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To commemorate the occasion, GE partnered with Los Angeles-based boutique shoe company Android Homme and JackThreads to release high-top sneakers inspired by the space boots worn by the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they set foot on the moon that day.
She’s half-Irish, which may explain the green and white combo, but it’s the blue detail that makes the design pop.
This shoe reminds me of Chris Webber and that awesome Michigan basketball team.
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Sick Sneakers, Bruh.
Clean,Nice And Simple.That is the description of Vans.They come in different colours and are really nice.This brand is also worn by millions around the world today.The thing about this shoe is that its so simple it looks good.They come mostly in a low top canvas.There are different types of vans called Slip on’s,Era,Half Cab,Cab,Old Skool and Deck’s also known as the Authentic Vans,Being the first type of Vans made.
The company has a BIG BIG list of different types of shoes they’ve created.I only know a couple which are Nike SB,Air Yeezy,Dunks,Air Jordan,Air Max,HyperDunk,Blazer and Cortez.I’m sure there are many more that i haven’t said but those are the one’s i know.It feels like the company has made atleast 100,000 different designs.
Air Jordan’s,also simply known as Jordans,is an athletic shoe that is produced by Nike.Jordan’s are the internet icon/symbol of being fresh and having style.The shoe comes in many different designs by number which are Air Jordan 1’s all the way to Air Jordan XX2/XXI’s.
Now this shoe is pretty amazing.The only problem is,It’s a Korean brand.(Not being racist,im asian.)The thing is that i have no idea how to get one shipped to here in Canada,where i live.Their only sold in Asia and the when their sold online,the sites are Korean or another asian language i don’t understand.Now back to the shoe,the brand is a sports shoe aswell and are pretty sexy.They’re probably the most durable shoe i know.This brand is popular amongst Kpop bands.
I’m talking specifically about the Jeremy Scott’s.They are so unique and nice,it makes them incredible.They’re so artistic it’s like who the heck would’ve thought about making a shoe like this?There are alot of different Jeremy Scott’s.There’s the Bear,the big tongue,the triple tongue and the wings.Sorry,they dont really have names,they’re all called Jeremy Scott.
“Often, I hear the argument that we would be better off if companies would just donate the dollars that they spend on marketing these products or creating these products,” says Chris Mann, associate manager of brand marketing for Brighton-based New Balance, which for the past eight years has given a percentage of the sales of its “Lace Up for the Cure” shoe, apparel, and accessory collection to Komen.
Nonetheless, Breast Cancer Action (BCA), a San Francisco-based advocacy and fund-raising nonprofit, has for years called Komen out for joining with companies that it accuses of raising money for breast cancer while manufacturing products that contain ingredients that have been proven to or are likely to cause cancer.
White says Komen approves the products on which its partners are slapping Komen’s trademarked version of the pink ribbon, and the charity says it monitors partners to ensure they are following accepted charitable giving guidelines and state laws that govern corporations involved in cause marketing.
A recent study of the effects of cause marketing by two professors at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor found that not only can companies raise prices and make higher profits on the sale of products that benefit a cause, these companies’ entire brand portfolios can experience a “spillover” increase in sales and profits, which more than compensates for the money given to charity.
“It’s really hard to combat a symbol like that,” says Deborah Shields, executive director of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, an advocacy nonprofit.
Some survivors feel companies are exploiting breast cancer, marketing themselves as philanthropic outfits that care about women when what they mostly care about is the pink ribbon’s enormous ability to boost profits.
“It’s such a double-edged sword,” says LaShaune Johnson, 33, another breast cancer survivor and a postdoctoral fellow, who recently relocated to Hartford from Hyde Park.
“For those of us with breast cancer, it’s like getting hit in the face,” says Sather.
“There are other ways that they can market things.” But few causes have proven to be as incredibly profitable — or as exploited — as breast cancer.
Answer: The most significant risk factors for breast cancer (such as genetics and age) can’t be altered by women, which is why it’s often regarded as a “blameless” disease.
Every donated dollar helps, so most charities refuse to bad-mouth pink-ribbon cause marketing, no matter how much it upsets some breast cancer patients and survivors.
