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The idea of streaming music to a computer—not to mention having your playlist chosen entirely by algorithms—was still radical in the mid 2000s.

Internet radio sites like TagWorld, and Pandora let you type in a song or artist you like and instantly find other music that might fit your taste.
When you create a radio station on Pandora, it uses a pretty radical approach to delivering your personalized selections: Having analyzed the musical structures present in the songs you like, it plays other songs that possess similar musical traits.
Pandora relies on a Music Genome that consists of 400 musical attributes covering the qualities of melody, harmony, rhythm, form, composition and lyrics.
You won’t find Latin or classical yet: Pandora is in the process of developing a specialized Latin music Genome and is still deep in thought about how to approach the world of classical composition.
If we type in, say, "Ben Folds" and click the "create" button, we’ve created a radio station called "Ben Folds Radio" that will only play songs with similar musical traits to Ben Folds’ songs.

Listen to full-length songs and read the lyrics – millions of songs, online radio, downloads, music videos, playlists, photos, latest music releases.
Listen to full-length songs and read the lyrics – millions of songs, online radio, downloads, music videos, playlists, photos, latest music releases.
Last.FM copies the playlists from a users computer, then uses that information to build music charts, suggest new songs, build a personal radio station, and connect the user to others with similar interests.
Listen to music online with this internet radio website that plays what you want.

Last.FM users can play a “My Neighborhood” radio for free which allows the service to play music similar to music you’ve scrobbled from , Spotify, etc.
For people working 9-5 jobs, this means that the limit could be hit after one week of listening at work! Although Pandora claims many users won’t hit the limit, if Pandora is your main source of music, it is likely that you will.
Pandora also accommodated users by allowing them to “thumbs up” or “thumb down” a selection, which allowed their “Music Genome Project” to play songs more to the user’s liking.
While Pandora still offers unlimited listening with the the premium ‘Pandora One’ service for $3.99 per month or $36 per year, you may still be looking for a free service to stream your music.
For those of you unfamiliar with Pandora, the radio service allows users to pick an artist or genre, and Pandora creates a radio station based on the user’s selection.

Now that I’ve gone through the most popular options, I’m going to organize the rest of the sites in this post by the most prominent feature they’re based around – on-demand streaming, radio stations, personal music streaming, or a cool gimmick such as mood-matching, interesting curation, a focus on one certain genre, or crazy social features.

In order to use Pandora internet radio, please upgrade to a more current browser.
In order to use Pandora internet radio, please install Adobe Flash (v.10 or later).
Please check our Help page for information about troubleshooting Pandora on your browser.
We’re sorry, but a browser plugin or firewall may be preventing Pandora from loading.

Pandora uses some top secret algorithm, trying to figure out your taste in tunes based on musical attributes such as key tonality, rhythm syncopation, vocal harmonies and instrumental proficiency.

Pandora is a popular online radio and music streaming services available in the US, Australia and New Zealand that not only allows users to listen to music but will also recommend songs based on previous songs selected by the user.
If you are an Xbox user or simply looking for a great music streaming and online radio site then is the best site like Pandora available.
Spotify has long been the most popular site like Pandora in Sweden and with its 20 million available songs (depending on your region) Spotify is definitely strong competition in the music streaming industry. has a huge music collection available and allows users to easily build up a music profile by listening to their music collection from a computer, or by using the internet radio service.

If you click the Google button above instead of using your OpenID URL you will be automatically signed in via Google to your account.
Google will shutdown their support for the old OpenID standard in April 2015.
You can also use an OpenID provider to join or sign in to AlternativeTo.

After arguing that both ASCAP and BMI were showing bias towards international broadcasters who own terrestrial radio stations, Pandora announced on June 11, 2013 that it would attempt to acquire a KXMZl a radio station in South Dakota, under the presumption that doing so would allow it to access the same preferential licensing terms offered to services such as iHeartRadio (which is owned by Clear Channel Communications, itself America’s largest radio broadcaster).[18][19] The move was criticized by David Israelite, CEO of the National Music Publishers Association, who declared that Pandora was now "at war with songwriters," and had lost its credibility because it was resorting to "lawsuits and gimmicks" to make its point.
On November 5, 2012, Pandora filed suit in federal district court against ASCAP over royalty fees.[46] In the suit, the company sought to advocate for lower licensing fees on all the songs represented by the ASCAP’s 435,000 members.[47] On February 27, 2013, Pandora announced a 40-hour-per-month limit on free mobile listening.
Editors Miranda Ferrara and Michele LaMeau note "iHeartRadio is the largest radio operator in the United States with 237 million listeners and 800 stations in 150 markets, iHeartRadio, like Pandora, offers listeners the opportunity to like or dislike a song in order to receive recommendations on other tunes.
Because of the passage of DMCA in 1998 that increased fees and asked for licensing guarantees, the Pandora service is no longer available in countries other than Australia, New Zealand and the United States.[34][35] These rulings affect all U.S.-based Internet-based radio stations (terrestrial radio is not affected).
Pandora Internet Radio (also known as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora) is a music streaming and automated music recommendation service that serves as "custodian" of the Music Genome Project.

