unisex gift ideas

The key to making a big splash is to choose an unusual that will really resonate with the crowd.
Try to choose an item that is unisex, since you never know who will end up selecting your gift at random.
You’re about to become a gift-giving wiz capable of making your own Private Gift Lists.

The #1 best seller in Amazon.com’s "Christmas" category, this Amazon gift card comes in a 5×7 envelope and is attached to a greeting card selected by you.
Great for guys and girls alike, this home soda machine comes in a variety of colors and turns regular tap water – filtered is best – into a carbonated beverage in just seconds.
As far as unisex Christmas gifts go, these are probably my favorite! My family owns several sets of these (in different colors of course!) and we just them.
Office Christmas parties, yankee swaps and white elephant gift exchanges usually involve providing a gift that would be suitable for both guys and gals.
Available flavors (purchased separately) include regular, diet, Sparkling Naturals (such as green tea and pink grapefruit), energy drinks (including one similar to Red Bull), Country Time Lemonade, Crystal Light, Sparkling Tea, and MyWater Essence Flavors.
I thought about buying this for one of our family Christmas gift exchanges, but am now seriously considering asking Santa for one for myself this year.
Many have stated that they have saved money as a result of not having to purchase soda, seltzer water and other prepackaged carbonated drinks from the store.
are names for a game in which the players select a wrapped gift, not knowing what’s inside and decide if they should keep it or exchange it for another player’s wrapped gift.
But with a little planning and research in advance, I was able to score some pretty cool unisex Christmas gifts that are sure to be the hit of the next Christmas party.
If you’ve ever participated in one of these events, you probably still have coffee mugs and bubble bath gift baskets (still wrapped in cellophane) collecting dust somewhere in your house.
Who doesn’t love a little redneck humor? These RedNek wine glasses definitely fit the bill! Recipients of this gift will surely get a chuckle out of these while they’re begging to know where you got them from.
The Swiss Colony’s 6-piece gift box includes Kreme Kaese, Colby and Cheddar Cheeses, and original and garlic beef logs.
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Wine basket with wine and 2 goblets, block of cheese and roll of Summer sausage, don't forget the crackers in the basket.
Or do a Movie night basket: Microwave Popcorn, couple of Snickers Bars, 6-pack of Soda, and a Movie CD/DVD.
Another one is a Spa Basket, with a couple large bath towels, Unisex Fragrance Oil, bottle of wine.
You can do a Basket: with Coffee, the dry coffee creamers, package of nice cookies, Odds and ends that would total up to your limit.
Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.
sayings for every candy bar – I'm sure I'll be glad I pinned this one day.
Sayings for every candy bar – I'm sure I'll be glad I pinned this one day.
Can you believe the holidays are here? A few weeks ago, I started putting together a list of gift ideas for my boys.
The suspense! If it's truly got to be "white elephant," and I have no doubt you do not want to have to kill yourself shopping over this, how about: go to Walgreen's and get a dumb coffee mug? They have great sort of kitschy SF mugs & stuff.
You bury that puppy in a box…I'd be mean and wrap each one…if it's a "white elephant" work thing, I think the unwrapping of the boxes alone will make a hit.
Although, I'm guessing you don't need a unisex gift that is THAT much of a "white elephant" gift.
Unisex Baby Gift Basket: Baby & Beyond can custom make any sized baby gift basket for you! Just select the value of the gift basket you would like, and we'll do the rest! If you have some ideas in mind as to the kinds of gifts you'd like in your gift basket or colors of clothing and accessories, please let us know! Please note: These are custom-made baskets and are not available in the store, each basket will be made to order.
Unisex Baby Gift Basket: Baby & Beyond can custom make any sized baby gift basket for you! Just select the value of the gift basket you would like, and we'll do the rest! If you have some ideas in mind as to the kinds of gifts you'd like in your gift basket or colors of clothing and accessories, please let us know! Please note: These are custom-made baskets and are not available in the store, each basket will be made to order.
