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One of the best-known cross forms is religious symbol of Christianity – crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which is a symbol of the sacrifice.

The Celtic cross (aka Irish cross) is a particularly beautiful representation of this universal symbol and Celtic cross tattoos are a popular type of Celtic tattoo.
Some people get a cross to express their religious feelings, while other people may just like the design or give a personal symbolic meaning to their tattoo.
The most popular cross tattoo is the Latin cross, a Christian religious symbol.
The Christian faith uses the cross as a symbol for the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans, a common Roman way of executing slaves and non-Romans.
Cross tattoo designs are representations of a symbol that is far more ancient and varied than you might think.
 You can find more pictures of cross tattoos in our Tattoo Galleries.
Holy cross tattoos are very apt at expressing the Christian faith, and have come to be associated with Christianity throughout the world.
The effect of these tribal cross tattoos is stunning, either in plain black, blue or a bold Celtic green.

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While cross tattoos pertaining to Christianity are best left simple, there are additional designs that can be added, such as rays of light, and a piece of cloth reminiscent of Christ’s robe.
Although it is the main symbol of Christianity, there are many representations associated with cross tattoos.
But if you want the most basic representation of tattoos of the cross, it simply means “family”.
Since most Latin Americans are Catholics, many of them, especially those enlisted in the military, can be seen with cross tattoos.

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cross tattoo ideas to add between words faith and grace of my original wrist tattoo.
Beautifully done! White Ink Tattoo of an Infinity Cross Actually thinking about getting a small white tattoo Pretty is an understatement.
Tattoo ideas, just drawing, its a Cross with the word Faith.
Faith, cross tattoo on her wrist.
Gothic cross tattoo drawing and wings cross tattoo drawing.
little ankle cross tattoo.
little ankle cross tattoo.

awesome cross tattoo designs and ideas for women.Design tattoo for fashion girls.
awesome cross tattoo designs and ideas for women.Design tattoo for fashion girls.
Faith Hope and Love tattoo design by Denise A.

The King commanded this stylized cross as a symbol of bravery and honorary medals bearing the iron cross were awarded to brave soldiers during the War of Liberation.
Often interchanged with the Maltese cross, the iron cross tattoo meaning has its roots with King Friedrich Wilhelm the third of Prussia in the mid 1800s.
On a lighter note the iron cross tattoo meaning is redeemed when we see it in civic departments to acknowledge bravery on duty.
Perhaps its association with Nazi Germany that popularized the iron cross tattoo with more rebellious groups of people who wish to convey this edgy message.
If you are a Templar enthusiast, and relate to the historical mission of the Knight’s Templar, the iron cross might be a great tattoo idea for you.
Although not consistently used, and certainly not recognized as their official symbol, evidence of the iron cross used by the Knights showed up in the mid 1100’s.
In these instances, the iron cross is a symbol of iron-will required to protect the community.
The iron cross meaning is also associated with the Knights Templar.
Bikers, skinheads and hardcore niches often adorn themselves with the iron (or Maltese) cross to snub noses at conventionalism.
When in use, the cross was a bold symbol (a bright red cross laid against stark white robes) that identified the Knights with their spiritual ideals and their crusade.

Cross tattoos have become become very popular tattoo designs and are often shown as a symbol of remembrance or combined with other religious design elements. Our gallery of cross tattoo designs contain over 500 cross tattoos to choose from, including everything from crucifix tattoos and tribal cross tattoos to Celtic cross tattoos and stunning Christian crosses.

And this beautiful form of embroidery just so fits as a tattoo! For hobbyists who has tattoos and cross-stitching sewn together to their interests, take delight in these! And for those looking to get a memorial tattoo in honor of mom, auntie, grandma or best bud, may these patterns warm your hearts in their memory.
Isn’t it amazing how patterns of different-colored crosses would form a nice picture? Tattoo by Julaika at Aarhus Tattoo Studio, Denmark.

