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It is just your typical degeneration of usage – the internet is a highly informal medium, and people generally don’t self-edit before they post (as an interesting aside – open any high quality page on wikipedia, then look at the changelog for the article, and see the number of spelling and grammar edits versus the substantive content changes) – couple with the fact that most people who post in English on the internet are not native speakers/writers of English.
Worst comes to worst, these stock certificates will make fine wallpaper.
(idiomatic) If an already bad situation progresses into a catastrophic situation.
(idiomatic) If a possible worst-case scenario actually occurs.
We prefer worse comes to worst because of the logical progression from comparative to superlative, but writers can be forgiven for using the other forms, as none makes much logical sense under close examination.
But if worse comes to worst, he said, Italy “will consider creating a national Italian command for those operations that use our air bases” in order not to lose control.
Worse comes to worst gradually took over, but in 21st-century writing a third option, worse comes to worse, is gaining ground.
The idiom worse comes to worst means if the worst possibility should occur.
Other commands will lock the device to protect your private data or, if worst comes to worst, wipe all data on a stolen phone.
What made you want to look up worst-case? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).
c.1200, "inferior in quality;" early 13c., "wicked, evil, vicious," a mystery word with no apparent relatives in other languages.* Possibly from Old English derogatory term bæddel and its diminutive bædling "effeminate man, hermaphrodite, pederast," probably related to bædan "to defile." A rare word before 1400, and evil was more common in this sense until c.1700. Meaning "uncomfortable, sorry" is 1839, American English colloquial.
Comparative and superlative forms badder, baddest were common 14c.-18c. and used as recently as Defoe (but not by Shakespeare), but yielded to comparative worse and superlative worst (which had belonged to evil and ill).
Worse is a comparative form • The problem got worse and worse.!! Do not say ‘more worse’ or ‘worser’.Worst is a superlative form • the worst film (NOT worse film) I have ever seen!! Do not say ‘most worst’ or ‘worstest’.
I was worried because he seemed to be getting worse rather than better.
She seemed none the worse for her night out in the cold.
"That is the worst of them all." Comparing multiple things.
"This is worse than that." Comparing two things.
Worst is only correct if you are comparing several things and you want to refer to the one that is worst of all.
Red is worse than Yellow; Yellow is worse than Blue, so Red is the worst.
is it worse or worst? and why? Use examples for both.
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The weather is becoming worse every day and we are going on holiday on Tuesday.
The weather is becoming worst every day and we are going on holiday on Tuesday.
getting worse   Mister Micawber wrote: .
GG says there may be worst things you could do, but it is worse to not speak at all than to speak incorrectly.
Example: The worst idea is to attempt to lift heavy weights while balancing on a ball.
This means when comparing two things, one will always be “worse” and not “worst” than the other.
Example: Cardio is worse than strength training because it takes longer.
It means that the best play is only a shadow (a limited outline or imitation of life), and the worst play no worse (than the shadow, or than the play put on by the rude mechanicals).
It shows Theseus’ kind character, nudges the audience that they’ve been laughing at people’s limitations (rather than entering into the spirit of the play), and comments on the larger play itself that the audiences is watching.
This morning’s U.S. employment report was, at a headline level, disappointing.
Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.
Relevance ranks synonyms and suggests the best matches based on how closely a synonym’s sense matches the sense you selected.
If you think you can imagine how miserable it must’ve been to be a mild-mannered British chap, dressed in reindeer skins that were frozen solid, 10,000 miles from home, eating little besides stale biscuits, and trying to be first to reach the South Pole, well, actually you can’t.
You could’ve been one of the members of Robert Falcon Scott’s fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1910.
Members of Robert Falcon Scott expedition’s at the South Pole pose for the camera: Robert F.
You could’ve been one of the 74 passengers and crew aboard the ship trapped in Antarctica sea ice on Christmas Eve, who waited a week to be rescued, then got stuck again, enduring high winds, freezing cold, and what must have been a painful number of Crazy Eights games.
Bozo sort is a related algorithm that checks if the list is sorted and, if not, swaps two items at random.
After the sort, the remaining universes will be the one in which the list was sorted correctly, and the 2.4 million universes in which the algorithm mistakenly concluded the list was sorted correctly.
Yes, in the only universe that observes the list sorted, it took O(n) time to execute – how long it took in other universes is irrelevant.
You could make any sort algorithm slower by running your "is it sorted" step randomly.
So how do you check the potentially sorted array against the original? You just sort each array and check whether they match.
At the conclusion of the algorithm, the list will be sorted in the only universe left standing.
Given an array of n elements, choose each element with probability 1/n, randomize these elements, and check if the array is sorted.
These authors work on the problem of developing a sort with a pessimal best-case (your bogosort’s best case is Omega(n), while slowsort (see paper) has a non-polynomial best-case time complexity).
Jonathan is no better.19 Think about this for a moment: What did Micah have in his house? Shouldn’t a Levite who is to able to teach the know that Micah has broken God’s ? If Jonathan is typical of God’s servants in the period of the Judges, then it’s no wonder the nation of Israel is confused and corrupt.