While it’s wise to be frugal this season, there’s no reason to become a complete Scrooge.
The weakening economy has caused many consumers to cut back on holiday spending.
You could also just do one gift card worth 25 dollars from a gas station, grocery store, subway, local restaurant, liquor store, etc.
I’d do something like a cross word book, pen, scratch tickets and a gift card to a local coffee shop or something.
After opening the foil it was just tissue paper with a chipotle gift card inside.
Its a white elephant party which means no one knows who bought them the gift.none of the gifts have labels as to who its too.
I'm assuming this is a gift exchange type deal? Hm… a movie, book or music works, in that it is multi age and unisex but you can't really gauge for taste in a gift exchange…. Board ? Gourmet Food (cheese, hot cocoa, candy and so on)? Nice mug or other beverage container? Throw Blanket (down or fleece)? Snuggie? (Sorry, couldn't resist) Slipper Socks (I'd recommend slippers but socks come in greater size ranges)? Gift Card? (Or straight up cash) Okay, I can't really think of anything Good in a gift exchange.
If you're going to get a gift card, make it for one of the big department store chains so there's a ton of choice and people don't have to crawl over broken glass to find the place.
Food is good, unless there are food allergies.  I loved the waffle maker idea.  How about a plate of homemade cookies or fudge on a serving platter?  There are tons of cute Christmasy ones out there for less than $20.  Or a couple of mugs with specialty coffe tucked inside?  That would probably still leave you with some money left over to get a gift card from Starbucks and put it in there too.
scarves, slippers, beanies/hats, mugs, gift cards, wine glasses, bottle of wine or holiday liquor, candles, soap (the kind that are wrapped in gorgeous paper or special designed), board games, last year for DH’s office party we brought a gorgeous ceramic juicer and pitcher from Anthropologie and slippers from Restoration Hardware and both were highly fought over.
I have used the movie basket idea before and it works great.  You could even include a Christmas movie if you don’t want to put in a gift card to Blockbuster or movie tickets.
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Pamper yourself gift basket (I often give these at baby showers for the mother especially if the shower is before the baby comes), candle or candles, bubble bath, pretty bath soaps, body spray, small box of chocolates, some decaf tea bags or coffee, vitamin E cream or cocoa butter (good for stretch marks), a loofah or pretty bath sponge, and a little note that says to pamper yourself because you won’t have much time for yourself when that baby comes.
You can do the same for someone and get them things they like this is a very practical gift, but remember for someone older or who doesn’t get out much, these are things they won’t have to go get: coffee, dried fruits, favorite fruit juice in a can, mints, candy, soap, socks, razor, shaving cream, laundry soap, cans of their favorite soups or food that you have canned yourself, mini loaves of bread or muffins that you make, a small homemade cake, gourmet things they like but don’t often buy for themselves, like specialty coffees or teas, soup mixes, noodle mixes, pasta, bag of their favorite chips.
And my personal favorite: I received this group of items from a favorite aunt for a shower gift – items of necessity that you will need for the first time as a couple: A partial roll of toilet paper (for the first time you run out and need a few sheets), a baggie with a partial bar of soap in it (for the first time you forget to buy soap and just need enough to get a bath), a few Q-tips (for when you run out the first time), a can of soup or other easy to make item (for the first time you burn supper),and a list of the local restaurants and phone numbers (in case you burn the can of soup).
Dinner and a movie: box of pasta (this looks really nice if you buy the colorful pasta and put it in a mason jar, put a small piece of material over the top with a ribbon on the lid), jar of sauce, a jar of shaker cheese, could also include a clove of garlic or a shaker of Italian seasoning, a pasta spoon or wooden spoon with a ribbon tied on the handle, a pair of candles for romantic lighting, two cupcakes or a bag of gourmet cookies, and a gift certificate from the local movie rental place.
You can start looking for ideas online, as there are plenty baby store websites from which you could get inspired or even purchase the perfect unisex gift.
