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While it allows you to download content for and access the Xbox Live Marketplace, you can’t play online.
Winner: If you plan to play online, the 360’s Xbox Live membership can get pricey after a few years.
Simply put, Xbox makes you pay to play while PlayStation offers online gaming free.
Winner: PS3. While "Halo" is one of the most popular games out there, most of the Xbox exclusives are smaller games limited to the Xbox LIVE arcade.
However, if you want to add a few games and a wireless controller, or are looking for a bigger storage system, the console can price up to $299.
Though the initial price point of the PS3 deterred consumers, in the long run, the system makes up for its costs by allowing a free online network.
It’s voice activated commands allow us to seamlessly navigate Xbox Live or any app without a controller.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 consoles offer high-definition video performance and surround-sound audio.
Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network offer players the opportunity to pit their skills against large numbers of online opponents.
The drive used in the PS3 is easily swapped for a higher-capacity unit, but the only method of increasing hard drive space on an Xbox 360 is to purchase another console at comparatively higher cost.
Although larger games primarily benefit from Blu-ray’s capacity in terms of using fewer discs, some Blu-ray movie and game titles offer uncompressed audio and 1080p HD video.
The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 both offer heavy-duty gaming performance.
A key feature of the Xbox 360’s iteration of online gaming is party chat, where a group can join up in one game and stay together throughout the evening.
The current Xbox 360 console offers limited support for older original Xbox titles.

PlayStation Network has the advantage here because you can enjoy most of the features without paying for the premium membership (which still offers bonuses like free games and discounts), while Xbox Live still requires a Gold membership to play online and watch streaming services.
As the commercial says, "You are the controller." Motion-controlled gaming hasn’t taken off like Microsoft or Sony hoped, and while the Kinect still has some momentum with games like Star Wars Kinect, it’s not the main reason you should get an Xbox 360.
Both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network are rich complementary Web-based services with loads of multimedia, matchmaking (as in finding you a viable game opponent, not necessarily a life partner), and streaming media features—and they’re both very similar.

Instead of searching for a few good concepts against a creeping wall of you-can’t-make-it-any-crazier in the series and fighting a seemingly inevitable dearth of new ideas, they said "Let’s use all the ideas! Yes, even the stupid ones! You! Over there! The guy high on Dimetapp who doesn’t work here! Do you have an idea? Great! We’ll use that idea, too!" The result is Saints Row IV, an Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 ($59.99 list), and PC ($49.99 list) game that comes across as a sick parody of Saints Row 1 and 2, a warped commentary on Saints Row: The Third, and an incredibly fun sequel to games like Crackdown and Infamous.
You play the leader of the Saints, working with MI6 to take down a crazed terrorist general and blow up a nuke in the air before it can hit Washington, and are elected the president of the United States with Keith David (yes, Goliath/Spawn/street fight with Rowdy Roddy Piper/Navy commercials Keith David) as your vice president until aliens invade and put you and your gang in a virtual simulation of your old city where you get super powers and have to fight the system while your space ship prepares to attack the evil emperor’s fleet.

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It also means there’s more room per disc for PS3 titles over Xbox 360 titles, allowing for somewhat noticeable improvements in graphics on PS3 versions of many games, and – perhaps even more importantly – allowing each title to fit on one disc.
If you still don’t have a current generation video game console, you may want to consider the PlayStation 3 over the Xbox 360.
There’s a plethora of new Kinect titles, and very few top-notch new Xbox 360 exclusives hitting the market these days.
but this time around, I’d worry more about Microsoft and Xbox 360 developers paying too much attention to a device that’s only half-ready, neglecting non-motion-controller games in the process.
As Paul Tassi notes, if you’re paying for Xbox Live it’s not like you get a discount on Netflix or Hulu or any other app.
When it comes to console gaming, it’s close to a toss-up between Sony‘s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft‘s Xbox 360.
Forbes’s David Ewalt had a great story recently on Microsoft’s success with the Xbox 360, and there’s reason to believe this success will continue, at least in North America, with its next-gen successor.
I own Dark Souls on Xbox 360, and in the middle of a serious boss fight (Smough and Ornstein) my controller died.
Looking at just this generation hardware, assuming you’re still in the market for a new console, should you buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360? I have both, and both are great machines, but in the end the PS3 is the better buy.
Sure, sometimes the PSN goes down or is taken down by hackers, a problem Microsoft has done a better job avoiding, but Xbox Live Gold will cost you $50 a year.
Other exclusives include the LittleBigPlanet franchise, including the upcoming Karting installment, as well as PSN games like The Unfinished Swan, which is one of the most intriguing looking titles I’ve seen in a while.
I imagine a future generation of Kinect may be a good selling point for the Xbox 360/720/etc.

