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To give your friendship bracelet some more flair, thread some small beads or charms onto the strands and then tie them in a knot to secure them.
You can make this simple knotted friendship bracelet using embroidery thread or twine.

A step by step guide can be found here.
A DIY guide can be found here.
The DIY guide can be found here.
Tutorial can be found here.
The tutorial can be found here.
The tutorial can be found here.
The tutorial can be found here.
Instructions can be found here.

Chinese StaircaseFinish loose ends by looping one string (which should be much longer than others — add on, if needed) around all other strings or groups of strings, pulling knot tight toward top.
A few things you might have forgotten since those rainy camp afternoons spent busily knotting a bracelet or an anklet for your BFF du jour: Each string represents a stripe in the bracelet; arrange and tie them in the order in which you want them to appear.
But when fashioned in sophisticated colors and luxurious strings and yarns with metallic accents, these knotted bracelets become great adult accessories.
Starting from left side, follow instructions for diagonal pattern, left, for half of the strings.

You don’t need to drop hundreds of dollars on the latest bracelets to get that trendy layered look — you just need some string, some time, and a few great bracelet ideas to make your own homemade wristwear.
Macramé isn’t just for ugly plant hangers anymore — it’s a great way to make cool bracelets out of hemp and other types of string or cord.
Friendship bracelets are back and bigger than ever, and here are a whole stack of cool bracelets to make with string, thread, cord, or rope.
Experiment with different types of string and cord for making bracelets.
Have you tried making string bracelets using these tutorials, or is there one you plan to try? Let me know about it here.
Embroidery thread friendship bracelets are a classic way to make bracelets from string, using various braiding and knotting techniques.

Then we start to knot and to make a heart friendship bracelet we need to know how to make two different knotting rows — a normal and a special friendship bracelet rows.
You can wear these DIY heart friendship bracelets alone or you can pair them with other bracelet jewelry.
This Friendship bracelet tutorial shows how to DIY heart friendship bracelets.
Then we just continue with rows, two special and two normal until the heart friendship bracelet is long enough to fit around our wrist.
We will make an awesome DIY button ending to this heart friendship bracelet, which will allow us to take the bracelet on and off our wrist without damaging it.
We need four pieces of string for this heart friendship bracelet DIY.
In this friendship bracelet tutorial I show how to make a heart pattern.

Picture tutorial of an open ended beaded wrap bracelet (link: ).
Remember ShrinkyDink mini tags on name tag- spindle, shuttle, knitting needles.
DIY :Pretty and easy!! This could work for a swimming/beach bracelet for my medical alert.

  Title Videos Images   Rating (( Beginner Tutorial )) 2-String Friendship Bracelet 1 Newbie tutorial! 3.3 (( Beginner Tutorial )) 3-in-1 (magical) bracelet Newbie tutorial! 4.5 (( Beginner Tutorial )) How to make #2 – chevron 2 5 Newbie tutorial! 4.1 (( Beginner Tutorial )) How to Make the Candy Stripe Bracelet 3 9 Newbie tutorial! 4.3 (( Beginner Tutorial )) Jipijapa 1 13 Newbie tutorial! 4.6 (( Beginner Tutorial )) Lava Lamp Bracelet 1 3 Newbie tutorial! 4.1 (( Beginner Tutorial )) The Daisy Chain Knotted Bracelet 1 Newbie tutorial! 4.7 (( Beginner Tutorial )) Twist Bracelet 1 Newbie tutorial! 4.4 (( Beginner Tutorial )) Zig Zag Scramble Bracelet 1 7 Newbie tutorial! 4.8 (( Beginner Tutorial )) Zipper Bracelet 3 3 Newbie tutorial! 4.3 (( How to… )) Alpha/Letter patterns 4 14 Newbie tutorial! 4.5 (( How to… )) Create a Tutorial 1 Newbie tutorial! 3.6 (( How to… )) Create a Video Tutorial 4 Newbie tutorial! 3.5 (( How to… )) Design Bracelet Patterns 10 Newbie tutorial! 4.5 (( How to… )) Edit and Save Normal Pattern Colours 4 Newbie tutorial! 4.9 (( How to… )) Everything For Beginners 2 Newbie tutorial! 4.6 (( How to… )) Glossary of Terms Newbie tutorial! 4.8 (( How to… )) Knots Used for Bracelets 6 7 Newbie tutorial! 4.6 (( How to… )) Read Patterns 3 2 Newbie tutorial! 4.1 (( How to… )) Resizing photos 9 Newbie tutorial! 4.0 (( How to… )) Safety Pin – Easy way to start bracelets.

For a BUTTON CLOSURE bracelet, fold the strands in half, form a knot about 1/2 inch from the top (creating a loop), & start your bracelet.
For a TRADITIONAL bracelet, just create a knot 2-3 inches from the top & start your bracelet.

If you’re new to friendship bracelet-making, click on the video links to learn the basics, including the right-hand double knot and left-hand double knot.

Friendship bracelets can have many meanings and symbolic uses, such as friendship, folk art, or social statements.[6] Although it is generally accepted that the origins of these colorful bands lie with the Indians in Central and South America, some decorative knots can be traced back to China from 481 to 221 B.C.[7] According to tradition, one ties a bracelet onto the wrist of a friend who may wish for something at that moment.
Friendship bracelets first became popular in the United States during the 1970s and are commonly worn by both male and female teenagers.[1] They are now popular throughout the world[2][3][4] and are not only popular among teenagers but among the older generation; they are popular among celebrities as well.

