silent auction basket ideas

Below you’ll find a list of silent auction basket ideas that I’ve gleaned from our customers’ auctions.
Just remember, no matter how obscure a donation may be, there’s always a theme to be found, a way to create a fun, appealing package that has a perceived auction value far beyond the sum of its parts.
Since cards can be easily overlooked, place them in jewel cases so they stand out better among the other items.
In these cases, consider combining them with other items into packages, or baskets.
Also keep your eye out for other pieces that can be useful for displaying items, like the dessert plate mentioned in the first package idea below.
The contents of your baskets will, of course, depend on the items you’ve received as donations.
As you cast your procurement net, it’s likely that you’ll receive donations that won’t stand on their own or fetch their full value at your auction.
Garage sales are a great place to pick up nice baskets inexpensively.

When you combine it with other items you may get more bang for your buck.Require a minimum bid – Always set a minimum bid for any silent auction item.Collect Cash – If you are hosting a silent auction for a school or organization with a large number of members, ask for small cash donations to shop for the baskets.
Is this an auction for a little league team or a school? Is this a group of young singles? Or maybe an auction at a golf tournament that is predominatly males? By knowing your audience you can appeal to local businesses for donations and design your auction baskets for the best result.Assign items – If you are not in a position to accept cash donations to shop, make a list of ideal donations.
A pizza silent auction gift basket is something the entire family can enjoy together.
A Be a Magician silent auction basket works well for school silent auctions or events that attracts adults with children.
I am planning a craft show/silent basket auction for my local FCCLA chapter and I absolutely these ideas! So many themes I could never have thought up on my own.
Ask local magic stores for gift card donations or items in exchange for advertising to round out the basket.
I love these ideas for a silent auction basket; esp.
A beach theme is a fun and cost effective way to make a silent auction basket.
These silent auction themes and categories should help provide the creative spark needed to come up with your own unique twists on basket ideas for your silent auction.
If you are looking for some silent auction basket ideas, here are 500 ideas for basket themes and fun names for your auction baskets.
Hope you enjoyed this long list of silent auction basket ideas.
Browse hundreds of auction basket ideas for men, teens, kids, teachers, fun nights and more.
Gander Mountain donates to a wide range of groups and organizations.
The Home Depot Center donates to charitable groups for fundraising purposes.
Often local stores will donate if you walk in the store with a request letter too.
Unique Gift Basket, soup pot, soup mix, pot holders, spices, etc.
The POTTERY BARN donated wine glasses, linen napkins, a wine stopper, and a cookbook with 100 recipes and wine pairings.
Here are some great ideas and tips on how to run a successful silent auction and awesome raffle basket ideas.
Make a freezer cooking basket for a wedding gift or baby shower or just because.
Clarke's 5th Grade Class Auction Basket! Auction item 'The Grill Master! (#1)' hosted online at 32auctions.
Silent Auction Jewelry Display Ideas – One of the most important silent auction ideas is to display your items properly so they’ll attract top bids.
Silent Auction Jewelry Display Ideas – One of the most important silent auction ideas is to display your items properly so they’ll attract top bids.
Great for an auction basket idea – Add a gift card to the fabric store.
Sleepover Party silent auction basket this would be cool but switch it with boy stuff if they have friends over or something.
How cute is this? Such a great idea for a class auction basket.
The more expensive the auction item, the greater the need for an eye-catching and attractive display.
How fun would it be to have this at the auction! The Ironing Board Lady makes the ideal kitchen shower present.
Pet Lover’s Basket – Cat or Dog themed, create a selection of pet toys, pet treats, a pet themed photo frame, a gift card for use at a local pet groomer, or even a certificate for a donation to a pet-friendly charity.
Event planners can share these themes with donors that are willing to create the gift baskets themselves or you may opt to gather themed items on a donation basis and assemble your own baskets.
The Spa Basket – relaxation products, bath gels, lotions, spa gift cards, massage supplies, herbal teas and lavender sachets, soft music cd’s, fluffy slippers and bathrobe.
Hosting an auction that only showcases gift baskets may not provide your non-profit with the financial success of an auction showcasing a blend of high-end and low-end items.
Creativity and a little planning can transform a gift basket into a basket that will shine amongst even the most unique auction items.
Patriotic Gift Basket – history themed coffee table book, map or globe, flags, cd of patriotic music, firecrackers, red, white and blue picnic themed tableware and American themed cookbook.
Gift baskets are staple items at almost every charity auction.
Be sure to properly coordinate and package your gift baskets to provide a low-end bid option for participants that may feel overwhelmed by larger items.
Weekend Getaway Basket – a gift card to a bed and breakfast or hotel, a gas card, a small bottle of champagne and glasses, snacks for the car and brochures from local tourist destinations.