There is no free option for Beats Music, although all users get a free trial to try it out before paying, but even in comparison to other paid for versions of its competitors it does have a huge number of features.Sound quality is another area where Beats Music differentiates, if your connection is fast enough it is exceptional, offering CD quality 320Kbps.
iSkysoft Audio Recorder for Mac is perfect for downloading streamed music from Pandora, or indeed any other option because in addition to high quality recording, it offers the ability to understand what it is recording and remove gaps and ads from the music, additionally splitting tracks into individual files.
The free option includes ads, whilst there are two levels of paid for service, the cheaper bringing an ad free experience, the premium level adding on demand music play to its list of features.
Updated recently to be perhaps the nicest looking site for streaming audio, Slacker offers a clutter free and easy to use interface that allows you to enjoy the music without any fuss.
This is a service that has been around a while, formally called MOG, Beats Music sells itself with its collation algorithms, claiming to provide the best music curation in the industry, and it also includes on demand paly of individual tracks and full albums too. allows you to create your own music charts by (re)mixing the charts of more than 2500 radio stations, play the charts through, watch music videos, read the lyrics of your favorite songs and the bio of your favorite artists, find new music and radio stations that match your taste. is a web application that looks & feels like a music player where users can quickly find, listen to, build, and share playlists of their favorite artists' music.
With Radionomy, everyone is finally going to be able to create their own radio station on the Internet.- By tapping into the contents of vast music libraries.- By integrating their own musical creations.- By adding their own audio content, sequences, reports and podcasts.
Just type in what you want to hear – and Jango we'll play your chosen music and other favorites of Jango users who share your taste.
PureVolume is also a big Social Media Network that lets you upload and download music that you like, meet people with the same interest as you do, make comments on your friends music, read others blogs, send private messages and more.
FIQL is a place to be introduced to new music by looking at other people's playlists and to share with others your playlist and music interests.

iTunes Radio: Like Pandora, Apple’s streaming service creates personalized music playlists.
Google Play Music All Access: This service recognizes that most music fans already have a sizable collection of songs.
Apple and Android phones still have a slightly diminished service: Users may listen to playlists that they or their friends create, but the mobile app shuffles up the order of the songs.
People may comb through its massive catalog of songs, play any track at any time, build and share playlists with friends, and do so without paying a dime.
For $9.99 a month, Google unlocks a Spotify-style on-demand jukebox with access to 19 million songs.
The service isn’t bad either, with 20 million songs available on-demand, free of charge for six months.
Instead, you tell the service what you’d like to hear, and it will play songs that match that vibe.
Pandora’s sharp-eared algorithms disguise the fact that it has a relatively thin catalog of songs – fewer than 1 million by recent count.
Pandora: While Spotify aims to be the most comprehensive jukebox on the planet, Pandora focuses on helping people discover new music.
Desktops and laptops could play any song from Spotify’s library of more than 20 million tracks, free of charge.
It will upload as many as 20,000 songs to a "digital locker" that you may then access from any computer and some mobile devices.
A subscription to iTunes Match, Apple’s $24.99-a-year digital locker service, will yank the advertising.
Rdio: While Rdio’s features seem right in line with its competition, the plucky music service excels in one aspect: design.

You create a station by requesting a particular artist and Pandora attempts to play music on that ‘station’ that is similar using a huge database of properties.
MySpace Music – Search and play site similar to Grooveshark, and they do also have videos available to watch.
@Weakonomist – Maybe it has been so long that I don’t remember thumbing down a ton of songs, but all my stations are all now trained unless I let the station run for a hours then it might throw in an odd song or two. – Offers a service that is similar to Pandora, Grooveshark, and Blip all in one place. was my reintroduction to free online music, but I have since moved on to Pandora.
TheSixtyOne – Unique Digg like service that allows the user to vote up the best music.
Now, there are so many unique and useful free music services and web sites streaming music that it can spin your head.
You can thumbs up and thumbs down songs to tailor the station to play exactly the type of music you want.
I figured I better throw in a service that lets you download free music to round off the list.

