trey songz tattoo on chest

The hand shake Of Trey gets attention to his wrist that has the inspirational tattoo representing the rapper himself.
Trey Songz, the famous American rapper is a tattoo aficionado just like many other rappers.
The sentimental chest tattoo of Trey makes a somber display with water dripping over it.
Trey makes a cool portrait in his shirtless avatar exposing his cool tattoos done on chest and forearm.
The most meaningful tattoo on Trey’s body is that on his chest that is a poem carved as a tribute to the women who came in his life.
Three of Trey’s tattoos are visible in this picture i.e. the poem tattoo, the broken wings and the spiritual cross.
A shirtless Trey shows off his multiple tattoos carved on his chest and arms.
Enjoying the sun and the sea breeze, Trey walks off in a casual manner displaying his cool wrist tattoo.
Trey holds the mike with his both hands that reveals his famous tattoo showing a child sitting on earth wearing a cap that represents him.
Trey got the cross tattoo when he was underage because he liked the art work and the best thing is that he did not receive any scolding.
Trey has a meaningful and inspirational tattoo sitting at the end of his forearm that also has a pretty aesthetic look.
A smiling Trey reads a letter with his cross tattoo slightly visible from under the T-shirt.
There is much more to them and if you are interested in knowing all that, you need to go through this post having 30 Trey Songz tattoo.
This pose of Trey is so much in sync with his tattoo that shows him on the top of the world.
Trey is thinking of a way out to overcome the crisis for which his forearm tattoo provides him motivation.
Trey sings with all his heart and soul holding mike with one hand and making a gesture from another, both having different tattoos.
Performing on stage, Trey makes a cool exhibition of his tattoos done on various positions that also hold deep meaning for him.
Trey has a poem on his chest that is dedicated to his mother and other women who had a significant role to play in his life.
Trey Songz tattoo is a window into the personality of the artist.
A touching tattoo on Trey’s chest that bears the names of all the important women who shaped up his life.
The rapper shares a warm kiss with a fan with his chest tattoo making a subtle display alongside.

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Gemma, of "Sons of Anarchy," has a tattoo of a crow with a heart and a skull in the center.
However, there are a number of factors that go into getting a tattoo that won’t bring on feelings of regret later, according to KQED Arts.
The tattoo on Trey Songz chest is a prayer directed to God.
However, in a few states, minors can legally get a tattoo with their parents’ written consent.
In those few states, it is possible for a 16-year-old to get a tattoo.
In most states, it is illegal for a minor to get a tattoo.
Trey’s tattoos pay homage to the female role models who were responsible for his upbringing.
The verse makes reference to April, his mother, Forest, his brother and Rose, his grandmother.
However, the verse reads so that individuals who do not know Trey’s family often do not understand the references.
April is Trey’s mother’s name, Forrest is his little brother’s name (hence the seeming misspelling) and Rose is his grandma’s name.
Answer What does the tattoo on Trey Songs chest say? TO GOD I PRAY MAY APRIL’S SHOWERS RAIN DOWN ON HER FORREST AND GROW THE STRENGTH THAT STARTED WITH ONE ROSE" April is h…is mother’s name, Forrest is his little brother’s name and Rose is his grandma’s name….. aw so cute he cares about his family.
TO GOD I PRAY, MAY APRIL’S SHOWERS RAIN DOWN ON HER FORREST AND GROW THE STRENGTH THAT STARTED WITH ONE ROSE.April is his mother’s name, Forrest is his little brother’s name,… and Rose is his grandmother’s name.
TO GOD I PRAY MAY APRIL’S SHOWERS RAIN DOWN ON HER FORREST AND GROW THE STRENGTH THAT STARTED WITH ONE ROSEApril is his mother’s name, Forrest is his little brother’s name, an…d Rose is his grandmother’s name.
Tremaine Aldon Neverson (born November 28, 1984), better known as Trey Songz has made a masterpiece of inking his body!! This page isn’t just for the ladies, either, well…mostly it is! Take a look at all of Trey’s meaningful tattoos.
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The poem on his chest reads: “To God I pray may April’s showers rain on her Forrest and grow the strength that started with one Rose.” It basically means he prays that his mother (April) is strong enough to raise his brother (Forrest) the way his grandmother (Rose) raised her to be.
Many fans may be thinking Trey could have done more conscious music or even music that would raise less controversy, but after comments like this, most fans would probably run to his defense and Trey would be offended and defensive and others may be insulted because they like the music and don t see things the same way.
If you had mentioned his creative skills again, and then the vulgarity and then stated that as a Christian (which you believe he is (or many believe he is)), you don t think the Lord would be pleased with him, that would have been a lot better and more loving and forgiving so you would be representing truth with love.
That being said, I am disappointed and disgusted that Trey Songz would not use his mixtapes to truly write from the heart and write and produce something of SUBSTANCE that people could look back on for years to come.
@Humbleheart Is there anything that you like about Trey? Are you a fan of his music? I'm just curious because by the consistent quoting of scriptures, it sounds like you may be too holy to even listen to his music.
Secondly, a lot of the comment I made was generalized to the industry as a whole, not just Trey Songz, even though I used a part of his song Don t Judge as an example.
One thing that I have done in this blog when talking about Trey s tattoos, after I found out the meaning, I said it means what he says it means.
Trey did an interview during his GQ shoot and he mentioned about being more conscious in his music.
Part I: When you mentioned men that KISS AND TELL are not attractive to you, you were talking about Trey Songz either way.
I have been doing some research, and I have been wondering about the spiritual implications of Trey Songz tattoos in light of when he has received him.
It s a shame you listen to Trey s music but DON T look at his full body of work so you can get a better picture of him.
I believe DMing an artist is personal and since I don't know him on a personal level, I reserve DMing for people that I know more intimately.
Did you know a man named Stephen was stoned for telling the truth? Cause they didn t like what he said? And he said some pretty harsh things; he called them stiff-necked and resisters of the Holy Spirit , Woooow! (see Acts 7, emph on Acts 7:51-53, 54-60).
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The poem on Trey Songz chest reads: “To God I pray may April’s showers rain on her Forrest and grow the strength that started with one Rose.” It means he prays that his mother (April) is strong enough to raise his brother (Forrest) the way his grandmother (Rose) raised her to be.
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Many fans and criticizers have performed a detail research of the interior meanings of every Trey Songz tattoo that became revealing factor of his attitude and personality.
Tattoos are generally body modifications that are applied by puncturing the required body part with sharpened needles and imparting an indelible ink on the skin gap.
Many celebrities like Trey songz have applied tattoos on their body for creating a unique identity.
The first tattoo of Trey songz is a poem about his mother Rose, printed on his chest.
A lot of fans are commenting that Trey songz tattoo is nothing when compared to his singing and friends.

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