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Long before Groupon sold local daily deals, Woot offered one deal a day on an e-commerce product, usually something gadgety.
Thanks to the daily deal revolution led by Groupon, hundreds of sites have started selling or marketing coupons and deep discounts for local merchants, national businesses, travel, and other products and services.
LivingSocial is the second-largest daily deals site after Groupon, and the most similar to Groupon.

Unlike Facebook Offers, there are stipulations on the offers a business promotes on ScoutMob (at least 50% off), but this site is more specific to what businesses it will promote in order to assure their users great deals for great businesses.
At Try It Local, we encourage businesses to promote their own offers directly to their customers through their website and social media as well as through email and texts with the same daily deal style platform as Groupon (where consumers buy on the spot).
This is resulting in a growth in targeted deal sites that allow consumer to drill down on the types of deals they are interested in hearing about; at the same time, businesses are opting for these sites so they can target a more select audience.
Consumers are starting to notice a decline in the quality of deals that many daily deal sites offer as well as feeling daily deal overload.

Each day, users of sites like Groupon and DailyCandy purchase steeply discounted coupons (“vouchers,” “deals,” etc.) during limited-time “flash sales,” then print or download them for later use directly with the retailer.
It’s difficult to actively search for a deal or property you want, like “Oahu hotel.” Few coupon sites have a search function; you just have to sign up for the alerts and wait.
Photo-filled JetSetter scrutinizes hotels and vacation homes for “personality, style, great service and a sense of place.” TripAlertz believes travel should not be just a transaction, and donates 1% of direct revenue to sustainability efforts.
In conjunction with travel giant Expedia, Groupon Getaways offers handpicked deals on hotels and resorts – best of all, with a booking guarantee.
Coupon sites complicate things further by claiming “no questions” 30-day return policies on one page, then “case by case basis” on another (as in Eversave’s case).
Further, sites might offer hotel rooms “from $99,” yet no matter what combination of dates you enter, all you get back are those from $239.

While you might casually skim or skip over the fine print on your agreement or the latest terms and conditions update from Facebook, the fine print on a Groupon may have a direct impact on whether or not you can actually use it.
If you are on vacation and purchase a Groupon for a weather-dependent activity, like whale watching, what is the policy if the company cancels? If you don’t live in the area, you may not be able to reschedule, so make sure you can get a full refund.
Because Groupon takes such a huge cut of the total sale, you might be able to negotiate or find a better deal by contacting the business directly.
That’s not to say that Groupon is never a good deal, but it’s worth checking whether or not you’re actually getting a discount before making the purchase.
You might also face “new clients only” restrictions, which means that if you see your favorite salon offering a Groupon deal, you might not be eligible.
If your Groupon is for an activity or service that has limited capacity, you might have trouble redeeming it, especially as you get closer to the expiration date.

If Google is in on it, it’s only a matter of time before Amazon gets in on the daily deals craze.  Amazon Local Deals focuses mostly on goods and experiences, but don’t count this site out.  There are many great deals on here such as photo shoots, tanning sessions, etc.
Just looking for deals on restaurants near you?  Then look at this Groupon sponsored site called "Savored."  Savored deals with only deals on food and restaurants.  The only downside to this site is that it only features deals from a few major cities, so we small town girls may have to look elsewhere for a good restaurant deal.
Yipit has many local deals for a big range of cities and areas within the US.  Their deals also cover a wide range including getaways, goods, classes, food, etc.
Eversave is not as location exclusive, but focuses more on travel and shopping.  Here, they have discounts on vacation deals and goods.  They also have a section for coupons and saving.
Dealster has few deals each day, which is why you have to keep checking back for the daily deals (they truly are daily!).  They cover deals from restaurants to beauty treatments to products.

Please shop on Canadian deal sites and, yes, I would like it to be mine (I don’t charge a huge commission because I know that retailers are losing money on these deals and we, the consumers, will pay for this in the future) and I give 5% of my profits to a non profit organization that works hard to put smiles on the faces of children facing life threatening illnesses ( ).
I have been using another daily deal site called SpaAndTravel.Com. They only offer daily deals at day spas in Toronto & Montreal.
Great comments above, the industry has most definetely expanded quickly.. now facebook, google and yp are all launching deals.. I am from Toronto and strictly use sites such as Wagjag, Snaggies and Groupon.
I heard from a friend of a friend about a daily deal aggregator that’s actually still in testing! It’s not even officially launched but their aggregation algorithm is apparently working fine — we compared the site to dealradar, onespout, vancouverforum, group buy united and they consistently have the freshest and fullest coverage of all the aggregators.

