types of nose piercings

The government has started to become more accepting of the rising trend of tattoos and piercings.[3] On the December 2006 cover of Government Executive magazine the front cover was of a young woman dressed nicely but adorned with a nose piercing and ear piercings.
However, bridge piercings generally have a high rate of rejection and thus are less common than any other nose piercing.
All types of body piercings, including septum piercing, are associated with the risk of contracting certain blood borne diseases, like hepatitis, from the needles and piercing guns used in the procedure.
Septum piercing was a popular trend among South Indian dancers (Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam) and among certain Native American peoples in history; the Shawnee leaders Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa, for example, had such piercings.

When you have a nose piercing, it’s more important than ever to keep the area free of mucus and crust, which can trap bacteria and cause infection.
It’s probably a good idea to run your piercing idea past your employer or school officials, just to make sure you understand their policies on this issue, but if you really want to go ahead with getting your nose pierced, there are a couple of options you can try to make it less noticeable.
A nose piercing is usually placed in the curve of the nostril; however, it can also be done through the septum; the piece of cartilage that divides the nostrils.
Make sure your piercer follows proper piercing procedures, and that you follow proper aftercare procedure to ensure your new piercing looks great for long after it’s done.
Make sure you learn the facts of proper piercing and aftercare before you pierce to ensure a successful procedure.
Using a surgical needle to create the piercing is least painful technique because it passes so easily through the cartilage.
Nose piercing may seem fairly avant garde, but the practice has been around for at least the last four thousand years.
Problems with a piercing can result from minor irritation due to improper aftercare or inappropriate jewelry.
A piercing gun is not the tool of choice for this particular procedure since it is too cumbersome to get an exact placement for the hole and cannot be properly sterilized.
Ring – a tiny captive or fixed bead ring is very popular for nose piercings, and is the best-recommended for starter jewelry until the initial healing period is over as they make it easy to clean the piercing thoroughly and it allows room for any swelling.
What you will find here is information about the different types of nose piercings that exist, information and advice for before you get pierced, options for nose jewelry, videos of nose piercings being done, some piercing "no-nos" to avoid and much more.
Do not change your nose jewelry too soon! Noses take three months or longer to fully heal and some people find that if they take out the jewelry sooner, the piercing collapses or closes down and they can’t get any jewelry back in, thus losing the piercing entirely.
Do not wear sterling silver or plastic in a new or healing pierced nose! A) Sterling Silver – The tarnishing of this metal worn in a healing piercing can permanently stain the skin, leaving a black mark around the piercing site that will NEVER go away.
Do not get your nose pierced with a piercing gun! These were not invented for noses and the jewelry is very blunt and often way too tight.
Sadly a lot of people refer to any and all types of nose piercing jewelry as nose rings, which is inaccurate.
7:57 How To: Put In & Take Out an "L" Shaped Nose Stud.
13:06 What To Expect With A Nose Piercing.
Signs of a Healing Nose Piercing.
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7:30 How To: Put In & Take Out A Nose Hoop.
There are other things that can be worn such as a circular barbell which has a horseshoe type of shape with two ball on the end and there's even septum tusks that are available for custom orders where it looks like a metal mustache for someone to wear.Only Touch the Nose Piercing for CleaningThe thing that you want to be most careful about is not touching it unless they wash their hands first.
Transcript:Types of Nose PiercingsHello, my name is Michael Fenn from Body Designs and I'm here with About.com to give you some tips on body piercing.Various Jewelry Works on Different Nose PiercingsThe first thing I'm going to talk about is nose piercing, specifically nostril piercing, which is the side of the nose.
Most people think that it goes through the bone there but if you were to put your fingers inside your nose and feel for that cartilage and pull down and push in at the same time you'd feel a very soft spot and that is the area that the piercing is supposed to go through.
Cute! Star microdermal anchor piercing via espoirfaux on Deviant Art.
For whatever the reason, there are plenty more pros to nose piercings than there are cons! There are actually several different types of piercings and body jewelery that individuals are using in their nose that has changed the look of this type of piercing altogether.
