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For a minimal makeup look, line your inner upper and lower lash lines, and pat some highlighter cream onto your cheekbones to amp up the glow you already have BECAUSE YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!

16. For a sexy look that’s still subdued, create a smoky winged eye, skip blush, and apply bronzer on your cheekbones, then finish with a pale pink lip.

17. For a naturally beautiful makeup look that puts the focus on your lips, pair an orchid-colored lipstick with subtly lined eyes and peach blush.

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Even though wedding makeup is usually very simple and neutral, it’s one of the hardest makeup looks to create, since it has to be PERFECT. Sometimes skin can look irritated for the next couple of days after treatments, and you don’t need that kind of surprise!

Get  your brows plucked and shaped (possibly even dyed) before the wedding day. If you pluck them on your wedding day, your brows may look red, swollen and irritated.

If you’re going to wear contact lenses on your wedding day, put the lenses on before applying your makeup.

Try not to stress too much (easier said than done, I know!).  Stress may cause impurities on your skin.  Your body and skin reflects what you eat, so get plenty of veggies and fruits.


Some basic notes about wedding makeup…

Makeup that lasts:  Face primers

Fills in pores and makes the skin look smootherMakes the makeup last longer

*My favorite face primer: Benefit “The Porefessional”

Hide imperfections:  Concealers Green neutralizes redness (rosacea, pimples, etc) Yellow neutralizes blue (dark circles) Lavender neutralizes yellowness

TIP: Apply colored concealers before foundation to get the best result.  For application techniques, see Marlena’s video on How to Conceal Undereye Circles or How to Hide Acne

*My favorite undereye concealer:Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer

Perfect  skin:  FoundationsMake sure foundation matches your skin tone, be sure to check it in both natural light and artificial lightIf possible, check out how your makeup base looks in photos: Does it appear lighter or darker than the rest of your skin?You can set the foundation using powder – just be sure you don’t apply it too much, so the result doesn’t look cakey. Keep the glitter and shimmer products to a minimum.

*My favorite highlighter:MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Blushing bride: BlushesTo avoid looking too pale, use a subtle blush on the apple of your cheeks- it brings more life to your face. This will prevent creasing throughout the day.

*My favorite eye primer:   Tarte Natural Eye Primer

Cry-baby:   MascarasUse waterproof mascara, so it won’t end up on your cheeks if you happen to shed a tear (or a dozen). You don’t always have to use black mascara- for a more natural look, brown mascara can be better choice.

To see how to apply mascara like a pro, check out Marlena’s video  How to Apply Mascara or How to Curl your Lashes Like a Pro

This will lash forever:   False lashesEasy way to enhance your eyes without using too much makeup is to wear artificial lashes.

Noelle Bonham creates customized looks and provides instructions on how to keep makeup and hair in place no matter how crazy the dance floor gets.

Shackleton, who has styled for Anne Hathaway, offers one-stop shopping with time-saving hair-and-makeup packages for the big day ($400 for the bride;

This makeup artist and male groomer is a regular on the set of America’s Next Top Model, and her creations have appeared in the pages of People, W,and Nylon.

One of the founders of wedding collective Brooklyn Betrothed, Bruno creates natural, long-wearing looks using meticulous airbrushing techniques. day-of on-site makeup starts at $300 for the bride and $150 for each additional attendant, with a three-person minimum. Standard packages are $850 for four people (up to four hours) and $1,250 for seven people (up to six hours).

Lilly Rivera specializes in traditional and airbrushed looks for brides of different ethnicities and is particularly adept at hiding scars and tattoos.

This multitalented team, which does makeup, airbrush�ing, hairstyling, and manicures, has artists who will travel anywhere in the world.

Those with a classic sensibility adore Loft for her clean, polished looks that bring out each bride’s best features. She takes a just-enough approach, though her handiwork lasts all day and photographs beautifully. Wade’s personal beauty lessons, which include trips to her favorite makeup counters starting at $375.

Black offers a trial with up to three hours of �playtime� for the bride to try a variety of looks.

Founder and head makeup artist Linsey Snyder works with some of the finest artists and stylists in the beauty field to capture the essence of a bride’s beauty on her big day. In addition to consultations and day-of makeup, Face Time also offers hairstyling, manicures, and spray tans.