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Legends of how the Celtic cross came to be combine both pagan and Christian symbols, many Christians see the circle as a symbol of Christ’s eternal love wrapped around the symbol of his sacrifice for his followers.
Legend has it that one day while he was preaching to a group of Irish Pagans/Druidic Priests, he drew the Christian cross on a standing stone, then drew a circle around it to represent the Celtic goddess of the moon.
The most famous legend explaining the Celtic cross’s origins has to do with Saint Patrick, an Irish Catholic priest that took it upon himself to convert Celtic Pagans to Christianity.
In Ireland, it is a popular myth that the celtic cross was introduced to the island by Saint Patrick during his time converting the pagan Irish.
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The cross within the ring has been regarded as a sacred symbol of the Sun since pre-Christian times with examples of the Celtic Cross dating back as far as 5000 years BC.
Christ depiction  on  the cross are usually quite simple in contrast to very complex and  quite sophisticated ornamental patterns that form the design of most Celtic stylized crosses.
In pagan times the circle of the Celtic Cross represented the sun, being the centre of their lives.
The Celtic Cross has become an unofficial symbol of Celtic Ireland and is often worn as as Celtic Cross Tattoos.
The Celtic cross has existed long before Christianity began sweeping through the ancient British Isles.
After the conversion of the Celtic people to Christianity, the Celtic Cross became an emblem of the Celtic Christian Church.
The cross was also a Celtic symbol of protection, believed to block negativity and prevent physical attack.
At its pre-Christian origins, the Celtic cross is a combination of Christian and Druidic/Pagan Celtic beliefs, a combination that was both necessary and practical.
A Celtic cross is a symbol that combines the cross with a ring surrounding the intersection.


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Getting amazing cross tattoos is an obvious good choice if you’re new to the tattoo world.
While there are many people getting inked for tribal reasons, there are plenty of others who just enjoy the designs and want to have one on their body.
They’ve been doing cross tattoos for years and can take care of you although they might seem different than other professionals that you’re used to seeing ink done elsewhere.
We have a few cross tattoos designs that you can choose from if this is what you’re looking for otherwise there are a lot of different styles and colors that may be fitting also.
Know that the trade is highly skilled meaning that if you want to get good at it then you are going to have to shell out a few bucks for a tattoo machine to practice with.

These magnificent burial stones are found in many parts of Europe and all over Ireland, with many fine examples still standing in place as they have been for centuries.
As a tattoo image, the Celtic Cross is very popular as a way to give a visual representation of faith and heritage.
The Celtic Cross has for centuries provided people with a comfort and connection to their history and past.

While usually associated with the Christian religion today (crucifixion of Jesus Christ), the symbol of the Cross dates back to the Stone Age and is also associated with pagan, Celtic, Germanic and Egyptian (Ankh) cultures.

The early Christian religious clergy used small, hand-held crosses to bestow blessings and Crosses were carried in holy processions.
Cross Tattoos have been popular all throughout history and it doesn’t look like the design will lose popularity anytime soon.
The cross is probably one of the most recognized religious symbols in the world because people associate it with Christianity.
Later, crosses found a place on altars in churches and were erected outdoors in markets and along roads.
Most Cross Tattoos often had and still do have special meaning whether for religious reasons or otherwise.

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As you can see the number of designs and styles in which a Celtic Cross can be adapted to make a beautiful tattoo design are endless.
With such a rich history behind it and with the mysticism that it denotes, it is no wonder that a Celtic Cross is a much in demand tattoo design.
If the design is too big or complex or too small and simple for the area you are getting done on, the entire beauty of the Celtic Cross design will be lost.
Since the art of Celtic origin is supposed to have intricate designs consisting of knot work and spiral, the Celtic Cross also represents that.

It’s kind of a Christian tattoo, so for me it’s religious, but it could be for anybody.” Only six months after getting her cross tat, Demi Lovato also got “faith” inked on the outside of her right arm, near her elbow.
Shortly after leaving rehab, Demi Lovato got a tattoo of a small black cross inked on her right hand.
According to Demi, the cross tattoo is a symbol of her devout Christian faith, and she got it on her right hand because she wants her fans to see it clearly every time she holds a microphone.
According to Demi, she is a devout Christian and she wants her cross tattoo to be seen clearly whenever she is holding a microphone…or making a fist, or holding up her hand in any way, shape or form.
Demi reportedly opted for the cross tat on her hand after she broke up with former beau Wilmer Valderrama and her mother checked into rehab, which prompted rumors that Demi was getting inked as a way to deal with all the stress in her life.
Demi showed off her fresh hand tattoo during a session of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” while being interviewed about her time spent in treatment, and other difficulties she has endured since leaving the Timberline Knolls facility last year.
In fact, Miley’s cross tattoo looks an awful lot like Demi’s! Another famous female who recently got a cross tattoo is Rihanna, who happens to be Demi Lovato’s role model.
Maybe the reason Demi got the cross tattoo is that she was looking for a higher form of support during her long-term struggle with bulimia and cutting.
Back in December 2010, teen superstar Miley Cyrus added to her impressive finger tattoo collection by getting a tiny black cross inked on the inside of her right ring finger.

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