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Wood burning, also called pyrography, is the process of drawing a picture on a piece of wood with a hot brass tip.[1] Not only is it a great way to relieve stress, it’s also an eye-catching artistic pursuit, and looks great in a wide range of homes.
Whatever project you pursue, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with wood burning basics before starting.
If you are a killer artist and drawing is your thing, you may find it fun to draw directly onto the wood you’re using with a graphite pencil.
Once you have got your materials and you know the basics, get several pieces of practice wood and practice with the various tips that will come with your wood burner.
As it heats up, let your wood burning pen rest in a pen holding device or a clay pot to minimize the risk of accidental burning.
Remove the graphite paper and deepen the outline on the wood with the same 2B pencil.
A transfer tip is a flat tip that uses heat to transfer the ink of a printed image directly onto the wood.
Next, fasten the printed image to your wood with a clamp and begin to head up the transfer tip.
Wood burning, regardless of the material you’re using, is a slow process.
Place the graphite paper, face down, on top of the wood, secure it to the wood with a bit of masking tape, and your sketch on top of the graphite paper.
Transfer onto the wood with graphite paper.
Depending on your wood, don’t be afraid to burn the same part of the outline three or four times.
Try to move the pen towards you, not away from you, as you begin to burn, with your wrist resting on the wood if possible.
There are three basic ways to copy a design onto your piece of wood.
Take your time when wood burning.

A woodburning tool kit includes a pen-like tool you plug into an electrical outlet, plus several tips that attach to the tool to create different effects.
Place transfer paper between the pattern on top and the wood below, and trace the lines of the pattern with a pencil or ballpoint pen to create the design on the wood.
Use a woodburning tool to burn the design into the wood with the appropriate tip.
9:04 The Beginner's Guide – Introduction – Weller Wood Burning And Hobbyist Kit – #1 by TheLearningDroid .
This video goes over using Stencils, Patterns and Stamps as a wood burning pattern.
Irish, author of over twenty wood carving, wood burning, pyrography, and pattern books, as she teaches you the skills and techniques used in this craft.
Irish will take you through the steps to discover how to shade your wood burning pattern using sepia tones, textures, and fine line detailing.
Lora Irish discusses the natural process that causes wood patina which affects the tonal value impact of your wood burned patterns.
Learn about the different wood burning tools including variable temperature tools, one temperature tools, and wood burning tool tips.
Learn how to use watercolor paper, and other artist quality papers for your wood burning patterns.
Discover what patterns, textures, and burn strokes each pen tip creates, then work those wood burning strokes on a practice board.
Learn how to use contrasting tonal values to create dramatic depth in your landscape, scenery, and wildlife wood burning.
Explore the basic tools, supplies, and techniques used in wood burning and pyrography.
This project takes your wood burning to a totally new level by using small, intrigue designs as your fill burnings.
Learn the difference between wood burning tool s – one temperature and variable temperature units.
Learn what colors each pyrography wood develops, how to avoid the patina process, and how to adjust your wood burnings to compensate.
Step by step instructions are offered for tracing and transferring your pattern, how to prepare your wood surface, and for how to finish a wood burning design.
Includes the pattern and a print of the original burning done by Nedra for reference. It can be reduced or enlarged to suit your personal needs, but it may not be reproduced.
She is the author of a series of woodcarving, pyrography, and craft pattern books including the Great Book of Dragon Patterns, Relief Carving the Wood Spirit, and The Art and Crafts of Pyrography; Classic Carving Patterns published by Taunton Press, publisher of "Fine Wood Working Magazine"; and Classic Chip Carving published by Chipping Away, Inc.
Lora and her husband, Michael, work from their internet studio at ArtDesignsStudio.com for line art wood carving, pyrography, and craft patterns and their online free tutorial blogs at LSIrish.com. ArtDesignsStudio.com offers more than 2500 pattern in various subject categories, including North American Wildlife, Celtic Knots, Dragons and Mythological Beasts, Nautical and Sea Life, and many more.
Use a wood burning tool to create intricate stencil patterns in heavy plastic sheets…sure beats the heck out of trying to cut all this with scissors, an exacto knife or a stencil-cutter.
