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Buying a mattress is one of the toughest purchases.

A high quality mattress promotes deeper, more refreshing sleep with better support.
The right mattress with the right bed can make the difference between a great nights sleep or sleep deprivation.
This guide will help you make an informed decision when choosing your next mattress.
This video was made to help you plan for and try out mattresses.
Therefore, we have used all of our experience to compile this short buying guide to help you get the best bed for your money.
Here at Land of beds we have over 40 years' experience in helping our customers get the best night's sleep of their life.
This bed buying guide will help you to find the right bed and mattress at the right price.
Now when you're in the show room, I want you to not feel pressured or rushed and before you start laying on beds, you should have a conversation with the sales staff and explain to them what you don't like about your current night's sleep, what's your problem with your current mattress.
Test a mattress before buying it with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress.
Find useful information on affordable mattresses with tips from the owner of a mattress store in this free video on how to buy a mattress.
Buying an affordable mattress may sound like a good idea, but in the world of mattresses, inexpensive often means a poor quality sleep.
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When you adjust your clocks for standard and daylight saving time, change your smoke detector batteries and rotate your mattress.
Relax with the comfort of a Memory Foam, Euro-Top or Pillow Top Mattress from American Freight Furniture.
Our mattresses come in a variety designs and materials including memory foam, pillow top and euro top to help you find the perfect mattress for your bedroom.
Stop dealing with back pain and nights without sleep and replace your current mattress with a high quality memory foam mattress available at affordable prices.
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I recently bought a Simmons Beautyrest World Class Firm mattress.
i would buy it at costco, but i never see firm mattresses there, just plush ones.
my wife and i picked up a pillowtop mattress for her school apartment thinking hey, we’ll give this pillowtop thing a go… NUH UH.
i never knew how much we liked the firmness of our old mattress until spending a couple nights on the new style.
A good place to start would be 50% of their asking price.
Furniture/mattress is alway negotiable as the mark up is huge.
Our old pillow top mattress caused me to sweat during the night, but not on the Casper Sleep! I still wake up feeling refreshed and after a week of sleeping on the mattress we knew we were keeping it! I will say my back and body felt a bit different during the first week, but our last mattress was concave and there was some acclimating needed for the Casper Sleep.
Casper folks are truly incredible–I received my credit for the returned mattress today, exactly 8 days after calling to request a return and a refund! The entire process with Casper has been the most thorough and satisfying implementation of a professed company policy I have ever experienced.
Through the years I’ve suffered many injuries to my back, knees, neck and shoulders so sleep will never be without some discomfort, but this mattress is so supportive and forgiving, that I don’t even notice my aches and pains that used to bother me as I tossed and turned on my old mattresses trying to find a comfortable position.
After a couple of celebratory beers, we congratulated ourselves for having a sensational mattress AND not going broke to get it!Delighted to have found Casper… I’m telling all my friends about it (one of which just ordered himself)!! And thanks also for the free club house for my kids.
It’s been only a week and a half since we started sleeping on this mattress, but so far it’s been wonderful! Both my husband and I get the sleep we need without waking up in the night trying to get comfortable.
Finding a mattress of this quality that is made in the USA for this price is (literally) a dream come true! Thank you Casper.
From my initial order, to delivery, to acknowledgement of my wish to return the mattress, to pickup, and finally to my refund, Casper has done everything they claimed upfront and with a smile.
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All Fox Mattresses are CUSTOM-BUILT by skilled craftsmen and women in our Holly Hill manufacturing facility, giving us full control over the quality, comfort, and durability of each mattress we build.
With over three (3) generations of hands-on mattress and sleep knowledge to rely on, we know we can build you a fantasic night’s sleep using not only the newest of materials but also materials of years passed that also work well.
We are the only mattress manufacturing plant in the Southeast that carries our own line of Pillowtops, Electric beds, Air beds, Latex and Memory foam mattresses made to your comfort requirements.
With your Fox Mattress purchase you receive not only the finest hand crafted mattress in Central Florida at low factory prices, but also you’ll receive the satisfaction of supporting 1000’s of local, state and national manufacturing jobs.
So to recap … knowing how to test a mattress for pressure relief and knowing how to test it for spinal alignment can "bypass" much of the need for technical knowledge (other than foam density in memory foam or polyfoam to help determine its quality and durability).
In general … in today’s mattresses … memory foam layers are too thick and this is sold as a "benefit" because so few understand the differences in the "other parts" of a memory foam mattress and how the various layers work together to create a mattress that is suitable in terms of pressure relief and spinal alignment for an individual.
The primary factor in the quality of a memory foam layer (it is only used in the top pressure relieving layers of a mattress because memory foam is too soft to provide good primary support) is density.
Memory foam is a good pressure relieving material however it is the least resilient of all foams and so has the least ability to support or "hold up" the heavier parts of the body which is one of the two main functions of a mattress.
Bear in mind too that field testing a mattress can be very important including with memory foam as different memory foams and different thicknesses of layers have different feels and qualities and the support foam under them and the cover will also play a large role in how suitable they may be for your particular sleeping needs.