In order to come up with customized relevant radio stations which only play tracks that you like, this portal enlists various artists belonging to different genres and combines this knowledge with its subscribers’ personal taste in music.
With this website your possibilities are endless, because apart from allowing you to listen to over 1000 radio stations, iHeartRadio lets you create your own custom stations that play your favorite music.
Another streaming service that gives you a wide selection of tracks to choose from based on your choices is Finetune, a website that creates personal radio stations just for your entertainment.
This website is popular for its unique ability to figure out music preferences of its subscribers and create custom radio stations.
Apart from on-demand access to music, it lets you listen to various other radio programs as well that include sports, news, comedy and more.
And the final music streaming service on our roster is Slacker that boasts of featuring the most personalized content amongst all the available radio services.

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Description: Pandora is free, personalized radio that plays music you'll .
Listen to online music on Slacker Radio for free and discover the perfect music for any moment.
Grooveshark is free music, online radio, and so much more.

Pandora Radio is a music suggestion service that allows users to enter song names and the service plays selections that are similar.
Listen to online radio, find streaming music radio and streaming talk radio with TuneIn.

Among the Grooveshark review comments were many recommendations for Although it isn’t quite your library in the cloud type app like Grooveshark, it’s one of the best ways to discover new music based on what you listen to.
Streaming high quality music from your desktop, laptop, iPhone, Blackberry or other internet connected device, is relatively common place now and becoming more commonplace as we increasingly move towards a cloud connected world.
Deezer has apps for lots of mobile devices and even home devices like TV’s, so if you’re looking for something completely free to discover new music, this would be a great choice.
It’s a great way to get your music fix and discover new music, but not so great if you’re looking for a music library in the cloud.
Their music library is likely to be more limited than other apps listed here due to the totally free price and how the big music labels don’t like “free”.
While Lala is quite great, it’s focused more towards those looking to eventually purchase music rather than just listen for free all day every day.
Grooveshark is your music library and discovery app in the cloud, enabling you to upload your own music and connect using piles of internet connected devices.
You can listen to 10h of free music per month, then you can only listen to your own media library or you purchase Spotify Premium/Unlimited.
Their music library is likely going to be more limited than some of these other apps, but I was able to find everything I searched for.
Unlike many of the other streaming apps, Lala is actually its own music store enabling you to purchase and download mp3′s.
So – it’s perfect if you love your old MP3 player, want to keep your music on an inexpensive memory stick or for when you don’t have an internet connection and thus offers you the best of both worlds.
Maestro runs a small application on your desktop that enables you to stream your personal music collection from other internet connected devices.

Co-Found Chinese metal magazine Painkiller Mag in 2000 and started doing live shows on international acts with Painkiller Productions since 2004.
If you're just looking for free music, Baidu Music is awesome in having virtually everything that you can stream for free, has karaoke features (if you want to learn and sing along to the lyrics, and download most of the songs.
Main working fields are cultural exchange projects in China with Germany and nordic countries, concerts and touring with international artists and promotional work.
Start working with Midi Music Festival since 2007 and now Head of International Affairs at Midi Festival and Midi School of Music.
The problem is, most Chinese online streaming platforms for music are only in Chinese.
Born in Beijing, Grew up in Germany and did underground metal magazine Evil Message Mag and working a AFM Reocords in its beginning days.

iTunes Radio opens up with “On Your Way” from the band’s debut album and its playlist stretches further afield than that of Pandora. Tracks like ” Melissa” by The Allman Brothers Band and Bonnie Raitt’s “ You Can’t Fail Me Now” are inspired choices that highlighted the band’s musical ancestors.
Verdict: Here I give the slight nod to iTunes Radio over Pandora, with the former offering a wider range of hard bop tracks, and a pleasing mix of jazz pianists with unique styles, while giving fusion fans a few songs to enjoy as well.
While this may seem like stacking the deck against Pandora, I believe that the on-demand capability of Spotify and Apple’s tight integration of its streaming radio service with the iTunes ecosystem are indeed inherent advantages that should be reflected in a real world comparison like this one.
iTunes Radio opened with “Watermelon Man”, but interestingly, it chose not the original version heard in Pandora, but Hancock’s completely reworked funk-influenced version from the classic 1973 Head Hunters album.
I’ve gotten questions from readers about the audio quality of iTunes Radio compared to Pandora and Spotify.
All three playlists included a late fifties Miles Davis track and while they all featured at least one Herbie Hancock song, Pandora led the way with six songs by the seed artist.
All three services started with a Stevie Wonder song and while each included at least one other song from the seed artist, Spotify led the way with a total of five Stevie Wonder songs in its playlist.