"Great Book of Woodburning", Wood Burning Patterns Book by L.
"Great Book of Woodburning", Wood Burning Patterns Book by L.
C'mon, admit they make you grin; the "Smiling Kitchen" hand embroidery transfer patterns, generously shared by French-Knots.
On the inside of my forearm…This one with a Cancer ribbon in the middle of the heart instead of the rose, With the words Just Breath wrapped around the bottom of the heart.
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Irish is an internationally known artist and author.In addition to her work as an author, in 1997, working from her home studio, Lora and her husband, Michael, created an Internet-based studio focusing on online tutorials, projects, and patterns created exclusively by Lora for crafters and artisans.
Irish shares her expertise and reveals her secrets for crafting beautiful burned images from any drawing, pattern, or photograph.
Lora also contributes a regular relief carving pattern column to Woodcarving Illustrated magazine and is a frequent contributor to Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts magazine.
Lora Irish is an artist who runs an internet carving studio with her husband at She is a frequent contributor to Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts and Wood Carving Illustrated and the author of Great Book of Dragon Patterns, Great Book of Fairy Patterns, Great Book of Tattoo Designs, Great Book of Woodburning, and Wood Spirits and Green Men.
A dappled or spotted stroke works well for tree leaves, but old barn boards should be done with long line strokes to imply wood grain.
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This cartoon character pattern may be suitable for carving, woodburning (pyrography), intarsia or scrollsaw ideas.
This halloween holiday pattern may be suitable for carving, woodburning (pyrography), intarsia or scrollsaw ideas.
May be suitable for carving, woodburning (pyrography), intarsia or scrollsaw ideas.
You can burn patterns and designs into wood to make beautiful wood crafting projects by using a wood burning tool and stencils.
The following steps will show you how to burn designs into wood with stencils.
Remember that wood burning is also known as pyrography which is a craft that is created either on wood, paper or leather with help of heated poker that can produce decorative marks.
Wood burning on Gourds: there are varieties of wood burning designs found and here you can get how you can create a beautiful design on gourd.
Design on leather: You can also think of getting wood burning patterns on leather.
With the help of wood burning tool you can certainly create floral or the ornate designs which can be used as border.
Design ideas: You can be highly creative when it comes to wood burning patterns.
You need to make use of block of wood which can help to create ideal canvas material and can easily engrave wood burning pen.
Picture frames: Make use of the wood burning pen which can help to customize as well as personalize any of the wooden picture frames.
There are also few beginner wood burning patterns available that can be implemented if you are completely newbie to this idea.
Do you have any idea about wood burning? Before getting into the depth of wood burning patterns, you should be aware of what is wood burning.
Wood burning wall hook: Make use of the wood burning tool so that you can easily get the pattern.
If you want to get preformed shapes and make use of wood burning techniques to get proper shading.
Here are tips and tricks found on the wood burning techniques.
DVD1: An Introduction to Burning – Techniques, Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting (Approx 20 mins) DVD2: A one on one, step-by-step lesson on burning a Red Tailed Hawk (Approx 85 mins) Including: a 16 page glossy colour booklet that includes two patterns for the hawk project, a photo of the finished piece, and an invaluable set of reference photos illustrating more than 60 textures created with just four pyrography tips.
A thin coating of Cadmium Yellow has been mixed and applied to the coat and hat badge.  Note how the yellow in the clothing tones down the "green" look of the face.  Also note how beautiful your dark burned shadows show through the yellow, a color that often clouds when using colored pencil.
A shadow coat for each of these colors has been added.  Along the collar is a second coating of Cadmium Yellow.  The hat has a second coat of Cadmium Red  to all areas except the hat ribs.  The gray is made more intense throughout the hair areas.  For a very strong look to the coloring a third and fourth coat could have been added, our sample is just two coats of color per area.
Since there is no true white watercolor for highlights and white areas change to Titanium White acrylic.  Use this exactly as you have the watercolor, heavily mixed with water and in light successive coats.  White is added around the eyes, face highlights, shirt, collar badge and hat number.