While you may not be able to tell from afar, the most common reason for magnetic body jewelry is to get used to the position of the stud in your nose to ensure that you are in fact comfortable enough to get the actual nose piercing.
Thinking of getting a nose piercing? Just as with any type of facial piercing, many people become apprehensive about nose piercings despite how badly they may want one.
This is mainly due to the fact that their job may not approve of facial piercings, their families may not like the concept of a nose piercing or they may just be hesitant about taking the piercing out when they need to.
Despite the style or tradition that you are looking to upkeep with your nose piercing – you will surely find that there are various types of jewelry to accommodate all fashion senses.
While you will have a small, almost microscopic hole where your piercing would have rested, nose piercings actually close much faster than one would think.
Common misconceptions of this type of piercing is that it creates a gaping hole in your nose once removed.
While the majority of individuals get their nose pierced as a single stud on either outer nostril, many also take advantage of more unique body jewelry such as hoops or barbells.
Nose Screws For Nostril Piercings – This type of nostril piercing jewelry is a short pin with a decorative top attached to one end; the other end is curled into a semi-circle, which is then bent until it's perpendicular to the shaft.
Rhinoceros Piercings (A.K.A. Vertical Nose Tip Piercings) – The "Rhino" is a piercing that places jewelry behind the tip of the nose (called the Tip Defining Point), so that one end of the jewelry perches on the center tip of the nose, and the other end protrudes from the front-underside of the nose.
Advantage: When used in a bridge piercing, the curve of the barbell works with the curve in the bridge of the nose so that the jewelry doesn't put undue pressure on the fistula and increase the likelihood of rejection.
You can save money by sticking with the basic starter jewelry the shop includes in the cost of the piercing. Buying nicer jewelry before your piercing heals is pointless unless it fits you perfectly before and after, which is unlikely with anything but a nose hoop.
Whatever type of nose ring you choose to wear in your nose piercing initially, make sure you ask your piercer what size it is before you leave the shop (i.e. gauge and, where appropriate, length or diameter).
Nostril Piercings – These piercings are done on either the left or right side of the nostril, or both, usually in or around the Supra Alar Crease, which is the indented area where the nostril first starts to flare. The more unusual version of this is the high nostril piercing, which requires placing smaller jewelry (~20g) through the nostril at a higher point, closer to the nasal bridge.
Hoop Nose Rings for Nostril & Septum Piercings – If you prefer the look of a hoop, you have a few options that you can use as a nostril hoop or septum jewelry: seamless rings, segment rings and captive bead rings.
Unfortunately, the bridge of the nose can't accommodate a very deep piercing or a very heavy gauge jewelry, because there's limited tissue between the dermis and the bone below.
Nose piercing prices vary widely based on the complexity of the piercing, what type of jewelry you want, and where you live.
A simple nostril piercing will likely be cheaper than a bridge or septum piercing, which should cost less than a nasallang piercing, since it's the trickiest one for a piercer to get right.
For instance, someone getting a nose piercing in their left nostril is likely to release a flood of tears from their left eye during the piercing.
Each type of nose piercing jewelry is listed below along with the nose piercing(s) in which it can be worn.
Disadvantage: If the bottom ball–which doesn't unscrew–isn't big enough, the nose bone can fall out too easily; if it's too big, it can be uncomfortable to get it in and out of a nostril piercing.
Fortunately, there are custom nose bones available, so you can get the perfect balance of post gauge and bottom ball diameter for your piercing.
Screw-on ball rings are also an option, but they're not as practical or attractive in nostril or septum piercings as the other types of hoop nose rings.
Septum Piercings – These piercings go through the "sweet spot", which is the soft tissue between the Columella (underside of your nose) and the bottom end of the septum, which divides your nose. Septum piercings should not go through the cartilage itself; that mistake can be extremely painful.
