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Game Description Form words by connecting letters across the surface of the ever-changing pile of cubes.

Try to make use of the most valuable letters on the "Double Letter" and "Triple Letter" bonus cubes, and try to save "Double Word" and "Triple Word" bonuses for the most valuable words you can form.
Using a letter on a "Double Word" or "Triple Word" bonus cube will double or triple the cumulative value of the word, respectively.
Form words by linking adjoining letters in this three-dimensional take on everybody’s favorite board game.
SCRABBLE is a trademark of Hasbro in the US and Canada and is used with permission.
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Create as many words as possible in 5 minutes by linking adjacent letter tiles.
Adding to the challenge, players are tempted with bonus cubes containing special values, such as “double word score” or “double letter score,” as in the popular SCRABBLE board game.
SCRABBLE Cubes is a 3-D word game based on Hasbro’s classic crossword board game, in which players achieve high scores by connecting letters to find as many words as possible across the surface of an ever-changing arrangement of cubes.
The game features SCRABBLE tiles with corresponding point values, giving wordsmiths everywhere the opportunity to compete in a modern version of their favorite word game for cash and prizes.
The second game you play is one where you are given a set amount of time to form five letter words from the letters that appear, you see how many 5 letter words you can make before time runs out.
With the simple setup and easy directions, young first-time players will be able to choose a game and play Scrabble Flash in no time at all.
Great for players eight years and older, this game features five SmartLink tiles that keep track of your words and points electronically.
Each person gets a finite amount of time to make a five letter word in the time given then the tiles are passes onto the next player and they are given five new letters.
Scrabble Flash is a great way to get your Scrabble fix if you’re short on time, have nobody to play Scrabble with, or if you’re just looking for a different twist on the game.
In Five Letter Flash, a player finds one five-letter word and then receives five new letters, trying to spell as many words as possible in the allotted 75 seconds.
With only five tiles and a lightweight storage box, Scrabble Flash is both portable and well within the word power of younger players.
Once I managed to get all five electronic Scrabble tiles out of the box (which, believe me, was a massive battle), I really enjoyed this game.
We’ve partnered with WorldWinner to provide you the tournament edition of SCRABBLE® Cubes! Form words by linking adjacent letters in this three-dimensional take on everybody’s favorite board game! Build longer words to get a higher score, and keep your eyes peeled for letter and word multipliers, just like you see in the original game.
Free word fun for your Android.
Vector scrabble cubes Free vector for free download (about 0 files).
Scrabble is a word game for 2 to 4 players scoring points by forming words using individual lettered tiles placed on a game board in crossword fashion.
Boggle is a word game for any number of players by finding words by shaking a tray of cubes with different letters printed on each side.
Word game for 2 to 4 players scoring points by forming words using individual lettered tiles placed on a game board in crossword fashion.
Object Word game for any number of players by finding words by shaking a tray of cubes with different letters printed on each side.
In March, 2005 the company sent a cease-and-desist letter to, a free online Scrabble game created by Jared Klett, who within a month had shut down e-Scrabble and transferred the domain name to Hasbro.
Scrabble Blast is one of three Scrabble game variations at, which offers a free play online.
This Scrabble game, which you can play online or download, has the extra challenge of bomb tiles, which you must "defuse" before they reach the bottom row.
This game is definitely a blast, and addictive as well! It’s very similar to Scrabble Cubes in that you can connect letters in almost any direction and letter tiles are removed after being used, which causes the letters above to drop into place.
Ultimately it seems owners Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla will be forced to sell their online version of scrabble, perhaps to Electronic Arts, who owns the online rights to Hasbro board games.
Some reports speculate the companies might be developing their own versions of online Scrabble, while others predict further cease-and-desist actions against online versions of other classic games.
Meanwhile thousands of fans have answered the call to save Scrabulous by circulating petitions, forming support groups, and even spreading the word about the joys of playing scrabble online through humorous music videos.
The consensus seems to be that the license holders missed the boat by not developing their own versions of online Scrabble sooner, and that bullying Scrabulous will only damage their reputations.
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Because of the way this cube is set up, players will need to use not only spelling skills but also logic skills to receive the highest point value in the game.
The letters and special tiles are actually circles that rotate on each square on the cube which allow easier reading of letters/words during game play.
The letters all need to be in a row (not diagonal), but they can go around the cube allowing for a larger point score.
(We’ve seen this happen with a couple of letters.) The makers of Scruble Cube have taken this into consideration and offer a replacement set of stickers to purchase.
So, not only do I need to come up with words like in Scrabble, but I also need to be able to plan everything out and rotate a cube to be able to score points.

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