This pattern has been worked on a 9"x12" oval, 3/4′ thick basswood plaque.  Begin by rubbing the back of your pattern with a soft pencil to create an even layer of pencil carbon.  Tape the pattern face up onto the plaque and trace along the pattern lines.  This will leave a fine pencil carbon line tracing on the plaque that can be erased later.
Brown-black is added to the hair, beard, mustache, and eye brows.  Raw sienna is used for the leather strap to his hat and Cadmium Red Medium is applied to the hat.  Note how the addition of red to the work tones down the "green" look to the face even more.
Whether you are using tube or cake, watercolors need to be thin heavily with water when used on wood project.  Your basswood will quickly absorb any color that you apply, the heavy thinning will aid you in controlling how much color goes on with each step.
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Within this collection of wood crafting resources you’ll find sites that explain and illustrate wood working techniques, carving, crafting, and pyrography; and those that share free tips, techniques, project patterns, and tutorials for a variety of creative wood working projects.
Topics include artistic woodturning, lathes, wood planes, furniture making, shop layout, getting started, woodcarving, home improvement, free projects, and step-by-step instructions.
for a simple wood burning, you will need a wood burner, a tip (preferably a multi-tip for beginners), a peice of wood that you want to engrave/burn, and a safe surface to set the burner down on while cooling.
I am wondering if you could maybe show the different tips that a standard woodburner might come with, and what effect each one would have on the wood? I’m wanting to burn a design into a coffee table, but have never tried woodburning before.
This doesn’t go into to much detail, but it will show you whether or not you will enjoy wood burning or if it isn’t for you.
you can get a wood burning kit at wal-mart, micheals, target or any store like these.
They mixed up a batch of an ammonium chloride solution, made a custom stamp (in this case the Make logo), and then essentially stamped the solution, just like you would stamp ink, onto the wood.
Once you’ve stamped the wood, you heat the surface with a blow dryer or heat gun and the heat activates the solution, burning the surface of the wood.
Make magazine shares a technique for creating detailed wood burns without actually applying fire or a hot iron to the wood surface.
Using this technique you can create significantly more detailed designs than you would be able to using a hand tool and without the expense of ordering a pricey custom branding tool.
Trade in Great Book of Woodburning: Pyrography Techniques, Patterns and Projects for All Skill Levels for an Amazon Card of up to £1.80, which you can then spend on millions of items across the site.
Great Book of Woodburning: Pyrography Techniques, Patterns and Projects for All Skill Levels: Amazon.co.uk: Lora S.
Providing details on the four essential pyrography ingredients—temperature, speed of stroke, texture patterns, and layering—this reference also includes chapters on equipment, surface selection and preparation, and finishing techniques.
Teaching the way in which the eye comprehends visual tones and translating this knowledge into light and dark values with woodburning tools, this text for all skill levels also provides 30 traceable line patterns that differ in skill and ability.
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Name: The Art & Craft of Pyrography  Product ID: FC3 Date: 10/25/2012   Price: $19.95   Description: Although it is often referred to as woodburning, the art of pyrography can be worked on just about any natural surface, including gourds, leather, or cotton rag paper.
Name: PYROGRAPHY WORKSHOP DVD BY SUE WALTERS  Product ID: SW5 Date: 6/1/2010   Price: $24.95   Description: Discover the simple techniques of pyrography as you stand alongside one of today’s finest woodburning artists, Sue Walters.
Name: Woodburning: Project & Pattern Treasury  Product ID: FC2 Date: 9/15/2011   Price: $24.95   Description: Inside this, her first book, Deborah Pompano shares techniques for getting started in woodburning.
Name: Pyrography Basics  Product ID: PB1 Date: 10/30/2013   Price: $10.95   Description: Nationally recognized artist and pyrographer Lora S.
Name: Carving Patterns  Product ID: FR1 Date: 1/3/2009   Price: $14.95   Description: Carving Patterns by Frank C.
Name: Learning the Art of Pyrography  Product ID: SP1 Date: 1/3/2009   Price: $12.95   Description: Al Chapman.