You should do sea salt solution (SSS) soaks morning and night, if not 3 times a day, and spritz your nose piercing with a piercing aftercare spray like H2Ocean or Recovery Aftercare in between soaks.
Other different types of nose piercings, like the septum piercing you see on the nose ring size chart, is another common nose piercing for both women and men.
Which nose rings and nose piercings are your favorite and why? Tell us the pros and cons you find between nose screws, nose bones, and captive bead rings? We want to hear back from you and as always, check out BellyBling.net to find the right nose ring to fit your style and keep this page bookmarked so you can reference this handy types of nose piercings chart to see the different types of nose piercings.
So, what’s in a gauge? When you get your nose pierced, make sure to discuss with your professional piercer which gauge and nose ring types you should wear during the initial healing process and which gauge as well as different types of nose piercings is best after healing.
Some specific nose piercing types have a larger barbell width or gauge, such as a 16 gauge horseshoe nose ring.
It is worn as an ala or as a septum nose piercing as you can see on the chart showing different types of nose piercings.
If you look at the types of nose piercings chart, you’ll see that different piercing locations often correspond with different types of nose piercing jewelry.
The nose ring types chart shows you how different styles of nose rings work best in specific nose piercings or specific locations on the nose.
The nasallang nose piercing out of necessity has to be a straight barbell of some kind that can pass through all 3 piercing locations, as you can see on the the nose ring types chart.
Looking for other types of nose piercings? Try a high nostril piercing for something different.
If you look on the nose piercings types chart, you’ll see the nose bone, sometimes thought of as the nose stud, has a rounded bulb at the end to hold the nose ring in place.
The types of nose piercings chart seen here indicates the different nose ring sizes or nose ring gauges commonly found.
You wouldn’t guess it due to the typical nose screw that comes to mind when envisioning a nose ring, but there are many nose piercing jewelry types.
Many people gradually increase the size of their septum piercings, which is one of the locations a horseshoe is commonly worn, therefore, increasing the size or width of the gauge size of the nose ring needed.
Often, the location or types of nose piercing determines what style of nose ring jewelry types to wear.
These types of nose piercings were seen on members of Africa and South American tribes, but have now made their way to us and have become part of the modern piercing repertoire.
The right and left nostril are pierced as well as the septum allowing for a straight long nose ring like a straight barbell or industrial barbell to be inserted through all 3 piercings at one time.
For example, one of the most popular types of nose piercing jewelry is the nostril piercing on either the left or the right nostril.
As you can see from the nose ring types, the nostril screw has a straight stem that turns at an angle to form a curve in which to hold the nose screw in place.
The bridge piercing, as seen on the types of nose piercing jewelry chart, is one of the most difficult nose piercing types to successfully achieve.
These types of nose piercings do not go through any bone or even the cartilage wall dividing the right and left septum.
Vertical Nose Tip piercing, Nasallang, High nostril are the other type of nose piercings.
A variation on this piercing, the vertical bridge piercing is a surface piercing, with all of the risks or potential complications related to surface piercings.
Piercers often refer to this as the "sweet spot." Circular horseshoes is a very popular type of jewelry used for septum piercings.
You can shop for body jewelry for the specific type of nose piercings.
A bridge piercing is a facial piercing through the skin on the bridge of the nose, usually directly between the eyes of the wearer.
Although nose piercing is a traditional piercing practiced mostly in India and Nepal, the two Hindu countries, it has become now a part of sought-after facial-beautification stimulating the young women to undergo nose piercing and wear thereafter a desired piece of jewelry.
The USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, SA, Caribbean and some other European countries though are known for practicing multitude of piercings including bellybutton piercing, tongue piercing, genital piercing and nipple piercings, the nose piercing and ear piercings have now been added in the roster of body piercings.
Although India is believed to be the origin of nose piercing, some Arab countries also practice the nose piercings as a part of facial beautification.
Nose piercing in India, though is practiced only by the girls and women, it has become a craze among the American youths as well stimulation them to change theirs look into a mesmerizing one.  There is a wide range of nose piercing jewelries to choose from for the individuals according to his/her own choice.
