skyrim how to buy a house in rifton

 360  If the children’s bedroom is purchased from the Riften Steward after previously purchasing the enchanting room, the objects from the enchanting room may still be in the children’s bedroom, the different objects become merged.
 PC   360   PS3  The Dragonborn will be able to buy Honeyside, but not be named Thane.
 PS3   When in Iona’s room, Whirlwind Sprint towards the wall above the table will teleport the Dragonborn to the front door inside the house.
 360   One of the weapon racks in the basement of the house may not store a weapon allowing storage of only three weapons on the rack.
 360   If the Dragonborn tries to place a woodcutter’s axe on the third slot from the left of the weapon rack, it will be dropped instead, though it will stay suspended in the air.
 PS3   360   Discovering Cragslane cavern and clearing it before starting the ‘skooma trade’ quests may lead to inability to complete the second quest that requires that this dungeon be cleared.
 360   The mannequins in the enchanting room may occasionally move position and appear in the middle of the basement or elsewhere in the house.
 360   After purchasing, the miscellaneous quest to let the Jarl know the house was bought will not be open.
 360    PS3   The Weapon Plaques on the walls display all weapons diagonally.

Who do I talk to to start the quest to buy the house in Riften? I have talked the Stewart, the Jarl and did a quest for the court mage and still no quest started.
You need to do as many quests as possible in the Riften area, particularly the quest that Wujeeta gives you who is at the Riften Fishery.
Once the Jarl likes you, you’ll be able to secure her trust by helping the people of Riften.
You also need to do quests for the people of Riften and for the Jarl.
Spoke to Wylandriah, the Jarl’s mage, and completed her retrieval quests by going to Windhelm, Winterhold, and Ivarstead.
Note that the Jarl will not even mention selling the house until you have completed the associated quests Helping Hand, The Raid and Supply and Demand, and also built a reputation with Riften citizens by doing a few miscellaneous quests for the people of the town (see I Done Got Thaned! for details).
Alternatively, if you give Riften to the Empire during Season Unending or conquer it during Reunification of Skyrim, Honeyside can be purchased from Hemming Black-Briar without having to complete or begin the quests for the Jarl.
Honeyside must be purchased from her steward Anuriel in order to complete the quest and receive the title of Thane of Riften.
This house, the second-least expensive home that can be obtained, becomes available for purchase during a quest for the Jarl of Riften.
Welcome to the second episode of SKYRIM GUIDES – a quick guide on how to purchase a new home in Riften.
If you like what you see, tell me about it! I will continue making more Skyrim Guides if people want more.
In the series SKYRIM GUIDES, here you get to learn how to be a better Dragonslayer! Okay, not necessarily so.
If you still cannot purchase a house after completing this questline, you may need to do a few more quests to help out citizens of Riften, such as the Argonian in the inn needs 3 flawless amethysts or a sword delivered to the blacksmith from the jarl’s son.
the last 2 quest require 10 fire salts and 5 ice wraith teeth (I would advise checking all the alchamists if you have trouble finding wild ice wraiths and fire atronachs) then i spoke to the jarl and she told me i could get the house.
Hi i did the skooma quest, the jarl’s sons sword quest, the mages quest in the keep and the blacksmiths and food traders quests.
Ok, so the first town I visited in Skyrim was Rifton, I did a few things for the villagers, saw how awesome the ownable house looked from the outside and that it had it’s own pier, so then I resolved to own it.
Update: I read somewhere that you have to complete the bleak barrows quest, I’ve already done that and been as far as Hrothgar in the main quest, But the stupid steward just won’t sell me the damn house.
You can start it by goin to the dock area of Rifton and talking to one of the Lizard people she works at the fishery if i remeber right.
After you buy Honeyside, then make sure that you DO NOT open either door and enter the house until you buy all the upgrades, as on PS3, and possibly Xbox, it renders the weapon racks and displays unusable if you take the default piece off of them, and may work for the mannequins as well, but I hadn’t bought that one at that point, and reloaded an auto save from just before I went in and got the upgrades.
Hopefully that helps 🙂 I also heard you must talk to the Jarl again before upgrading your house to become Thane because of a possible bug.
The quest for Wujeeta is the key to it all, but bear in mind that if she’s killed intentionally during the quest, then according wiki, you can forget owning the house or becoming Thane.