Below we have put together a list of all the top sites like Groupon and a list of some others that have deals in multiple cities.
CBS Local Offers – Part of the CBS interactive family, CBS Local is now running deals in over 15 cities.
TravelZoo Local Deals – The popular discount travel website has run local deals in over 20 cities nationwide.
CLOSED – AOL – – Have been live for several months now, but are only offering deals in 3 cities.
We also operate a daily deal aggregator site called Daily Dibs shows all the daily deals in your town in one place and sends out the offers each day in a daily email.
Amazon Local – The Amazon local deals are often sold by LivingSocial, but doesn’t stop them from having great local deals that are not available on LivingSocial.
This site is all about deals and deal sites.
Eversave – Promo Code -Currently running daily deals in 12 cities and growing.
Dealfind – Grew rapidly in 2012 and was considered #3 independent behind Groupon and LivingSocial, but their deal quality and volume has fallen off in most American cities.
At Daily Dibs we attempt to bring all the BEST daily deal sites like Groupon in each city together in one place.
How many daily deal sites like Groupon are there exactly? Well nobody knows for sure because there are new sites popping up and closing every day – mostly closing lately.
Live in over 4o cities, DailyDealster initially partnered with Adility for most of their deals.

Although the $25 coupon accurately represented the price cut from the etailer selling the cable, several other sites were selling the product for as little as $15 — and Amazon offered it for $10.50, less than half the LivingSocial deal.
My situation, which might sound familiar in your home, raises two questions: Are daily deal sites still worth using? And if so, what are the best ways to use them wisely to snag the juiciest deals? I’ll answer both shortly.
LivingSocial also just announced plans to let you search for discounts on its website and mobile app any time you want, hoping to transform the deals they dangle from impulse buys to everyday bargains.
Stephanie Oswald, founder and editor of Travelgirl magazine, notes that Groupon Getaways and LivingSocial Escapes sometimes tout excellent travel deals.

Its such a simple idea but so brilliant and I didnt even know Grupon existed before I saw one of the founders being interviewed on Charlie Rose on Bloombera at 2am this morning.
Id to make a business like this but its finding an angle that makes your business different as I said its such simple idea but such a brilliant one.
The compiled list below are 10 worthy sites that offer quality deals for major cities in Spain.
It seems like every other month there is anew site that pops up but the game is still wide open and still too early to declare a clear winner.

One of the fastest growing ways to market your business is through sites like and, which offer substantial discounts for various products and services.
Using services like Groupon and Living Social can be extremely beneficial for your business but at the same time it poses some risk.
Can you afford to discount your services by the standard 50% that Groupon and LivingSocial require? For a lot of businesses, discounting their services to this extent can actually have a negative effect.
For example, if someone comes in for a massage on Tuesday for the $30 Groupon price (50% off the normal price of $60), after their session offer a second session for $45 if they book it before leaving that day.
Before you set up your discount, assess what type of scheduling system you use and ensure that your system will be able to handle a higher-than-normal business flow.
Make sure that you do your research before making the decision to use these services as it can quite literally make or break your business.
At the same time, one must be careful that online coupons and promotions are done in the proper way as to not negatively impact your business.
Besides the fact that you might not be able to afford to discount your services by such large margins, in some cases it can also devalue your services.

“It raises all sorts of ethical dilemmas to have people pre-purchase a therapy session through a third party.
“Groupon requires that you pay them a percentage of the fees collected for a professional medical service, and therefore it is fee splitting.
This entry was posted by Sabah Karimi on October 13, 2011 at 2:28 pm, and is filled under Online Marketing.
In this economy, it can be appealing to think that there are creative shortcuts to building a practice and getting people into our offices.

I haven’t yet had a chance to set up a deal for a client on a group buying site, but I’ve got a client currently through Social Business Strategies we’re planning to implement this for, and I’ll be sure to share the results.
You offer your product or service at an extremely discounted rate (50-70% off usually) taking advantage of the distribution power of the site’s mailing lists and the ability of the deal to spread virally through social media.
You only pay for people who have paid something to come to your restaurant (or salon, or bowling alley, etc.) Some sites like Eversave and Faveroo (Columbus-only, coming soon) even donate a portion of their cut to charity.