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Yo, first of all, anyone who knows me, knows I have a passion for sneakers! I will save up and or spend my last dime on a pair of kicks! I have about 30 pair of sneakers which is small talk compared to some people I know.
Vans are great skateboarding shoes and the best thing about them are their waffle soles it makes it real easy to grip on for the skateboard! They’re really comfortable too and looks awesome! I to wear them when I skateboard.
Not to mention they’re comfortable, and look great! Definitely take a close look at these the next time you buy your next pair of skate shoes, if you decide to buy you won’t be disappointed.
I don’t have any Element, and I never really wanted an Element shoe, but my friend has Element and I tried them and wanted them! They are great for skating and have good grip on the board.
When you’re not on the court, your signature Jordan style still shines through in the Jordan Flight 45 v Casual Shoes.
Inspired by the Jordan Flight series, these sick sneakers are an everyday must-wear.
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Shorter, who is majoring in social work with a minor in business administration at Florida A&M University (FAMU), said she wants to take SSX to other HBCUs as a biannual traveling expo.
Based in Tallahassee, Fla., Sick Solez Exchange is an event where sneaker lovers fuel their passion by buying, selling and trading sneakers.
Sneakerhead Ariel Shorter fused this enthusiasm for sneakers with entrepreneurship and created Sick Solez Exchange (SSX).
While SSX is an entrepreneurial opportunity for Shorter, the daughter of two business owners, she said she encourages others to join the SSX team so they too can learn entrepreneurial skills.
SSX also encourages the donation of lightly used shoes in order to give back to the community, which is of much importance to Shorter, who plans to become a hospital social worker.
A sneakerhead can be identified as one who may camp out overnight for the latest sneaker drops, can spot a fake jumpman logo within seconds, and will often spend well over $150 for limited edition kicks.
They use it as a platform to network, market and sell their products, while individual attendees tap into their own business skills to negotiate trades with vendors.
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It’s hard to track where this red trend came from, but all-red sneakers have been huge in high fashion for quite some time now, and they finally transferred over to the average sneaker enthusiast.
Unless the nationwide chain retailer – the only sneaker store that ever put out any sort of release info for the controversial kicks – pulls another fast one and decides to release them on the December 27th date it originally established, it doesn’t seem like Red Octobers in 2013 are a reality.
Accent colors such as white midsoles or hits of black or grey still constitute an “all-red sneaker,” as long as the upper is predominately red.
Personally, I think this is a horrendous shoe – but nevertheless it’s an all-red shoe that was popular amongst sneaker enthusiasts last year.
Perfectly executed and ultra-versatile, the all-red colorway is an added bonus, and low-key one of the best color schemes of the sneaker to drop this year.
Jordan blessed everyone with the Air Jordan “Toro Bravo” IV, and proved that the all-red trend of 2013 was at its pinnacle.
None of these services however allow you to do what Adidas is doing with their ZX Flux series starting at the end of the year – Print your very own photos right on your shoe.
With the adidas Photo Print App for the ZX Flux, you can snap a picture with your phone and get them printed on the upper of the ZX Flux.
While most of the time I try to raise my kids in a nurturing, educationally rich, nutritiously sound environment, sometimes, the s*@# just hits the fan (or, more likely, my most expensive rug).
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I could lecture you about how sleep deprivation impairs your memory, cognitive abilities and immune system — but let’s stay on track here, we’re talking about stopping you from gaining a gut.
If you’re really concerned about the Freshman 15, apps like Lose It and MyFitnessPal (both gloriously free!) make it easy to track your workouts and nutrition goals on your phone.
The dreaded Freshman 15 — which refers to the typical amount of weight people gain during their first year of college — is not a myth.
Chugging water isn’t just for staving off a hangover — it’ll help keep your weight down.
Just like it’s easy to binge-watch TV shows, it’s also easy to binge-eat if you’re snacking while you watch.
While we’re on the topic of distracted eating, it’s effortless to mindlessly finish off an entire bag of chips while reading.
Some of your options include a program for the show ($15, $20 for matching coloring book), plush dolls of Anna, Elsa and other Disney princesses ($20-$38) or pictures with cardboard cutouts of "Frozen" characters ($22-$25).