And as a bonus, I feel like learning how to make a friendship bracelet is one of those rites of passage you always do at summer camp, so this might just be like figuring out how to ride a bike again.
The way you make the ridged, woven looking surface of a friendship bracelet is by making lots of small knots.
I apologize in advance for using several different bracelets to demonstrate how to make a friendship bracelet – I did lots of the steps over and over to try to get the best photos.
Begin the bracelet by taking your cut strands of embroidery floss and tying an overhand knot in one end.
just a start: make sure your brand new friend is the right size for your bracelet.
just a start: make sure your brand new friend is the right size for your bracelet.
The tape or pins will keep the bracelet in place as you braid/knot the friendship bracelet.
You can make them as thick or thin as you like, and you can easily learn how to make a friendship bracelet in less than an hour.

Since most of your strings are going to be brass or copper, I would probably use a brass/copper cleaner to clean your guitar strings(Makes sense.) Alternatively, I would use a scouring powder that can be used on brass and copper.
GREAT inble, ive been saving the ends of the strings (bead looking thingys) for a long time to make a necklace but i might as well use them to make this instead.
This is an Instructable on how to make a bracelet out of old guitar strings.
Use your old guitar strings, ask your friend for his/hers, or go to your local music store if they re-string guitars and ask them to save you the old strings.
This is an Instructable on how to make a bracelet out of old guitar strings.
🙂 Another thing you can do is use the "ball" ends from the ends of the strings as accent beads, which adds an extra recycling touch.

From our friends at Klutz! Weave a a friendship bracelet using embroidery floss.
Learn the basic knot first and try your hands at the diagonal stripe.

Funny thing, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across another tutorial and I remembered how to knot a friendship bracelet like we did back in the ’90 in highschool – I them and I’ve already made a bunch.
I’ve used this tutorial to make friendship bracelets which I made in exchange for a donation to the St Margaret of Scotland hospice, who provide exceptional end of life care to individuals and their families going through a very hard time.
I love you blog! I want to make these friendship bracelets with the large gold links as half the bracelet.
Great tutorial, I love the idea of rhinestones on friendship bracelets.

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If you’re new to following the knotted floss bracelet patterns on this website, you’ll need to know a few floss bracelet basics to understand the patterns.  You’ll get an overview of the knots, tools and materials, starting and finishing, and lots of tips.

Once upon a time the hottest bracelet in all the land was born-and now it’s here! A must-have accessory for any music lover, it is made from guitar strings to channel the vibes of the wearer’s favorite tunes.
This bracelet looks great on my nephew! He loves it because he plays guitar in a band and it doesn’t interfere with his playing while he wears it.
I bout this for my son because he is a guitar player in a band I thought it would be really cool for him to wear on stage.

Get loose beads in bulk from top China beads wholesaler online at cheap price for jewelry making.

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I love autumn! There’s no denying it or hiding it.

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In an essay called "The Red String: The Cultural History of a Jewish Folk Symbol," Elly Teman writes that the practice of wearing a red string "has been widely documented in the historical and ethnographical records of many cultures." She cites similar traditions in cultures ranging from China to Greece to Romania to the Dominican Republic.

Spike Bracelet: This fierce metallic bracelet may seem scary on it’s own, but we say embrace the spikes! Wear it with leather leggings if you want to totally rock out, or pair it with a graphic anchor Tee like this DIY-er did for a cool style contrast.
Studded Leather Wrap Bracelet: This designer-inspired piece took practically no time to make and for a fraction of the cost of the real deal.
Neon Wrap Bracelet: This bright bracelet is made exactly how it sounds by wrapping neon thread tightly around rope.
Beaded Leather Bracelet: Loop a piece of leather and thread the beads of your choice through each side.
Gold Tube Bracelets: These colorful tube bracelets have dual material personalities: totally adjustable with colorful cord or sturdy and with hearty leather wrap.
Name and Bow Wire Bracelet: Can you believe the trick to making this personalized name bracelet is starting with a pen and notebook? Draw a path without retracing any one point and then follow those lines with your materials.
Plumbing Supplies Bracelet: Who knew the plumbing supplies could be so chic? Fasten these clunky compression nuts to a skinny leather belt and wrap around your forearm.

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Starting at the far left side make a row of left knots stopping in the middle of the bracelet when the colors start repeating.
Starting at the far left tie a row of Left Knots using the 1st color across the whole width of the bracelet.
If you are tying more than one Left Knot in a row you will use the same thread (in this case thread #1) to tie the subsequent knots along the a row from left to right.
If you are tying more than one Right Knot in a row you will use the same thread (in this case thread 1) to tie the subsequent knots along the row from right to left.
It turns out that there are only two major friendship bracelet knots, a right knot and a left knot.
With color 1 make a "V" shape just as you would for the chevron pattern: Starting from the far left side tie a row of 3 left knots.
Then, starting with the right hand thread 4 strand tie a row of 3 left knots as shown above.
While holding the right thread taut pull up the left thread to form a tight knot as shown above.
With the left strand of color 3 tie two right knots in a row to the strands of colors 1 and 4 directly the left.
Using the left hand piece of thread 4 make a left knot with the thread directly to the left.
While pulling the left thread tightly down pull the right thread up to form a taut knot.
Start by tying a left knot with both strands of color 4 in the center.
Do the reverse for the other side: with the right strand of color 3 tie two left knots.
Starting at the far left tie two left knots with color 3.
At the far right side tie a left knot with color 4.
At the far left side tie a right knot with color 4.
For instance, in the six color example above you would tie five left knots.