woman cave

Teresa likes to watch movies in her woman cave when the kids go to bed.
Ron: "I went out with her 6 months ago & dumped her because she had a huge pussy, & wouldn't let me bang her ass.

Before you craft your own woman cave, make sure you include our five essential items all woman caves need.
If you are thinking of building your own woman cave, see how much you can expect to pay with our basement cost estimator or if you plan on surprising your significant other with their own private room, be sure to check out the 10 essential items needed for all man caves.
According to New York designer Elaine Griffin, a mom cave is “a space where the woman that nurtures everyone can go to nurture herself.” We all need time away from the world.
Whether it was a weekend DIY project you completed, a great photograph you took or maybe highlights of your favorite Pinterest board, you need to make sure your woman cave has that “YOU” touch.
In fact, I even went around Chicago asking decorators what they would include and one said, “…most importantly, many, many, many shelves for shoes.” Peggy Pardo of Decorating Files says a woman cave is a space to relax and get away from it all.
In addition, other recommended items that will undoubtedly bring soothing tensions to your woman cave include: a wine cellar, fireplace, exercise equipment, silk linens, rich textures and bright colors for the walls.
Just as we outlined in our 10 essential items for man caves, women need to include personal items in their woman caves as well.
Extra storage, hangers and drawers will not only make your unique woman cave spacious, but also give you the peace of mind that your woman cave has anything and everything you need.
Whether it is more closet space for your clothes, shelf space for your books or just space to unclutter other areas of the home, woman caves need storage.
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Want to see more? Browse Etsy for awesome items.
This site is so addicting! This site has TONS of pics of rooms in houses, different styles, ideas….amazing! I'll be glad I have this one day.
Nice bathroom-so many things I like about this: the fieldstone veneer, the dark wood, the laminate floor, the shuttered window, the floating shelves.
Bathroom Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas – built in wardrobe with soft sconce lighting.
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Recently the retailer HomeGoods started spotlighting Woman caves by launching a special web site and commercials dedicated to showing Women how to make – a cave of their own.
HGTV even launched a TV show dedicated to Woman Caves this spring … so, ladies, your cave – is on the way.
But that’s not all – because yes, you might not know it – but hot on the heels of the man cave trend is – that’s right, the woman cave.
The company says that all good Woman caves contain four essentials: a place to sit, a space to organize, an area to do the things you love, and room for your girlfriends to visit.
Add to all that – a kegerator, a wet bar and an old neon ‘Budweiser’ clock…and of course, all around the room? Multiple television sets … a supersized flat screen front and center with additional TV’s mounted in the corners so you never miss a minute of every game.
Any discounts that result in order subtotal of less than $79 will remove free shipping option.
Because women need an escape plan, too! Decorate and accessorize the Woman or Mom Cave in retro style.
Whether a kitchen, bathroom, den, garage or spare bedroom, you’ll find great decor ideas right here.
“My “woman’s cave” was inspired by a desire to design a space especially for women: one exuding feminity and luxury.
“a woman’s cave nurtures its occupant, allowing her to reenergize, recharge and relax.
“upholstered pieces shaped curvaceously and feeling soft to the touch.
“super workshop, man cave.
“Woman cave…I love this.
The Woman’s Cave is a Modoc ceremonial cave near Tule Lake in northeast California.
There are ancient rock carvings inside and around the entrance to the cave.
since the guys have the bonus room as the "man cave".
Please dear BYC, help me come up with an equivalently cool name for the female version of this special place.
Yes, I’m getting a recently vacated room as MINE all MINE.
AND not "the laundry room" please.
“Perfect woman cave—a room big enough for office space, scrapbooking with a nice work table and room for sewing machine and room for a quilting machine.
Simmons Homes offers some great floor plans featuring flex rooms and e-space that can be customized to fit your most tricked out dream room, whatever its name.
“I would love a big room with TONS of storage for WHATEVER! And a large, counter height island for crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, etc.
Use your flex room space to get away, read a book, do a little crafting, practice yoga, or search the internet for more great ideas for your Gal Hideaway.
Your Tulsa area home builder, Simmons Homes has over 20 years of experience buiding new homes in Owasso, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Bixby and Collinsville, Oklahoma.
