mary? Because our faces don’t have a central point, like that target above, it’s the whole face that starts to blur, or distort, as our brain starts to cancel parts of it out.

Some people have no sense of humour when it comes to being frightened and tend to have heart attacks, instead of laughing.
Scary pranks are quite freaky for some people and caution should be used, in picking your prank-victim.

There, that’s better! Now, with the help of mom, the baby has just experienced calming down after feeling afraid — something that every person needs to learn as they grow up.
About half the kids who took our survey said they’d been teased for being afraid.
Even going alone to a big bathroom — like the kind in school or at the mall — can be scary, according to a few kids.

Very creepy…I guess I have been over reacting all this time about how much it sucks to watch a movie with the hubs.
Whats movie night? My youngest wakes up so early that most nights im out cold by 10 pm.
The Scary Mommy Community is built on support.

Get scared out of your mind at Roca Scary Farm. Admission is $17/person for The Psycho Path and the Zombie Hunt Ride Along or $25/person for The Psycho Path and Zombie Hunt. NOW OPEN on Halloween night! Ticket sales from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm; the farm closes when the last person is scared.

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[–]MeshesAreConfusingAt least they’re predictable.

Skinwalkers – The Navajo Reservation is a beautiful place in the daytime, especially the area between Kayenta and the Utah border (site of the magnificent Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park) and over to the Arizona / New Mexico border.
Honorable Mention: Grand Canyon Skywalk – This new tourist attraction was completed in March 2007, and it’s another place that you may want to avoid if you’re afraid of heights.
Other supposedly haunted places include the Oatman Hotel, the Jerome Grand Hotel, the Museum Club and Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, the Navajo County Courthouse in Holbrook, the Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, the Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, the San Carlos Hotel in downtown Phoenix, the Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone, the Carleton House at Fort Huachuca, the Oliver House and the Clawson House in Bisbee, the Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, the old Pirtleville Cemetery near Douglas, St.
Toroweap Point – This remote area west of Grand Canyon National Park has one of the most breathtaking (literally!) views of the Grand Canyon – with no obstructions, no crowds, and no guardrails.
Ghosts – A ghost that has been dubbed “the Wandering Woman” is said to roam the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Bubonic Plague – Although widely known as a disease of the Middle Ages, the “Black Death” is still found today in the southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California.
The Mogollon Monster – This relative of Bigfoot has long black or dark brown hair, stands 6-8 feet tall, is known to emit an unusual whistle sound or unearthly screech, and has a strong odor like that of a decaying fish.
According to American Indian legend, Navajo Skinwalkers can turn themselves into any wild animal they choose – such as a coyote, a wolf, a dog, a cat, a bear, or other creature.
Aliens and UFO’s – People all over the state have reported seeing UFO’s and strange lights in the sky above Arizona, most notably being the “Phoenix Lights” on March 13, 1997.

After the reception we did what I hope will be a date night tradition – we battled zombies.
Once we’d succeeded in killing zombies and being terrified in mazes, we went to a show.
I love date night so I convinced myself what we would experience was not real, just actors and set pieces.
Disclosure: I was given two passes to Scary Farm plus tickets to the reception for review purposes.

Other Fright Night mazes include Cannibal Clowns, voted by sadistic Movie World patrons as the maze they’d most like to experience based on their childhood fears, and The Ripper Maze.
For the first time, Fright Nights will feature a maze based on an Australian film, with a Wolf Creek 2 Maze bringing the loveable yet psychotic serial killer Mick Taylor to life.
The first is that I’m able to give loyal bmag readers a sneak peek into the event and the second is that I was able to explore the mazes before they are soiled by weak nerved people who have no business being at Fright Night.
Inside the Wolf Creek maze you wander past a broken down car with a nasty surprise, fight your way through a creepy forest and end up in a dark shed where Mick Taylor is preparing to carve up a tortured man who begs for your help (sorry dude, can’t touch the actors).

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