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Privacy Policy

At we are committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of our visitors when visiting our site or communicating electronically with us. Our Privacy Policy has been provided and approved by the online solicitors at This Privacy Policy contains an explanation of what happens to personal data that you choose to provide to us, or that we collect from you whilst you visit this site. Our Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our terms of website use. We do occasionally update this Policy so please do return and review this Policy from time to time. Information We Collect In running and operating this website we may collect and process certain data and information relating to you and your use of this site. This data and information is detailed below: Details of visits to our website and the pages and resources that are accessed, including, but not […]


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printable stencil letters

1 to 12 Inch stencils to print. We now have 12 sets of stencils in printable format. Outlined stencil letters ready to print in high resolution. Letters from 1 Inch to 12 Inch. Star shaped themed letters to print in stencil format. Please visit Free Stencil Letters 1 to 12 Inch templates to print out for free page to view them all. We are now also adding Number Stencils to our collection so please be sure to check out our great range of Number Stencils too! We hope you like our free printable stencil letters. Army and Bold Alphabet Stencils Alphabet Stencils in Army & Bold Themes with Outlined PDF Army and Bold themed stencil templates A to Z. Cursive and Italic Alphabet Stencils Alphabet Stencils in Cursive & Italic Themes with Outlined PDF Cursive and Italic themed stencil templates A to Z. Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Stencils Alphabet Stencils in Uppercase & […]


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names of cookies

Try Kahlua Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Macadamia Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies, Melt-in-Your-Mouth Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Grandma Matthews’ Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies, Kentucky Derby Chip Delights, and Apple-Kissed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Baked in small batches and made from all-natural ingredients, our delicious fortune cookies are dipped in an assortment of Belgian Chocolates (Dark, Milk, and White)and Caramel. An A to Z cookie list, cookie recipes, tips for storing cookies to make them stay fresh longer, and cookie related products. Be original and sweet and send them a gift of good fortune for their Birthday! Lady Fortunes® Happy Birthday Gourmet Fortune Cookies are a fun treat to help celebrate their special day. Individually wrapped in crystal-clear cellophane bags and heat-sealed at both ends for freshness, these cookies are carefully packaged in our signature Glossy White Gift Boxes and tied with matching raffia ribbon. To help keep your cookies crisp, add two […]


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credit one western union

Phone a friendly Western Union representative 24/7 for help paying a bill. But, are there any credit cards now that offer promotional zero cash advance transaction fees? And, how high is the interest rate on the cash advance? (are you talking about balance transfer or cashadvance, or both?) All credit cards that I’ve seen now from FIA Card Services (Bank of America), Chase, PNC, Wachovia/WellsFargo, CapitalOne have transaction fees of at least 3%; a good number of them have both balance transfer and cash advance transaction fees at 4% or even recently changed to 5%, and minimum $15 and no maximum. Plus, interest rates for cash advances are mostly 19.99%, a good number are much higher and at 24.99%! Early 2009, FIA Card Services had some good credit cards: the ML+ Merrill Lynch Plus credit card had very low rates: 3% transaction fee for cash advances or balance transfers with […]


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how to buy a used car from a dealer uk

Even if you decide not to look at private sellers, do make sure that you properly compare cars for sale before you head down to the car dealer’s yard. Buying from a used car dealer might scream ‘dodgy salesman’, but, so long as you ask the right questions and do your research, there are good deals to be found. It was this experience that inspired Lucy to set up her website, Motoriety, which promotes transparency in the car-buying industry by allowing drivers to upload documents for free, from insurance, service history and breakdown cover details to their MOT reports, to make it easier to buy and sell vehicles. Used car salesmen might not offer prices that are as low as those offered by private sellers, but it is much easier to make a complaint under the Sale of Goods Act to a business, rather than an individual, in the event […]


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