I’m not sure how reliable that information is, but just to be safe, talk to the Jarl again before upgrading your house.
Just go do 4 assistance quests for the citizens (Giving a beggar a gold piece, and dropping an item and letting whoever picks it up keep it counts as well), and you will get a journal entry to go see the Jarl.
Just a question, everyone keeps mentioning doing a certain quest in the main storyline involving, well… To avoid spoilers, a certain political change in Riften, I guess? It isn’t actually necessary to make it to that point, though, is it? I’m trying to hold off on the main storyline at the moment.
WARNING: Do not buy any upgrades to the house until after you have spoken to the Jarl again and been made a Thane or you will never be able to become a Thane of Riften due to a glitch – at least not until Bethesda correct this issue with a patch.
This house in Riften is worth buying because it has an Alchemy area, an Enchanting area, and two mannequins which allow you to use the duplicating items mannequin glitch to get infinite gold for yourself.
This guide will show you how to own the available house in Riften as well as acquire the title Thane of Riften and be assigned the that comes with the position.
thats what I want to know, I really want that Riften house, but theres no option to buy it when talking to the Steward, and everyone including UESP says that you buy directly from the steward for 8000 gold, and I have over 9100 gold, and she still doesnt have the option, and honestly I dont know where to turn.
After I delivered a purchase order for him, then the Jarl made me Thane and the option to buy the house from the steward became available.
I am playing Skyrim and I recently looked on the UESP about a house called Honeyside in Riften that says you can directly buy the house from the Steward for 8000 gold.
thanks for a answer that might be actually the answer to my problems, and probably a lot of other peoples for getting the house in Riften.
So what’s a good way going about power leveling Enchanting? I pretty much disenchant every unique magic item I discover, but I think the main problem lies in finding soul gems available for putting a soul in; they’re just not as common as I’d like them to be unless they just randomly pop up in that mage dude in Dragonreach’s inventory.
I pretty much disenchant every unique magic item I discover, but I think the main problem lies in finding soul gems available for putting a soul in; they’re just not as common as I’d like them to be unless they just randomly pop up in that mage dude in Dragonreach’s inventory.
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Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:02 pm Okay, so after weeks of not being able to install Skyrim on the desktop computer, a broken power supply unit and countless hours of headache later, I have FINALLY managed to install the game.
It’s funny that I’ve taken this route because up until now I have *always* been a mage/ sorceress type character in any such game, but I tend to avoid spells unless absolutely required in Skyrim.
Another one I witnessed was on my niece’s game (she plays on the XBox) while she was going through the Civil War quest – She had just returned to her camp and we came across a horse standing on the back of another horse.
I am not sure if this is the same quest but I do know in Dawnstar (might have been in a different city) there is a quest that involves a house being burned down and a mother and daughter dying in the fire.
The only part I find hard to play is the Black Book quest series.
The attackers were driven off, but two of the caravan’s other guards were slain and Straw got a nasty cut on his thigh before he and Barenziah managed to gash his Khajiit assailant’s throat.
Straw wanted to settle down permanently near Sunguard, but Barenziah insisted on continuing their travels east.
Barenziah and Straw settled into Rifton for the winter, taking a cheap room in the slummier section of town.
Barenziah sensed this and had encouraged Straw to seek out other women.
They had two such encounters before reaching Sunguard — an ambush which Barenziah’s keen ears warned them of in plenty of time for them to circle about and surprise the lurkers, and a night attack by a mixed band of Khajiit, humans, and Wood Elves.
My only gripe with the Fallout is that I would to see how the gameworld is as a result of the main quests like the Elder Scrolls .
For a lot of it I found a skeleton that couldn’t hurt me in a hallway and put a rubber band around the block button and let him wail on me for 10 levels or so.
They can get a little buggy at times but the gameplay and the environment Bethesda created with these games (and all their games) makes up for it in IMO.
But at level 50 there is a perk that lets the shield block half damage from magic attacks.
Don’t you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can’t think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all who claim it? Do you read everything you’re supposed to read? Do you think everything you’re supposed to think? Buy what you’re told you should want? Get out of your apartment.