It’s the end of the year, I’ve got loads of days left and I’m way ahead on my deadlines.
I’m not in the office today — I woke up feeling stuffy and blah, so I’m giving myself a rest day.
Don’t get me wrong: When I’m in the office, I’m making my hours count.
I work my booty off, I’m productive and I truly enjoy what I do.
I’ll admit it — I haven’t worked a whole lot in December.
   "Right, sorry" Kyle replied, he turned so that he was facing Lilly, he then bent his right leg and placed her foot left foot on top of it, leaned forward and was happy to see that he could easily reach her foot with his mouth, he then placed both of his hands on her right foot and started rubbing his thumbs along her arches, Lilly sighed happily and closed her eyes again with a sleepy smile on her face, no doubt she assumed that she would just be getting a foot rub this time, but that wasn’t the case, Kyle smiled and leaned forward again, placing his lips against her left foot that was rest on his knee, he then began to gently kiss the sole of her adorable foot.
   Kyle stuck his tongue out and placed it on Lilly’s sole, she didn’t kick him, so he took that as a good sign, slowly, very slowly, he licked up her foot, from her tasty heel to her delicious toes, Lilly didn’t make a peep, when he reached her toes he stopped licking and looked over at her, to his surprise he saw that she was lying with her eyes closed with a cute smile on her face, he was about to ask if she was ok when she spoke.
Lilly awoke in her bed, warm and comfortable, she felt great too! The pain in her throat was gone, her nose wasn’t stuffy anymore and her head wasn’t aching, she sat up and looked around curiously, how had she gotten here? The last thing she remembered was Kyle playing with her toes and tickling her feet…that had all seemed like a dream though. Her fever had made her a little bit delirious, she wondered if she’d dreamed it all.
    As if he’d sensed her watching him, Kyle suddenly looked up at her with surprise. When their eyes met Lilly saw a flash of nervousness go through his dark green eyes. He stood up swiftly as he saw her, his face going beet red, he started glancing around nervously in that way that he often did whenever something was bothering him. Lilly wondered what was wrong, he didn’t usually act this crazy.
   Gently, he picked both of her feet up and stood up from the couch, he then gently placed them both back on the couch and then smiled up at Lilly, she looked so cute and peaceful when she slept, he was sure that she wasn’t that comfortable on the couch though, so he would take her up to bed. Nervous as a chihuahua, he gently slid his arms underneath her knees and behind her shoulders, he then picked her up delicately and started walking towards the stairs with her at an extremely slow pace. He was determined not to wake her up, if Lilly woke up and found him carrying her…well, other than dying of embarrassment, he would also be waking her up from her nap, which her mom had said she needed…he didn’t want to make her sickness worse by keeping her up.
   "Don’t stop, that felt really good," she said happily, Kyle felt his face grow hot again, but he nodded and placed his tongue on her foot again, he then started to lick her foot again, going from her heel to her toes, when he reached her toes Lilly giggled with ticklishness and wiggled them.
   "Sure, they’re all yours, just don’t anything too weird, or else I’ll kick ya!" Lilly replied cheerfully, her pretty blue eyes twinkling as always, Kyle smiled and nodded, he hoped that she wouldn’t take this as something weird or else he’d have a broken nose very soon.
   "Mmmm…Kyle?" Lilly suddenly said sleepily, Kyle looked down in surprise and saw her looking up at him with tired eyes…busted! Lilly cocked her head to the side curiously and he was suddenly reminded of a puppy.
Lilly gazed up at him for a moment and then nodded sleepily. Right as Kyle was about to continue on his way upstairs, Lilly suddenly tugged on the collar of his shirt, he looked down immediately, expecting her to ask something, but to his great shock, whenever he looked down…his lips made contact with Lilly’s.
   Kyle made his way down to where her feet were resting at the bottom of the couch, once again Lilly lifted them up and out of his way, he smiled and sat down and she placed them gently back into his lap.
Lilly decided to save him from her crazy mom, she walked over to the two of them and quickly pulled Kyle into a sudden hug, grabbing the money from Kyle’s hand and hiding it in her pocket as she did so, making sure that her mom didn’t see it.