Nintendo’s cheaper system quickly ate into that sales margin, though, and it had officially sold more Wiis in the US than Microsoft sold Xbox 360s by June 2008, according to data released by tracking firm NPD and the console makers themselves (the PS3 consistently lagged behind both systems in the US).
Over the past three years, Microsoft has consistently eaten into Nintendo’s "insurmountable" US sales lead, to the point that it seems that the Xbox 360 will end the year as the system with the most lifetime sales in America.
That’s especially true in Japan, where statistics from tracking firm Media Create (compiled here) show the Xbox 360 has sold a paltry 1.63 million units in the country through June 9, compared to 12.68 million lifetime Japanese Wii sales (and 9.3 million PS3 sales).
Current, precise numbers for other countries are hard to come by, but official data released by the three console manufacturers in recent months show the Wii as the best-selling system worldwide by a good margin, with somewhere around 100 million worldwide sales (99.84 million in March, to be precise).
The sales situation in the US is being mirrored in the UK, where tracking firm Chart-Track confirmed today that the Xbox 360 is days away from taking the overall lifetime sales lead in the country, with both systems right around 8.4 million in total sales.
For the last three years (starting in June of 2010), the Xbox 360 has outsold the Wii in the US every single month (save for December 2008, when a sales surge led the Wii to beat the Xbox 360 by half a million units).
Microsoft’s sustained sales dominance in that period has reduced the Wii’s American sales lead from over 9 million systems three years ago to just under 2 million units today.
Opposable Thumbs / Gaming & Entertainment Analysis: Xbox 360 poised to pass Wii in US sales by year’s end Nintendo maintains worldwide sales lead, though, thanks in large part to Japan.
The Wii sales bonanza didn’t slow down from there, and by May of 2010 there were over nine million more Wii units circulating in the country than there were Xbox 360 units.
By sustaining retail sellouts for months after launch and routinely selling millions of consoles every holiday season, the Wii built up what was a seemingly insurmountable lead in the American gaming hardware market, judged purely on raw hardware sales ( sales and hours of play are different matters, of course).
In the US, the Wii started out nearly 3 million units behind the Xbox 360 in the sales race, simply by dint of launching a year later.

Backward compatibility PSONE and few PS2 library Xbox Originals 50% Library Best-selling game(s) As of March, 2014 Grand Turismo 5 (7.43m), God of War III (5.2m), Call of Duty:Modern Warfare (4.8m), Uncharted 2 (6.4m), Uncharted 3 (6.3m), MotorStorm (3.31m), Call of Duty: Black Ops (3.27 units), Metal Gear Solid 4 (5.9m) & LittleBigPlanet(5.4m) As of April 19th 2012-Kinect Adventures(18m), Call of Duty: Black Ops(12m), Halo 3(8.10m), Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2(7.48m), Gears of War(5m), Gears of War 2(5m), Halo:Reach(5m), Grand Theft Auto IV(4.35m) and Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare(4.22m) Motion Sensing Playstation move Kinect Exclusive Games Metal Gear Solid 4, InFamous 1&2, God of War 3, LittleBigPlanet and Uncharted 2 and more.
These are the best selling games and numbers of PS3; As of March 31, 2012-Grand Tourism 5 (7.43m), God of War III (5.2m), Call of Duty:Modern Warfare (4.8m), Uncharted 3 (3.8m), Uncharted 2 (3.8m), MotorStorm (3.31m), Call of Duty: Black Ops (3.27 units), Metal Gear Solid 4 (3m) and LittleBigPlanet(3m) as oppose to the Xbox 360: As of April 19th 2012-Kinect Adventures(18m), Call of Duty: Black Ops(12m), Halo 3(8.10m), Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2(7.48m), Gears of War(5m), Gears of War 2(5m), Halo:Reach(5m), Grand Theft Auto IV(4.35m) and Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare(4.22m). With this you can kind of see how a lot of PS3 users aren’t that much of gamers.