A group buying scheme basically works like this: A supplier of a product or service uses the group buying scheme to market a special, offering one of their products or services at a hugely reduced price for a limited time, sometimes also limiting the number that can be sold.
Here’s another example of an actual special on earlier this year: Vredehoek Laser & Beauty Clinic offered a full body massage, body scrub, mani & pedi at R299, a saving of 60% (or R451) on the usual price of R750.
My feeling is that there should be some guidance from the group buying sites (like Twangoo, Groupon, UbuntuDeal, Dealio, Skoop, Wicount, MyCityDeal, Dealson and others) on what will be the best deal to offer on their sites.
An example of this is the Popular Mechanics deal offered earlier this year where the offer on MyCityDeal mentioned the R108/year discounted rate as being a 70% saving on a 12-month subscription to Popular Mechanics, but when I checked the Popular Mechanics site I noticed they quote their standard subscription at R22,50 a month including VAT and postage, thus R22,50/m x 12 = R270.
I love nice things, I love being pampered and I love a good bargain! Thus I have bought into a number of these deals over the past few months and will continue to do so while I watch with interest to see how this industry unfolds, and how many more group buying schemes will appear on our local web.
I bought in on this one and had a wonderful massage, scrub, mani & pedi just as it promised – all for R299! Bargain! What worries me about this type of offer is how long it took to do – 2.5 hours – while keeping one therapist and a room busy for all of that time.
I have no doubt that the 302 people walking through the Vredehoek Laser & Beauty Clinic door led to new clients who made bookings for further treatments, but I can’t help thinking that they may have chosen the wrong treatment(s) to offer this way.
Everyone is happy: The supplier who sold 23 heart rate monitors, the 23 people who bought these at 50% discount, and UbuntuDeal, who made some money on the deal for the use of their platform and their marketing of the special.
My interest in social media and the influence it has on business is no secret, so I was very quick to register with local sites when they started offering group buying specials.

A recent TechCrunch article acknowledges that while mismanagement may have set the motion for Groupon’s misfortunes, another theory worth considering is the decline in consumer demand for coupon sites and their services.
The evolving landscape of coupon sites spells uncertainty, and only time will tell if Living Social and Groupon are successful in staving off ruin.
When the stakes involve depleting resources to accommodate thousands of one-time visitors and conducting damage control on a rash of bad online reviews, it’s no surprise that merchants have begun to cast a wary eye on coupon sites.
Alongside customers, coupon sites are noticing a decline in their client base, as businesses increasingly express concerns about the viability of translating a short-term burst of interest into long-lasting success.
To combat its tenuous position, Groupon is strategizing for growth, ushering in a new CEO, fine-tuning its international divisions, targeting small local merchants, and implementing a credit-card payments service, among other ecommerce initiatives.

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Unfortunately, I have heard of too many small business horror stories in regards to Groupon and I hate to see a small business pay a bunch of money to hurt their business and instead of help it.
Perhaps it was an episode of Extreme Couponers or the explosion of social commerce sites such as Groupon that sparked my addiction to a good deal, but either way, I’m hooked on them.
People think by using a coupon site it will be a simple transaction that brings in more business, unfortunately this example and many others demonstrate how important it is for small businesses to really think it through before jumping in.
“I want to bring in more customers and make more money.” Seems simple, right? But in order to attain this goal you need to come up with a concrete business objective and work backwards to figure out your strategy.
To the small business owner, Groupon might seem like an easy solution to drive business and increase sales.
Her company, Sara Theisen Design helps people and businesses create identity/branding, business marketing materials, wedding invitations, custom cards and announcements and more.
I think if a business is going to use Groupon or a similar site, it needs to enter that relationship with eyes wide open.
I would much rather see a business create their own deal, under their own terms, and use things like Foursquare, Facebook Deals, or even Google Places coupons.
What I care about is helping small businesses avoid being hurt by a seemingly innocent coupon that they hoped would bring in business and unfortunately, it may just do the opposite.
She explained that they were a small family business and that Groupon had actually misunderstood their offer dates, posting them incorrectly.
If you’re an online business you should track who used a Groupon and contact them to see if the product met their expectations.
@jasonkonopinski Yes exactly, one of my best friend’s is a finance guy and he refuses to buy a Groupon because he has continued to rant about how it’s a faulty business model.
But if the company is grouponing at a marginal loss, incurs significant additional costs staffing-up to handle unknown flows, and may not retain a meaningful share of the first-time business, it’s likely a money loser.
Steve had been dating his girlfriend for a couple months and neither of them struck me as the typical flower type; so I was thrilled to have found what I thought was the perfect Valentine’s Day deal for him – Fancy Fortune Cookies.
I just hate to see small businesses being taken advantage of or not being prepared for the tornado that could be Groupon if they’re not fully aware of what they’re getting into.
Groupon reps are notoriously aggressive to the point of being repugnant – and too many businesses commit to deals without carefully considering the implications of that arrangement.
But for all the small businesses out there just trying to get their name out and bring in more business this type of advertising could be detrimental if not planned out strategically.
I will say I have not been nearly as disappointed with my Living Social purchases as I have with some Groupon deals.
I hate to see small businesses suffer by blindly falling victim to the seemingly innocent Groupon curse.
I once wrote the Living Social rep and said ‘Here are our terms if you want our business’ and he was unable to meet our very fair terms.
@KenMueller Yes! Doing your own deals is a much better idea and although it may seem like more work, it’s really much less of a headache and gives the business more control.

