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how to buy a house for back taxes

Her articles have appeared in popular magazines such as “Parents” and “American Baby.” She earned a Bachelor of Arts in literature from the University of Central Florida. Check the local newspaper and county courthouse for a list of homes scheduled for tax foreclosure. You can search for additional liens yourself by checking county records or opt to pay for a title report. Look for a real estate attorney or title company that can issue a quick, inexpensive report to reveal hidden liens. If a homeowner is unable to pay his property taxes, the county tax collector forecloses the home. The length of time it takes to record and receive the deed varies among counties. After your payment is received, the county recorder will record the tax deed. If you purchase a home with additional liens on the home, such as an unpaid mortgage loan or IRS lien, you may become […]


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how to buy a foreclosure in ma

As the foreclosure crisis continues, many lenders find themselves in a position they didn’t intend to be in: Owning lots of homes. The result is a glut of bank-owned homes on the market. "A lot of people don’t realize [that] foreclosures are heavily regulated and every state has its own set of laws," says Alexis McGee, the president of "If you don’t have the language proper in your contract, or if you have even the font size wrong, it’s criminal and civil damages—don’t count on every Realtor knowing this." As such, McGee advises against relying on a real estate agent for legal advice. "In today’s uncertain times it’s important to be working with someone who has been through market cycles before," says Patrick McGilvray, president of, which links homeowners and owners of foreclosure real estate with potential house buyers. With so many foreclosures on the market, "this is […]


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how to buy bitcoins uk anonymously

A developer is working on a new mobile app that allows users to anonymously trade goods and services from other users nearby, using bitcoins – essentially an anonymous equivalent of Gumtree or Craigslist. As there is no central server hosting OpenBazaar and the users’ identities and locations are kept anonymous, it will be quite difficult for law enforcement agencies to prosecute users for buying illegal goods and services. When Silk Road was still running, users were advised to use Tor browser apps such as OnionBrowser in order to securely access the website, but even this method is not considered to be completely anonymous. Reddit user CiniCraft has posted the link to BitCraft, a new "Silk Road Clone" for mobile that is now in beta mode for users to test out. Notorious online drugs marketplace Silk Road, which was only accessible through the Tor Anonymity network (known as the "dark web" or "deep […]


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how to buy bitcoins with neteller

You could always approach high-rep users and ask them to do exchange with you at some rate favourable to them, and also letting them send you Bitcoins only after some time after which chargeback would be impossible. Bitcoin Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Bitcoin crypto-currency enthusiasts. Buying bitcoins with a reversible payment method like PayPal, MoneyBookers, NeTeller, etc, is always going to be difficult. RAXcard Bitcoin debit card can be used to withdraw cash from ATM as well as for purchase at shops, websites, service stations, restaurants and other places. Bitcoin ATM Card Can be used to withdraw cash from ATM as well as for purchase at shops, websites, service stations, restaurants and other places. Create your own trade advertisement with or try with different search. Fastest Way to Get Started with buying and trading Bitcoin with Cash. Rating is available when the video has […]


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how to buy engagement ring

“Gold will wear out faster and the claws holding the diamond need checking over the years to make sure they don’t loosen.” But if your girl isn’t into the platinum look, Coxon suggests adding platinum claws to a gold ring to maximize the strength of its setting. When looking to balance your budget around the four C’s, Watkins suggests purchasing a colorless to near colorless diamond (F-G grading) with eye clean (no marks visible to the eye) clarity (VS/SI grading), and a VG (very good) cut grade for maximized brilliance. “If you have a smaller stone set in a halo setting (set of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone), the size and brilliance increase disproportionality to the dollars spent,” says Watkins. “Through our virtual gemologist experience, experts will work with you to compare multiple diamonds so you can purchase the diamond you want,” says Watkins. “Clarity grades are based on […]


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