If streaming isn’t for you, and you don’t mind hauling a storage device back and forth between your computer and Xbox, then this is super easy: Insert Flash disk/USB/CD/DVD and browse it with the Media blade or the Video Library section of NXE (under "My Xbox").
TVersity is a free UPnP media server that can manage your video and music files anywhere on your PC and stream them out to your 360 over the network.
Windows Media Center Extender: If you already have a Media Center setup honking on your network, there’s a good chance you won’t need this guide, but the Xbox 360 can of course stream your MCE content to your TV seamlessly (a complete guide is here).
Xbox 360: Streaming (Mac): UPnP support—the networking standard used by both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in various flavors to play network-streamed video, music and photos—is not natively supported by OS X yet.
On the Xbox 360, TVersity will now appear as a source in the Media blade or under My Xbox -> Video Library in NXE.
Now there are two general strategies you can take: physically copying your files to a USB drive, memory card or CD/DVD, which is pretty straightforward, or streaming your video over the network, which is where things get more fun and interesting.
Operation is just like Connect360—with sharing enabled in the Media Link preference pane, just browse through all your files under the "Media Link" source in XMB.

I owned both systems but my preference is 360 over ps3.for those talking about "oh you have to pay for online" or "which one doesnt have blueray",cmon.50 dollars a year is not much.thats 1/4 of a workdays pay.not a big deal if you have a job.the blueray?i bought one for 60 bucks.dont need a ps3 for that.less lag,in my opinion better games and exclusives,bigger online community,better feel,can use my controller to play pc games and emulators,i know 360 is the better doesnt make a shitty game better.and a hell of alot less lag.if I was jealous of the ps3 users,i would have used the same money I did to buy my xbox on the ps3.ive had it for three years with no breakdowns.maybe it depends on how long you play in a day.and updates?my xbox updates in a few internet runs at 40 mb per does have less lag cause the processor is better.but if your offline they do about the same.there is a difference in both just depends on what you prefer.
I have a Xbox,the piece shit always sounded like a running car,it would always scratch my disc,i don’t spend 60 dollars for my games to get messed up.I would have to keep buying a new xbox when it would burn out,and for people saying that "its because your cheap because you don’t want to buy a new Xbox or pay for online,your poor"it’s not there faults there not fucking stupid like you idiots to fall for the shit microsoft is pulling on you.Why would you buy a system to have it shit out on you,why would you pay for xbox live when all you need for ps3 is wifi,half of you guys have your parents pay for your Xbox live anyways so you shouldn’t be talking shit,who pays 12 bucks for something that works just the same as Ps3 online that just makes you stupid you want a good Internet connection get some xfinity dumb asses talk about poor,and who ever said its worth it to pay to pay 12 dollars for live because it’s better,that’s bullshit I have a Xbox and a ps3 and there was nothing better about live because ps3 wifi works just the same if not can’t say xbox has better graphics then ps3 because some games look better on Xbox some look better on Ps3 you can’t compare graphics Xbox is going to win some comparisons and Ps3 is going to win some comparisons.Ps3 for squeaky kids on there mics but Xbox is for bitches who end up living with there moms until there 40 that’s why I don’t use mine no more.I use my xbox elite as a coaster for my drinks.i would have sold it but i would feel bad for the guy who probably would have bought it.i rather buy a nintendo 64 then a Xbox.
I owned both systems but my preference is 360 over ps3.for those talking about "oh you have to pay for online" or "which one doesnt have blueray",cmon.50 dollars a year is not much.thats 1/4 of a workdays pay.not a big deal if you have a job.the bblueray?i bought one for 60 bucks.dont need a ps3 for that.less lag,in my opinion better games and exclusives,bigger online community,better feel,can use my controller to play pc games and emulators,i know 360 is the better doesnt make a shitty game better.and a hell of alot less lag.if I was jealous of the ps3 users,i would have used the same money I did to buy my xbox on the ps3.just saying.
i own both and enjoy playing both there both good in there own ways if you like playing online then get an xbox ok you have to pay a little over a £1 a week WOW thats gunna leave you bankrupt lol but you definatley get what you pay for xbox live is way better than PSN in terms of getting things 1st a better service a lot more local people online a lot more people talk on xbox than ps3 but PS3 controller is better than xbox a lot lighter you dont need batteries you drop the xbox controller a few times the part that holds the batteries comes loose then everytime you knock the controller it turns off which is annoying when playing COD or FIFA online ofcourse then theres the blu ray on ps3 but as for the graphics you really cant tell the differance ignore anyone who says they can ps3 is quiter and has built in wireless BUT xbox newer models also have these advantages now so… both have really good games.
and ive been pwnin noobs online for free with a headset mic tht doesnt run off the controller that runs off a battery pack (XBOX) and it doesnt have to recharge cause i just play and charge it at the same time and i it! i dont have to waste money just to go online or batteries for the controller, money that i can put towards games! and xbox is made by microsoft who make computers which get mods and hacks for games! i think ive cleared up which is more reliant AND price effective in the long run.
