where can i buy a kindle

Kindle: Besides Kindle hardware readers, Kindle books can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, Touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, many BlackBerry phones, Windows PCs, Macs, Windows Phone 7 phones, and via Web browsers (the Kindle Cloud Reader ).
All tablets (iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, and so on) have touch screens, as do all current models of major brand e-ink readers — except the entry-level $69 Kindle.
With ultraaffordable e-ink readers, midprice color tablets like the Nexus 7, iPad Mini, and Kindle Fire HD, and even the more expensive iPads all vying for your e-book dollar, what’s the best choice for you? It depends.
Dedicated e-book readers, such as the Nook, Kindle, Kobo, and Sony Reader, use an e-ink screen.
Nook: Besides Nook hardware readers, Nook books can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, Windows PCs, Macs, and via Web browsers (the Nook for Web ).
It offers free Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play reading apps, with full access to the content in those e-book stores.
Kobo: Besides Kobo hardware readers, Kobo books can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, many BlackBerry phones, Windows PCs, Macs, and via Web browsers.
To be fair, Android tablets also double as good e-book readers, with those same three major e-book apps available — and, as we mentioned above, the smaller Android tablets (including Amazon and B&N) are better deals at lower price points.
When we say "e-book readers," we’re now really referring to four classes of products: black-and-white e-ink readers ($69 to $149); 7-inch color LCD media tablets ($150 to $300); midsize color LCD tablets ranging from 7.9 to 9 inches ($269 and up); and full-size color tablets like the iPad (mostly $400 and above).

While earlier black-and-white Kindles were good only for reading digital books, the newer Kindle Fire, introduced in 2011, can be used for e-books, movies, , and potentially anything Amazon sells, thanks to a built-in Web browser.
Wal-Mart Stores, the nation’s largest retailer, said Thursday it was dropping Amazon’s Kindle tablets and e-readers, a sign of how seriously it views Amazon as a competitor in the consumer goods market.
Wal-Mart did not specify why it was discontinuing its Kindle sales, but analysts said it was not hard to decipher, given that the retailer will still sell similar devices from companies like Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble and Samsung.
However, if more retailers back away from selling the Kindle, Amazon will lose valuable physical display space that it cannot match with a Web site, exposure that becomes especially important during the holiday shopping season.
At Office Depot, which added the Kindle Fire last winter, Mindy Kramer, a spokeswoman, said, “we saw this as the opportunity to really enhance our portfolio of e-readers and become a destination for these high-profile products.” Ms.
The low profit from Kindle sales and the threat of competition from Amazon raise the question of why retailers wanted to sell the device in the first place.
Carrie McElwee, a Staples spokeswoman, declined to give specifics on Kindle sales or the company’s strategy with the products, but said that the store had expanded its selection as the offerings grew.

If your Kindle is not as-described, you can return it within 72 hours of delivery for a full refund.
iPad mini or Nexus 7? Surface or iPad 4? Our tablet reviews will help you find the right device.

Retail locations to purchase Kindle, and information on bulk orders of 25 or more Kindles for business or education.
Get unlimited access to over a million songs with Prime Music.