The terms in the last paragraph: "He also mumbled some nonsensical phrases like ‘night is the new day’ and how he was the ‘ghost of the sun.’ I have no idea what these cryptic sentiments mean, but hopefully during tomorrow’s ritual, Anders and I will put everything we’ve learned to the test." are references to multiple Katatonia albums and songs- the most obvious being the album Night is the New Day and the song "Ghost of the Sun" from the album Viva Emptiness.
11.15.11legit question: how many of you guys actually shit your pants cause you were too enthralled playing this game and didnt want to get up.
most people dont want to bother making sure they can run the game, fucking with mods, all that fun shit.
11.18.11ill just have to play through the game with another character later, i only have one save conjuration becomes so overpowered once you hit level 100, soon ill have destruction and one-handed there too loving thisfish.
11.11.11So far I’m only a meager level 5 Khajiit… but dude… the magic in this game is fucking awesome.
11.18.11Nah. 12 year olds are going to play this game for a week, get tired of it, and move on to some other crap like Call of Duty.
11.13.11As with the previous two entries in the series, the soundtrack to Skyrim is sold exclusively via Jeremy Soule’s distributor DirectSong; on November 4, 2011 a physical-only release consisting of 4 audio CDs was announced, coinciding with the launch of the game.
11.15.11For the next two days only, then back up to $20.00. Will getting this game enhance or ruin Skyrim for me?Trebor.
11.14.11does being a vampire have actual benefeits in this game cause it sucked in oblivion.
11.11.11my brother’s been hogging the game for 4 hours since it arrived what a cuntTrebor.
trying to level up conjuration, destruction, sneak, speech, archery some other shit.
11.16.11"5 dragons down… this game is so effin good.
11.16.115 dragons down… this game is so effin good.
I’m trying to decide whether I want to do a sneaky thief (not with a heart of gold this time) for the thieves guild, or try out an Imperial sword and boarder with heavy armor and a lot of blocking, and work on the Imperial quest line and maybe the bard’s college (he’ll be a charmer type, maybe I’ll take some speech perks which I have yet to touch, or try to work on some of the mind affecting illusion spells which I have yet to use in any of my games).
I was also thinking if I’m going to do crafting of any kind (smithing, enchanting, etc.) to do it as I go rather than save up, as well as not buying the iron ingots for rapid smithing, or filled soul gems (I’ll probably still have to buy empties for a while since you have to go where mages are to find empty soul gems in small quantities).
Drones need commands like protect me or attack my target, to show exactly what we want done, not just put them on standby and hope the AI knows who to fight and when.Needing more types of drones might not be needed, but better use of the ones we have for certain, like construction drones do construction and repairs, makes sense right? So why don’t cargo drones do everything with cargo, from loading and unloading to gathering in space, there should be a command for a ship that says Gather cargo in sector…and thats all it needs… like the links we use in TC and AP..set one ship up give the order then go about making more cargo by shooting up fighters or ships, but you don’t need to be personally involved with the ship anymore because the orders were clear, easy to understand and easy to do.I also think the little assassin drone we piloted should become the new fighter drone, like we had before, their fairly cheap and armed already we dont need to be in them just have orders that they take and let them work for us, like those little ones before.
In the Imperial City, Barenziah became great friends with Tiber Septim during the last years of his reign; Tiber’s heir Pelagius also came to love her as a sister.
Barenziah was welcomed kindly by the Emperor Tiber Septim and his family, who treated her like a daughter during her stay in the newly built Imperial City.
The first volume of this series told the story of Barenziah’s origin, heiress of the throne of Mournhold until her father king rebelled against His Excellency Tiber Septim and brought ruin to the province of Morrowind.
After fruitless inquiries and attempts at reconciliation, in desperation Barenziah took her young children and travelled to Imperial City herself to seek the Emperor’s ear.
Barenziah and good King Eadwyre had come to care deeply for one another, and had married in the year after their flight from Imperial City.
During her audience with the Emperor, Barenziah, through her magical arts, came to realize, to her horror and dismay, that the so-called Emperor was an imposter, none other than the Bard Nightingale who had stolen the Staff of Chaos.
General Symmachus, himself a dark elf and born in Mournhold, suggested to His Excellency that the child might someday be valuable, and she was placed with a loyal supporter who had recently retired from the Imperial army.

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