ive had shitbox from 2006 to 2011,and i am not paying microshit for shitbox number 4.besides,with cross platform games finally being better on ps3(BF3,mass effect series,)the only reason for having a shitbox is Halo and Gears series.otherwise,its just a poorly made pos money you have to pay so they can cram endless advertisements up our asses.thanks a xbox handle is FistyMcFists,my spartan number is,not 0117,or 1170,its fn 117 suckers,because i was the first to think of it.for the rest of you retarded shitbox fanboys,if you cant see how badly microsoft rips off its clients,GOOD! stay with shitbox,you deserve each other.and please,go to to learn how ps3 has taken the lead in sales for the first time.the shitbox is toast shitfans,from now on xbox cant compete with ps3 anymore,even bioware knows whats up,the made a whole new engine for ps3 mass effect,no one expected bioware to bring a series that was thought tobe xbox only,but bioware knew where the money is,not to mention the more powerfull ps3 hardware that allowed them to improve their vision of what mass effect should be.just turn off the film grain in the options,makes the graphics sub par,and also drains the frame rate.what we are starting to see is anything being made on shitbox is better on bf3 for yourselves.
I have played the 360 since I was 7 I am now 15 and I love it good controller and personally I think playstation is shit its wierd like the controller is like a oldstyle supernintendo controller so light weight breaks easy too small weak plastic and xbox controller is perfect light weight but not too light buttons dont feel funny I like the letters than shapes also my xbox has lasted 8 years now and now I bought a gears of war limited edition console 320 gigabytes I luv it really quiet lots of memory playes disks easy and downloads quick and now my friend bought a playstation fucking idiot I got his xbox from him free I fixed it with cleaning the motherboard and applying new thermal paste thats how easy it is I made myself a new xbox so now I got three xbox 360s one is my gears slim I hate gears I mean its ok but im more of a call of duty fan but the modern warfare three console was like 500 and the gears 3 was 400 the only diferance was the paint and gears looked cooler I played gears 1 I liked it but not as much as call of duty I am impressed with Microsoft and anyone who has a computer and likes playstation shut your mouth cause every computer except apple has Microsoft windows XP or window 8 MADE BY MICROSOFT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP …… !!! So windows phones too same thing shut up Microsoft is ussually a main computer program so ya im a proud too represent Microsoft (Xbox 360) for 13 years so playstation now lets get gaming.
Really as you said it depends because they’re both good consoles but in my eyes xbox is slightly better then play station because; Xbox have better graphics for online and yh we might have to pay for online but we won’t get as many annoying kids as ps3 do, on the other hand pplay station/sony made a huge mistake by not making ps2 games compatible with ps3: I had a ps2 and over 40 games with it so that’s when I decided to go over to xbox.
@anonymous: i have to admit the disc tray on xbox sucks but thats because microsoft isnt that good at making electronics he mostly just power network and shit thats why they should hire a different crew to make the system but sony makes all kinds of electronics and there good at it but the network sucks ass the only reason why ps3 gets free online is cuz its makking up for how fuking shitty it is dick fuck and same with the blueray reader thats cuz ps3 sucks dick.
Pros: Better Software, Better Hardware such as Storage space at the max 500GB hard drive vs 120GB, Better Reliability, Blue-Ray, Best Exclusive Games, Many different features possibly not know about such as video editing, Free online, More compatible with technology such as any Bluetooth headset can be used as a mic, Playstation Plus equals the same price as Live but instead of only letting you access online like Xbox Live does you get discounts on games, free games, cloud storage and more, More Control over your system, Lighter controllers.
I have played all 3 (ps3, xbox and PC) i own a gaming PC and ps3 but have friends who own an xbox and although i love Halo wars ps3 has taken my heart, reliability, specs, exclusive games and free online and to all those narrow minded people who say xbox is better because CoD is better on it, i say to them, CoD is only 1 game in over 1million.
@anonymous: Its funny because whenever i used to get into an online game of halo i used to be spammed with 11 year olds telling me i suck at driving my mongoose… Well Whether you say ps3 is for loners of not… i bought myself one and the exclusive games for it are much more enjoyable than halo….. uncharted, ratchet and clank, nino kuni all amazing games that xbox doesnt have.
I have both and here is what I can say, PS3 is less clunky, even less clunkier that the Xbox SLIM, Equal graphics, PS3 has free to play online, avatars are better on Xbox, PS3 discs have more data (which is why MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive), the hard drive is built-in on the PS3 and comes with it, WI-Fi is in-built on all versions of PS3, Xbox has cooler game box design, Before PS3 had better menus now with the Xbox’s recent updates menus are cooler, earlier games had more DLC for Xbox, now it’s the opposite, PS3 is No.
they both play video games who gives a shit about the controller or if the grass looks fucking better in one game or another?! i have the xbox 360 and if i had a ps3 i wouldnt care theyre both perfectly good game consoles if they suck ass as so many ppl seem to think just caz they have the opposite console and this isnt for everyone but you all should just give your opinion and not shove your head so far up your ass that you cant realize that if they sucked they wouldnt BOTH be popular world wide.
All i have to say i Ps4 And gaikai 🙂 Lets be honest here if xbox had uncharted and we had halo i guarantee both sides would go uncharted sucks halos better or the other way around I love my playstation and for people who love their xbox then thats your choice game consoles are for fun games that you can play for hours on end.