What a despicable account! The Levite desecrates and mutilates his wife’s corpse by cutting it into twelve parts and fed-exing one part to each of the twelve tribes of Israel.31 Of course, he wants to mobilize the support of the tribes and punish the men of Gibeah who have killed his wife, but in fact, he was the one who had let them kill her! Surely there were other ways to call attention to Gibeah’s crime.
Is it better for you to be a priest to the house of one man, or to be priest to a tribe and a family in Israel?’ The priest’s heart was glad, and he took the ephod and household idols and the graven image and went among the people” (18:19–20).
Use worst to state that one particular thing is inferior to multiple other things.
Challenge them to create their own sentences containing the worst of the worst and decide which is worse.
That’s helpful, least good or less good? This is one of those deceptively simple commonly confused pairs that get well, commonly confused.
“Pedestrians, emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, parking cars, taxi cabs and public-transportation vehicles such as city buses” are among the potential obstacles facing drivers in urban locations, Allstate said in a statement.
Worcester’s drivers have a collision every 4.3 years on average, while motorists in Boston go 4.4 years between crashes, the Northbrook, Illinois-based insurer said today in a report.
Drivers in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts, are the most accident-prone in the U.S., landing at the bottom of an annual ranking of the nation’s 200 biggest urban areas by Allstate Corp.
Seventy percent of vehicles involved in claims reviewed by Allstate were still drivable, indicating the collisions occurred at speeds of less than 35 miles (56 kilometers) an hour, the insurer said.
Massachusetts cities hadn’t been included in Allstate’s report in recent years because the insurer didn’t sell policies there.
Washington, D.C., which had finished last in six straight Allstate reports, was third-worst with drivers there having a wreck every 5.1 years.
The largest publicly traded U.S. auto and home insurer said city drivers contend with safety issues related to population density.
About one in 66 auto loans in the state resulted in a repossession in the first quarter, for a rate of 1.52 percent.
About one in 147 or 0.68 percent of auto loans resulted in a repossession in the first quarter, the most recent period tracked by credit-bureau Experian.
"A repossession will remain on your credit report for seven years after you first went delinquent, limiting your ability to get future financing, including auto loans," notes Credit.com in a report.
About one in 66 auto loans resulted in a repossession in the first quarter, for a rate of 1.52 percent.
North Carolina residents had the worst rate in the South, with one vehicle repossessed for every 78 auto loans, or a rate of 1.27 percent, said Experian.
Tentacles of exceptional drought, seen on these maps as dark red areas, are beginning to envelop parts of northern California, along with the San Joaquin Valley, and they are likely to tighten their grip in coming weeks.
In California, the Monitor says, "A disappointing water year drew to a close, most likely locking portions of the region into a third consecutive year of drought." Rainfall since Oct.
The entire state is in some stage of drought, with 77% of the state suffering from "extreme" to "exceptional" drought conditions, the two worst categories according to the newest U.S. Drought Monitor data released Thursday.
The state of California is in the midst of its third straight year of drought, mired in a water supply rut after a meager wet season during the winter.
Exceptional drought now covers the main agricultural areas of central California, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area.
"Assessments of the situation in California over the ensuing weeks may warrant additional increases in drought coverage and intensity," the Drought Monitor narrative says.
According to the new data, the portion of the state in exceptional drought increased during the past week, from about 25% of the state on June 10 to about 33% on June 17.
California is the biggest agricultural producer in the U.S., and the drought could have ripple effects on food prices across the country and possibly worldwide as well.
To answer Tracey’s question, we broke down some of the more universal descriptors of a “bad” winter and found out which years had it the worst (temperature, wind chill, snowfall, extreme events, grey skies, and city response).
“This pattern we have been seeing — especially since the late 70s — is just this pattern of fewer days below zero, less snowfall and just overall some warmer conditions when you look at the average temperatures,” said State Climatologist Jim Angel.
Chicago’s temperature as measured at O’Hare Airport has dropped below zero 15 times this winter, as of the end of January — that’s twice the long-term average.
But we also struck gold when we found there’ve been attempts to scientifically assign a value to each winter’s particular blend of meteorological misery; this would be one measurement to rule them all — or at least allow us to compare a snowy, but mild winter to one that was cold but had clear skies.
The "end" of winter is set by the last snowfall date, the last day with one inch or more of snow depth, or the last day when the maximum temperature is 32 degrees or colder.
About O’Hare closing — Chicago Department of Aviation spokeswoman Karen Pride said while they always have staff on hand to maintain the airport, winter weather has temporarily knocked out all available runways on several occasions.
The index designates the "start" of winter when the first snow falls, or the first high temperature that’s 32 degrees or colder.
A scientist with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association researches the question we’re asking: How do you judge a severe winter? Barbara Mayes Boustead developed the Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index (AWSSI, pronounced “aussie”) to mathematically pin all of this down.
Another major blizzard struck the Midwest in 1999, dropping 22 inches of snow on Chicago before temperatures plummeted to -20 degrees or lower in parts of Illinois on January 3 and 4.
