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Privacy Policy

At we are committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of our visitors when visiting our site or communicating electronically with us. Our Privacy Policy has been provided and approved by the online solicitors at This Privacy Policy contains an explanation of what happens to personal data that you choose to provide to us, or that we collect from you whilst you visit this site. Our Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with our terms of website use. We do occasionally update this Policy so please do return and review this Policy from time to time. Information We Collect In running and operating this website we may collect and process certain data and information relating to you and your use of this site. This data and information is detailed below: Details of visits to our website and the pages and resources that are accessed, including, but not […]


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1877 indian head penny

You can get almost $700 for a worn out penny? Yes, if it is an 1877 Indian Head cent because they are so rare if you can read the date and make out most of the design, coin collectors are willing to pay as much as $650 for one graded simply as "Good". Finding an 1877 Indian Head penny in mint condition is hard enough, but what is the value of one which is in mint shape and still retains some of it’s original red color? Pennies which still have part or some of their reddish color are classified as "Red-Brown" and they are a step up in value from cents that have turned completely brown. According to the official figures of the main U.S. mint at Philadelphia, they produced 852,500 Indian Head pennies in 1877 but that does not seem like an accurate number given how rare the coins […]


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how to buy bitcoins anonymously online

For those looking to anonymously buy it, simply selected a trusted vendor from the list of people able to sell you the amount of Bitcoin you want. Bitcoin tumblers facilitate groups of people anonymously pooling their Bitcoins, mixing them up, and redistributing them back to the group, usually minus a small fee for the service. The description lists Wells Fargo as this person’s bank, so at this point I’d go to a Wells Fargo with $100 cash and make a deposit into the vendor’s account. If I want $100 in Bitcoins, I search for people able to accommodate that amount as a cash deposit. LocalBitcoins is a service that connects people seeking to buy Bitcoin with those looking to sell, and vice versa. Bitcoin exchanges, where you buy and sell Bitcoin, are often paired to your bank account in order to convert your money to Bitcoin as you buy it. […]


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