So in many cases … buying a "standardized" memory foam mattress online regardless of the density or quality of the memory foam itself can be a roll of the dice.
The density and ILD of the support foam can play a significant role in how the mattress feels and how well it supports the heavier parts of your body to ensure good spinal alignment so I would certainly make sure that this was known as well in any memory foam mattress I was considering.
One of the things I did like about Rocky Mountain Foamex mattresses (not the Bayer ones) is that the layers can be re-arranged (both the core layers and the memory foam layers if there is more than one) which can change the feel and performance of the mattress which in turn significantly reduces the chances that it will need to be returned (especially if your testing indicates that it was at least close to what you need in the first place).
At the extreme lower end of a memory foam budget … there are still good value mattresses (not the highest quality but still good value) if you look carefully and do web searches on terms that you know will lead to higher quality mattresses with "known" materials.
For all these reasons … and more … I believe it is much more "accurate" to purchase a memory foam mattress through personal testing rather than buying online … at least without a great return policy.
Since memory foam in general is pressure relieving … the biggest variables are in the support, feel, and heat retention of the memory foam mattress and of course in its durability (and in the case of unknown foams … harmful chemicals and VOC emissions).
They use a high quality 5.3 lb foam and an exceptionally high quality base layer (either 2.5 lbs or 3.0 lb polyfoam which is close to the highest density polyfoam base layer I have seen in a memory foam mattress) They also have a "firm edge" feature.
In general … there are 3 "rules" which I would follow in considering or choosing a memory foam mattress which will help to cut through the confusion of hundreds of "unknown memory foams" … many of which have questionable quality or worse.
Long before a lower quality memory foam loses its ability to "come back" with you off the mattress, it will have degraded in its internal structure and qualities.
They offer various combinations of 4 lb, 5.3 lb, and 7 lb memory foam (and gel memory foam) and high density base polyfoam layers that are very similar in quality and construction to the Tempurpedic line.
They offer a complete line of memory foam mattresses with both a regular lineup as well as having various "interchangeable layer models (see the components section here)available with either 3" or 4" of 5 lb Sensus, 2" each of 4lb Aerus and 5 lb sensus, or 2" or 3" of 4 lb Aerus.
If they put firmer foam under 3" of 4 lb memory foam … a mattress with this type of layering construction and materials would be too firm for most people and not suitable for "mass marketing" as the transition between the memory foam and the firmer poly under it would be too great.
Is one of our manufacturing members who sells a high quality memory foam mattress online which uses 5.5 lb Sensus which is among the highest quality memory foams and is made by Foamex.
The support qualities of a mattress come primarily from the layers under the memory foam and can also be affected by the thickness of the memory foam layer (thicker layers are less supportive).
The type, firmness, and other qualities of the support layers has at least as much to do with what makes a memory foam mattress suitable for an individual as the type of memory foam itself. Canadian online retailer that sells a range of memory foam mattresses that use good quality materials incuding 4 and 5 lb memory foam, Energia 3 lb HR polyfoam, and high quality/density base foam.
This means that memory foam comparisons between different manufacturers, even of the same density, is not as easy to "translate" as latex (which has much more similarity in its characteristics between different manufacturers than memory foam) or even polyfoam.
Tempurpedic as an example sells many different memory foam mattresses (at an inflated price) with different types of memory foams and different thicknesses of memory foam in upper layers (they all use polyfoam in the support layers).
The support layers under a memory foam mattress are usually polyfoam (occasionally latex or an innerspring).
In general … I would tend to look at local independent manufacturers for any mattress I was purchasing … including memory foam … as I believe this is where you will find your best value and the best advice … and you will also be able to test a mattress to make sure it is suitable for you.
I sent an information request to FXI to find out the density and ILD of the polyfoam used in the support layers under the memory foam of the Aerus.
There are certainly higher density memory foam mattresses which meet my criteria that are under $1000 (queen) however they usually involve "wading" through the noise of many memory foam mattresses that IMO are not worth considering.
they offer a range of memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses that use good quality materials and have good value.
Memory foam itself has a basic "set" of chemicals and method of manufacturing that is used but there are hundreds of variations between manufacturers and even the same foam manufacturer will often have dozens of variants and custom formulations which can change the recovery time, the breathability and heat retention, heat sensitivity, and many other characteristics of their memory foam, even when similar densities are compared.
Of course the price here reflects that the base layers are latex rather than polyfoam and the memory foam is a slightly higher density of Sensus.
Because memory foam layers that are too thick can lead to poor spinal alignment, this can lead to back issues or aggravate existing ones because memory does not "hold up" the heavier parts of the body.
Memory foam in very low densities are also not as "gradual" in their response and so can be much firmer when cold and then melt more easily when warmed up and become too "soft" and a person may "go through" the memory foam onto the firmer layers underneath which can cause pressure issues in spite of the memory foam.
Latex and buckling column gels in the right softness levels are just as pressure relieving as any memory foam since the biggest part of pressure relief comes from a combination of qualities … one of the most important of which is what is called "point elasticity" (and not just softness).
If someone can test a memory foam mattress locally with a known type of foam and then that same construction and foam is available online … then of course the risk of getting it wrong is much lower.
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