Hundreds of crafters make classy unisex gifts in the form of tshirts, wallets, blankets, and much more! There are plenty of unique and handmade items you can give as a gift, instead of the usual lame present you give every year.
As you may realize, buying an unisex gift for a baby shower is not that problematic, it is actually an easy task if you go for purchasing mandatory baby items in neutral colors.
Candle sets and soap baskets are always a classic unisex gift, and they make a great smelling present that anyone can enjoy despite their gender or age.
If you need a unisex gift (for example, you are going to a party where there will be a gift exchange game, and you have no way of knowing whether your gift will end up with a man or a woman) but have no idea what you should buy, you have stumbled across the right post.
If you know a couple that does not want to know the sex and they invite you to the baby shower, you must take certain precautions, so that what you buy can be suitable for a baby boy or a baby girl, thus a unisex gift.
Gift cards of all types are also great unisex gifts.
The unisex gift may be a bit tricky to find, as in most cases, producers have the tendency to make baby products that are either colored pink or blue.
You cannot go wrong with any of these great unisex gift ideas.
An unisex gift idea you cannot go wrong with is to buy baby toys.
If a party is coming up in the near future and you do not know what present to buy for the one throwing it, you cannot go wrong with a unisex gift.
Thus, read labels and instructions to see what is the recommended age use for the particular item you want to purchase as a unisex gift.
Unfortunately, many people nowadays fail to take into consideration the best unisex gift idea ever: books.
Just remember that even though you are opting for a unisex gift, you still need to put a little thought into it, so the recipient knows that you didn’t get them the first thing that popped in the store window.
The first rule when designing a unisex gift basket is to use neutral colors like white, yellows, and light blues.
Choosing a unisex gift is difficult, especially if you are participating in a mystery gift giving game, or if you are trying to buy a single gift for a couple.
Unisex gifts are fun gifts that you can give a man or woman, and in some cases they are a universal gift you can give nearly anyone.
However, unisex gift baskets are more difficult to make and design than those that are intended for either a man or a woman as they have to be liked by both and appeal to their senses.
The next thing to consider when shopping for an unisex gift is the fact that the item should be suitable for a new born child.
Regardless of the type of unisex gift you wish to purchase, the budget is very important.
There are hundreds if not thousands of options to explore when considering the perfect unisex gift.
Regardless of the case, here are five awesome unisex gift ideas that will save you a lot of trouble.
Household decorations are generally OK to buy as a unisex gift, but since many people already have their home the way they like it the gift may end up being useless to them.
If you are at your wits end on deciding what to buy, consider buying a handmade unisex gift.
To avoid this, look for a unisex gift that has a more neutral color, such as purple, brown, green or yellow.
If you want your gift to be practical and useful for the recipient, then travel items are always a great idea.
There are also different parts to getting a unisex gift.
Whether it’s for a dinner party or a birthday, gift baskets are always a fun option if you decide to make them or they can be a simple option for someone who is pressed on time and/or ideas.
A stereo: Although you probably aren’t going to buy a surround sound system for this type of occasion, a nice little portable stereo can make a great gift that isn’t going to deplete your bank account either.
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OH, and this list isn’t going to include gift cards, because some swaps don’t allow for them and I could write a list of 100 places just to buy gift cards from.
Ok, I know I said no gift certificates, but this deal going on is too good to resist.
So I’ve made a list for you! These 50 gift ideas are $15 or less and are a mix of unisex/men/women/totally awesome.
Whether it be Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or your local cafe, this time of year usually puts out some good deals on coffee beans or grinds to give as gifts.
Pair it up with a 2013 pocket calendar ($10.95) and you have a MOMA gift package.
The Yankee Swap, Grab Gift, Secret Santa or whatever it may be called in your family/friend groups.
So, for $12, you could give someone a $75 restaurant.com gift card! Too good to pass up.
The perfect present for your little loved ones! Choose from our assortment of unisex colors to fill baby’s nursery with Little Giraffe LOVE! Sure to be adored for years to come.

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