In order for a discount to take effect, a minimum number of consumers must show an interest in the offer by completing an online purchase form for the product or service.
The marketing plan is simple: In order to ensure that an offer is activated, it’s in the best interests of consumers to notify their friends of a particular offer in order to generate enough interest for the offer to take effect.

Social entrepreneurship is a company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, so says Annalea Krebs, Chief Ambassador of ethicalDeal.
Annalea Krebs is the Einstein behind ethicalDeal, which not only offers discounts that make it easy for people to “go green,” but also information via their blog, video product reviews, and food recipes.
This episode of Projecting Change Interview Series, we speak with Annalea Krebs, a social entrepreneur and Founder of ethicalDeal.
Canadian entrepreneur Annalea Krebs is on a mission to advance the green movement city by city across North America.
At a time where daily deal sites like Groupon are being criticized for their ‘fad-like’ business model, Kreb is staying strong and consistently GREEN!  The mission of her business is to make greener choices more accessible to the mainstream.
Annalea Krebs harnesses the power of group-buying to support the green movement.

Dholakia says that Groupon promotions offer the most benefit for businesses in which the promotion does not cannibalize sales to existing customers.
"What happens is that the Groupon promotion runs and then there is a flood of customers coming to their store," says the study’s author and Jones School associate marketing professor Utpal Dholakia.
The bottom line is that a good deal or promotion should attract customers, give them the flavor for your company’s products and services, and then let them buy whatever they want at full price.
Most businesses are built on margins of 75 percent, which means if the customer just comes in and buys the deal, the owner is going to loose money, says Dholakia.
One problem with price deals is diminishing returns; thus, merchants need to put a cap on the number of deal coupons that are to be sold, says Dholakia.
You must make your promotion grab consumers but at the same time increase your potential conversion rate for repeat customers, says Dholakia.
Dholakia says each merchant must know their costs, factor in a price that draws customers, project the number of costumers that will buy the coupon, and estimate incremental revenues.
A Groupon promotion can be a way to announce the existence of your business to consumers who are unfamiliar with your products or services.

In this interview, he discussed why the deals business in India declined, the focus categories for Groupon in the country and the mistakes the US parent company made.
These areas offer an untapped online market in India that’s worth $1.5 billion.
The fundamental mantra of group buying is not to focus on customers but on merchants.
Moreover, 2013-end is a target we have in mind, but there is no immediate urge to break even so fast because we were late in this market and there is no expectation that a market like India should generate profits within two years.

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Often, a quick trip to a customer review site raises red flags if a business is offering a crummy deal, says Dan Hess, co-founder of, a website that aggregates offers from various deal sites.
Occasionally, merchants go out of business before a voucher is redeemed, treat deal users as second-class customers or offer deals that aren’t much of a bargain.
Deal sites do their best to vet merchants’ quality and solvency before allowing them to offer a voucher, and many sites have a money-back guarantee if a business closes its doors before a voucher is redeemed.
Some sites limit how long customers can wait to request a refund, but an informal Oregonian poll of popular deal sites revealed none would deny a refund if a merchant refused to honor a deal that had not expired.
Like many daily deal sites, Groupon refunds all customers who are unsatisfied for any reason.
View full sizeDaily deal sites such as Groupon are a hit with bargain hunters, with discounts on local food, goods and services.
If you buy a deal but never print the voucher, Groupon automatically refunds your money.
Avid users tout online deal sites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and their innumerable imitators as a bargain hunter’s dream.
After five days, the site accepts refunds only if the voucher is unusable because the merchant went out of business or a merchant refuses to honor a voucher that has not expired.