International Basket – a selection of items from different cultures, cookbooks, non-perishable food items, culture specific tableware like chopsticks, fondue pots, BBQ supplies, tortilla warmers.
Gift Card Basket – feature a basket with a selection of gift cards from various establishments around your community.
However gift baskets don’t always drive high bids and when paired with high-end unique items like vacation experiences, they often get lost in the shuffle.
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Here are a few more theme ideas: Sundae Best (sundae-making supplies), Oh Baby (newborn), Petite Picasso (children's arts & crafts supplies), Christmas Cookie, Golf, Sewing, Night on the Town, Family Fun (family activities, games, etc.), Photography, Rub-a-Dub-Dub (child's bathtime), Hot Wheels (car care supplies), and Couch Potato (could be the same as family movie night).
KINDLE FIRE BASKET This gift basket is less elaborate than some of the others, but talk about bang for your buck! Who wouldn’t love a Kindle Fire? The person who put this together really made theirs STAND OUT with the addition of the cute fireplace and mantel, too.
CRAFT BEER BASKET This might not be appropriate for all school auctions, but I personally love it – it is an adult event, after all.
During the weeks and months leading up to the auction, each classroom solicits parents for money and supplies, and then puts together a themed gift basket to be auctioned off during the dinner.
BASEBALL LOVERS’ BASKET I love this idea, and it would work with any sport! With our Broncos in the Super Bowl this year, I imagine a Denver Broncos themed basket would be a big hit!   2.
My kids’ school has a different approach to fundraising – in fact, they have various fundraisers throughout the year which all seem to be pretty successful! Over the past few years, our PTO has funded the salaries of some of our TAs and purchased Smart Boards for every classroom in the school, which is pretty amazing to me.
Let’s have some fun in the sun!!! This silent auction gift basket will need sunscreen, beach towels, umbrella or beach tent, bucket and beach shovels, frisbee, snorkel and flippers, boogie boards, disposable waterproof camera, and a cooler box.
One of my favorite silent auction basket ideas that is very simple to put together! Have a selection of red and white wines, plus snacks to go with the wines, like cheese and crackers, etc.
What do you think of these Silent Auction Basket Ideas so far? Leave your comments or your own ideas in comment box down below.
So put together a basket with – balls, golf tees, an umbrella, sunglasses, golfing glove, cap, golfing magazines, vouchers to local courses, and a free session with a golfing instructor, etc.
I’d also suggest using Sherry Truhlar’s Auction Item ideas, books and resources for when organizing your silent auctions.
In assessing our recent fundraising event and our take from the silent auction, of the 83 items in the auction, only 14 received bids that were higher than the value.
At every silent auction I have ever attended, I have seen people who bid on and lost items walk out the door with money in their pocket that they were expecting to spend… and that they would be more than happy to donate to the school, church, or charity in a creative way.
Be resourceful with your event, and use these creative silent auction ideas to make sure your donors stay engaged with your auction, your event, and your organization.
Below, we present some creative silent auction ideas to spice up your next event and keep your donors bidding and buying.
Before launching some of these more creative silent auction ideas, be sure you have these basics ready for your event.
The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to provide a list of suggested auction items to the 4-H clubs and everyone who is putting together items for you, and to note that you often have too many gift baskets, or too many movie night baskets, and ask that they consider something new this year.
Services performed by your staff, your board, or a group of your supporters are great silent auction ideas.
Adding a mission-related component to your event auction is my favorite outside the box silent auction idea.
Flashlights, tent, compass, local area hiking guide, lantern, cook stove, outdoor cooking pot and utensils, cantern, camping foods, and gift certificate for outdoor recreation store for sleeping bags.
Knitting needles, yarn, pattern books, knitting magazine subscription, completed scarf, knitting class for winning bidder and friends with local knitting guru.
This collection is a must have for a day at the pool or the beach.  The Willow Springs colored bag is jammed pack with goggles, tubes, water blasters, dive sticks, large floating shark, 2 travel cups and other must haves for the pool.  This great pool bag also comes with 5 Fairfax County Parks REC passes that can be used at Cub Run Water Park rain or shine.
Four passes and parking for the Virginia Gold Cup 2012, in The Plains, VA.  Included in this beautiful collection is wine, picnic foods, and accessories to make your day a winner!  Come check out Basket #26 for a great racing experience.
Oh no … spring break is just around the corner!  Are you too busy volunteering to go buy those beach necessities?  You can be the most stylish vacationer carrying this extra-large black and white Scout bag with bright pink trim filled with beach goodies!  The bag contains 2 beach towels, a pair of pink sequined flip-flops, Aloe lotion, hand sanitizer, travel first aid kit, a scatch game, and a motorized Nerf power soaker.
Kids bored on a rainy day?  Not anymore! This basket offers plenty of things to keep everyone busy!  A game playing marathon with Rush Hour, Chess, Geo World Bingo & Harry Potter Cards that come with a magic case.
