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The Tools:  While some are partial to a Mach3 blade, there are newer and sleeker tools specifically designed for head shaving.  From ergonomic handles to easier grips, these products allow deft maneuvering around all kinds of domes.  A targeted tool is worth the if head shaving is going to be a daily task.
We offer the widest selection of premium men’s brands from Jack Black to Molton Brown to Acqua di Parma to Kiehl’s, including our own award-winning shave & hair care solutions.
Men with shaved heads are perceived to be more masculine, dominant and, in some cases, to have greater leadership potential than those with longer locks or with thinning hair, according to a recent study out of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.
In order to ensure a smooth shave and prevent "self-inflicted wounds," keep your scalp muscles relaxed and your skin well-moisturized throughout the shaving process.
Your best bet is to shave in the shower because the feeling of water massaging your head will help relax your scalp muscles, open your pores and follicles, and soften the hair for a smooth shearing by the razor blade.
Why? Well for starters, men opt for the "shaved style" because it looks sharp and intimidating, plus it's practical, easy to maintain, and let's be honest, it knocks another step off one's daily grooming routine.
Working in upward strokes from your neck to the top of your head, shave the hair off the sides of your head.
Learn how to prepare your head for shaving, shave it clean and maintain your shaved look.
There’s no need to use expensive shampoo on a shaved head; instead, you can wash your scalp with body soap or a less expensive shampoo.
Run your head under hot water in the shower for a minute or two to help soften your hair and scalp.
Save the coarser hair toward the back of your head for last, so the lubricant has time to soften it.
Shaving your head can get messy, especially if you’re starting with long hair.
Set your electric clippers to the shortest setting and use them to evenly trim all of the hair on your head to 1/4 inch.
Shaving your head is a sharp, stylish way to cut back on daily grooming annoyances like shampooing, conditioning and styling.
Your shaved scalp is susceptible to getting a bad sunburn, especially if this is your first time shaving.
For example a lieutenant with the American 1st Infantry Division reported that they had encountered "four women in German uniform as snipers in trees and five in the town.
Many French people as well as allied troops were sickened by the treatment meted out to these women accused of collaboration horizontale with German soldiers.
The French, meanwhile, were shocked by the attitude of some American soldiers, who seemed to think that when it came to young French women "everything can be bought".
"I watched an open lorry drive past, to the accompaniment of boos and catcalls from the French populace, with a dozen miserable women in the back, every hair on their heads shaved off.
This maintained that young French women, the lovers of German soldiers, were fighting as snipers against the allies.
In a number of cases, female schoolteachers who, living alone, had German soldiers billeted on them, were falsely denounced for having been a "mattress for the boches".
"We began to giggle, to sing, yell and otherwise show exuberance." But when Pogue reached Paris, he was shaken to find that American military authorities had taken over the Petit Palais and erected a large sign announcing the distribution of free condoms to US troops.
After French troops occupied the Rhineland in 1923, German women who had relations with them later suffered the same fate.
Certainly French men and women found with German weapons were shot on the spot before they had a chance to explain.
And during the second world war, the Nazi state issued orders that German women accused of sleeping with non-Aryans or foreign prisoners employed on farms should also be publicly punished in this way.
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Caprock administrators told Renfro’s parents their daughter couldn’t return to classes Monday because her bald head violated the school’s dress code.
Olson Renfro also made a Facebook peace offering to Caprock Academy, writing that the school was supportive and compassionate to her daughter even while deciding to enforce the dress code.
School administrators met Tuesday evening and by a 3-1 vote approved a waiver to the dress code for exceptional circumstances such as going bald to show solidarity with a cancer patient.
On Tuesday, school administrators relented and allowed Renfro back but not before her upset mother had posted a message about her daughter’s suspension on Facebook.
Caprock third-grader Kamryn Renfro had shaved her head over the weekend to show support for good friend 11-year-old Delaney Clements, who is not a student at Caprock.
The board’s praise for Kamryn was a change in tone from Monday, when Kamryn was not allowed in the classroom when she showed up with a bald head to support her friend, 11-year-old Delaney Clements, who lost her hair because of chemotherapy while battling a rare childhood cancer.
The school allowed Kamryn to return to the classroom on Tuesday and called the special board of directors meeting that resulted in the apology statement.
“Since Delaney is my best friend, I decided to shave my hair because I didn’t want her to be the only one,” Kamryn told ABC News.
Hair department head Michael Kriston got on the phone with us to reveal that, from the moment those clippers made first contact, there was no acting required; a Los Angeles-based stylist named Natasha Newman Thomas volunteered her locks for the sake of the scene.
We don’t just see this woman endure public humiliation for the sake of personal enhancement; Scorsese also holds on her after the crowd’s focus is directed elsewhere, when she sits, dazed, amid the chaos, staring at a wad of bills in her hand as she brushes away long strands of loose hair.
    – What Storm Is This That Blows So (2014) TV episode, Played by Eric Ducote / John L.
    – This Trick May Chance to Scathe You (2014) TV episode, Played by John L.
    – An Old Accustom'd Feast (2014) TV episode, Played by John L.

"Caprock Academy does have a detailed dress code policy, which was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students.
Kamryn’s mother tells 9NEWS that the school headmaster told her Kamryn will be allowed to return to school Tuesday.The school’s board of directors plans to meet Tuesday evening to discuss this situation and the policy.
Turns out, having a shaved head is a violation of the school’s dress code policy.
However, family members say the girl’s school didn’t see it that way and said it violated the dress code policy.
Caprock Academy also said in their statement that sometimes exceptions can be made to the dress code policy under extraordinary circumstances.
However, when Kamryn tried to go back to school at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction this week, she wasn’t allowed in.

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