Living Social is the next biggest group buying site behind Groupon and on their niche "Escape" site every week they offer hotel packages in every region of the country, as well as some in the Caribbean.
Living Social is the next biggest group buying site behind Groupon and on their niche "Escape" site every week they offer hotel packages in every region of the country, as well as some in the Caribbean.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the best offers we suggest signing up to each of these sites using a a secondary “deals email address” that you check each week.
Here’s our list of the top sites as well as how to use them to make the biggest savings.There are a huuuuuuge variety of daily deals websites out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them, featuring everything from food, furniture & gadgets to restaurant meals, spa treatments & days out.
Unlike typical voucher sites you’ll also find that a lot of the deals are localised and not necessarily big brand names.
The trick is to make sure that you’re scouting out deals rather than taking up an offer that’s been advertised to you.
We never like to see students get ripped off so we’ve compiled this guide to explain the how, what, where and whys of deal sites, as well as list the best (legit) daily deals sites.
We’ve heard of complaints that some companies don’t always comply fully with the offer advertised once purchased, and that the customer service of daily deals websites can be slow to respond to such issues.
The sites include a whole host of deals ranging from restaurant vouchers, cinema vouchers, mini breaks and experiences such as photo shoots, language lessons and days out.
It’s free to browse the sites for deals but many ask for your email address to do so and they’ll send you daily deals to this email address.
As well as irritating adverts, Wowcher supplies similar offers as other daily deals sites such as deals on dining out.
The majority of the sites ask you to enter your email address to view the deals on offer. is ranked as the number 326 website in the world according to Alexa, therefore it is one of the most popular sites in the world.
Groupon’s site has currenlty 1 tag assigned which connects it to 9 similar websites.

If you don’t have time to sort through all the endless promotions, try the Aggregator of Wallet-Friendly Deals:, which amasses over 30,000 offers per month from over 800 daily deal sites (including Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt City, Google Offers and more).
So if you’re bummed you missed the window to snag great theater tickets before they sold out, or if you bought a hotel deal that you can’t redeem before it expires, try these sites.
Attention shoppers: You’ll get the best bargains on daily deals sites like Groupon, Living Social, and others if you follow these insider tips.
See a great deal for a haircut? If it says 100,000 are available and the coupon expires in three months, chances are, it’s going to be tough to redeem.
Do you live in Ohio but see a great deal in Seattle? Scoping out bargains in other cities might pay off.
Do you live in Ohio but see a great deal in Seattle? Scoping out bargains in other cities might pay off. – This site brings in exclusive local deals like other sites as well as listing of seasonal sales and offers going on at the local retail stores.
The best bet of local content players entering the market is also seeing action with BuzzInTown launching a deals section and Taggle riding on AskLaila’s reach. – Based out of Mumbai and the local deals are available only for this city.
Ebay – The big daddy of e-commerce is still testing its local deals app with presence in Delhi and Mumbai.
Deals are decent and traffic seems to be building now.
The deals are just getting started in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. – These guys are trying to achieve everything with deals on restaurants, salons, and products.
There has been criticism and dis-interest from VCs and investors all over the world around the scalability and sustainability of this model given the army of sales guys required to get a new deal up everyday but that does not seem to stop Groupon from doing an IPO early next year.

The LivingSocial website has one of the best interfaces of all the daily deal sites like Groupon featured on this page, you can easily view all the deals in your area on a single page or sort them by popular categories to find something in particular that you are looking for.
HomeRun is another site like Groupon that focuses on a US audience and offers a wide variety of great deals which you can either access through the website or get regular email alerts about offers in your area.
DailyDibs is a great site like Groupon because it groups all the deals together from a number of the best sites like Groupon into one place.
CoupRecoup allows you to sell coupons from any deal website but does mostly focus on Groupon and LivingSocial as the site pulls the necessary discount information from these websites.
Like other sites like Groupon Midnight Box allows you to easily customise which deals you receive which ultimately means less emails to sort through, saving you time.
Groupon is definitely the most popular of these websites and while it definitely has most of the best deals there are plenty of other sites like Groupon that specialise in different areas or has features that Groupon doesn’t.
If you are a business looking to make the most of daily deal sites like Groupon then HomeRun is a great website to start on thanks to their great support team.

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