Kindle Fire Review The Kindle Fire is Amazon’s best selling wireless device, helping the Kindle brand transition from e-readers into the tablet market.
At first I was a little nervous about spending money on another "gadget", but after reading some of the reviews on your site I decided to buy the Kindle Fire.
Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Review With so many new tablet choices out there such as the iPad, Surface, Nexus, etc.
This website was created to help you to answer that question and will allow you to explore Kindle reviews and prices so that you can find the Kindle you want, at the best price available.
Limited time offer — Get the Kindle Fire HD 16GB for only $129, Kindle Fire HDX for $199, or the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" for only $339.
Kindle Fire HD Review The Kindle Fire looks better than ever.
  Lowest price EVER on Kindle Paperwhite — Only $99! CLICK HERE to get this smoking hot deal before its over! Kindle is also on sale at the lowest price ever offered — Just $49! CLICK HERE to get the Kindle.
Just wanted to write you a quick thank you note for your review on the Kindle Paperwhite.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted the HD Fire or a Paperwhite but am happy to report that I opted for the Paperwhite and it’s turned out to be awesome! I’ll keep the old Kindle for my crossword puzzles and word games and as a "loaner" for visitors but, for reading, the Paperwhite is just the best! Crisp, clear, options for font and lighting – all easy to use and housed in a lightweight, portable device that I can carry anywhere.
@gmacor2: Great question! All of your Kindle books and other downloads are stored with Amazon so you can retrieve them if you buy a new Kindle or even to read with a free reading app.
Once you’ve placed the order for a Kindle reader or Fire tablet you can choose books and they’ll be loaded and ready when your device is delivered to your door! Of course you can add books anytime after you have your reader.
Ready for a NEW Kindle reader? How about a new Fire Tablet? Amazon has just announced (September 2014) four new Kindle Fire tablets and two new readers, all available to order now.
However, if you want an amazing full-color display, movies, apps, games, music, a super-fast web browser, AND reading, then one of the Kindle Fire models would be my recommendation.
My questions are a) does anyone have either of the last two mentioned models and is the camera good enough for skype or one just sticks to their PC or laptop? If its not so good do I just go for the Kindle Fire HD 2013 model? Your recommendations and thoughts are welcome.
I own a new Paperwhite for reading and two Kindle Fires (the original 7-inch wi-fi version and the 8.9-inch HD 4G LTE version so I can use it on the go) and use all of them, just depending on what I want to do (read, play games, check email, watch movies).
Rather than a full-blown comparison of the Kindle to iPad or other tablets (many models seem to come and go), here are some reasons that you should choose Kindle over the other devices, as well as situations in which a different device might be a better choice.
The 2012 Kindle Fire 16GB model which has a front facing camera (which would help for skype calls) is listed at $199 while the 2013 Kindle HDX 16GB, which also has a front facing camera, costs $229.
Watch the video on the product page to see how to configure this cool case, just one of dozens available to comfortably cradle your Kindle Fire 7 or 8.9-inch tablet.
Thinking of buying a new Kindle as a for yourself or for someone else? Smart move! Not sure where to buy a Kindle or which one to buy? Let us help you choose! Even if you’re still comparing e-readers and haven’t made up your mind yet, we have the information you need to know and answers to your questions about buying a Kindle.
@Happimess LM: I’m sure your ipad is pretty awesome! But someday when you want just a reader, or even if you need a different tablet, you can consider the Kindle.
With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you’ll be able to borrow a large number of Kindle books (including this one that has about a bazillion excellent reviews – okay, maybe not that many) to read for free – with no due date! Membership is just $9.99 a month (with a free 30-day trial).
If you want to watch movies or play games and interact with others or surf the web, that’s when you need to look at the Kindle Fire (also featured below).
Thanks for the review with all the information! My wife received the original Kindle Fire as her company Christmas gift a few years ago.
Where should I buy my Kindle? While it’s now available in several office and department stores, you’ll find all the current Kindle models, with comparison charts and a full list of features, in the Kindle Store (link is above), which is where I recommend you buy because it’s where you can expect the best customer support.
So, bottom line question, which Kindle should I buy? Bottom line answer, it depends! In my opinion, if you want to simply read books and do very little online activity, you have two choices.
The Kindle’s light weight makes it very comfortable to hold and read, and the Pearl technology e-ink is crisp, easy to read, and comfortable for long-term reading.
While the "simple" Kindle is great (and very affordable) I the lighted screen on the Paperwhite.
Know what I like best about the Fire? No contracts and no monthly fees! (That’s true with all the Kindle models, by the way.) For the Fire, I absolutely do recommend that you go with an annual subscription to Amazon Prime.
I’ve had my Kindle Fire HDX for just over a month and I am absolutely loving it ð! The picture quality, screen responsiveness to touch and just the all around feel of it is amazing.
A best-seller, the screen is actually lit from above, not backlit (like the color Kindle Fire or a typical tablet), so it’s easy on the eyes.
I want a Kindle Fire HD, even though I live outside the US and don’t get access to amazon prime video streaming.
Many of the books available for Kindle Unlimited (and there are thousands of them) also have audio narration available, a terrific feature for those who like to listen to their books while they drive or just want to rest their eyes.
But if you’re looking for an e-reader and entertainment device, check out the full-color Kindle Fire tablet.
@poemsthatdance: Great questions! First, it’s almost hard to compare the quality of the Kindle reader versus the Kindle tablets since they’re such different devices.
I decided to buy a Kindle Paperwhite…the screen is adjustable, meaning I can read by the wood-stove in the dark or on a rock in the Pack River.
To give Kindle books as gifts, simply choose "Give as a Gift" on any Kindle book page.
Great lens! I personally prefer the feel of an actual book but it is getting more tempting to grab a Kindle at some point for convenience more then anything else.
You’ll probably want to buy a light, though, so choosing the Kindle Paperwhite (see it below) might be a better choice.
Many thousands of Kindle owners use Kindle to hold their vast library of books in order to free up space on their bookshelves and in their pockets or purses.
But if you just need text and don’t have to see the color pictures, then go with either a Paperwhite or a simple $69 Kindle – but in either case, cover it! Either put it in a plastic bag or a waterproof cover that’s designed for electronics.
I have a 1st generation Kindle HD with the big screen and it’s great, but if money were no object I’d upgrade to the current version.
You’ll meet several members of the Kindle family of e-readers and tablets and read our reviews as you scroll down this page.
The HD picture quality on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G LTE Wireless, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi (whew!) is more than outstanding, it’s incredible.

