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This Halloween costume includes a jagged leopard print top with a brown fringe trim neckline, a matching asymmetrical jagged skirt, matching sashes that tie to the arms or legs, and panties.
Go on your next Halloween adventure alone or with your own wild man dressed in the Tarzan costume, easily found elsewhere on our website.

Home Adult 8-10 Jane Pin Up Style Party Fancy Dress Costume Jungle Tarzan Animal.
Quick Overview The Tarzan – Jane Adult Costume includes: A faux fur, leopard print crop top with a jagged hem, a matching mini skirt, panties and sashes to tie around the arms, legs and head.
Fancy Dress Fast – Adult 8-10 Jane Pin Up Style Party Fancy Dress Costume Jungle Tarzan Animal.
This deluxe costume includes animal print one shoulder dress jagged hem and accessories.
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This costume looked great online, but when it arrived, it was missing the hat! How hard can it be to put 3 pieces of a costume in a bag (hat, dress, belt)? Since the hat was missing, this costume was pretty much worthless.
Catch your prey without any weapons – they’ll be drawn to you like moths to a flame in this sexy and officially licensed Tarzan Jane Hunter adult womens costume.
I was so excited to wear this costume! But then I got it in the mail and my size 9 butt did NOT fit in the the Small dress.
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Women’s US Size Chart Size Chest Inches Waist Inches Extra Small (Fits Dress Size 0-2) 32"-34" 22"-24" Small (Fits Dress Size 2-6) 33"-35" 25"-26" Medium(Fits Dress Size 6-10) 36"-38" 27"-30" Large (Fits Dress Size 10-14) 38"-40" 31"-34" One Size Fits All Fits up to a size US12 Queen (Fits Dress Size 18-20) 42"-44" 35"-38" Costumes run small.
Jane, The Hunter Sexy Costume – Tarzan Costumes – Sexy Costumes – This Jane, The Hunter Costume from Tarzan includes mini the dress with lace-up bodice, the belt, and the safari style hat.
Jungle Heat Sexy Costume – Halloween Costumes – Sexy Costumes – This Sexy Jungle Heat Costume inlcudes the one-shoulder leopard print mini dress, the brown zipper back waist cincher and the bone necklace.
Cave Beauty Adult Costume – Sexy Costumes – Adult Costumes – This Sexy Stone Age Style Cave Beauty costume includes the headpiece, dress and the belt.
Cute Cavewoman Costume – Adult Costumes – Sexy Costumes – This Sexy Adult Cavewoman Cutie Costume includes the headband, arm bands, bra top, corset vest, skirt and boot tops.
Sexy Costumes – This Jane Costume from Tarzan includes the cropped leopard print top, matching mini skirt, panties, and the sashes.
Stone Age Style Handbag – Cavewoman Costumes – This Stone Age Style Handbag features a leopard print body, soft faux-fur tiger skin flap with a jagged-cut edge, faux-suede fringe strap.
I normally wear size 6-8 womens.. i bought a large in this costume .. it was WAY to small.
I adored the sexy, primitive cut of the costume, the soft fabric and just loved the glitter!!! It’s like magic Tinkerbell dust everywhere you go!! I didn’t think glitter was too much at all.
And the stereotypical "Me Tarzan, you Jane" phrase is in the same category as "play it again, Sam." It’s one of those movie lines that everyone thinks is a direct quote, but really isn’t.) The Wikipedia page on the Tarzan movies explains it and gives the bit of actual dialogue that may have originated it.
At worst, many modern readers would consider that world-view racist, sexist, even "species-ist." Edgar Rice Burroughs describes his creation as "the embodiment of physical perfection and giant strength." The "noble savage" Tarzan is superior to the apes because he is human; he is superior to African tribesmen because he is white.
Choose a caveman costume for Tarzan and a southern, Victorian or Edwardian gown for Jane.
The image of Jane dressed in primitive (and scanty!) garments comes from the 1981 film Tarzan, The Ape Man.
If you want to be this version, choose a prehistoric costume for Jane as well as for Tarzan.
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jane costume includes: top, skirt, panties and sashes.