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Gamercards Show off your PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam activity from multiple gamertags on a single card! Our gamercards are completely free and can highlight up to three platforms on a single card, with a combination of your choosing.

There will be planned maintenance for Battlefield 4 on October 14th, 01.00 PDT / 08.00 UTC.
Killed in action should not count as a death.
Multiplayer and Battlelog will be unavailable for approximately 1 hour.

There are 170,356 accounts registered, and 31,904 teams competing on all 2,115 Ladders, and 1,840 Tournaments.

A few days ago Microsoft’s Xbox Division Head Honcho Phil Spencer mentioned in an interview on The Inner Circle Podcast that the parity clause, which asks indie developers to publish their games at the same time on Xbox One as on other platforms or not at all, exists because he wants Xbox owners to feel like they’re first class.

Wasting resources to getting the game into older consoles would be pretty pointless, especially when those systems are comparable to maybe 10-year old PCs, so besides looking for a way to make them playable, they’d be pretty dumbed down on most everything performance-wise.
They’d have to get rid of most of the graphical effects, decrease the max number of spawns, and probably drop the resolution all the way down to 600p just to have it hit 60fps (even then, it would probably dip a lot in larger fights).
Benefit the community? What community? Ps4 has pretty delayed stuff and all I hear is "so when’s that new stuff that’s still not here?" and I don’t even know about Xbone.

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The $150 Kinect startup bundle includes the sensor and the game "Kinect Adventures," which sends players on virtual activities that include running an obstacle course and exploring an underwater observatory.
A bundle that includes one Move controller, the camera and the multiplayer game "Sports Champions," whose six events include archery and gladiator combat, sells for $100.
Good bets for Move include the boxing game "The Fight: Lights Out," the arcade shooter "The Shoot," the kid-friendly "EyePet" ($40 each) and the Mature-rated mystery "Heavy Rain" ($60).
Kinect winners include the hip-shaking "Dance Central," the critter-centered "Kinectimals," the "Wii Fit"-like "Your Shape: Fitness Evolved" and "Kinect Sports" ($50 each).