The single biggest reason you might not want to buy a new Kindle Fire is because it’s most likely going to be running the old 2.1 Eclair version of Android.
Really, the Kindle Fire (and nook Color, et al) shouldn't even be compared to e-ink devices as an ebook device, because it's not so much an ebook reader as it is a mini-tablet.
If you’re interested in the Kindle Fire because it’s an Android tablet made by Amazon, think again.
In any case, as we all know by now, Amazon is introducing the new Kindle Fire later today and before you rush out and spend your hard-earned cash, I’d like to caution you.
There are some good reasons you might NOT want to buy a new Kindle Fire.
There are some good reasons you might NOT want to buy a new Kindle Fire.
Our own James Kendrick has another reason you might not want the Kindle Fire.
I don't think that Amazon is saying "This is just like the iPad." From the rumors I've heard so far, it seems to me that they will be saying "This is the next generation of the Kindle." Huge difference.
Because Amazon is likely to be hacking it up and making it their own, anything you want to run from the real Android world may or may not run on the Fire.
Also, Honeycomb has it's problems, and at least you won't have to deal with Android upgrade foo.<br>3. Why do you need Netflix when Amazon gives you the same thing?<br>You're not doing so well so far.
See also: Next Amazon Kindle Fire tablet could come in a few months.

These e-readers feature touchscreen convenience, allowing you to easily scroll through pages, bookmark favorite passages, and download new books with just the flip of a finger.
Conveniently browse through your large collection thanks to e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle with extended storage space.
In addition, cloud storage is offered with some Kindle models from Amazon, so you can expand your book collection even further without taking up space on your device.
These e-readers offer between 8 GB to 32 GB of disk space, so you can consolidate your hard copies in digital versions without losing a single volume in the process.
Select e-readers with extra storage space to ensure you have plenty of room for all your old favorites and new discoveries.
Discover e-readers with HD displays that allow you to enjoy your favorite Internet videos and TV shows with the vivid richness they were intended.
Super-fast processors in these e-readers makes using them simple and quick regardless of whether you’re enjoying a good read at home or commuting to work or class.