There are a few serious nose piercings requiring significant aftercares, such as nostril or nose cartilage piercing, septum piercing, and bridge piercing.
Apart from improving female fertility, female sexual functions and child bearing stamina among the woman, the nose piercing in India is a sought-after facial makeup every married lady adheres to longingly.
Although nose piercing has been practiced in India for the past several hundred years, it gained a nationwide popularity all over the USA as a sought-after-body piercing within last two decades of period triggering a craze among the embodiment-conscious men and women.
It is lack of apposite nose piercing aftercare on a part of the women that causes infections on their pierced nostrils or cartilage of the nose.
As the body piercing and the tattoo carving is popular in almost all the western countries, the nose piercing has got a nieche there encouraging the youths and adolescents thereof to undergo ear piercing without any hitch. The ear piercing and nose piercing are neither painful nor do they require extensive aftercare.
Although physical immunity and nature of wounds, caused on the nose piercings, determine a healing time it is the aftercare that ensures faster recovery of the piercing wounds on the nose.
Nose piercing practiced in India and a few of its neighboring countries is believed to bless a married woman with a baby.
As the nose piercing causes wounds over the cartilage of nostril pierced through a needle, the aftercare is called for to check nose piercing infections.
Some people belonging to India believe that the piercing a nose to wear nose-ring makes the delivery of baby after nine-month’s pregnancy much easier.
Almost all the beauty-conscious women longing to wear beautiful jewelries like diamond-studded nose pin or nose-ring go enthusiastically for the nose piercing without caring of its pain.
Be whatsoever the notion, or effect of the nose piercing, it is practiced all over the world by beauty-conscious women as a mark of facial beauty.
Nose piercing is a traditional piercing, next to the ear piercing requiring apposite proper aftercare as the chances of piercing infections on cartilage of nose remain high and can’t be ruled out even in the least.
Nose piercing is believed to increase fertility as well among the women who wear the gold ornament on theirs nose.
The girls aspiring to get married soon in their life also undergo nose piercing and worship goddess Parvathi and her husband Shankar, an omnipotent and omniscient god, to find them a good match (bridegroom).
Another significance of the nose piercing in India is associated with a notion prevalent among the Indian spinsters that nose piercing will help them find a Mr.
As far as eruption of swelling and pain is concerned, it is a common post-piercing effect but discharge of pus or any soily substance from the piercing site is a sign of nose piercings’ worsening off vigorously.
It is the lack of apposite aftercares on a part of the individual that produces pus on the nose piercing.
Let me mention over here a remarkable point that calls for the aftercares for nose piercing, that is, fragility of the membrane to be pierced nostril.
Craving excitedly for the nose piercing the young ladies, though are not agonized of piercing pain, what they get much embarrassed of is nose piercing infection.
Besides, red bumps also can be seen on the nose piercing that show a critical condition of nose piercing calling for a fast remedial action to be taken to check infection from worsening off further.
How effective the nose piercing in the USA is can be fathomed by the number of youths (with theirs pierced nostrils) recruited for a job.
A most important fact which the individuals should keep uppermost in their mind regarding the healing of theirs nose piercing is the infection which they should keep at bay.
There are two primary types of nose piercings, the standard piercing (shown in photo) is placed along the indent at the top of the flare of a nostril.
Due to the proximity of the nose to the eyes and other factors involved, this piercing is one of the more difficult piercings to properly complete yourself.
Nose piercings are done using either a straight hollow piercing needle or can sometimes be performed using a piercing gun.
The types of jewelry worn in a nostril piercing are; nose screws, nose bones, and nose rings.
You can have you nose pierced by a professional body piercer or by using any of the many piercing kits available on the web.
Nose, or nostril piercing is becoming extremely popular, trailing only ears and navels in popularity.
The hole size for nose piercings is 18g or 20g, the smallest sizes used of all body piercings.