“When people comment and say, ‘Oh winters are not as cold as they used to be,’ it’s a way to say, ‘My Chicago is not what it used to be,’” said our question asker, Tracey Rosen.
A relatively cold period for northeastern Illinois (compared to its average winter temperature of 25.1 degrees Fahrenheit) began in 1976 and continued through 1987.
Of the years tracked in Wachowski’s records, 1992 had the most winter days (November through February) with no sunshine — 46 of those 121 days registered zero percent on Wachowski’s sunshine recorder.
AWSSI assigns points to each winter based on its daily temperature maximums and minimums, its snowfall and lingering snow depth, and its length.
According to climatologist Jim Angel, this winter we have not gone more than about four days in a row with snow cover at O’Hare.
“What I’ve been doing this whole thing for is so that I can go back to these records and add up what their AWSSI was that winter and show how severe that winter was,” she said.
How do you express that something is bad but better than a bunch of other worse things? I know that I could say, "not as bad as" but I feel that that doesn’t really capture what I want to express by "least worst" or "less worse".
Is there a word in the English language to express "least worst" or "less worse".
Using the word "better" or "best" does not imply that the things you are comparing are good.
That’s why there is no word for "less worse" or "least worst".
I think saying "Least Worse" when only 2 things are compared is probably ok, but the phrase is kinda awkward IMO.
Neither "least worst" and "less worse" make sense.
Like Aluvus sad, "least bad" (replace "bad" with any synonyms for "bad" if you like) makes the most sense.
When was the last time you went looking for a $35 pair of brake shoes and were convinced to upgrade to a $21,000 car instead? It might have made sense – maybe – if they had targeted "ford focus breaks," but even that is a stretch for gauging intent to purchase a vehicle.
DKI is a really useful feature that allows you to appear as an exact match for a variety of terms by using syntax to tell Google to insert the search term directly into your ad.
Have you ever said something out loud and immediately thought, "Wow…did I really just have to say that? For reals?" That’s how I feel about having to tell an e-commerce and real-world business giant like WalMart that they shouldn’t pay to advertise things they don’t sell.
They can prevent this by using negative keywords to prevent their ads from appearing in searches for things they don’t sell.
I was surprised when WordStream’s fall 2013 SMB PPC research at how many advertisers aren’t using negative keywords at all, let alone properly.
1 in 4 rely on broad match alone and 1 in 5 aren’t using negative keywords at all.
And if Broad Match keywords are used, you need to be extra vigilant on adding negative keywords.
Especially with Dynamic Keyword Insertion, which in my opinion, should only be used with Phrase match or Exact Match keywords.
I’ve had the displeasure of driving in Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, and Houston; yet San Francisco is the only city on earth where I’d rather set my car on fire and leave it smoldering in the middle of a one-way street than spend another two hours creeping up a series of 50 degree inclines, hoping to find a loading zone to briefly stop in before loudly, hopelessly weeping into my steering wheel.
2014 is slowly turning into the "Year of San Francisco." The East Coast media in America has anointed SF as the new hub for innovation, conspicuous consumption, and comically absurd rents. New York Magazine parachuted a bunch of reporters into the Bay Area to figure out how to steal their douchebags back.
What kind of fucked up level of detachment do you have to have to bring your suburbanite family on a “funtastic” tour of a maximum security prison where hyper-violent men, stripped of their humanity, beat and raped each other? Hint: It’s the same people who get out of their cars and say shit like “I pay your salary!” when pulled over.
They are: air pollution, asthma prevalence, death rate, annual air quality, pollen counts, medication utilization, poverty rates, public smoking laws, uninsured rate, school inhaler access, emergency room visits and number of specialists.
Environmental factors, such as pollen counts, heat, humidity and mold can also hurt asthma patients, meaning some cities are worse than others for people with asthma.
Each year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America looks at the largest 100 cities in America, and ranks them based on 12 factors that contribute to asthma symptoms.
If you have asthma, a city might not be the best place to settle down, as the high air pollution levels some cities boast can make your asthma symptoms worse.
Compared with other fish, farmed tilapia contains relatively small amounts of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids–the heart-healthy and essential fish oils touted by health and nutrition experts as the main reason to eat fish frequently.
Research from the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future revealed the gory details of disease-ridden fish farms in Asia, where pig and chicken feces serve as a cheaper alternative to standard fish food.
Global greenhouse gas emissions saw their biggest single-year jump ever between 2009 and 2010, exceeding worst-case scenario projections with an increase of 564 million tons.
TV Show Under Fire For Depicting MurderArea Mom Raving About Phoenix AirportEntire Conversation With Parents Spent Changing The SubjectSusan G.
It started a couple of weeks ago when actress Sophia Bush guested on Chicago Fire and posted a picture to Instagram that shows Taylor wearing a ring – that she says is not a prop for the show.
A club claiming to represent professional clowns in America (these are the dress-up kind of clowns, not the ones we send to Congress every couple of years) is very upset with the producers of American Horror Story.
So the other night, when the Royals won the American League Championship Series and earned their way into the World Series – on the strength of eigh consecutive playoff wins, no less! – Paul was there.