This Upper West Side�based makeup artist has a knack for realizing a bride’s vision or working with her to devise the perfect look.

Brides wanting a truly customized look turn to this hair-and-makeup pro, who is known as much for her skill in recreating glamorous vintage styles as she is for her patience. (Schneider will spend hours consulting with clients to ensure they find the perfect look.) A combined hair-and-makeup trial is $250;

Ahnert’s studio offers innovative skin-clearing and lifting treatments, including LED-light therapy and microcurrent technologies, as well as makeup and eyelash applications. This �glam squad� works exclusively on-site, specializing in hair and makeup with an emphasis on ethnic brides.

With a background in photography, this sought-after artist crafts long-wearing looks that stand out in pictures.

A former Ford model, A-list celebrity makeup artist, and best-selling beauty writer, Cole shares makeup tricks while turning out faultless faces and skin that seems to glow from within.

Certified aesthetician Carre can recommend skin treatments or waxing regimens, and her light makeup application prevents caking. (good value)


Vo’s versatile looks can be subtle or all-out glam, and she often applies individual false lashes to amp up the eyes. For 15 years, she’s crafted luminous looks with a soft, natural base. The signature �Pucker Look� ($60) consists of foundation, bronzer, and mascara, and add-ons like faux-lashes cost an additional $20. The team will also work their magic on-site ($250 for brides, $150 for each additional member of the bridal party) and give private makeup lessons ($100).

DIY types come to McEvoy’s studio for hour-long makeup lessons ($850 for McEvoy, $300 for a staff artist) and leave with a full makeup kit. Before the big day, book an in-salon Total Polish ($75) to meet your artist for a consultation and trial. On the wedding day, get your makeup done in Rouge ($75), book a house call ($125 per hour; two-hour minimum), or rent Rouge ($500 per hour) to get the whole bridal party ready.

Duvall, formerly an assistant to Kevyn Aucoin, is known for creating ultrachic looks using minimal makeup.

Slattery’s handiwork has been featured in Glamour and Cosmopolitan, and she currently creates camera-ready looks for WPIX Channel 11’s news team. Trials are $250, on-location bridal makeup starts at $500, and each �additional person is $225.

Super specializes in an airbrush technique that keeps makeup looking fresh for 18-plus hours without touch-ups. A combination of airbrushing and traditional work is $450 for the bride, and a five-hour makeup session for seven people is $1,450.

With more than 25 years of experience, Lang has worked with models and celebrities�including Beyoncé and Solange �of every age, ethnicity, and skin type. Her polished looks focus on showcasing radiant skin with subtle contouring to bring out the eyes.

This West Village salon is known for its organic, virtually painless eyebrow threading, but Wink also offers Isabelle Lancray Parisian facials, lash extensions, and expert makeup applications.

I would hate for a bride to look at her pictures five years from now and not recognize the girl in them.”

“I think brides get too caught up in that it’s their special day and end up doing more than they would normally do, and it ends up being too much,” said beauty expert Sonia Kashuk. “If you aren’t happy with the first trial, this will buy you time to try out another option,” said makeup specialist Amanda Gabbard of the Guerlain Spa.

One way to save money while experimenting: Seek out free makeover events. Nordstrom is hosting beauty trend events across the country right now, where you can meet one-on-one with an artist for a free makeover. Going in Unprepared for Your Trial
You probably already know that you should bring photos to your hair trial, but many brides don’t think to bring photos to their makeup trial as well. “Also, when your lips are too shiny, you will lose definition in your pictures, and it can leave a glare.”

Another reason to forego the gloss: “If you’re going to have a veil that covers your face, the veil will stick to your lips,” said Liz Fuller of Makeup Artistry, Inc. “The same goes for long hair — if a bride wants to wear her hair down on her wedding day, hair can get stuck to the lips.”

6. Adding Shimmer in the Wrong Places
“A little shimmer or iridescence on the cheeks looks fresh and dewy, but worn on the nose or forehead, it can look like your skin is greasy,” said Gina Ludwig, CEO of Hair Comes the Bride, Inc. Makeup artist Jane Cohen likes to apply a sheer gold shimmer along the tops of the cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow of the lips, and just under the brows “It makes the bride look as if she is lit from within. These spots can then turn green, orange, or fuchsia in post-production, depending on the color balancing and effects your photographer uses. “The only way to get rid of these spots is by costly retouching and individually cloning out each spot or reflection.”