I am sorry to hear that you had a major fall that led to a keloid forming on your waist, and that the fact you developed a keloid in the past has you worried that if you get your nose pierced that you may develop a keloid on your nose.
Last year I recently found out that I had keloid skin due to a major fall which lead to a keloid forming on the left side of my waist.
I am happy to give you some general information about scar formation, and what exactly a keloid is, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment to be evaluated by a dermatologist.
For instance a scar that is larger than normal, and sticking out above your skin can be either a hypertrophic scar, or a keloid.
Often times people misuse the term keloid to describe other types of scar formation.
The dermatologist will be able to tell you for certain if what you have is in fact a keloid, and if so, how best to manage further injuries (like a piercing).
My mother also has keloid skin (how I inherited it) and has a keloid on only on her navel due to giving birth to me having to get a c-section.
A keloid is a hypertrophic scar that extends beyond the margins of the wound.
There are different techniques in Nose piercing yet, there is only a few different kind of piercings for the reason that our nose is gristle thus, the tissue located in here is harder to be pierced compare to other types of body piercing.
Given the fact that nostril piercings are requisites and important for other religion and subculture, primitives and other group of people believed on the positive effects of nose piercing as related to acupuncture therapy.
Nose piercing seems popular not only with ordinary people in the society but also among famous celebrities – Nose Piercings now a days is much more then just a sign of “young adults” revolution.
After getting a nose piercing, like with other piercings, there’s a risk that you may face infection.
The maximum healing cycle for a nose piercing is about ten to twenty days , one who undergo this process is advised not to remove the ornaments used for six to eight weeks.
In some parts of India the nose ring is never removed once a woman is married, and thus a nose ring is often considered to be a sign of marriage, even though today unmarried women and even young girls in India may also wear nose rings as a fashion statement with no religious or traditional significance.
In India a stud called Phul or a ring known as Nath is usually worn in the left nostril, it’s sometimes joined to the ear by a chain, and in some places both nostrils are pierced.
Nose rings seem to be associated with the Hindu religion itself as they are worn by Hindu women more than by women of any other religion in India.
In the past, people with nose rings were looked upon as either unintelligent or a problem child, but now the outlook has changed, and there does not seem to be a problem with a person wearing fashionable rings on their nose.
You will have to wait for at least 4 months after the piercing before the nose is healed so that you can take out the ring and replace it with another design.
“I am wearing a stainless steel micro nose ring twister, and I this nose stud very much.
Wearing nose rings has spread into every corner of society and it is becoming more socially acceptable with the passage of time.
You should take proper care of your new nose ring once the piercing is done.
“I have a rhinestone stainless steel nose ring and I have been wearing it for the past year and I really love it.
After so many years of being available in the world, nose rings are developing more and more style with every passing day.
Nose rings are seen as a fashion statement that have been popularized by silver screen icons and rock stars.
Nothing is more elegant and chic than wearing a nose ring, and it definitely adds elegance to a beautiful face.
Nose piercing is developing more and more style with the passage of time.
You should know that you cannot wear this ring type when your nose is freshly pierced.
You should definitely get your nose pierced and flaunt your looks with trendy nose rings.
Nose rings are now socially acceptable and becoming more mainstream with each passing day.
Nose rings can definitely add to your beauty, as opposed to the grungy expression defined during the punk era.
It is not possible to know whether the piece of jewelry you’re buying is from the batch indicated on the paper, but the presence of documentation listing the appropriate materials means that your piercer is more likely to be purchasing from reputable sources and is conscientious about their jewelry quality.
Some metal alloys (mixtures) have been approved based on medical usage (often as medical implants) and have specific designations that represent a precise standard for the alloy and its quality as determined by as determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) and/or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
(Web version updated August 24th 2012, brochures will be updated ASAP!) Choosing jewelry for a new piercing is obviously quite different from shopping for a ring to wear on your finger.
The look of the jewelry that is placed in your fresh piercing must be secondary to aspects that affect safety and compatibility with your body.
