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DJ Useo is doing this awesome mashup showcase series.
If you are a first time listener, search for your favorite artist to see if I have a mashup of them.
**This is the 2nd installment of the annual year end "Pop State of Mind" Music Video Mashups.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can't Hold Us ft.
So in general, it seemed like 2013 was a year full of fun, relief & letting go.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop ft.
*If you listen closely, most of the lyrics in this year's Mashup rhyme like an actual song that you would here on the radio.
As always the message of the lyrics that I arranged for this year's Mashup is open for your own interpretation.
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Reddit darling Isosine, mashup artist bvnny and acoustic YouTube phenomenons Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider are among the top producers mashing together all of 2013’s hottest pop hits.
Mashable’s record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 19 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities.
Say Something © 2013 Epic Records and Sony Music Entertainment; Give Me © 2011 Warner Music Group ; My mash-ups are transformative works and are protected by the DMCA’s fair-use doctrine.
But if you’re not into that computerized stuff, how about some covers? Eric Thayne and two of his musically-inclined friends put their own twist on 19 of the year’s best songs, singing more toned-down versions of “Cups,” “Radioactive,” “Wrecking Ball” and more with nothing but a piano, a guitar, a tambourine and three amazing voices.
Then there’s the Pop “Danthology 2013″ from Daniel Kim, a music producer/writer who took 68 (!!!) songs that came out this year and combined them all together.
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Hands down, this is my go-to song when people ask what the strangest thing in my music library is (because I know they wouldn’t be able to handle the really obscure stuff, and this song is guaranteed to make their jaws drop).
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And actually if I’m being honest, Taylor Swift is also improving a Korn song here.
Song mashups are one of my favorite types of viral videos.
Before the shouting goats were improving Taylor Swift songs, Korn was.
Damn you Slipknot! You made me like a Justin Bieber song.
Too Good For Radio presents the 50 best mashups of the year, all available for stream and most for download below.
There are 43 – 43! – cartoon themes here, including (hint) Adventure Time.
As of this writing, we mostly remember hating Kanye West for his publicity stunts, but remember when he was fun, like back when he did Golddigger? Oh… you remember that song being ridiculously overplayed, and kind of annoying? Well, even if you do, with some help from a Beethoven remix by Walter Murphy (also known for doing the music for Family Guy) the song gets some nice progression and more of a sense of humor.
Cobain went on record as saying he hated Spirit and that he wrote it as a joke, and yet people insist that it’s a great and meaningful song just because it rags on mainstream teen interests.
Just one change that should have been made: the youtube video should have been a photoshop mash-up of the Ghostbusters with Jackson from Thriller, even if it’s the wrong song.
It’s in the top five for use in sporting events (if only the opening notes.) Mixing that song with Spirit is a really killer way of spitting on Nirvana’s alleged counter-culture ambitions and the depth that people like to project on it.
Snobs can turn up their noses all they want and dismiss mash-ups as cheap novelties for the ADHD-riddled generation with no filter and no respect, but we’re fairly certain that they go home, close the blinds, and throw a solo dance party to Biggie vs.
Online forums and after-school clubs are also good places to see what other people are making and sharpen your skills.
Hopefully you’ve already been putting your work online, but now’s a great time to find other people who are doing similar things.
So you’ve got your first remix or mashup out of the door, and you’re ready for more? These projects will help you develop your mashing and mixing skills and show you tools that’ll take you to the next level.
Join a club, or join online forums – but get your work out there and see what other people think.
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The 2nd installment in the “Music for Sport” series, a set of custom mixes created for and played throughout the sport event venues during the London Olympic Games last summer.
For the third year running, I had the opportunity to mash up of all of the artists that performed at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium in London.
In efforts to better reflect the year, I have a system that draws from the weekly charts from throughout 2011 that ensures that all the late-breaking hits (such as “We Found Love” & “Sexy and I Know It”) are included in the 2011 mix.
For the 2nd year in a row, I put together a mashup of all fifteen artists that performed at Capital FM’s Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium in London.
But the mashup genre has definitely made it possible to enjoy at least two songs at the same time.
This next song is filled with so much peace and love that it will forcefully bring you to your knees and make your head literally explode from a fierce wave of fiery care and compassion.
Earworm’s most famed project is his United States of Pop series, which combines Billboard’s Top 25 songs from an entire year into one catchy and coherent mix.
The end result is the most impressive way to have 25 songs stuck in your head at the exact same time.
Musics are fun! There are so many good musics out there that we sometimes can’t even decide which musics to listen to! But thanks to song mashups, now we don’t have to decide.
It blends legendary artists such as Queen, ACDC, Black Sabbath, OutKast, The Beatles, and Prince all into one epic track.
The world doesn’t make leather pants tight enough to properly accompany the level of audible awesome you’re about to enjoy.

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