This device offers only wifi connectivity, which means that you will need to have a connection to a wireless network or your local computer in order to purchase books or add books from your library.
Kindle Fire is very different from the other Kindles in that it is a tablet computer rather than an e-reading device, which means that you can use it to check email, surf the web, run apps, and so on.
If you read this site on a regular basis, you are no stranger to the fact that publishers are offering all kinds of great deals for Kindle books.
Kindle is the leading ebook device and format and the only one I have used extensively, so I will focus only on it (and not on Nook, Kobo and the other variations).

As Rebecca Solnit writes in her book, Hope in the Dark , “Writing is a model for how indirect effect can be, how delayed, how invisible; no one is more hopeful than a writer, no one is a bigger gambler… You write books.
One reader wrote me to say that a copy of my first book, The Price of Fire, was on the back of the toilet seat when her toddler woke up early one morning raising havoc and ended up knocking the book into the toilet.
But a lot of book-readers, myself included, enjoy the smell and palpable history of a book from a library or used bookstore.

DRM-free ebooks will work on any device that supports the format the ebook comes in, and if your particular device doesn’t support that format you can easily convert the ebook with Calibre to a different file format.
Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform with a massive library of DRM-free ebooks available in multiple formats for any ereader.
Noble Romance Publishing sells DRM-free Romance and Erotica ebooks that come in HTML, PDF, and MOBI formats.
O’Reilly eBooks are DRM-free and come in a bundle of PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and DAISY formats.

If Amazon sells thru an Apple company “facility” it would have to charge CA sales tax…???? California is currently trying to collect taxes if a website with a computer located in CA routes a sale from a customer thru its site (“Affiliate Program”) to Amazon.
Apple devices are for users who want to use their devices easily but don’t want to read those “for dummies” or “for idiots” books.

Amazon recently introduced its new international buying site, opening the Kindle up to buyer’s from many more countries, including Canada.If you’re a Canadian who’d like to get your hands on a Kindle, you can’t buy it direct from Amazon.ca but you can buy it easily from the International site.
The main thing which needs to be considered is to be sure about which type of Kindle to be purchased as Amazon offers 3 different types of eBook readers – Kindle, Kindle DX, Kindle 3.
No matter which type of Kindle is being purchased, Amazon offers enhanced 3G facility with all these.
Long story short, copyright issues prevented Amazon from shipping Kindle’s to a Canadian address.
Update: Amazon now ships the Kindle in Canada directly from the Amazon.ca website.
The Amazon Kindle is by far and away the most popular eBook reader on the market, and for good reason.

But other than reading free public domain classics, how can e-book readers save money without getting a monthly credit card bill in the double digits for the many more books they expect to read with their new toy? There are quite a few ways, as I discovered after some research, with some e-readers offering more ways than others to get free or discounted books.I’m already into my third book on the Kindle I got for Christmas, and I can’t see ever buying another hardcover book to lug around, no matter if it’s discounted by 50% or more, when an e-book is typically $5 less than the discounted hardcover.
Claire Diaz Ortiz, creator of the blog SavingMoneyPlan.com and a 2010 Savings.com "DealPro," recommended these sites for free classics: Project Gutenberg, Google e-bookstore, Open Library, and LibriVox, which has free audio books that can be read on a Kindle with its voice reader.

I do applaud Amazon for bringing eBooks to the masses in this way but I’ll be sticking with my Sony Reader for now because as much as I like the Kindle I don’t want to be tied to one particular platform which isn’t open.
What concerns me is not actually owning the book and not being able to use it on a non-Kindle system in the future (without the hassle of striping the DRM and converting which may be a grey legal issue…), plus looking at what Amazon did with removing 1984 from users systems I don’t entirely trust them.
at frazpro – Amazon will never allow gifting of Kindle books.
I’m not too concerned with getting books onto the Kindle, I’m more interested in what you do with the books you purchase from Amazon.
I have purchased a Kindle for my girlfriends Birthday and would love to put some books on there – those ones that I have had to convince her not to buy physically these past few weeks – but this isnt possible it seems.
If you’ve read our definitive review of the new UK-specific Amazon Kindle, you’ll know that purchasing a book on the device is child’s play.
I can convert any .epub book, and have it on my Kindle, in about 30 seconds – using the Calibre freeware.