For information about jewelry and materials suitable for healed piercings, and for jewelry removal instructions see our brochure: Jewelry for Healed Piercings.
Because the body jewelry industry is saturated with substandard products, piercers and clients alike may forget that cost alone should never be the key factor in your purchase.
For a month everything went perfectly…then my nose stud got pulled couple of times and ever since then I got the dreaded BUMP next to my piercing..it looked like a pimple almost…I used hot water compressions, warm sea salt compressions, saline rinse but all this would only make the BUMP smaller but since I read the testimonials I decided to use the Tea Tree oil that I got from Walgreens…worked like a charm!!!! After the first day of using it you can visibly see the bump going down..not after using it for 6 days my bump is completely gone!! I had used all the above remedies in conjunction to the Tea Tree oil.
As it worsened I went to the doctor and he suggested using NeoSporin..I used it and it seemed as if the bump was shrinking and going away.This all took place within a week and a half.The bump grew and came back again..the doctor put me on antibiotics.He put me on amoxicillin.So I am trying that now..It has been 2 weeks since I have had this nasty bump..I have had my nose pierced twice..the first time i took it off on my own will, but now i desperately want to keep it..I hope this remedy really works…Can I use this tee tree oil while using neosporin (at separate times) or should I only use the tea tree oil..???Please help I dont want to loose my nose ring..any and every comment will help….
well i got my nose pierced last year in october.. started gettin the bump early this year in jan.. was doing the whole sea salt soak thing, it would go away then reapper again.. i found that the bump would reapper when i’m feeling run downed & after going to the dentist .. about 3 weeks ago, i decided to get a new nose ring & one slightly bigger.. so far, no bumps appearing & it feels like it starting to heal.. thank goodness for that, was so tempted to fully take it out.
I came across this origional posting 4 days ago while searching for a way to get rid of the “dreaded bump” My nose piercing is 2 months old and I’ve been contemplating taking it out as this bump appeared 2 weeks ago and seemed to be growing.
It’s been about a month since I got my piercing and since I have been reading this post since then I knew what to do, and yes a week ago I got the nasty bump, it wasn’t so bad but I went out and got the tea tree oil and since about yesterday the bump seems to be growing and it looks like a bubble, is this part of the healing process???? I don’t like how it looks and I am thinking of having it removed even though that’s not what I want to do.
Regardless of whether or not you are using tea tree oil, when the bump dries up, does the skin look irritated and slightly pink? Kind of of shiny and scaly? Also, do you have lymph that comes out of the piercing when you clean it? I just had this done 3 weeks ago, so I understand that it is still healing, I’m just trying to figure out if this is the same thing you are all experiencing as your bumps are drying up, or if it is infected.
Hi there, ive been using tea tree oil like you said on my nose bump for 6 days now and after thinking that I had finally found the answer to my horrid bump problem, it has turned out to be a big dissapointment, I havent seem any improvement what so ever, it looks like im just gonna have to take my piercing out again.
yes i was wondering i have this HUGE bump, and it’s full of blood i’m using the stuff u said, tea tree oil, and this stuff smells great, oh yeah! anyway if i already tired to pop this thing, how long it’s gonna take to go away??? thanks, oh and does it take longer if u leave the ring in while u clean it??? thanks for taking time to answer my question….
the piercing 40, a new nose ring 30) i did notice when i was taking out my screw the “crust” that i thought was the bump was just crust! when i lifted the piercing it came off on the top of the ring!! So those who see that the bump is getting smaller make sure u clean the nose ring Tea Tree Oil DOES WORK! Infact it made my bump 10x smaller then where it was in the beginning.
i have only been doing TTO for 4 days and my bump is practically gone.. in the morning and at night i would put sea salt chrystals in boiling water and use a cotton ball to soak my bump, for about 10 mins while whatching tv, after i let it dry i would put tea tree oil on a Q-Tip and just dab it around the piercing, i had all my friends and family say,,,ohh it looks red, ohhh i think its infected,,, I knew it was not infected as there was no puss, it was just the red bump.