So let’s see…the Xbone is the weaker of the two consoles (I’ve heard plenty of stories of Xbone games running at less than 1080p, which is the bare minimum modern games should be played at in the year 2014), still doesn’t allow Twitch streaming, you can’t use the One Kinect to voice chat with 360 Kinect users (if you can now, please correct me), you’re forced to buy an add-on device that most people don’t want and will never use and the console costs a lot more than the competition.
I’m able to get voice commands to work around 80 percent of the time, but my wife and children have much worse luck…The system is still new, but every Xbox One owner now has a peripheral that has little reason to exist, aids their gaming in very few real ways and costs them a significant amount of money."You can assume Microsoft will figure this out and offer an Xbox One without a bundled Kinect — about seventy meetings, four-thousand internal e-mails, and one year from now.

“b4hoops,I understand where you’re coming from, I just think the drubbing Nintendo has given both MS and Sony should push them both to be more innovative in ways *other* than hardware advances; especially when there is plenty of evidence to suggest that giving players some real sense of ownership can be a great way to build a community and strengthen a property (e.g. NWN).
The gaming community is one of the most thoughtful and passionate of all of society?? ??ew?social media communities that have grown up in recent years and there is enormous evidence of this in the two blog threads that shaped terrific conversations over the past week.
My question or rather appeal to the gaming community is how can you transfer this knowledge and this way of dialoguing to solutions, agreements and new forms of community in the political space? As the political season heats up, we are once again entering a political system incredibly divorced from our society.
But what is not happening is a restructuring of the electoral system and the political system itself to reflect how we communicate, think, design, and build new ideas through social networking.

Put the excitement and atmosphere of the 2014 World Cup in your hands with EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil! Play as your favorite Country…USA, Mexico, Spain, England, Brazil…There’s 10 game modes and over 200 national teams in EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil! Don’t just watch the world’s biggest sporting event on TV…Play it!! EA Sports puts the 2014 World Cup in your Hands! 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil from EA Sports.

From family friendly kids games to intricate games for adults, gaming options are virtually limitless, making them a fantastic means of entertainment.
For many users, the differences are merely a matter of preference and many serious gamers will have multiple consoles and portable devices so they can play any of the games available.
Meanwhile, Nintendo has traditionally stood apart thanks to its innovation and unique offerings, and the Wii has been among the most popular family gaming systems available.
Fortunately, there is a wide range of games available for each system, from educational options to puzzle games to action adventure pursuits.
Games are available for pre-order, which makes it possible to secure a copy of the most highly anticipated games without worry of stores being sold out.
We carry all three major gaming brands, Sony PlayStation, Xbox 360, and Nintendo.
Many games are available for multiple systems, but not all may be released for each system.

Maine Children’s Growth Council needed a professional responsive site to explain, enhance, and promote MCGC’s policy and system change recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature.
For those of you that didn’t catch my segment on the new gaming consoles (PS3, XBox 360 and the Wii) on 207 the other night, take heart.

So bring them in – we’ll take good care of them in time for your next gamer party! We can even fix (based on parts availability) some of the older ones and other handheld gaming devices like PSP and Nintendo DS units.

From Pixel Junk Monsters, Flow, EveryDay Shooter, The Last Guy, and LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, to software that’s more like interactive art than games, such as Tori-Emaki, Flower, and Linger in Shadows, there are simply odd and wonderful things that exist on the PS3 that don’t on the other systems.
Much like the Xbox Live Achievement system, the PS3 has a Trophies system that allows you to earn awards as you play games and compare how you’ve done against other players.
Want to play games online? That will require you to purchase an Xbox Live Gold Membership.
Want to download new games and video for your console? While it is no problem for the PS3, but you may have to purchase additional storage for some Xbox 360s and Wiis if you plan to download much of anything.
Want to get online using your WiFi network? On the Xbox 360, that will require a $100 dollar wireless upgrade kit while on the PS3 and the Wii wireless networking is built in, though the Wii requires you to buy their web browser.
While I like and own all three systems, I believe there are five things that make the PS3 the best next-generation videogame system to have, over the Xbox 360 or the Wii.
The PS3 also offers a unique and free virtual world called Home, where you can chat, hang out and play games with other PS3 owners.
5 Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 3 (Not a Wii or Xbox 360) Can’t decide which video game console to choose? We’ll help.

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