   "Hahahahahahaha! Do my tohohohohohohohoes too!" Lilly giggled, Kyle was surprised, but he did as she had asked and kissed her cute toes, Lilly’s giggles grew in volume and she started wiggling her toes adorably against Kyle’s kissing lips.
   "U-uh, y-your welcome!" he said nervously. Lilly stared into his eyes for a moment, trying to find out what could possibly be wrong, but before she could identify the issue, Kyle suddenly pulled away from her and backed up into the door.
   Kyle smiled at Lilly and rolled his eyes with amusement. She gave him a teasing wink and then turned her attention back to the movie.
Lilly smiled at him, he looked just as cute as ever, his soft, brown hair was all messy, as always, his dark green eyes were distracted, yet focused somehow, his skin was tan and smooth, his nose was small, cute and button-like, and he looked more like a twelve-year-old, rather than a seventeen-year-old, due to his baby face.
   "Hehehehehehehe! What’re you doing? That tihihihihihihihihihickles!" Lilly suddenly started giggling, Kyle felt her scrunch her toes up on the foot that he was kissing, but she didn’t pull away.
It was then, however, that she saw realized with a shock…Kyle was gone! She looked around for him, but didn’t see him anywhere, where had he gone? She got up off of the couch quickly and headed for the front door, had he already left? She walked over to the hallway that led to the front door and found Kyle standing in front of it with a disdained expression.
   Kyle stopped kissing her toes for a moment and smiled at his friend, he suddenly had a very devious idea and he wondered how Lilly would react to it.
   "Hahahahaha! Well at leheheheheheast t-tihihihihihihickle mehehehehehehehe somewhere ehehehehelse! P-plehehehehehehease! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Eeep! Not the rihihihihihihihihihihihihihihibs!" Lilly giggled hysterically, wiggling around in the bus seat and trying her best to get away from Kyle’s evil, tickling fingers.
   "Better get over there quick, Lilly’s feet are waiting," she teased him, Kyle’s face turned beet red and he nodded with embarrassment.
How could I pass up an opportunity to play with these adorable little feet?" Kyle said teasingly, with a devious smile. He quickly slipped his hands underneath the pink blanket, found Lilly’s right foot toes and quickly started to lightly tickle them.
   "Eep! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe! Nohohohohohohoho!" she giggled, Kyle smiled and enjoyed Lilly’s sweet laughter.
Shopaholic I absoulutley LOVE Diggy.
The Air Jordan 6 “Slam Dunk” retailed for $250 USD and the Jordan Super.Fly 3 “Slam Dunk” retailed for $185 USD are both included in the Air Jordan “Slam Dunk” Pack that is set to release separately first in Asia on October 18th, 2014 followed by a November 1st, 2014 release globally.
Michael Jordan became the face of the basketball surge, rising to global super-stardom and inspiring a legion of fans — including Japanese manga artist, Takehiko Inoue.
“Using a legacy shoe like the iconic Air Jordan VI, as well as our latest performance model in the Jordan Super.Fly 3, served as the perfect vehicle to highlight the past and present — both in the product and the manga storyline,” said Gemo Wong, Energy Director for Jordan Brand.
Those days inspired the illustration — which will never be published — on the Jordan Super.Fly 3, part of a new Jordan Brand collection created in partnership with Inoue.
The number is a nod to Sakuragi’s player number and establishes the Jordan Brand x Slam Dunk collaboration as the character’s very own player-exclusive line.

Sneak Preview of the kicks that we will be bring to @dunkxchange this Saturday starting at 2pm! More kicks to come.
#flightwood shirts just came in! There so sick!!!! Go's nice with the What The KD 6's.
Will definitely be bring these to @dunkxchange A lot of more kicks will be up for sale such as Prelude 1 and 7, WTL, etc.
#Repost from @tmcfly8 @tmcfly8 with that sick pic of the Kobe 9 iD multicolor flyknit QS.
"Santa Monica" Roshe Runs.
Flightwood Sneaker photos and release dates as well as shoes for sale.
#EarlyRelease Jordan Future "Sport Blue" Can get almost any size.