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The father then called for other family members who were in the residence to help take the child away from Boggs because she was “acting crazy.” The father told police she began fighting with the father’s roommate and another woman while running away and “dragging the baby around,” according to the report.
Boggs, 23, was arrested on Sunday (July 27) after police responded to a residence in the 800 block of Bright Street in reference to Boggs being drunk and fighting off family members who were trying to take her 1-year-old daughter away so no harm would come to the baby, the report states.
When police arrived, they spoke with the child’s father, who said that Boggs got drunk and “went crazy.” She locked herself in a bedroom where two handguns were stored, according to the report.
Lets face it: if a man must live with a woman, he’s going to want a space to call his own.
(Also, not all men feel they need a man cave, so if you want the woman cave, choose wisely.
Your woman cave can be anything! A garden, a sun room, a library room, an office, a craft room, etc.
If I had a woman cave, it would have lots of comfortable pillows, natural lighting, lots of white or bold colors.
The bats presented in this article were photographed in Woman’s Cave – Carpathians Mountains during their hibernation period in winter.
Instead, what I have is a quiet all-in-one room where I can watch “27 Dresses” or “An Affair to Remember,” where I can manipulate photographs and sheer silk, where I can – as I did after Walter left – drink a cup of tea while lying in a recliner, watching re-runs of “The Sentinel” on SyFy.
“There is no such thing as a woman cave, and if there was, this wouldn’t be it,” he said sweeping his arm around at the books on every wall and the glass writing table in the corner.
I’ve thought of a perfect name for my new space, where I can scrapbook, write, cuddle, read novels, watch old episodes of “The Wire” and do crosswords: It’s my cavern.
Dave Turnbull, of the Swanage lifeboat, said: "The woman had been washed into a small cave at the base of the cliffs that had a blowhole at the top that wasn’t very accessible.
The tragedy unfolded at a beauty spot known as Tilly Whim caves, near Swanage, Dorset, while the woman and her 31-year-old brother were “coasteering”, an adventure sport that involves climbing along a rock face before jumping into the sea.
A Dorset Police spokesman said: “Despite the best efforts of the coastguard rescue team, the search was abandoned due to the extreme weather conditions, and the female was not located and remains unaccounted for.
"With the tide getting higher another coastguard officer entered through the blowhole but found the woman had sadly succumbed to the conditions.
The coastguard helicopter rescued the man, who at that point told the crew that his sister had been trapped in the cave by the powerful waves.
Coastguards spent two hours talking to the 30-year-old climber through a 15ft deep blowhole on top while lifeboat crews attempted to get to her through an opening at the front of the cliffs as 10ft waves crashed on the rocks.
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Product Description Relive prehistory in minimalist style in this Women’s Cave Girl Costume! Or, be a cool jungle cat–it works as a leopard or cheetah costume, too.
The last and deepest of the Chauvet Cave chambers, the Salle du Fond, is the home of the Venus and the Sorcerer.
This Venus is absolutely classical and her proportions, the stylistic elements, the selection of the anatomical elements shown are all characteristically Aurignacian or Gravettian, as known from the small Venus statues of Central and Eastern Europe.
Four other female representations limited to just the pubic triangle are in the cave; they are all in the system including the Galerie des Megaceros and the Salle du Fond, indicating each time the entrance to the adjacent cavities.
A cluster of convergent data suggests that the Venus is Aurignacian and that she was created in the first period of the decoration of the Chauvet Cave.
Their creation entailed a voluntary and selective local destruction of parts of the body of the Venus, the most obvious spot being at one of the upper extremities of the pubic triangle.
The black pubic triangle of the Venus is at eye level and seems to be the heart of the composition.
The Venus and the composition in which she occupies a privileged place are in a central topographic situation in the Salle du Fond.
However, she is paradoxically peripheral in the over all design that seems centred on a beautiful horse lodged in a small chapel like niche to the left in the middle of the main panel of cave paintings.
It is on this hanging outcrop that the Venus and the Sorcerer are drawn in black charcoal.
My buddy turned a room in his house to a Man Cave, and pretty much it’s off limits to the Mrs.
My buddy turned a room in his house to a Man Cave.
It’s gotten to be a running joke that when he gets another of his pagen idol’s and looks for a place for it, he’ll put it in the living room, and I’ll just dump it back into his chair.