 A soccer clipboard, practice cones, hot spots, and a ball pump keep you prepared at practice….you’ll be the Star!  Water bottle and misting fan will keep you cool, and soccer pencils and tattoos will show your love for the game.
Need that last minute gift for the umpteenth birthday party this year?  This is your basket!  There is something in here for everyone and all you have to do is “grab and go”.
Spend a day in Annapolis watching Navy beat John’s Hopkin’s Lacrosse team.  Two can enjoy the game on April 21, 2012.  The winning bidder will arrange for tickets to be sent to your home with the certificate enclosed.  Enjoy the Lacrosse accoutrements in this sporty basket.
Need that last minute gift for the umpteenth birthday party this year?  This is your basket!  There is something in here for everyone and all you have to do is grab and go.
 This insulated bag contains Gatorade, 2 refillable water bottles, mini Clif bars and sports beans, hand sanitizer, and (6) Josie’s  Self-Serve Yogurt gift cards to enjoy after the game.
Kids careen off covered wagons, float on rattlesnakes and dash through showers tipped from water-filled ore carts.  Included in this package is 2 tickets for admission, 2 bright tie dye towels, dive sticks, a zip pet, 2 mini Splash Blaster water guns and a splash bomb.
A day at the Vineyard!  Basket Filled with 8 passes to the Paradise Springs vineyard, a bottle of their signature wine, 2 wine glasses, wine opener, cutting board, several accent foods to include cheese, chocolate, and berries.
Have you always wanted to try Yoga but didn’t know where to start?  This is the perfect basket for you!  Yoga & Pilates essentials include a yoga mat, pink/black duffle bag, water bottle, Yoga DVD/Book and Pilates DVD/Book.
Are you hosting Bunco or book club?  You spend so much time creating the perfect dinner that you forgot to get supplies for the powder room?  Look no further!  Put out these darling disposable guest hand towels in a Willow Springs blue & green caddy with matching liquid hand soap.
A collection of fun items to make your family’s next outing in DC a memorable one!  Spy-bucks for the Spy Museum, a Zoo Tour at the National Zoo, plenty of books and guides specially designed just for kids, including the National Parks stamping book that allows them to collect stamps at all the National Monuments in DC and around our country.
Get the kids outside and having fun with this basket of outside activities!  Girls and Boys will have a ball with a variety of sports.
 Make the birthday child’s day with a baseball glove, Hot Wheels Crashin’ Rig, Flippin’ Frogs game, Disco Mirror ball, chocolate sucker, X-Large Whoopee cushion, or 4 Crocs Jibitz.
A Galactic Collection of Star Wars favorites!  A Star Wars Scanimation Book, Encyclopedia, Complete Saga, Star Wars LEGO, Puzzle, LEGO pen, Darth Vader Digital Clock and tin lunch box with Star Wars cookie cutters.
It’s time to head out west to Water Mine Swimmin’ Hole.  The park offers more than an acre of slides, flumes, sprays, showers, floatables and interactive play features, circled by Rattlesnake River with a 2.5 mile per hour current that gently nudges tubes along.
 This basket includes a full size basketball, football, soccer ball and baseball.
Take a break this summer to enjoy some sights and tastes of Colonial Virginia!  Who of us has promised ourselves a visit to Mount Vernon?  Four passes will get you there!  An easy trip down Route 29 and you and your guest will be marveling at the spectacular sights of Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello.
 This lovely wicker basket contains a stone to make one large or many small pizzas; two large pizza pans, and a pizza cutter.
 Get the kids moving with a hula hoop, whiffle ball and bat set, Frisbee, jump rope, skip rope, rain skip stick and gecko flying kite.
 An Adidas Euro 2012 ball is sure to give you an edge on the field!  The Sklz kick trainer will help to perfect your skills, and the MLS pop-up goal is collapsible and comes with its own storage bag.
Everything you need to kick start the spring soccer season!!  An Adidas team backpack with ball pocket holds all your gear.
Are you late for the game?  Grab this Scout insulated tote bag in desert camo filled with all you need to keep your player at the top of her game.
 Beginning with over a hundred delicious ideas in the William-Sonoma Children’s Cookbook and donned in their own chef hat and apron,   your little Top Chef will be well on their way to creating a piece de resistance with fun Head Chef tools, cake mix and frosting.
 Make the birthday child’s day with a Mini football, Skylanders Hex character, Bendaroos, Paper Jamz guitar, Smash Stix, or an X-large Frisbee.
Silent auctions are worth the hard work involved, writes Joe Garecht, of The Fundraising Authority, because they can raise large amounts of money, provide engaging entertainment and attract new members for the sponsoring organization.
An article in the March 1 Charity Auction Newsletter claims that professional services, household “treasures,” apparel and consignment jewelry aren’t the best things to include in a silent auction.

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