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This made me think of the great kids songs from yesteryear that I grew up with, I wonder if there are any good videos of them on You Tube, songs like Nellie The Elephant, and The Bee Song.
@peppervel: My kids and I to sing together and learn new funny songs…I know someday I’ll really miss it, too.
I think your kids created a great list of 10 Funny Kids Songs.
Kids love to laugh, and funny songs they just find amazing.
your lens brought back memories when I sang to my kids all kinds of kiddy songs.
     The Tongue Twister Song– Mrs.
     The Pirate Song– Mrs.
     April Fool– Linda Brown/Dr.
     The Humm-emotion Song– J.
     The Best Silly Songs Ever!– Mrs.
     Little Peter Rabbit– Music with Mar.
     Boom Chocolaca– Mrs.
     Squirrel Ran Up My Leg– Mrs.
     Just For Fun– Marilyn M.
     Ice Cream on a Hot Dog– Mrs.
     Hula Mula– Mrs.
     Clean Your Room– Mrs.
     I Can’t Find My Toes– Mrs.
     Crab Bit My Toe– Mrs.
     Broccoli– Mrs.
Silly songs are great because, like activity songs, kids will be able to listen to them with other children.
While many learning songs are made to help children understand math, colors, or the alphabet, silly songs are purely to give them some relaxation and enjoyment.
Some of the more popular songs, such as I Know A Song That Gets On Everybody’s Nerves, are totally silly and only exist for kids to sing for the sake of singing.
Children love silly songs because they allow kids to simply have some fun and enjoy music.
For adults, silly songs provide the opportunity to give kids some downtime or relief from learning or trying to memorize things.
This selection of silly children’s songs and nursery rhymes is one of the largest on the web.
Other songs, like the Jingle Bells Silly Version, are parody songs that are created based on existing songs.
Silly Songs, a collection of about 270 silly songs for kids of all ages with lyrics and music to listen to.
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Here are the audio and Youtube video of The Sneeze Song (I Sneezed a Sneeze) by Bryant Oden.
this song is so funny he sneezed in the sky and it hit his eye haha that is really funny.
Post topic: A funny song about sneezing.
achoooooo! thats the most (sniff sniff) beautiful song ever! i love it.
Songs sung and performed by real children – kids will love to watch, sing, dance and laugh along to this silly song selection.
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(((Continue making Herman swallow bigger and bigger objects, making him bigger and bigger.
Swish! went the waves, and then there were three.
One, two, three, tour, five.
good morning, good morning the little birds say.
One, two, three, four, five.
Many people ask me for a source to listen to unfamiliar tunes.  The best source I have found is on-line at the Institute of Environmental Health Studies/Kids Page.  Click on "Sing-Along Songs".
The song is called, Banana Dance (Peel the ____, Peel, peel the _____).
If you are not using her Cheers yet, you might want to add them to your repertoire because kids adore them.
It almost made me crazy, but since so many other teachers were doing it, I thought we could all be crazy together.
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I am not sure she has it on a CD but the kinder teachers loved it and it really gets them up and moving.
And it’s good to have more entries into this growing field of "Children’s Music That Parent’s Will Try to Make Their Kids Like." The truth is, sometime’s the best intentions—like Tom Waits singing "Bend Down the Branches"—don’t strike the same chord with the little one’s that mom or dad might have hoped.
They’ve had everyone from Wilco, Aimee Mann, and Over the Rhine (hearing Caren Bergquist sing "poop goes in the potty" is a little surreal) to Blitzen Trapper, Mates of State and Of Montreal provide a bit of "Dad Rock" for the kids.
"Here on fibber island, we strum rubber guitars, our friends live on Mars, and we sow buttons on our cars." This is why They Might Be Giants might be the best kids’ band of all time.
Like They Might Be Giants, the idea of Dawson singing kids’ songs seems natural.
Oh! believe me, the kids song did not change much on the last century, other than, of course, Xuxa, that contaminated childhood in Brazil.
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe you will achieve.