It’s also possible to borrow books from your local library or friends and read them in your Kindle app.
I use the Kindle, Aldiko, and Google Play Books so I know I always have something to read the different types of ebook files.
i’m a “real” book advocate, but the kindle app allows this ex-pat to get in a lot more reading than i’ve been financially allowed since moving here.
If you have a Kindle or use the Kindle app for another device, such as your PC, you’ll love the fact that Kindle app syncs your reading across devices.
With the Kindle app, it’s possible to use the built-in dictionary to look up words as you’re reading.
I only use Kindle when I can’t find .epub versions of the books I want to read.
The Android Kindle app allows you to set the screen brightness, preferred screen orientation (landscape or portrait), font size and background colour.
There are quite a few other notable eBook reading apps for Android, such as Aldiko Book Reader, Kobo and Google Play Books.
You’re better off getting an android device and using the Kindle app than buy a Kindle.
the kindle has only recently become available in nz, and nz customers are limited to nz/uk books & prices, whereas w/my kindle app, i can browse the entire usa shop & pay usa prices.
As well as purchasing books, magazines and newspapers, there is a lot of free content available through the Kindle store.
One downside to the Kindle App for Android that’s worth mentioning is that it is a very large app (the size varies on devices, but is roughly 14 MB).
There are many people who aren’t keen to buy a Kindle or similar e-book reader simply because they already have a similar multi-purpose device like a tablet or smartphone.
Despite all this, there are some great features in the Kindle app for Android and it’s worth giving it a go.
If you want to read a lot from your device, $69 for a Kindle is the best deal going.
There are Kindle apps available for Android, PC, Mac, devices, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.
My mums kindle has a screen that can easily be read outside in the sun, tablets and laptops have reflective screens which appear dark in such conditions.
do i use my kindle app? you betcha! i sync it across 3 android devices (mobile, tablet, laptop).
I can’t stand reading on LCD screens but I love my e-ink Kindle.
The Kindle application for Android is not just for books.
There are several great eBook applications for Android, but today we’ll take a closer look at the Kindle’s nearest counterpart: The Kindle App for Android.
It’s up to your personal preference: can you handle reading on a hand-sized device? If you can’t handle a 4″, I don’t think 5″ will be much better, so if you can’t do 4″ then you’re better off with a tablet, I think.
i don’t recall the kindle costs for books, except that it was substantially more than than usa prices.
If you’re an avid Kindle e-book reader like I am, you may be happy to know that Amazon now allows members to share their Kindle e-books with other Kindle users.
-What is the best screen size for book reading? I’m about to buy a 4 inch Android smartphone.
Have a Kindle but don’t use it, It has an area of damage in the top left corner of the screen so it is no longer possible to use as I prefer.
You can also read magazines and newspapers via this app, which means it can easily become the go-to app for your reading entertainment on your Android device.