“Shimmery is different from sparkle because a shimmer doesn’t have particles — or flecks — that cause a flashback at the camera,” said Fuller.

7. She recommends using browns, grays, navy, and deep purples instead.

Smoldering eyes tend to look much better in person than they do in photos; Makeup artist Chelsea Hernandez recommends bronze for green eyes, mocha for hazel eyes, navy and dark brown for blue eyes, and purples and grays for brown eyes.

Also, opt for a cream shadow rather than a powder as your base color. But master lash guru Suzette Zuena, owner of Lash House Beauty Boutique, recommends that you have these applied at least two weeks before your wedding in case you have an allergic reaction to the adhesive and to ensure that they’re comfortable for you.

If you choose the more traditional false eyelashes, opt for individual pieces rather than strips. “A gentle coat of waterproof and a generous application of individual lashes will withstand a torrent of joyful tears on an emotional day.“ Individual pieces will also give you a more natural look than strips: “You can build up the lashes to the desired thickness,” added Cohen.

Also, consider using black eyelash glue rather than clear;

Award winning bridal make-up artist Sarah Brock gives us her 13 top tips for making sure you look picture perfect on your big day.

1. lesson with a pro mua or you can always book a tutorial on a make-up counter – I recommend using a store such as Space NK, as they sell different brands and you can cherry pick the best of each brand, rather than buying it all from one cosmetics counter.

3. Look through bridal magazines (Brides Magazine is the best)  and online for inspiration – you can get great ideas not only from bridal magazines, but also from red carpet images – the hair and make-up on the red carpet is always stunning!

4. Unless your skin is very, very dry, opt for a light, oil free moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated and will create the perfect base for your make-up. A small amount of eye cream is fine if needed, along with lip balm too.

5. Primer is a must

If you think primers are just an extra product to get you to part with your £s – think again. The right primer will not only help your make-up look perfect for longer, it will also help smooth over fine lines and wrinkles and open pores. Apply concealer AFTER foundation, not before

Concealers are naturally thicker in consistency than foundations (as they are designed to cover imperfections, whereas foundation is just to even the skin tone/ complexion), so to keep your skin looking as natural as possible, you want to use as little concealer as possible. Avoid using a massive powder brush – opt for more of a blusher sized brush and lightly dust your t-zone, your eyelids (to avoid eyeshadow creasing) and with the tiny amount left on the brush, dust over the rest of your face.

9. Go for the bridal glow

Get the cover girl glow I create for my brides by using cream blushers – applied to the apple of the cheeks and blended upwards and outwards towards the hairline, it creates the most flattering modern look on the cheeks compared to powder blushers which can sometimes look flat. Gorgeous eyes which can withstand wedding day tears 

Don’t think that waterproof mascara is the only waterproof option for your eye make-up – there are waterproof eyeliners (pencil/ liquid/ gel), specific eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow paints/ sticks/ bases which all help towards creating an eye make-up look that once applied, won’t budge! My top tip – keep your eyeshadow colours simple, light and fresh (that way, even if your eyes look sore /tired by the end of the day they won’t look dark and heavy) and add any ‘va va voom’ with your eyeliner. If you a strong lip colour, just remember that against a light coloured wedding dress, it will look brighter and more obvious and if you a statement lip, so try to keep the eyes softer and more natural, to avoid looking like a ‘bridal doll’. Gently pat the t-zone with the powder to remove un-wanted shine.Cotton buds – have a few to hand to tidy up around the eye area if needed if you cry (and don’t forget the tissues too)!Lipstick and gloss – after eating, kissing and before any photos, keep your lip products to hand to re-touch if required.

For the evening reception, I advise my brides to also have a blusher (you will be in a darker light for the party so you can apply more if you want too) and also, to maybe make your eye make-up a little more ‘smoky’, you can simply run an eyeliner pencil on the inner rim of the eye and add a little more mascara if you want too.

All images are of Sarah’s make-up work.