Tarzan, a man raised by apes, encounters Jane, a woman from the civilized world, and the two inevitably fall in love.
Tarzan and Jane are a classic romantic pairing of opposites from Hollywood history.
Adult Halloween Costumes – This Super Deluxe Southern Belle Costume in White and Black features a dotted nylon parchment hat and matching gown with dotted bodice, tiered skirt, attached velvet belt and wire hoop, both trimmed with lace.
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Adult Jungle Cat Jane Costume Animal Costumes Small /Medium Medium /Large Adult Jungle Cat Jane Costume – Jungle Cat Jane – Costume includes: Dress with Fishnet Midriff, Sleeves and Skirt.
Jungle Jane Costume Jungle Jane Costume Jungle Jane Costume, Adult Jungle Jane costume, sexy women's costume, Contains: Tiger print headband, top, belt with dagger & skirt Special Features: Belt with dagger included.
Jungle Cat Jane Costume Includes: Black and leopard print dress, leopard print sash with tail, and cat ears headband.
This sexy and fun Jungle Jane Costume Includes tiger print headband, top, and skirt, and black belt with dagger.
Plus Size Jaquar Jungle Jane Costume Plus Size Jaquar Jungle Jane Costume Selective and seductively cut, this plus size cavewoman jungle costume will bring out the animal in you and anyone around! This one piece jaquar print dress with jagged edges is perfect for show or for fun.
JUNGLE CAT JANE HALLOWEEN COSTUME DESCRIPTION Costume includes: Dress with Fishnet Midriff, Sleeves and Skirt.
JUNGLE CAT JANE ADULT COSTUME Costume includes dress, tail sash and headband .
Jungle Jane Costume The three-piece, Jungle Jane costume includes a sretch mini dress with faux fur trim, gold buttons, adjustable length shirt tail hemline, sheer back, stretch knit boy shorts with faux fur tiger paw prints and hat.
Get ready to answer the call of the wild, because this dress will bring out the animal in you.Tarzan Jane Adult Costume includes: Top, skirt, panties and sashes.
This fun Jungle 'Jane' Costume includes tiger print headband, top, and skirt, and black belt with dagger.
Women's Jungle Jane Jaguar Costume Women's Jungle Jane Jaguar Costume You will be the grunt of all the troglodytes as you swing through the trees in the women's jungle jane jaguar party dress.
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We currently offer a huge variety of different Tarzan and Jane Costumes.
You can be certain that your Tarzan and Jane Halloween Costumes will not only last for this year’s Halloween, but for many years to come.
If you wish to become Tarzan and Jane again in 20 years, than you will already have your costumes.
   Not untypical of the pre-Hayes code period the original production of the movie includes scenes with Jane topless as well as a nude underwater swimming scene, but this is cut from the picture due to complaints from religious groups.
   "Maureen O’Sullivan, as Jane, projects superb femininity in beautiful contrast to Johnny Weissmuller’s infallible masculinity in his role as the famed jungle lord," writes Val Warren in Lost Lands.
   O’Sullivan’s costume for the movie is a most revealing two-piece croptop and side-tie loincloth that leaves little to the imagination and which will represent the apex of Jane exposures (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18).
   The picture includes a scene of Jane trying on hose (25) including a silhouette nude (26).
   Jane (Maureen O’Sullivan) wears a leather front-tie croptop bra and side string loincloth deux-pièces.
Princess Jasmine Costume Halloween Child 7 8 9 10 Girls kids Custom Handmade Disney Aladdin.
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Jane costume includes animal print top, matching skirt, attached panties and leg sashes.
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Adult Costumes – This adult Deluxe Tarzan Costume includes the muscle chest jumpsuit and the leopard print loincloth.
Kids Costumes – This Kids Tarzan Costume includes the muscle chest jumpsuit and the leopard print loincloth.
Adult Costumes – This sexy and fun Jungle ‘Jane’ Costume includes tiger print headband, top, and skirt, and black belt with dagger.
Adult Costumes – This adult Tarzan Costume includes the leopard print tunic, shorts and the sashes.
Turn yourself into the king of the jungle with out having to spend a life time in the wild with this Tarzan costume.

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