The Clean Up Song–This is a great chant to teach at the beginning of the year.  I use it when it is time to put away our learning centers or when it is time to stop working on an art project.
‘Cause there are so many things to do! Hall Chant~~When lining up we recite this chant to make sure we are all ready to enter the hallway.
Be sure to check out all our Learning Song Videos on our YouTube Channel.
Kiboomu also offers a complete collection of Kids Music Videos.
    Rain Rain Go Away This is the perfect song to sing when the rain is pouring down outside!     Rig a Jig Jig A popular nursery rhyme about friendship that is very fun to sing.
    Pat-a-cake Maybe the oldest nursery rhyme still in use(!) But Pat-a-cake is still popular!     Pease Porridge Hot Nursery Rhyme that is perfect to sing while the children are eating their porridge!     Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater This is a strange but popular nursery rhyme about Peter Pumpkin-eater.
    Miss Polly Had a Dolly Rhyme about Miss Polly who had a sick Dolly     Monday`s Child A cute and popular nursery rhyme about children born on different days of the week.
    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star A beautiful lullaby that is recommended by     Where is Thumbkin? Very popular nursery rhyme that can be used as a "finger play".
    I Love The Mountains I Love The Mountains is a classic – and the children simply love it!     I`m a little snowman Short but popular nursery rhyme about a little snowman.
    Row Row Row Your Boat "Row" your "boat" while you are singing!     Sailing, Sailing Short but popular nursery rhyme about sailing.
    One Potato, Two Potato Short rhyme about potatoes     One Two Buckle My Shoe Counting nursery rhyme – from one to nineteen!     One Two Three Four Five Nursery Rhyme that is great for teaching counting.
Popular among children!     Three Blind Mice Old but popular nursery rhyme about three blind mice.
Children simply love it!     Five Little Snowmen Nursery rhyme about snowmen that also is great for teaching counting.
    Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary A popular nursery rhyme about gardening in a "fantasy garden".
    Jack and Jill Traditional English nursery rhyme from 1765 that is still popular.
    Jack Be Nimble Short but popular nursery rhyme from England.
    Baa Baa Black Sheep Maybe the most popular nursery rhyme of all times?     Baby Bumble Bee Popular nursery rhyme about a child who was stung by a bee.
    Five Little Monkeys Five Little Monkeys is a very popular nursery rhyme.
    London Bridge is Falling Down Very popular nursery rhyme and singing game.
    Itsy Bitsy Spider Popular nursery rhyme about a spider climbing up the water spout.
    Hush, Little Baby A beautiful lullaby that makes you sleepy in no time…     I Had a Little Nut Tree Short nursery rhyme about a nut tree, a boy and a Spanish princess…     I Hear Thunder Nursery rhyme about thunder and lightning.
    Round and Round the Garden Ranked as Englands second most popular nursery rhyme by Guardian.
    Mulberry Bush Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush… A popular nursery rhyme.
Is it possible to not get happy?     It`s Raining, It`s Pouring Traditional nursery rhyme that is perfect to sing when the rain is pouring down.
    I`m a Little Teapot This nursery rhyme is perfect to sing when the children are having "tea party".
    Ten Green Bottles Nursery rhyme that is great for teaching counting backwards.
    Ten in a Bed Nursery rhyme that can be used for teaching counting or as a lullaby.
    Lavender`s Blue Very old nursery rhyme (almost 350 years old!)     Little Boo Peep Fascinating rhyme that the children find very exciting.
    If All the World Were Apple Pie Funny nursery rhyme that the kids simply love.
    This Old Man A long nursery rhyme that is great for learning counting.
  All nursery rhymes, in alphabetical order       A-Tisket, A-Tasket Traditional American nursery rhyme that was recorded by Ella Fitzgerald.
    Hokey Pokey Very funny dance! You better try this…     Horsey Horsey Nursery rhyme about horses.
    Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Funny nursery rhyme about the body.
    This Little Piggy Nursery rhyme that is perfect to count-out on children`s toes.
    Bingo (B-I-N-G-O) Funny nursery rhyme about a dog called Bingo.