This may seem like a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyway… are you guys referring to a bump on the inside of your nose?, because the way some people are describing it it seems like the bump is on the outside but mine is on the inside of my piercing and I don’t want to put tea tree oil and it be wrong.
It worked well, not quickly, but I’m still using it a week later and my bump, although smaller, is still HERE! So despite the bad rumors I heard about tea tree oil use on piercings (which incidentally I use tea tree oil products from the Body Shop on my face for acne), I bought some today and thought I would give it a try to get rid of this little bitty bump that makes a HUGE difference on your cute little piercing.
i went to skool and alot of people was asking why does it look like that.i got tired of people asking and makin fun of the huge bump.so i did research and read about the sea-salt soaks mixed with water.i poped the bump i no nasty..and that when blood came out..i used a baby whip and held it to my nose for a little..then i got a new toothbrush and got dial soap(the bar of soap) and put some soap on the tooth brush and scrub my nose with the soap.then i got a bowl and pured sea salt and a little bit of water..i put the sea salt on my nose..it wus a lok of sea salt..i thought it would make the bump go away quicker..the sea salt burned for a little..but you will get use to it..i did..and about after 2-3 dayz the bump was GONE…i did the dial soap and sea salt for 3 dayz and the bump was compelety GONE..now itz jus a little dark spot that might be from popping the bump..but itz much better then having a HUHE bump under your nose piercing you jus got.
i had the peeling thing going on! I attributed it to the ocean h2o, it just dried the hell out of my nose and face where i was applying it! Also my piercer told me that having to adjust your ring all the time causes irritation and germs which causes the red bump and infection, it is really hard not to touch it especially when your ring is to big and your waiting for it to heal so you can change it out!and the tree tea oil does help heal but like all of the other antiseptics it does dry out but not as bad as the ocean h2o.
So I have been using this new tea tree oil for the last 2 days… my bump is almost completely gone!!! My nose has suffered lots of skin damage though over the last month of eagerly trying to rid myself of the bump…nothing serious, just my skin around the area is peely and dry now from all the tea tree oil and such.
It has been 2 days since i began using the sundown tee tree oil and the bump is completely gone, i just put the oil on 2-3 times per day with a q-tip, afer cleaning it with Germ -x antibiterial hand sanatizer(recommended by the piercer.) The skin was a lttle dry, but each time I cleaned it got smaller and less noticeable.It seemed to just peel away.
I got Desert Essence 100% tea tree oil from Trader Joe’s (a health food grocery store) and I’ve been using it for 6 days and my bump is almost completely gone! I put it on pretty much whenever I was in the bathroom during the day, and also before bed.
Did anyone have luck with the TTO only after a while – like a few weeks? I’m thinking I used half the bottle with no luck yet (it’s been a week and a half and the bump is a bit smaller i think)… but it’s possible this is not the right method for me? PunkyZan, how have you been using the oil? On a q-tip, twice a day, morning and night? Maybe I just need to use it more frequently.
Although piercing a navel with either larger or smaller gauges is possible, the vast majority of belly button jewelry (probably more than 99%) is 14 gauge.
Since there is no universal sizing system for body jewelry, we strongly recommend checking with your local piercer to determine the appropriate gauge and length.
Despite the wide range of barbells available for tongue piercings, most piercers recommend getting your initial piercing done in 14 gauge.
The size of a piece of body jewelry is determined by its gauge, length, and inside diameter.
Most piercers recommend 16 gauge, as it is by far the size which will give you the widest selection of labret jewelry.
Nose nostril piercing is commonly done in either 18 gauge or 20 gauge and either size will allow you to find a wide variety of very nice nose studs or nose screws.
Septum piercings, through the septum bridge between the nostril openings, are most commonly done at 14 gauge although larger guage septum piercings are becoming more popular (particularly 12 and 10 gauge).
Remove the jewelry, clean the skin thoroughly, and if there’s a lot of pain, redness, firmness, and swelling, you’ll need to get a prescription for an antibiotic.