If you read my article, you’ll see that books you buy on the Kindle will NOT be able to transfer to another reader device later (like the Sony, for example) so it’s a commitment.
If Amazon can’t offer a good range of books, then why tie people to the Kindle – and we can’t even get newspapers from Libraries!!! I find the device very restrictive.
I know the Kindle wouldn´t be suitable die to limited formats as I have spoken to a friend who has one, but what about others? Sony? Another question I have is that, we want to be able to access books in several languages (English, Spanish & Portuguese), though English would be the main one, though we do actually live in Spain.
This has a lot of good info: Read closely in that many sites compatible with Kindle formats listed will say “unecrypted” or “free” books which means they are public domain books or small pubs/self-published books and not bestsellers.
Does anyone know if you can download books from your public library onto a Kindle Fire while you are out of the country? I know you cannot download movies from Netflix but I’m hoping books (especially the free kind from your library) are a possibility.
Amazon has quite a few textbooks available, and they have started creating new as new editions appear, for the kindle ( most of Amazons books are incredibly cheap, and all, even all the classics which are free, are in incredible condition, Barnes & Noble has fallen behind, simply because they offered free books that are public domain and available even through Google, which are merely crooked pictures from old books most of which are faded, or where the texts appears only partially ).
i have the option of purchasing a Kindle book in seconds or i have several other choices either for buying a book or for obtaining any one of the thousands of free books available from various sources.
So you can encrypt a document you create yourself, an email, a self-published ebook into other formats, but you won’t be able to take a Kindle formatted book and encrypt it into a Sony format.
Now I live in Germany, and yesterday I wanted to take advantage of an offer where I was offered to download a Kindle ebook free of charge from Amazon (I don’t have a Kindle but thought I could install a Kindle reader on my PC?).
I recommend to anyone thinking about buying a Kindle or any other dedicated ebook reader to find a friend with one and beg them to let you borrow the device for about 3 days (a week is better) and plan some reading time so you really get a feel for it.
I also wanted an ebook reader because I want all my books in digital format, and give me extra shelf space for my flat! I am happy I bought it and even happier to download “free” ebooks.
I download ebooks from the public library, something that is impossible on the Kindle or as far as I know, any other dedicated ebook reader.
You must first register the Kindle to be able to download books from the Amazon website.
I have a kindle and borrow books from the library by converting the format with the free program Calibre.
Amazon does not support EPUB nor any other special ebook format that might offered by other ebook stores that sell mainstream books.
While epub seems to be the better choice, there are a few books I’m interested in which I know can only be bought on Kindle (i.e. azw).

You will be redirected to accessories page where you can see accessories that are available in Canada for your Kindle.
To buy a Kindle in Canada, you have to go to Amazon Kindle Store International Page.
Fill the shipping address with your address in Canada where you want the Kindle delivered.
It will open up a small window which will show you some details about shipping to Canada, warranty, and accessories available to Canada.
Not all versions of Kindle are available in Canada.

According to writers Marjorie Galen and Gordon Matthews, Can’t Buy a Thrill features an upbeat soft rock style.[1] Music journalist Paul Lester said that it incorporates mambo, swing, jazz, and Latin musical elements.[7] Music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine observed that pop songs such as "Dirty Work", "Kings", "Midnight Cruiser", and "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again" feature Palmer singing lead and lack the jazz flourishes that distinguished the band’s subsequent albums.

During the Offer Period Xbox Live Rewards members who pre-order an Xbox One or Xbox 360 game through will receive fifteen thousand (15,000) Rewards Credits… for up to three different game titles during the Offer Period.
Microsoft usually offers $10 Xbox LIVE credits for preorders, but they’re currently giving out $15 credit for Xbox LIVE Rewards members.

Also known known as an e-cig, e-cigarette, vapor stick, vapor cigarette or digital cigarette, the electronic cigarette is an electronic device used to mimic smoking using vapor instead of smoke.
Which one do you choose? There are positive and negative features of both to consider before you purchase your electronic cigarette batteries.
Electronic e-book readers are one of the biggest things out on the market now, they are not really new, as they have been around for a few years now, however they have recently taken off in the popularity sector.

Thinking of building a new site? Have you considered registering a .com, .net, .org, or .info domain name for it? Well, in the world of publishing information on the web, it is always important to consider some basic (SEO) search engine optimization factors when writing articles and building other content for your business.
If you are securing keyword domain names for a “for profit” online business — then .net is the way to go if you cannot find your name with the .com extension which is happening more often these days.
But I digress, my point here is that the search engines give me them just as much value as a .net – so if you can’t find the domain name you want in either a .com or .net extension than this is third best option.

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