special effects makeup schools

Special effects make-up training programs provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to make actors appear to be the characters they are playing onstage or on screen. The coursework focuses on basic make-up application and progressively builds skills that result in the ability to craft a variety of effects for use in theater, film, television and more.

Essential Information

Training for special effects make-up can generally be found at colleges, universities, beauty schools and in specialized schools. Some full degree programs in this field of study are available, but other schools may only offer a course or two within a related program, such as make-up artistry, film studies or theater.

Introduction to Special Effects Make-up

Students are introduced to special effects make-up design, providing them with a basic understanding of this specialized variation of make-up artistry. Other common themes at the introductory level include the role and responsibilities of make-up artists, safe use of materials and the history of make-up use in film and theater. They also gain more practical experience constructing realistic looking simulated graphic violence make-up and applying prosthetics to be blended and colored. They explore the inner-workings and standards of the entertainment industry, specifically discussing ways that special effects make-up are used to transform visual expression.

Sheridan’s Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props program prepares you in one year to begin a career in the highly specialized field of advanced special effects makeup. Coursework was developed specifically to meet the needs of employers such as museums, amusement parks, exhibitors and the entertainment industry.

Through intensive lab experiences that simulate industry settings, you’ll gain solid knowledge in casting, molding, sculpting and developing prosthetics, props and animatronics.

You’ll earn your graduate certificate through classes that involve:Researching styles, trends and new developments within the industry. Through your study you’ll also be introduced to the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), the union representing the profession.

Field Placement Experience

During the summer following the first two semesters, you’ll participate in a field placement where you can use your newly acquired special effects makeup skills in a professional setting.

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