It is possible that the nose ring has caused an infection, or rather the opening of the skin to respiratory bacteria has caused it.
It could possibly be chronic irritation from movement of the ring which is creating a fibroma (a chronic irritation causing excess tissue to be formed).
It is very unusual for these to get infected but tue signs are increasing redness, swelling, drainage, tenderness, warmth.
A sensitivity or allergy to metals, particularly nickel, can look like an infection and may respond to a change to titanium or a purer gold.
Sorry – i know that’s not the answer you want to read – but you have an infected wound with a foreign body running through the middle of it.
If it thinks your piercing is a problem it will respond by secreting more mucous.
It typically takes up to four weeks for the lining to epithelialize or mature to the point that you can exchange piercings or until it will become a "permanent" tract.
Anyone can suffer from keloid scars, however, as a type of abnormal scar or scars which grow overtly along the border or boundary of an original skin injury.
This is the reason many pundits have not ruled it as a skin cancer, with information from a number of breast cancer sites having starts, the replacement of liver tissue with scar tissue is progressive.
Complete abdominoplasty ? the incision is made from hip to hip just above the pubic area and the textured products which builds layers of texture to help camouflage the tummy tuck scar.
Infections are most-often characterized by: increasing redness increasing tenderness and pain increasing swelling discharge that is yellowish or greenish in color To scar to inhibit collagen synthesis and reduce inflammation.
There have been fewer results on the causes of Keloid scars since they are not overtly understood, though the the scar formed is very small when compared to the original scar.
If the patient has keloids raised scars , they might want to try one of the scar formed is very small when compared to the original scar.
Tips to Hide Tummy Tuck Scars Tattoos ? Of course, patients want to wait for the tummy tuck to conform to the natural lines or creases on your fact.
If necessary, the injection may be repeated over a period of months, possibly focus of this title is regarding the types of scars you can expect when you undergo a tummy tuck.
Keloid scars can also produce moderate to severe as foreign bodies inside a wound being sited as probable factors in the advent of this skin problem.
Surgery ? Bioscarcream.com/ Laser surgery to remove tummy tuck scars should be considered as on their own, or they can be removed surgically.
The scar lacks hair, sweat glands and melanin , the scar forms a raised area or lump above the wounded area of the skin.
Camouflage Creams and Lotions ? There are commercial treating it as a "keloid," which is the most common form of scar tissue that forms alongside nose piercings.
It is not uncommon to mistake Keloid scars for hypertrophic scars conditions, through the hands of a quality breast surgeon, who have in the recent past carried such related operation or breast surgery.
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Learn all about different types of nose piercings, jewelry styles, see nose piercing videos and get information and advice before getting your nose pierced.
Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus showed off her new nose piercing on her Twitter page.

Nose piercing is the piercing of the skin or cartilage which forms any part of the nose, normally for the purpose of wearing jewelry; among the different varieties of nose piercings, the nostril piercing is the most common.
The government has started to become more accepting of the rising trend of tattoos and piercings.[3] On the December 2006 cover of Government Executive magazine the front cover was of a young woman dressed nicely but adorned with a nose piercing and ear piercings.
However, bridge piercings generally have a high rate of rejection and thus are less common than any other nose piercing.
All types of body piercings, including septum piercing, are associated with the risk of contracting certain blood borne diseases, like hepatitis, from the needles and piercing guns used in the procedure.
Septum piercing was a popular trend among South Indian dancers (Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam) and among certain Native American peoples in history; the Shawnee leaders Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa, for example, had such piercings.

They love to live a quiet life that is free of public limelight, and hardly do they participate in any activity that may end up exposing them to the public.
This type of nose predicts traits that are so explicit and gives clear distinction of a personality from the other types of noses.
They do not have a specific taste of the environment that best suits their purpose, but it is generally known that they do not and can never work in an environment that exposes them to the public eye so much.
Even if they have few resources such as money and time, they work with what they have at hand to meet their set goals and targets with much ease and little hustle.