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My garage is my cave.
I call it my "weight room" and I keep some books and my music in there along with all my olympic weights, bench, and squat rack.
Looking for a space to both entertain friends and dance, he and his wife, a scientist, wanted a modern look and feel, which they achieved with a flat black–painted ceiling, ebony laminate flooring, a glass block bar with granite tile, a graphic wall mural, Momeni rug, mod white leather couches, neon lighting and dance poles, which are conveniently part of the basement’s infrastructure.
In his malt shop–style room is a black-and-white checkered floor with a large Coca-Cola logo rug, a green glass wall partition and shelving reminiscent of old bottles, a vintage soda fountain, a functioning Coca-Cola Vendo 44—a vending machine made in the 1950s that holds 44 bottles—and much (much) more.
Wall Street hedge fund manager by day and amateur wine maker by night, Joe Valente had a unique vision in mind for a tasting room, which became another project on the DIY Network’s Man Caves.
Diehard New York Rangers fan Joe Bellestri was a lucky contestant featured on the DIY Network’s Man Caves, where hosts Tony "Goose" Siragusa and Jason Cameron transformed his unfinished basement into a New York Rangers bastion.
The room, which loosely resembles a Hard Rock Cafe, features wall-to-wall diamond plate flooring, mirrored gel showcases to house his model cars, a racetrack bookshelf, kegerator, flat-screen TV with surround sound, a Dale Earnhardt couch, an open bar and more.
Designed by Doug Chiang (design director for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and Episode II: Attack of the Clones), the room, which measures 22 feet from the back wall to the screen, took three years to complete.
Two years in the making, the "cave" comes complete with indoor/outdoor carpeting, an oak-laminate bar top stained in ebony and covered with a glass slab, exhaust flame–themed stool covers, a glass-door refrigerator, 46" TV and, of course, the three Harley-Davidsons he shares with his wife, Kathy.
I have heard some men say something like “women have the whole house, we only get one room.” I guess the thought is that women get the kitchen, bathroom, kid’s rooms, and laundry.
It’s like the runaway cart dilemma, you have one person standing on one track, and 5 people standing on the other track.
It’s like the runaway cart dillemna, you have one person standing on one track, and 5 people standing on the other track.
Oh, what a worthless comment? What about the stupid people that were for some reason blown up in a bar because of a religious fanatic? Do they deserve to die because they took the chance of going in there? But I guess I would be satisfied with you doing that, with so much prejudice it’s for the better sake I guess.
2) I will not murder/gravely injury another for personal amusement, or any reward/consequence that does not directly facilitate survival of myself or those I consider an extend of myself (family, friends, loved ones, et cetera).
3) I will be willing to assist others in their attempts to maintain their own survival and the survival of their loved ones as long as this does not conflict with the first two guidelines.
When Mark and I got married I just moved into his house, and the only room I’ve been able to “girl-ify” is the bathroom.
Lately hubby has been talking about how much he wants his own “man cave” when we buy our first house (which hopefully will be happening in the next year).
Me: Remember how we went to go see James Bond this past weekend? Well, M had a perfect woman cave.
The whole house outside of the man cave *IS* the woman cave.
The woman’s place is outside the man’s cave, crouch over the pot steaming on the fire.
What a nonsense,even bigger Mcmansions to accommodate some womens want,for scrapbooking for christs sake get real.I live in a area where the trend seems to be for bigger and bigger garages as a part of the property,what is it with the modern generation?,is it that they assume these are their rights.Cant they and the powers in charge realise that this unnecessary obscene enlargments of their living spaces,only results in further blots on the landscape and make the purchase for the normal buyer who only requires a normal house unobtainable if they become the norm.
Dale Alcock Homes general manager Dean O’Rourke, said a "woman cave" was a growing trend, with clients like Mrs Mandy transforming a shared space into a private retreat.
Baldivis resident and mother-of-two Melissa Mandy decided to incorporate a "woman cave" for scrapbooking in the design of her family’s recently built house.
What do you keep in your man cave, or woman cave? I seem to mostly need a computer and beer – hehe.
What do you keep in your man cave, or woman cave? I seem to mostly need a computer and beer – hehe.

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