Pandora Internet Radio or more commonly known as Pandora, is an online music streaming website that offers free audio listening.
Aside from totally free music listening, users can also buy songs and albums through different online retailers.
Stereomood is a great Pandora alternative as it doesn’t only offer free music listening but enables streaming music based on your mood.
You can create your own radio playlist, search songs by artist, play music according to your mood, and listen to live radio broadcasting stations.
Beyond its great audio quality and free music listening services, Pandora does have its own disadvantages.

“It costs a lot of money to build a brand if you didn’t hit it luckily through viral channels, like Pandora did,” said David Hyman, the former chief executive of the music service Mog, which was sold last year to Beats Electronics.
In an online-only spot that will start running Wednesday, a young woman at a coffee shop vexes everyone in earshot when she opens a blue “Pandora’s box” — labeled “P,” like Pandora’s app icon — and unleashes a singularly annoying song.
In the coffee shop video, the patrons align with the demographics of the service — 18 to 44 years old, and slightly more females than males, said Will Akerlof, the chief executive of Liquid Advertising — and visibly express their reactions to the music playing.
Listeners can eliminate ads for a $4 monthly subscription, and $10 a month also adds features that — like Spotify and other “on-demand” services — let users play any song they choose.
The latest example is in digital music services, with Pandora as the Goliath and its much smaller competitor Slacker in the role of David with the 30-second sling.

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Although on the surface it seems like just another music streaming service, what’s really cool about Rdio is its celebrity fan base: Artists from Snoop to My Morning Jacket’s Jim James to Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears all use the service, so you can see what they’re listening to in real time.
There are a lot of great, free music on Soundcloud — artists often release album previews and singles on the streaming service — but the app is most valuable for fans of electronica.

Instead, they’re providing other original content with a similar approach to that of the writer whose name graces the site, and that’s a notable difference from how most sports websites handle things.
In some respects, these personality-driven portals run along the same lines as popular music services like Pandora; they’re taking the fact that readers flock to well-known writers such as Simmons, King and Silver, and are using that to attempt to provide those readers with other content they’ll like.
For example, consider Reilly; if people liked his work, Sports Illustrated or ESPN could send them to his archive, but they didn’t have a lot of new, similar stories to point people to, and no one person could write enough new material on his or her own to maintain a giant site.
By contrast, Simmons, King and Silver all play important roles in the editing of their site, working to hire writers who fit their vision, helping them develop stories that work for the site and then presenting those stories in a way that will appeal to their own fans.
Those who enjoy Simmons’ mix of sports and pop culture should find plenty on Grantland they like, including bracket challenges, long pieces breaking down various sports, TV recaps and interviews with music and movie stars, and the site even uses The Sports Guy’s signature footnoting approach.
The idea of basing a hub on one popular writer’s approach or style and producing similar content that will appeal to the first writer’s fans seems like a solid alternative as well, though.

Jango is another free streaming radio station and they make it super easy to listen to free music online from your computer.
Spotify is the master of all free music online right now with over a million songs available for you to listen to whenever you want and as many times as you want.
You’re not limited to the free online music of one radio station either – you can create up to 100 unique stations that only contain music that you love.
Pandora is a great place to listen to free music online from your favorite artists but an even better place to discover new music that you’re sure to like as well.
Choose from thousands of their free online radio stations in all kinds of genres and you’ll be up and listening to music you love in just a matter of seconds.
Tip: Although these websites are all great places to listen to free music online, many are advertised based so you’ll need to listen to ads every once in awhile.
MOG is a heck of a way to listen to free music online with a whooping 15 million songs available for you to listen to on-demand.
You’ll basically find music databases where you can search for an artist or song and listen to it on-demand or online radio stations which work more fluidly.
AOL Radio may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the other free online music sites but is incredibly easy to use and hassle-free.
Playlist encourages you to use the free music online in their library to create custom playlists to share with your friends.
Besides listening to the free music online that Pandora offers, you can also download free apps for your Smartphone.
I’ve made it easy and reviewed the top 10 places to listen to free music online so you can get to enjoying your music right now.
These websites offer free music online but if you want to keep the music you hear, you’ll want to find out where you can download free music.
The free music online through Spotify is played through a desktop manager that you’ll need to download before you can get started with Spotify.
To get started with RadioTuna you just need to pick a genre or an artist and then you’ll be given thousands of listings for online radio stations that play the music you’ve searched for.
The free online music at 8Tracks is grouped into short playlists of 8 songs that are put together by you or by another 8Tracks listener.
Visit Grooveshark and listen to all the free music online that you can handle. is a great all around music site for both listening to free music online and downloading free music.
You can play this free music online through your browser or a desktop player you can download.
You also might like to know where the best places online are to watch free music videos and the best free music apps.
There are more websites than ever that offer free music online and it can be a little daunting when you’re looking for some free online music that you can play right now.

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