    Daisy Bell Cute nursery rhyme about marriage (and a bicycle made for two).
Can you wake them up?     Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear is a cosy nursery rhyme about a teddy bear.
    Brush-Your-Teeth-Song Quite funny nursery rhyme about toothbrushing.
    Blow Wind, Blow Rhyme that in a great way illustrates the relationship between energy and food (!)     Brahms Lullaby This beautiful lullaby is a true classic!     Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth Short song about toothbrushing.
    Five Little Speckled Frogs Repetitive nursery rhyme about frogs.
    Girls and Boys Come Out to Play Old nursery rhyme (over 300 years old) about playing in the moonlight.
    Three Little Kittens American nursery rhyme about three little kittens who lost their mittens.
    Ding Dong Little Bell Ding Dong Little Bell is very old nursery rhyme (from 1580).
    Humpty Dumpty A traditional English nursery rhyme about an egg.
    Hickory Dickory Dock Hickory Dickory Dock is a nursery rhyme about a mouse that ran up the clock.
    Sleeping Bunnies Cute nursery rhyme about sleeping bunnies.
Great for teaching counting!     Ten Little Fingers Popular rhyme about different body parts.
    Mary Had a Little Lamb A very cosy nursery rhyme about Mary and her little lamb.
    Little Jack Horner Old nursery rhyme about Little Jack who is eating with bad manners.
    Hickety Pickety Nursery rhyme about a black hen called Hickety Pickety.
    Little Peter Rabbit Nursery rhyme about a little rabbit.
    Pussycat, Pussycat Nursery rhyme about a pussycat, a Queen and a mouse.
But who is this beauty?     Cobbler, Cobbler Old nursery rhyme about a cobbler.
    Johny Johny Nursery rhyme about parenting and lies.
    Hot Cross Buns This is a very old nursery rhyme about buns.
    Ten Little Indians Nursery rhyme about Indians.
    Five Little Ducks Popular nursery rhymes about ducks that is great for teaching counting.
    Cock A Doodle Doo The rhyme Cock A Doodle Doo is almost 250 years old, but it is still popular.
    Hey Diddle Diddle Popular rhyme where a cat plays the fiddle and a cow is jumping over the moon.
    Wind the Bubbin Up Popular rhyme with a dance.
    Five Fat Sausages A funny rhyme about five fat sausages frying in the pan.
    Oranges and Lemons English rhyme that mentions several different places in London.
~~~It gives you hope, and a reason to try! And for some reason is playing in my head all day now! I don't know why, but the ant that moved the rubber tree plant is an all time favorite to! Without high hopes, how can we ever get things accomplished.
Pocoyo in English – Session 7 Ep.
Catweazle is right on point, seasons 1-3 are great, season 4 was a struggle, they ruin Rory after she goes to college, season 5 was good, oh god, season 6 and that Luke plotline, jesus (however, "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting, that last scene was fucking brilliant, watch that season if only to fully enjoy that scene).
Guys, I started watching Gilmore Girls for the very first time when it was added to Netflix and I am NOT complaining about spoilers on a show that's been around for over a decade, but knowing what happens to Lane makes me DESPAIR.
While Sookie and Lorelai tease Rory, Sookie nudges Lane and says, "She's bringing baked goods to a boy!" And poor Lane just grimaces because Rory has been ignoring her for like an hour and she feels so left out.
(In which case the Longbottoms are probably dead rather than tortured into insanity after his fall.) While James and Lily might have been targeted as members of the Order, they probably don't get Voldemort's personal attention without a baby associated with an important prophecy.
I'm re-reading it for the first time since middle school, and DAMN every bad thing in that series could have been avoided if Hachi had had an abortion.
G-d help me, I still love the show, but I'm not caught up to season 10 and I don't want to watch a show without Cristina Yang.
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Each Kidsongs video told a little story around central theme — A Day at Camp, I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing; Cars, Trains and Planes, etc., and the kids in the video would “tell” the story by singing and acting out familiar songs.
* Disclaimer: song played might not be an exact match.